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2021-11-02 Glasgow Calling on Cop26: A sheik up to the global conscience
2021-10-10 India: Adivasis on the march to save Hasdeo forests
2021-06-22 India: Agitation against coal trucks in Odisha
2021-06-22 Chairman of Whitehaven Coal quits chancellor role at Newcastle University
2021-06-18 Anglo American’s coal pipe dreams
2021-05-26 The right to breathe in South Africa's coal places
2021-05-25 An endless war on the Central Appalachian Mountains
2021-05-18 Mines and Communities Website celebrates 20 years
2021-05-17 Canada: British Columbia’s mining dirty secrets, report
2021-05-16 “Next question, please!” Anglo American’s 2021 AGM Report
2021-05-08 Australian-backed company accused of exploring for gold in Myanmar
2021-05-06 Glencore’s transition to more coal mines and expansions
2021-05-05 Poland's border coalmine startles Europe
2021-05-04 Canada: Public pressure halts coal exploration on the Rocky Mountains
2021-04-26 Indonesia declassifies coal power plants ash as hazardous waste
2021-04-19 Cyclone Seroja exposes Indonesia and Australia climate vulnerability
2021-04-17 USA: Wyoming to sue states for their energy policies?
2021-04-13 Coalmine accident traps 21 workers in China’s Xinjiang
2021-04-08 Will there ever be remedy for Welsh coal mining past?
2021-03-28 Teck Coal fined $60 million for water pollution in British Columbia
2021-03-17 South Africa: Communities protest Ikwezi coal mine
2021-03-05 The fight for an equitable energy economy for the Navajo Nation
2021-02-16 Zimbabwe: Dinde community fights to stop coal mining project
2021-02-02 Palm oil plantations, coal mines linked to deadly Indonesia flood
2021-01-25 Alberta’s controversial coal policy unearths anger
2020-12-23 The end of coal?
2020-12-10 Less than 10 per cent of mining companies in Australia mention Aboriginal engagement, study
2020-12-06 SBI investors speak out against Adani loan
2020-11-06 Coal criminal is running for US White House!
2020-11-02 Investors coalition puts Australia's miners on notice over Indigenous rights
2020-11-01 Coal Magnate Bob Murray Dies at 80
2020-10-27 South Africa: Environmental activist Fikile Ntshangase murdered
2020-10-26 World Bank backs coal megaproject despite green pledge
2020-10-19 Mongolia plans river diversion as mining industry sucks Gobi dry
2020-10-18 Saving the Mahakam River in Indonesia
2020-10-12 Renewed Call for Real Development in Papua New Guinea
2020-10-10 Black Lung and COVID-19: A disaster in slow motion
2020-10-04 “Coal is not progress, it is death”: Indigenous Wayuu woman
2020-10-03 Adani legal action targets journalists over Carmichael mine leaks
2020-10-02 Global Call to stop Japanese Coal Finance in Bangladesh!
2020-09-29 UN increasingly concerned about mining impacts since the pandemic
2020-08-18 UN team calls for post-Covid-19 "revolution"
2020-08-12 Coal-Mad Modi embarks on Unprecedented Folly
2020-07-21 The MidWeek Essay: Waging Water War in Peru
2020-07-17 Coal gets doomed even further by Covid-19
2020-07-13 Japan promises to halt most overseas coal financing
2020-07-11 US Navajo, struck by pandemic, robbed of vital water
2020-07-10 The Weekend Essay: Destroying India step by step
2020-07-04 UK Coal Action group wins in local battle
2020-06-22 Australia's major mining lobbyist announces new "decarbonisation" policy
2020-06-13 The Weekend Essay: One of South Africa's largest mines at battle centre
2020-06-10 Standard Bank can't stand up to own standards!
2020-05-31 The mine that should never have been proposed
2020-05-30 The Weekend Essay: India wages war on millions under Covid-19 protection rules
2020-05-28 Assam's Indigenous communities facing coal mine violation
2020-05-24 Philippines mining during COVID: Protest and concern under quarantine
2020-05-16 The Weekend Essay (2): Indonesian government re-empowers mining
2020-05-08 South African community threatened by "worse" than Corona Virus
2020-05-05 Anglo American proceeds with shabby pretence of AGM
2020-05-01 In Global Electricity Slump, Coal Is the Big Loser
2020-04-24 Indonesia: On the brink of a coal boom, Papuans ask who will benefit
2020-04-17 India: Two dead, four missing after coal-fired power plant dyke gives way
2020-04-14 Climate scientists say coronavirus could be Australia's golden opportunity
2020-03-25 The Mid-Week Essay: How a major miner fails to cope with Corona virus
2020-03-22 USA mining industry uses Corona virus as self-exculpating pretext
2020-03-20 Corona virus manifests in another deadly form
2020-03-08 UK green activists organise for Rio Tinto AGM
2020-03-06 The Weekend Essay: How a Brit tries curbing climate-backsliding companies
2020-03-03 Aussie journalist calls Rio Tinto boss "nauseating greenwasher"
2020-02-22 The Weekend Essay (Part Two): India's New Coal Geography
2020-02-22 The Weekend Essay (Part One): India's New Coal Geography
2020-02-19 European NGOs applaud RBS promise to staunch funding fossil fuels
2020-02-19 The Mid-Week Essay: South African Royal Council confronted by multi-mineral project
2020-02-17 The Early Week Essay: Siemen's unholy bond with Adani
2020-02-07 Corona, China, and Coal...
2020-02-05 The Mid-Week Essay (2): Greta takes Morrisonesque logic to task
2020-02-05 The Mid-Week Essay (1): Australian PM's perverted views on climate emergency
2020-02-04 Pakistan's Coal Miners suffer appalling fatalities
2020-02-03 "Billions" are being shunted away from mining
2020-01-31 Germany schedules closing coal-fired power by 2038
2020-01-23 End-of-Week Essay: How Capital is galloping away from Coal
2020-01-22 New Greenpeace report exposes deathly financial support for fossil fuels
2020-01-20 This Week's Essay: Tata Mundra's massive example of what should never have happened
2020-01-17 India to ease mining rules to spur investment
2020-01-17 German Siemens continues backing Adani's Carmichael project
2020-01-16 Black Rock tries to come clean
2020-01-11 The 'dirty duke' agrees to major US coal clean-up
2020-01-07 Colombia: UN calls on Ireland to consider halting coal import
2020-01-06 Adani pilloried for forestry destruction in Orissa
2019-11-21 South Africa: Courts and Citizens reject new coal mine
2019-11-15 The Weekend Essays: Massive fossil fuels investment dereliction planned
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2019-11-03 The Weekend Essay: Russia to plunder Arctic Coal for India
2019-11-02 Ethical tailings dam investigation shows mixed results
2019-11-01 Coal is losing the energy battle - Bloomberg journo predicts
2019-10-30 The Midweek Essays: Adani continues heedlessly on its appalling way
2019-10-19 IFC watchdog to investigate coal funding in the Philippines
2019-10-16 The Midweek Essay: How Google backs climate denial
2019-10-15 Australian greens seek to outlaw all coal use by 2030
2019-10-12 India gov't coal mines auction is failing
2019-10-12 The Weekend Essay: AIIB accused of backing unacceptable developments
2019-10-10 Chinese workers battle against energy utility
2019-10-08 Africa faces potentially radical development change
2019-10-02 German villagers adopt new strategy to stop RWE coal
2019-09-30 This Week's Essay: A Clean Green Deal
2019-09-29 Rio Tinto's new emissions deal with China's Baowu Steel
2019-09-29 India seeks to evade vital legislation, in favour of coal
2019-09-22 India: new river terminal meets vigorous opposition
2019-09-21 The Weekend Essay: A Geoengineering Trojan Horse
2019-09-12 Kenyan coal investors appeal Lamu plant ruling
2019-09-11 The Midweek Essay: Look who's coming to India's coal party!
2019-09-09 The Week's Essay: Big deal over "strange" meeting
2019-09-08 India's Adani proceeds heedlessly with Jharkhand destructiveness
2019-08-27 India emits most sulphur dioxide worldwide
2019-08-20 Glencore: a behemoth under multiple attack
2019-08-18 The Weekend Essay: Condescension and Climate
2019-08-06 Zimbabwe: Following massive coal disaster, relatives face abject poverty
2019-07-26 World's two mega-miners at odds over "climate extinction"
2019-07-25 Australia: Adani's Carmichael en route to collapse, says expert
2019-07-23 The Midweek Essay: Indonesia and the transition from coal
2019-07-05 Kenyan citizens stop coal-fired power station
2019-06-24 Key Coal power shutdown in Germany
2019-06-18 The Midweek Essay: Explaining Adani - why would a billionaire persist with a mine that will probably lose money?
2019-06-16 The Sunday Essay: How Australia’s coal madness led to Adani
2019-06-16 World's "Most Insane" energy venture moves ahead
2019-06-13 Adani gets a final green light from Australia!
2019-06-13 Legal setback for Adani on eve of mine sign-off
2019-06-01 Coal-addicted Adani reckons it's in - at a finch!
2019-05-31 The Weekend Essay: The fix is in!
2019-05-30 Australia: Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners fight on
2019-05-27 Australian electorate heads "down under" over climate change
2019-05-17 Plight of Pakistani coal miners
2019-05-15 Death, destruction and dividends
2019-05-10 The Weekend Essay (1):The Natural Resource Oligarchy Funding Indonesia’s Election
2019-05-09 UK government urged to focus aid money on climate change
2019-05-04 The Weekend Essay (2): Adani's Carmichael mine is unlikely to go ahead, and most people know it
2019-05-03 Adani accused of scare-mongering over Carmichael mine project
2019-04-14 The Weekend Essay: Are global miners ignoring their most important risk?
2019-04-07 This Weekend Essay (2): Pulling materials from earth is our biggest threat
2019-04-05 HSBC's dirty money in Asia
2019-04-02 Indian villagers celebrate historic US Supreme Court victory
2019-03-29 The Weekend Essay: A future without fossil fuels?
2019-03-27 Inside Singhbhum - India's worst constiuency
2019-03-26 Adani makes a self-serving move by declaring an Indian SEZ
2019-03-24 The weekend essay: Adivasis on the March
2019-03-23 Rio Tinto finally accused of misleading investors, by US judge
2019-03-22 India's Adani hammered by NGT
2019-03-17 US Supreme Court rules against World Bank
2019-03-16 India and Indonesia: Indigenous women warmly embrace
2019-02-27 Glencore to cap coal
2019-02-22 Coal - Rocky Hill case continues rolling on
2019-02-18 Indian government "may cancel 50 GW coal-based power projects"
2019-02-16 Adani feels an Aussie pinch
2019-02-13 Australian judge rules against coal mine on climate change grounds
2019-02-11 Adani escapes liability even as CBI prosecutes others for similar coal fraud
2019-01-28 Germany challenged to dispense with all coal burning
2019-01-26 Meghalaya mine murders - leading editor remonstrates
2019-01-25 Adani coal project criticised by United Nations
2019-01-16 Meghala government collusion with mine owners: SC report
2019-01-12 Meghalaya coal disaster: when men are treated like "rats"
2019-01-09 Attempting to justify the Meghalaya mine disaster
2019-01-02 Another dirty move by Adani in Australia
2018-12-29 India:Fifteen miners trapped by flood waters, likely dead
2018-12-22 Adani's key water management plan is flawed and used some unverified data
2018-12-17 'Coal' climate conference closes with a plan ...
2018-12-12 Losing social licence to operate biggest threat to miners
2018-12-04 Thematic Social Forum on Mining and Extractivist Economy
2018-11-23 India's pathway denies very existence of indigenous peoples
2018-11-16 "You have failed us": Report on the 2018 London BHP AGM
2018-11-09 Adani's Carmichael mine may have reached its knell of doom
2018-11-05 Indian Fisherfolk challenge World Bank immunity at US Supreme court
2018-11-03 Mine closures (Part Three): a Superfund scandal
2018-10-26 Burma: Coal mine threatens many villagers' livelihoods
2018-10-25 China and India are curtailing millions of citizen' lives
2018-10-17 Initiating a truly living planet
2018-09-29 BlackRock under climate campaigners fire
2018-09-06 South Africa: how mining damages communities and environment
2018-08-20 Adani accused of further environmental breaches in Australia
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-08-10 China reverses former plan to severely cut coal-fired power
2018-06-28 Australia: Indigenous group hid more than $2m in payments from Adani mining giant
2018-06-17 "Cut drastically back on global warming!" - UN Report
2018-05-22 Adani's mega coal project given final "nail in the coffin"
2018-03-21 Rampal power plant - condemned by Norwegian Ethics Council
2018-03-16 Adani accused of yet another scam
2018-03-05 USA: Coal Ash radioactivity concealed by Duke Energy
2018-02-14 Insurers scuttling out of Coal
2018-02-13 US coal miners heading for unprecedented black lung future
2018-02-07 New Evidence of Africa’s Systematic Looting, From an Increasingly Schizophrenic World Bank
2018-02-04 New York City plans to divest $5bn from fossil fuels and sue oil companies
2018-01-29 Indian fisherfolk and farmers appeal to US Supreme Court
2018-01-26 China zaps Trump, while promising blue skies!
2018-01-25 India's Adivasi Community has right of ownership over natural resources
2018-01-23 Coal criminal is running for US Senate!
2018-01-23 Indian Child Miners: Jharkhand's Dark Secret
2018-01-03 India - why boost coal power when there's a glut?
2018-01-02 India: Mining children are "nobody's baby" claims MM&P
2017-12-25 Is this the end for Adani's Australian mega mine?
2017-11-26 Can there be a truly "just transition" for mine workers?
2017-11-21 Carmichael coal mine magnate - from school dropout to $12 billion empire
2017-11-14 Death toll rises to 43 in wake of Indian coal plant blast
2017-11-10 Glencore under Australian tax evasion probe
2017-11-07 Adani's port in fresh environmental storm
2017-11-06 Adani's Carmichael coal project: will China get onboard?
2017-11-04 India - industrial carnage strikes down at least 32 workers
2017-10-31 Adani's unholy Carmichael project condemned by Australian bishops
2017-09-11 Mozambique: the cost of land grabbing in Tete province
2017-09-08 China's state owned companies on a "bumpy" merger road
2017-09-05 Adani loses nearly all its Mundra investment
2017-09-05 Colombian Indigenous people protest against coal mine expansion
2017-09-04 Goa's mega-port project poses huge threats to local livelihoods
2017-08-26 Adani's Australia gambit, wins, fails, still shrouded in secrecy
2017-08-06 New Canadian coal mine poses multiple threats to workers - report
2017-08-03 India's Adani Power accused of US$60 billion ruse
2017-08-01 Big Four Australian banks slash lending to coal miners
2017-07-21 Burma: Karen communities file complaint against Thai coal mining
2017-07-15 Global extractives terrorism exposed in new report
2017-04-25 Goldman Prize winners and their battles against mining ventures
2017-04-08 Coal mining company backs down in Alaska
2017-04-04 South Africa: No Longer a life Worth Living Report
2017-03-18 India: Communities displaced by coal mining moving back to their lands in Madhya Pradesh
2017-03-10 Norwegian Government Pension Fund updates banned companies list
2017-02-06 Eike Batista detained by federal police in Rio de Janeiro
2017-02-02 Bangladesh: Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets against Sunderbans protestors
2017-01-10 Nigeria: Okobo, where coal mining is killing the people
2017-01-08 Global Day of Protest Against India-Bangladesh Rampal Plant
2016-12-31 Philippines: New policies but will they be implemented?
2016-12-30 Native Americans confront Peabody Energy in Arizona
2016-12-12 Villagers begin 'hunger strike till death' against Thar Coal in Pakistan
2016-12-03 74 die at China coal-fired power station construction site
2016-11-21 Indian Fisherfolk in battle with power companies
2016-11-03 South Africa: Gupta's corporate capture of Zuma clique
2016-10-29 South African civil society takes mining concerns to UN
2016-10-21 The mistake that cost Aberfan its children
2016-10-03 Photo coverage of police brutality in Hazaribagh, India
2016-10-01 India: Police fire on anti-mining protesters in Hazaribagh, kills four
2016-09-14 Victoria against fracking in Australia
2016-09-10 First Peoples Tribunal gives hope to communities affected by mining in Southern Africa
2016-09-07 USA: Widows and children seeks justice for Farmington mine disaster
2016-08-26 Colombia’s largest indigenous group is dying
2016-08-22 Australia: Victory for farmers as Caroona coal mine cancelled
2016-08-18 China: Towns sink after coal mines close
2016-08-03 Coal: globally, pressures mount
2016-07-26 Coal Mining And Violations Of Adivasi Rights In India
2016-07-19 Australia: Aboriginal protestors arrested over Rio Tinto mine expansion
2016-07-12 British companies leading new £800bn extractives 'scramble for Africa'
2016-07-05 India: Why did Environment Ministry withdraw Adani Ports fine?
2016-07-04 Indonesia faces environmental time bomb after coal bust
2016-07-02 South Africa: People's Mining Charter
2016-06-29 Mining Companies Buy Political Influence in Australia
2016-06-28 Canada: Scientists reveal effects of 2013 coal mine spill
2016-06-18 USA - Supreme Court rejects challenge to mercury air pollution rule
2016-06-15 Australian Taxpayers Could Pay Billions to Clean Up Old Mines
2016-06-01 Michael T Klare exposes "desperate plight of petro-states"
2016-05-27 Burmese good intentions aren't matched by deeds
2016-05-09 Burma: no sign of end to resource curses
2016-05-04 Philippines: Mining executive hostage murdered
2016-05-01 Anglo American 2016 AGM: The real world is thus
2016-04-24 HSBC AGM shines light on human rights abuses
2016-04-16 Australia: Traditional Owners take legal action on Adani’s Carmichael leases
2016-04-14 Colombia and Panama hit with arbitration claims
2016-04-12 Toxic coal ash: A Caribbean time bomb
2016-04-09 Bangladesh suspends work on coal plant after demonstrators killed
2016-04-07 USA: Blankenship gets only a year's gaol for coal crimes
2016-04-07 South Africa: Glencore coal strike struck by violence
2016-04-06 Half of world heritage sites threatened by development
2016-04-04 Philippines - "We would rather die fighting"
2016-04-03 Australia: Adani's Carmichael mine clears another hurdle
2016-04-01 Indonesia’s highest court orders release of mining data
2016-03-30 Rally against foreign mining in Mongolia, while leading activist detained
2016-03-21 Australia: Traditional Owners reject Adani Carmichael mine for a third time
2016-03-17 India: Burning at both ends in Jharkhand
2016-03-16 "Coal is dead in the ground!"
2016-03-15 China's million unkindest cuts
2016-03-15 Sunderbans wetlands threatened in India as well as Bangladesh
2016-03-10 Australia: The revolving door between politicians and the mining lobby
2016-03-07 Philippines - Acting on mining at election time
2016-03-03 Mexico: Ten years has elapsed since the Pasta de Conchos mining homicides
2016-02-27 Colombia: Brutal evictions of villagers at Cerrejon Coal
2016-02-25 Indonesian ordered banks to stop lending to coal-mining projects
2016-02-22 India: Burying the Law to Make Way for a Coal Mine
2016-02-11 USA: Duke Energy fined for coal ash spill
2016-02-05 Australian environmental groups outraged over Adani approval
2016-02-03 Millions of Chinese metals and coal workers to lose their jobs
2016-01-21 US Civil Rights Probe Examines Coal Ash Impact
2016-01-13 Australian coal mine investigated over dam wall collapse
2016-01-12 USA: Arch Coal files for bankruptcy
2016-01-09 Paris "climate terror" could endure for generations
2016-01-08 We have entered a new era of unprecedented peril
2016-01-04 Philippines: A year of mining dangerously
2016-01-02 South Africa's unholy mining marriage
2015-12-27 Australian Government approves Abbot Point coal terminal expansion
2015-12-22 Indonesia: Coal Impacted Communities Demand Prioritisation over Corporations
2015-12-19 No Joy for those supplying diggers of the black stuff
2015-12-18 COP21: Was it all mere hot air?
2015-12-17 Aussie court clears way for $12bn Carmichael coal mine
2015-12-15 Battle over coal mine reveals Russian billionaire's UK links
2015-12-09 COP 21: dead on arrival?
2015-12-07 Australia: Adani wants opposition to its coal mine to be over by law
2015-12-05 A US travesty of justice: Coal Don found guilty of mere "misdemeanour"
2015-12-03 Philippines: A climate of fear and destruction
2015-11-28 Are we heading for another COP-out?
2015-11-17 The root causes of terrorism - Helena Norbert-Hodge
2015-11-15 The battle continues against Adani's Carmichael mine
2015-11-12 SaskPower’s CCS debacle knows no bounds!
2015-11-11 Peabody Energy Agrees to Fully Disclose Climate Risks from Coal
2015-11-10 An industry view on China's coal future ...
2015-11-05 Boundary Dam CCS hype goes up in a puff of green smoke
2015-11-04 Bangladesh: Coal Barge Sinks in World Heritage Site
2015-11-03 Green Climate Fund under pressure to shun HSBC and Credit Agricole
2015-11-01 Future of BHP coal mines in Indonesia hinging on mining rules revision
2015-10-29 USA: Montana Coal Mining Found Illegal
2015-10-28 Marxism And Ecology: Common Fonts Of A Great Transition
2015-10-26 The Two Degrees: yet another BHP Billiton AGM
2015-10-18 Adani Carmichael: Australia's largest coal mine free to proceed after Greg Hunt gives approval
2015-10-14 Can the mining industry steel itself for a "more sustainable" world?
2015-10-07 Citigroup Takes a Step Away From Banking Coal
2015-10-05 Crédit Agricole announces new coal power policy
2015-10-04 South African Coal Mine Serves No-one
2015-10-01 The Balkan brown coal blunder
2015-09-30 Duke Energy Reaches $7 Million Deal on Coal Ash Pollution
2015-09-25 Human rights case filed in the Philippines against 'Climate Polluters'
2015-09-24 Australia - Taxpayers may foot bill for mine rehabilitation
2015-09-20 A climate of subversion: corporate attitudes in the run up to Paris COP21
2015-09-15 Rich world struggles to resolve row over coal subsidies
2015-09-09 Consent & Waste - The beginning and end of Canadian mining problems
2015-09-04 India - Coal for sale, but where are the buyers?
2015-08-25 South African government disregards impacts of coal mining
2015-08-21 Australia outrageous climate change "policy"
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-08-17 German coal protesters shut down lignite mine
2015-08-14 Where is coal mining going in the coming years?
2015-08-11 Major UK bank ditches giant coal mine threatening Great Barrier Reef
2015-08-07 Chinese coal workers left stranded
2015-08-06 Double blow for Adani's Carmichael mine in Australia
2015-07-20 Is China putting one over on the rest of the world?
2015-07-13 Unions target Switzerland over Glencore
2015-07-11 Impact of Australian mining companies African mining boom laid bare
2015-07-10 The evidence for how fossil fuel companies misled us for decades
2015-07-07 Coal still attracts billion of dollars in investment worldwide
2015-07-06 Lancing the boil of climate change
2015-07-04 Yet another victim of India's deadly coal promotion?
2015-07-03 Australia's Great Barrier Reef isn't endangered - UNESCO
2015-07-01 Further jade conflict erupts in Burma
2015-06-29 Is Mining Really 'On Top' in Africa?
2015-06-24 Mining highlighted in report on the world's worst places for workers
2015-06-23 Kosovars face displacement, once again, with support of World Bank
2015-06-21 Loaves and fishes: the Pope's appeal to the world
2015-06-15 OECD watchdog calls for reform of failing complaint system
2015-06-14 A last gasp for coal?
2015-06-09 Indonesia in talks with Churchill Mining to solve coal dispute
2015-06-01 World Health Organization makes Air Pollution a Global Priority
2015-05-31 Australia: Traditional Owners' Declaration to Banks on Carmichael Coal
2015-05-29 Indonesia: Another Child Drowns in an Abandoned Coal Mining Pit in Samarinda
2015-05-28 Norway's sovereign wealth fund told to reduce coal assets
2015-05-20 South Africa: Fuleni communities tell Ibutho Coal to leave and never return!
2015-05-15 USA: Dirty Duke pays $102 million for river pollution
2015-05-07 Attack On Greenpeace India Is An Attack On Free Speech
2015-05-05 Coal financing under further scrutiny as funds divest
2015-05-02 Anglo American: death and diversions at the company AGM
2015-04-24 Rio Tinto 2015 AGM reports: Behind closed doors at Rio Tinto
2015-04-19 World Bank increases financing fossil projects, while calling to end subsidies
2015-04-17 London Calling: Down the coal hole - any way out?
2015-04-10 India's government about to make new attack on India's poor
2015-04-08 Barclays cuts ties with mountaintop removal coal, says MTR will be "phased out" soon
2015-04-07 Thai environmentalists pay for activism with their lives
2015-04-06 The heavy toll of coal mining in South Africa
2015-04-02 Rich nations' fossil fuel export funding dwarfs green spend
2015-03-27 Australia's Adani Mine Blocked by Aboriginal Groups and Environmentalists
2015-03-19 Chatham House accused of cowing to extractive industry companies
2015-03-18 Norwegian Government Pension Fund Still Major Coal Investor
2015-03-14 USA: Duke Energy Fined $25 Million Over Coal Ash Pollution
2015-03-09 London Calling wakes up to "Black Monday"
2015-03-05 Disaster Strikes Ukraine: Death Toll in Coal Mine Blast Rises to 33
2015-02-27 London Calling on China's steel-clad Hebei Jeebies
2015-02-24 Chinese Coal-to-Liquids Plans Would Worsen Global Warming
2015-02-23 No valentine for coal!
2015-02-21 Indian coal mine should not be expanded without genuine consultation
2015-02-15 Indian government's new assault on land rights legislation
2015-02-09 India: Vedanta leads race in coal block bidding
2015-02-07 Burma's war over jade - is there a Chinese link?
2015-01-30 Mongolia Finds SouthGobi Employees Guilty of Tax Evasion
2015-01-28 Australia's First Peoples are being mined out
2015-01-25 African women stand their ground
2015-01-21 Is Adani's Ozzie venture on the rocks?
2015-01-15 London Calling asks: "Will it all come out in the Walsh?"
2015-01-13 Is the face of modern mining radically changing?
2015-01-11 London Calling asks: who were the real “idiots” in 2014?
2014-12-31 India: Gram Sabhas in Chhattisgarh gear up to protest coal mines reallocation
2014-12-30 Pressures on coal show no signs of ending
2014-12-26 Burma: Mine protests lead to another killing at Letpadaung
2014-12-23 Mining firms' greenhouse gas emissions rise, despite call for cuts
2014-12-22 USA: Coal ash not hazardous under US rules
2014-12-16 King coal: a dead man walking
2014-12-11 When will GCM Resources be put out of its misery?
2014-12-10 Peabody hires a well-known gun, but still shoots with blanks
2014-12-01 BHP mining giant targeted at Australian AGM
2014-11-26 The China Syndrome
2014-11-24 UK urges GCM Resources to assess human rights impact of Bangladesh coal mine
2014-11-17 Australia: Gambling taxpayer's money on coal
2014-11-08 Coal companies talking rubbish on energy poverty
2014-10-30 'Record year' for bank coal financing as latest UN climate warning looms
2014-10-29 UK MPs back campaigners' call for action on 'unethical' mining industry
2014-10-28 Move by U.S. Banks to Reject Australian Coal Port
2014-10-27 BHP Billiton ... stuck in a coal hole
2014-10-24 Rating Peabody: A coal giant on the ropes
2014-10-19 Indonesian coal sector needs more regulation
2014-10-16 Mozambique's Mining Boom Damns the Poorest
2014-10-14 The 'clean coal' era has not begun
2014-10-06 USA: Court Blocks Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine
2014-09-30 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 4)
2014-09-29 Coal mine has heavy impact in Indonesian Borneo
2014-09-28 Transnet, South Africa: Coughing canary in the climate coal mine
2014-09-10 Bangladesh: Phulbari Day 2014 observed in Phulbari
2014-09-08 Australia to scrap plan for dumping near Great Barrier Reef
2014-08-27 US court backs groups defending historic site from coal mining
2014-08-24 Bumi's deadly coal at Kaltim Prima
2014-08-23 South Africa: Mining firms 'fail to address complaints from communities'
2014-08-21 Hundreds of women demand a People-Centred Agenda for SADC
2014-08-17 Australia: Great Barrier Reef condition is 'poor'
2014-08-15 Australia's biggest-ever mine is close to fruition
2014-08-06 The Killing Fields of Korba
2014-07-28 Beijing struggles with coal-fired pollution
2014-07-21 Australia becomes world's first developed nation to repeal carbon laws
2014-07-18 World Council of Churches pulls fossil fuel investments
2014-07-14 Germany approves energy tax reform despite steel sector protests
2014-07-13 Power companies urged to stop buying Colombian 'blood coal'
2014-07-11 Indian forest villagers rise up to halt UK firm's bid to clear land for mining
2014-07-01 Mozambique Mining...where are the rights of communities?
2014-06-25 Colombia's Cerrejon Coal: "an abusive marriage, full of machismo"
2014-06-24 Australia: What's the point in Abbot Point?
2014-06-24 Climate change: Is Paulson on the road to Damascus?
2014-06-15 Leaving Australia's coal in the ground
2014-06-10 USA: Alpha Natural West Virginia Mines Found to Taint Streams
2014-06-09 The chequered history of an unlikely anti-coal "hero"
2014-06-08 Obama unveils historical attempt to curb coal power plants emissions
2014-06-04 Australian Coal Companies Used Spies To Infiltrate Group Of Activists
2014-05-29 Executives facing climate denial-related claims could be personally liable
2014-05-29 Indonesia: A hunger for coal threatens the Heart of Borneo
2014-05-23 Canada's mining human rights impact on Colombia
2014-05-20 Turkish mine disaster: Town under uprising lockdown, dozens arrested
2014-05-18 Pacific leader tells BHP Billiton Your coal won't solve poverty
2014-05-14 Turkish mine disaster: eighteen arrested
2014-05-11 Prof Palmer bids for Australian coal port expansion
2014-05-10 Carrying coals to Newcastle: a port in a storm
2014-05-10 Pressure mounts on investors in coal
2014-04-30 Environment prize goes to Indian activist who battled coal mine plan
2014-04-26 Demands for 'justice' for silicosis sufferers made at Anglo AGM
2014-04-24 Fall out from Duke Energy's coal-ash spill continues
2014-04-23 Mining receives unusual attention in Indonesia
2014-04-20 China set to elevate environment over development in new law
2014-04-19 Australia: Mining lobby fights environmental boycotts
2014-04-17 Rio Tinto face a broad front of protestors
2014-04-13 Australia makes landmark decision on water protection with Alpha Coal ruling
2014-04-06 China shuts down coal mines and battles pollution
2014-04-03 More revelations over North Carolina coal ash spills
2014-04-01 A Call to ARMS: The dumb and the dumber at Bumi
2014-04-01 Germany steps into finance coal as others withdraw
2014-03-22 Rio Tinto's clean coal idealism
2014-03-18 China 'declares war' on polluting industries
2014-03-18 After North Carolina spill, coal ash ponds face extinction
2014-03-05 Australian coal mine fire burning for three weeks
2014-03-02 Spain: No more Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Laciana Valley
2014-02-26 Navajo nation contends with uranium and coal
2014-02-11 USA: Spill spews tons of coal ash into North Carolina river
2014-02-03 Australia: Coal port dredging, dumping threat to Great Barrier Reef
2014-01-26 Greenpeace: Don't Bet On Coal And Oil Growth
2014-01-24 Asian Development Bank to Investigate Tata Mundra
2014-01-18 China's water squeeze worsens as wetlands shrink 9 pct
2014-01-12 Australia is not the key to China's resource prison
2013-12-29 Philippines - The People of Marinduque resist Barrick's unfair settlement
2013-12-27 Canadian First Nations, NGOs demand full disclosure and government action on Sherritt's toxic coal spill
2013-12-18 UK: Santas deliver coal to 'naughty bank' HSBC
2013-12-18 Australian coal investments at risk of becoming 'stranded assets'
2013-12-12 EPA tells court U.S. mercury, toxics rule is legally justified
2013-12-11 GCM Resources catches flak again at its AGM
2013-12-08 Activists protest mining industry's harmful impact on women
2013-11-24 BHP Billiton: Second AGM but apparently no second thoughts
2013-11-22 Bumi plc delays the vote on split with Bakries
2013-11-20 Canada: Worries grow over vast coal slurry leak
2013-11-18 China's smog threatens health of global coal projects
2013-11-17 A climate for coal
2013-11-09 Canada: Massive coal mine leak damaged fisheries, habitat
2013-11-07 Norway's opposition wants $800bn wealth fund banned from coal
2013-11-07 British regulator seeks to protect mining's minority shareholders
2013-11-02 US coal: Restrictions at home and abroad
2013-11-02 Mozambique: Mining under threat from renewed conflict and game park
2013-10-31 Australia: International mobilization against Alpha Coal Project
2013-10-28 Environmental, human rights and legal protests merge in Philippines mining
2013-10-26 Serious lapses in World Bank's IFC funding Tata coal plant
2013-10-25 An unchanging climate at BHP Billiton
2013-10-20 Longer term forecasts for coal positive ... or not
2013-10-13 World Bank Boosts Coal in Indonesia
2013-10-03 India: Another Vedanta land acquisition plan foiled
2013-10-03 Stop the coal boom destroying Borneo rainforests - groups
2013-10-03 BHP Billiton under pressure on climate change
2013-10-02 Afghan miners killed in coal mine collapse
2013-09-16 China embarks on cutting industrial production, targeting polluters
2013-09-15 Our Fossil-Fueled Future
2013-09-14 USA & China Bans New Coal Plants
2013-09-14 Former Massey coal executive sentenced to three years in prison for endangering miners' lives
2013-08-21 Fortune Minerals 'served eviction notice' by Tahltan Elders
2013-08-15 Protests at GVK AGM in Hyderabad against Coal Power Plants
2013-08-14 Philippines: Glencore Xstrata further delayed over Tampakan
2013-07-28 Mitigating Coal: a few steps forward, many steps back...
2013-07-24 China's Shenhua drains groundwater for coal project
2013-07-17 Australia's new carbon policy bows down to Big Business
2013-07-17 Australia: Traditional owners picket Whitehaven Coal mine site
2013-07-09 New Zealand: Bankrupt Pike River Coal ordered to pay victim compensation
2013-07-09 Mongolian herders submit complaint to European public bank
2013-07-09 Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista drowning in debt
2013-07-09 Dump Now, Pay Later - Coal Ash Disposal Risks Facing U.S. Electric Power Producers
2013-07-01 India: Mining project divides Jharkhand village along caste lines
2013-06-28 "Leave us and leave our land" - indigenous community tells Bumi
2013-06-19 Obama leaves climate-change fighting on shelf for now
2013-06-17 UK government accepts complaint over GCM Resources’ Bangladesh coal mine
2013-06-17 Mining Firms Face New Regulator Scrutiny Amid Deal Probes
2013-06-17 Opposing Fortune's Coal Mine In British Columbia's Sacred Headwaters
2013-06-03 Colombia: Wayuu women weigh in on coal at UN Forum
2013-05-28 Mozambique: Mining resettlements disrupt food, water
2013-05-28 Chinese officials "walk the talk" at home and abroad
2013-05-21 India: Police Repression in Hazaribagh
2013-05-21 Chinese protests mount as province suspends coal production
2013-05-13 World Bank advocates hydropower to square development with climate change
2013-05-13 Exploring the dark side of India's coal scam
2013-05-07 Is Germany going brown?
2013-04-28 Six million Chinese workers are victims of pneumoconiosis
2013-04-22 Britons got talons: Anglo American "nicely" rebuffs its critics
2013-04-22 Mozambique: Protesters block Vale's coal mine
2013-04-01 Burma: Protests against Letpadaung copper project resume
2013-04-01 Zimbabwe embarks on community "empowerment"
2013-04-01 Tibet landslide buries 83 gold miners; China mine blast kills 28
2013-04-01 German village offers blueprint for rural green energy
2013-03-19 India: coal-fired power "kills up to 115,000 citizens" a year
2013-03-11 Mozambican tribal queen stands up to Rio Tinto over land
2013-03-11 Coal wars heat up in Poland, EU, China and New York
2013-03-05 Chinese coal miner deaths go down - by a third
2013-03-05 The Myth of China's Endless Coal Demand
2013-03-05 Indian contract workers are joining mining unions
2013-03-05 Philippines: Payments to the military unveiled by Tampakan enquiry
2013-03-05 Colombia: Coal mining unions support Cerrejon community resistance
2013-02-26 The Bumi scandal reaches break-up point
2013-02-25 Coal's hidden costs make solar a bargain
2013-02-25 Rinehart Coal Mine Draws Environmentalists' Opposition
2013-02-25 Politics hamper bid to unlock French coal mine gas riches
2013-02-11 Smog worsens as China flags peak in coal usage
2013-02-11 Bangladesh: Protests prevent British mining company GCM visiting mine site
2013-02-04 USA: Navajos and Appalachians protest Peabody Coal
2013-01-28 Greenpeace report: Coal projects' threat to the climate
2013-01-21 Phulbari villagers detain suspected agents of GCM Resources
2013-01-14 Eight workers killed in Turkish mining disaster
2013-01-07 Are we all going to climate hell in a handcart?
2013-01-07 India - Relaxation in green norms "to boost Coal India output"
2013-01-07 Coal seam gas mining may risk ocean life: report
2012-12-27 GCM hit by protests over Bangladesh coal mine
2012-12-27 China: Study on premature deaths reveals health impact of PM2.5
2012-12-27 Coal Consumption Booms Amid Rising Climate Concerns
2012-12-17 Colombia's conflict minerals: re-inventing the "terror wheel"?
2012-12-17 World Bank's tough talk on climate is 'just a mirage' in Mongolia's Gobi desert
2012-12-11 Chile's Endesa Game - controversial coal power plant approved
2012-12-04 South Africa's mineworkers union numbed
2012-12-04 Chinese city publishes vital pollution data - are other reforms on the way?
2012-12-04 Protesters disrupt Australian BHP annual meeting
2012-11-25 Mexico: Canadian mining company "expelled" by landholder group
2012-11-25 Shooting up with Mexican Coal
2012-11-19 Canadian Unions go to court over use of temporary workers at BC coal mine
2012-11-19 The elephant in all our rooms
2012-11-11 New Zealand: Negligent safety standards led to coal mine disaster
2012-11-11 Is it too late to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 2 degrees?
2012-11-11 South African miners continue struggling with the companies
2012-11-11 UK NGOs call for urgent action on Colombian mega-coal mine
2012-11-05 EBRD's new mining policy slammed by Bank Watch
2012-10-23 India's poisonous coal use set to increase
2012-10-16 Cleaning coal? It ain't gonna happen!
2012-10-02 From Burke to Bumi - a UK-Indonesian scandal
2012-10-02 South Africa: More mines closed down by workers
2012-10-02 Coal fight looms, Keystone-like, over U.S. Northwest
2012-10-02 Bumi Burns Hole in London's Reputation
2012-09-24 Polish ministries clash over the "green" and the black
2012-09-12 Australian polluters to save A$2.5 billion in CO2 costs
2012-08-28 US court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution
2012-08-28 Philippines: Indigenous advocate resigns over mining legislation
2012-08-28 China to spend $372 billion on cutting energy use, pollution
2012-08-21 India: Oxfam sponsored study suggests there is high incidence of illegal mining in Gujarat
2012-08-21 US: Scouting for - and against - coal
2012-08-13 Zambian miners kill Chinese manager during pay protest
2012-08-13 India: Tata's Mundra goes under full World Bank audit
2012-08-06 USA: CO2 emissions are falling
2012-08-06 India's big power blackout: Why coal hasn't been a savior
2012-08-06 USA: One in five streams damaged by mine pollution in SW Virginia
2012-07-24 A black future for coal?
2012-07-17 Mongolia: "Resource Nationalists" make June electoral gains
2012-07-17 Indian government wages bloody war on its own peoples
2012-07-17 US pro-coal companies turn to even dirtier tactics
2012-07-11 Eminent Indian panel finds Tata Mundra poses high social, environmental, economic risks
2012-07-11 Chile: Mining-related coal-fired power plants dealt heavy blows
2012-07-03 US: Further legislation will curb dependence on coal
2012-06-26 Does Rio mark an End to the "Sustainability" Road?
2012-06-19 China's greenhouse emissions may be greater than previously thought
2012-06-19 The Indonesian mining scandal at the heart of UK capital
2012-06-19 Mining, regulatory failure and human rights in India
2012-06-19 US coal lobby goes naked into the conference chamber
2012-06-19 Sierra Club India: Tata Mundra Breaks Coal's 'Contract'
2012-06-12 Plundering Aotearoa/New Zealand
2012-06-12 Climate change threatens coal and nuclear-fired electricity
2012-06-12 Australia halts approval for massive $10 bn coal project
2012-06-05 Clash intensifies over cost, impacts of giant Indian coal-fired power plant
2012-06-05 USA: The biggest climate victory you never heard of
2012-06-05 Eskom coal plants might be at risk
2012-06-05 London Calling applauds coal protesters who created a stink in Vancouver
2012-05-29 Don't Bank on Coal, demand European NGOs
2012-05-15 Protests threaten energy-hungry miners in Chile
2012-05-15 Mongolia backtracks on state ownership of mining companies
2012-05-15 Australia's mining reforms have gone distinctly "down under"
2012-05-08 US banks risk public health and climate by financing coal
2012-05-08 Indonesia: No checks on coal mining, says government report
2012-05-01 How Oregon can generate a low-carbon future by going coal-free
2012-04-24 Filipino priest rewarded for his work on mining
2012-04-24 Once more into the breach - Vedanta
2012-04-18 US Big Coal's Cult of Death - killing a Mountain
2012-04-18 Green groups sue US EPA over coal ash pollution
2012-04-18 Indonesian mine workers bludgeoned by state security forces
2012-04-18 Churchill seeks $2bn from Indonesia over coal dispute
2012-04-11 Black lung payouts expanded in USA
2012-04-11 Indonesia tries keeping its minerals at home
2012-04-02 CARBON in CONFLICT
2012-04-02 USA proposes carbon pollution standard for future power plants
2012-03-27 As the mountains fall in Appalachia
2012-03-27 Australia's mineral resource rent tax passes into law
2012-03-27 India loses $210bn in coal sales in "mother of all scams"
2012-03-20 China: Thousands protest coal-fired power plant
2012-03-14 When it rains, it pours for BHP
2012-03-14 Indonesia says foreign miners must grant 51% ownership to domestic companies
2012-03-06 Bangladesh open-pit coal mine threatens fundamental rights, warn UN experts
2012-03-06 BHP Billiton threatens to shift multi-billion coal investment to Indonesia
2012-02-28 Another murder linked to India's "coal mafia"
2012-02-28 USA: Navajo, Environmental Organizations Partner to Appeal Peabody's Kayenta Coal Permit
2012-02-20 Bangladesh rushes head-long into coal
2012-02-20 World Bank/IFC gets hauled over the Indian coals
2012-02-20 More "black stuff" to be dug out of Latin America
2012-02-14 USA: coal seam mining ban introduced to Tennessee Legislature
2012-02-14 Striking stories - from Canada & Australia
2012-02-14 Connecting the world with African mining
2012-02-07 Is China's carbon tax proposal merely "political theatre"?
2012-02-07 Australia's iron lady may become world's wealthiest woman
2012-01-31 Australian farmers face a "future sold off for ever"
2012-01-31 Fossil fuels are sub-prime assets, Bank of England governor is warned
2012-01-31 Behind the Murder At Pachuwara, India
2012-01-23 Resettled Mozambique families protest against Brazil's Vale
2012-01-16 Chile's Sernageomin "lacked seriousness in Mina Invierno evaluation"
2012-01-16 Victims of Chinese mine disasters get compensation
2011-12-27 US sets out to curb toxic emissions from burning coal
2011-12-27 Is Europe's carbon trading scheme merely hot air?
2011-12-27 South Asia's most ambitious industrial project raises many fears
2011-12-27 Bangladeshi activists demonstrate in London against GCM Resources
2011-12-27 Anti-coal protesters in China targeted by riot police
2011-12-20 Indian High Court stays clearance for new coal mine
2011-12-20 Let there be No CoAL for South Africa!
2011-12-20 Colombia's mining boom overshadowed by human rights violations
2011-12-12 Coal: And now for the good news!
2011-12-12 Richest Australians see their pickings fall
2011-12-12 Coal mining has killed 90 Mexicans since 2006
2011-12-12 Massey Energy fined US$10.8 million for worst mining disaster in 40 years
2011-12-05 Top Banks are "Climate Culprits" - Report
2011-12-05 Who needs coal? Who needs nuclear?
2011-12-05 South Africa: Coal mining creates toxic crisis for country's rivers
2011-12-05 South Africa: World Bank-backed coal project roundly criticised
2011-11-30 China claims "world's biggest carbon emissions cut"
2011-11-30 US policy isn't changing on the climate crisis
2011-11-30 Will flagship carbon capture project get blown out of the air?
2011-11-30 New reports question World Bank's coal investments
2011-11-30 Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Laws
2011-11-21 CoAL faces community wrath over water
2011-11-21 Anti-coal mining woman activist murdered in India
2011-11-14 US miners continue being sacrificed to coal
2011-11-14 China: Yunnan gas-leak mine was 'illegal'
2011-11-08 Trapped and killed in China's coal fields
2011-11-08 Swings and Roundabouts at US Environmental Agency
2011-10-25 Indonesian coal battles are heating up
2011-10-25 Protesters, Colombian leader, target BHP Billiton's AGM
2011-10-25 Australian coal blasting stopped until risk 'acceptable'
2011-10-18 A taxing debate reaches its climax down-under
2011-10-18 US citizens face biggest health threat for years, after Republican backlash
2011-10-18 Unity is Strength: The Workers' Movement in China 2009-2011
2011-10-18 Massey employee convicted in Upper Big Branch mine investigation
2011-10-18 China slaps heavy new tax on coking coal, rare earths
2011-10-10 China's energy-saving campaign saves 150 mln tons of coal
2011-10-05 Miner dies at UK Coal Yorkshire colliery
2011-09-26 Don't forget the victims of dust - they also suffered
2011-09-26 Dear Big Coal: You're Not Above The Law
2011-09-26 Indian company seals deal with planet's "richest woman"
2011-09-26 Australia's "clean power" myth
2011-09-26 Striking Bangladesh coal workers achieve some success
2011-09-19 Australian PM Introduces Controversial Carbon Laws
2011-09-19 Mining disaster returns to Wales
2011-09-12 Glencore's sorry record of fatalities and fines
2011-09-12 Australia's carbon tax debate ignites
2011-09-06 Bangladesh: Remembering the Phulbari killings
2011-09-06 Environmentalists Call on Shareholders to Stop Australian Mega Coal Mine
2011-08-30 Who will own South Africa's mines?
2011-08-30 Australia Passes CO2 Offset Laws, Carbon Pricing Next
2011-08-30 Big Coal "puts mining before water needs of Alabama"
2011-08-30 Miner "transferred" after exposing inhuman conditions at Ukraine disaster mine
2011-08-30 BHP posts mining industry's biggest-ever profits
2011-08-23 Australians ignite around Coal and Food
2011-08-23 Chile approves controversial coal mine in Patagonia
2011-08-08 South African mineworkers wage war on economic injustices
2011-08-08 Indonesians demand "Climate Justice"
2011-08-08 Ukraine: the world's deadliest coal
2011-08-01 New Burma coal project threatens thousands of people
2011-08-01 Canadian First Nation celebrates mining company's retreat
2011-08-01 Ukraine coal mine disasters claim at least 27 lives
2011-07-25 WTO Row Spotlights Nations Clamping Down On Resources
2011-07-25 Fighting the minerals-petroleum-coal complex's wealth and woes
2011-07-25 Despite widespread opposition, Chile's Isla Riesco coal project moves forward
2011-07-25 US spending cuts threaten a raft of vital environmental measure
2011-07-18 India's new environment minister threatens "speedier" mining permits
2011-07-18 Australian carbon tax treatment is unfair, claim coal miners
2011-07-11 South Africa: Magaliesberg environmentalists allege 'slapping' by miner
2011-07-04 China's Inner Mongolia closes 200 non-coal mines in safety overhaul
2011-07-04 Massey accused of criminal acts leading to US mine disaster
2011-07-04 ICEM Condemns Tactics in Australia Coal Talks
2011-07-04 Corruption alleged at the heart of Kansas government
2011-07-04 Colombia: Vale threatens heart of mineworker's union
2011-06-28 Indonesia's Coal Kings make a killing
2011-06-20 Who stitched up Australia's "ground breaking" minerals tax?
2011-06-20 Voice of Indian activists being silenced
2011-06-13 Hundreds march to save Blair Mountain
2011-06-13 Inner Mongolia's Deadly Coal Drive
2011-06-07 Oz opposition leader goes nuts over carbon tax proposal
2011-06-07 Climate Change is driven by Coal - IAE
2011-05-30 US Pension funds demand justice from Massey Energy
2011-05-30 How much are human rights worth in Brazil's mining industry?
2011-05-30 Thumbs up - and down - for global coal
2011-05-30 India's National Advisory Council wants radical advances on implementing community rights
2011-05-24 Reclaiming childhood from the pits of Jharkhand
2011-05-24 Renting Bangladesh Asunder?
2011-05-24 Indonesia Finally Signs Forest Clearing Moratorium
2011-05-17 Greedy Glencore doesn't plan to change its ways
2011-05-17 Is US coal set to flow abroad?
2011-05-10 Minas de carbón clandestinas, sarcófagos abiertos en México
2011-05-10 Chinese coal mine cover-up
2011-05-10 Is US coal coming under control?
2011-05-10 Xstrata in court over coal carbon emissions
2011-05-10 'Modern slavery' and fatal explosions in Mexican coal mines
2011-05-02 India: Anguish in Angul - and elsewhere in Orissa
2011-05-02 Indian coal fields open to mining, despite earlier ban
2011-04-27 The Great 1872 US Resources Giveaway
2011-04-27 Concessions and counter attack mark Anglo American AGM
2011-04-18 Is Rio Tinto Running Scared? (It ought to be)
2011-04-18 The Peoples Champion? Or a Rio Ruse?
2011-04-12 Bangladesh: Energy at what cost?
2011-04-12 What's China been up to in the mining world?
2011-04-12 Zambia drops shooting charges against Chinese mine bosses
2011-04-12 Australian floods were worse than estimated
2011-04-04 Putin Vows To Get Rid Of Polluting Companies
2011-03-28 Massive explosion kills 52 mineworkers in Balochistan
2011-03-22 EPA Requires U.S. Power Plants Cut Toxic Emissions
2011-03-14 US mountain-top removal prompts legal action
2011-03-08 China Minister Warns Pollution, Waste, Imperil Growth
2011-02-21 Chile: Despite major risks, Mina Invierno coal mine is approved
2011-02-21 The deadly costs of continuing to rely on coal
2011-02-21 US protestors "go to the Mountain top"
2011-02-14 India's government caves in further to its pro-mining lobby
2011-02-14 US Appeals court revives case against Drummond
2011-02-14 Social Movements Fight Mining (and protect the paramos!) in Colombia
2011-01-31 Bound to Iron: China's next five years
2011-01-31 Rio Tinto wins Riversdale's coal
2011-01-31 Burma's biggest open-cast coal mine 'poisoning rivers'
2011-01-31 An unholy alliance?
2011-01-25 US EPA Blasted as It Revokes Mine's Permit
2011-01-17 Bosses charged in Zambia mine shooting skip court
2011-01-17 A Cop out in the Coal
2011-01-10 As storm clouds break, London Calling gets biblical
2010-12-27 Is this the "new face" of Chinese mining in Africa?
2010-12-21 Appalachian Coal: An Insult to Their Memory
2010-12-21 Hansen finds US presents greatest wall to halting global warming
2010-12-21 Tar: Another face of deadly coal
2010-12-21 What didn't happen at Cancun?
2010-12-21 How many Chinese lives is a Westerner's worth?
2010-12-13 UK Bangladeshi citizens picket London miner's AGM
2010-12-13 Rio Tinto battles for new copper, gold and coal
2010-12-06 Flying the flag for the Sahrawi People
2010-12-06 China's coal industry urgently requires reform
2010-12-06 Pole-axed: Massive threats posed to the Arctic and Antarctica
2010-11-29 In the US new and existing coal plants will run for years
2010-11-29 Filipinos present a house resolution for coal-power moratorium
2010-11-29 Cancun: the science is damning, but will politicians act?
2010-11-29 Aotearoa/New Zealand in mourning over 29 Perished Coal Miners
2010-11-29 US students subpoena Uribe over violations of human rights
2010-11-22 Aotearoa/New Zealand: Coal mine explosion traps 27 workers
2010-11-22 Missing the woods, trees and forests
2010-11-22 Zambia: behind the Collum coal mine shootings
2010-11-16 Indonesia: Activists Warn Rising Permits on Mining in Forests
2010-11-16 China "leads the world" on clean energy policy
2010-11-08 Coal and climate change
2010-11-08 World's biggest miner knocked back in Australia
2010-11-08 Judge Voids Coal Mine Expansion Permit on Navajo Tribal Land
2010-11-01 China's environmental policy hits coking coal supply
2010-11-01 BHP Billiton: new chair, same old story
2010-10-25 Bangladeshi Citizens March against Coal
2010-10-25 Zambia: Chinese managers arrested for shooting protesting mineworkers
2010-10-18 Many mining deaths go unrecorded: ICEM
2010-10-18 US coal companies charged with causing massive water pollution
2010-10-18 Deaths in China coal mine accident
2010-10-10 Asia, Europe groups condemn EU raw materials policy
2010-10-04 "No Coal!" - protests from the ocean to the White House
2010-10-04 Green Outcry As EU Blesses Spanish Support Of Coal
2010-09-27 India's child coal miners
2010-09-20 India's Nalco seeks stakes in Indonesian coal mines
2010-09-14 Chinese company says it's saving coal by recycling copper scrap
2010-09-14 Everything Vedanta touches turns to ashes!
2010-09-05 Chile Environmental Board Approves coal plant near marine reserve
2010-09-05 US: Coal mining the mountains has investors rattled
2010-09-05 Canadian environment centre throws strong doubt on coal project
2010-08-30 Dark Materials: the consequences of clinging to coal
2010-08-30 Cooking up an Asian coal storm
2010-08-30 India's massive coal power scheme upsets the UN
2010-08-30 US environment agency defends its stance against coal
2010-08-30 In north China, corruption rules the coal mines
2010-08-30 Reducing coal use - through the back door
2010-08-30 A Mountain in the Stream
2010-08-30 Laying siege against coal mining in Bangladesh
2010-08-30 Chinese scientist sceptical about carbon capture
2010-08-16 Good news! US EPA finalizes rules cutting mercury from cement
2010-08-16 Mining "accidents" may be increasing
2010-08-16 Are $14bn worth of Indonesian mining projects at risk?
2010-08-08 World Bank probe of Eskom's loan
2010-07-24 India's highest court roundly condemns government policy towards tribal and marginal citizens
2010-07-24 Massey mine workers disabled safety monitor
2010-07-17 South African coal-fired plant bids for "clean development" grants
2010-07-09 Declaration on corporate crimes in Jharkhand, India
2010-07-09 Indonesian authorities arrest local and overseas coal activists
2010-07-04 South Cotabato governor signs ban on open-pit mining, Philippines
2010-07-04 European Union is considering 12 more years of state aid for coal
2010-06-26 Downside in scramble for coal in Mozambique
2010-06-26 Mongolia's mineral extraction dilemma intensifies
2010-06-26 Colombia: 73 workers die in Coal Mine Blast
2010-06-26 US: Massey tries escaping penalties for killing employees
2010-06-04 Rio Tinto worried Australian tax may give other countries ideas
2010-05-29 Chinese government official criticizes country's coal mine safety record
2010-05-29 Evidence given of duplicity at Massey mine in Congressional Hearing, US
2010-05-29 Two statements to UN CSD on Indigenous Peoples & uranium
2010-05-23 Indonesian NGO reports seven mining firms to minister
2010-05-23 Residents' fears over Australian coal mines
2010-05-20 At least 66 dead in Russian coal mining disaster
2010-05-07 Australian mining 'super tax' has miners running
2010-05-07 Colorado Enacts Law Replacing Coal Power with Cleaner Energy
2010-05-07 Massey stocks plummet on criminal probe news
2010-05-01 Interior Moving to Curb Coal Mining Pollution, US
2010-05-01 BHP Billiton hit by bribery allegations
2010-05-01 Mongolian NGOs appeal to UN over Oyu Tolgoi
2010-05-01 Anglo American challenged at 2010 AGM
2010-04-18 Righting the wrongs of Copenhagen's "fraud"
2010-04-18 The Great US Coal Disaster
2010-04-08 Shanxi coal disaster
2010-04-08 "Below 2C" Opens New Rift In U.N. Climate Battle
2010-04-08 EPA unveils new pollution limits that could curtail 'mountaintop' mining
2010-04-08 Blood on the Coal: a special feature
2010-03-31 Black and White Unite against Dirty SA coal
2010-03-31 Borneo bears the brunt of "Deadly Coal"
2010-03-24 South Africa's Eskom slapped with law suit
2010-03-18 Farmers claim win in BHP fight
2010-03-10 Global Climate Battle Plays Out In World Bank
2010-03-10 The Dirty Truth Behind Clean Coal
2010-03-10 Eskom's 'Sweetheart Deals'
2010-03-08 Viudas Demandan a Grupo México por mineros muertos en Pasta de Conchos
2010-03-02 Groups ID Toxic Coal Ash Sites in 14 States, Demand Regulations
2010-03-02 Climate Change's Secret Finance Weapon
2010-03-02 EPA May Soften Greenhouse Gas Permit Requirement
2010-03-02 Leaders of Colombian Wayuu People Go into Exile to Escape Violence and Criminalization
2010-03-02 Widows of miners killed in blast sue Grupo Mexico
2010-02-23 Bangladesh calls for more assistance to reduce climate impacts
2010-02-23 Norway plans major domestic "cleanups" - but still maintains investments in coal
2010-02-23 Australian coal miners call 3-day strike against Xstrata
2010-02-23 British Columbia Bans Mining, Drilling in Flathead River Valley
2010-02-15 China: Work safety gaps suffocate miners
2010-02-15 Indian government offers to suspend mine deals
2010-02-15 USA: The Duke strides out in Obama's support
2010-02-15 The Quest for Responsible Small-scale Gold Mining
2010-02-15 Indonesia: Banning on one hand, permitting on the other
2010-02-07 Bangladesh: Asia Energy makes new proposal for open-pit coal mining
2010-01-31 BHP retains ownership of destructive coal project in Kalimantan
2010-01-25 Bangladesh group holds human chains against extractive industry deals
2010-01-19 Pacific Islanders Bid To Stop Czech Coal Plant
2010-01-19 Scientists decry impacts of mountaintop coal mining
2010-01-11 Mentally disabled murdered in China's coal mines
2010-01-11 Zimbabwe looks to national park for more coal reserves
2010-01-11 China-Australia investment ties seen improving in 2010
2010-01-11 Court blow to farmers fighting coal exploration
2009-12-22 Clean Coal? It's an illusion!
2009-12-08 From Mining to Markets: the making of a mega-disaster?
2009-12-06 Hansen's pipe dream - or cold realism?
2009-12-06 London Calling reviews a unique report on global forced evictions - but finds it badly flawed
2009-12-06 Mining executives see coal slowly rebounding
2009-12-06 UK: NGO caucus warns of World Bank creep on climate change negotations
2009-12-05 Coal Pollution Undermines America's Health, Physicians Advise
2009-12-05 Coal is burning up the world, say UK scientists
2009-11-30 Over 100 coal miners die in China blast
2009-11-23 Promised US curbs on destructive coal mining are greeted with some scepticism
2009-11-16 Indonesia: NGO denounces Kulon Progo violence and government's "green rating" of mines
2009-11-16 US mercury study finds toxic fish in lakes and reservoirs across 47 States
2009-11-09 China's carbon capture project raises many doubts
2009-11-09 Conservationists Petition EPA to Block Washington Coal Plant Permit
2009-11-09 Vedanta's top dog is biting on coal
2009-11-02 US: EPA Must Limit Power Plant Air Toxics By November 2011
2009-11-02 World’s largest mining company challenged at AGM
2009-10-26 Zug zapped by Latin American protestors
2009-10-26 UK Treasury taken to court for RBS loans to Vedanta Resources
2009-09-22 Banking on "clean energy" in South Africa?
2009-09-14 Explosion at China mine kills dozens
2009-09-01 Twenty dead in Slovakia mine blast
2009-09-01 Miners take up the carbon challenge - but only for themselves
2009-09-01 US Coal lobby shows another ugly face
2009-08-25 Anti-Coal Plant Activists Get Death Threats, Chile
2009-07-20 The Chinese are coming - but perhaps not where you might expect
2009-07-16 Colombia: Attack on Labour rights by contracting agency for El Cerrejon mine
2009-07-07 China's coal mining causes birth defects, says Beijing professor
2009-07-07 Colombian coal mining puts a community on the rocks
2009-07-07 Twenty Six US communities face high hazards from coal ash ponds
2009-06-22 Is Elbegdorj taking the right steppes in Mongolia?
2009-06-16 Beating swords into ploughshares? Four US coal cases
2009-06-08 Ash problem? Dump it on mine, says company
2009-06-02 Gordon gee-ed himself up – and quit
2009-06-02 Why is China buying metals it doesn't need?
2009-06-02 A new mining era for Mongolia?
2009-05-27 Glencore tries pulling itself up by metal straps
2009-05-18 China: world's most dangerous mines claim further victims
2009-05-18 Gee up - and get out! Environmentalists demand university president resigns from Massey Coal
2009-05-18 Coal ash consequences - report suppressed
2009-05-18 Former coal lobbyist gets state environmental job in Indiana
2009-05-05 Smoke and mirrors: the illusion of "clean coal"
2009-05-05 I went to the mountain top - and they're still mining coal
2009-05-05 EXCLUSIVE: How coal may produce energy without being mined
2009-05-05 Bedding-down with the black stuff
2009-05-05 Air Pollution Endangers Lives of Six in 10 Americans
2009-05-05 Coal's a burning problem in the Philippines
2009-05-05 A mixed bag of coal-related "policies"
2009-05-05 London Calling regrets a lost opportunity for coal mine workers
2009-05-05 New film exposes "hell on earth" in India's eastern coal fields
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2009-04-20 5,000 clash with police in China: rights group
2009-04-14 Coal strikes in Colombia
2009-04-06 Enviros Win Injunction Against Mountaintop Removal Mining
2009-03-22 Proposed Coal Plants Equal 18 Millions Tons of Ash Annually
2009-03-16 China plans more coal output despite link to birth defects
2009-03-16 The Stans debate Russia's energy politics
2009-03-16 Coal is "greatest threat to life on our planet", claims leading scientist
2009-03-03 Coen brothers' TV ad ridicules 'clean coal'
2009-02-23 Environmentalists protest rising popularity of coal
2009-02-23 Demonstrators in US call for end to coal "abomination"
2009-02-23 US: Indigenous peoples demand green careers and communities
2009-02-23 New Chinese coal mine disaster is worst since 2007
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2009-02-10 Energy : the answer is blowin' in the wind!
2009-02-10 Cambodia & Vietnam: squandering and pandering
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2009-01-26 Phulbari people use ballot to say no to open-pit mining
2009-01-19 US: Bill Proposed To Regulate Coal Ash
2009-01-13 Coal mining venture threatens Chilean Patagonia Island
2009-01-13 Bangladesh: democracy in - means UK company out!
2009-01-13 International Energy Agency 'blocking global switch to renewables'
2009-01-07 Colombia: Seven year long peoples' struggle achieves a victory
2008-12-30 Massey yet again found guilty
2008-12-30 Christmas coal ash disaster probably "worst ever" in US history
2008-12-30 Uphold Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Stop Development Aggression!
2008-12-30 Chinese farmers battle against corruption and intimidation in pursuit of coal
2008-12-30 Thai and Russian companies make new grabs in Burma
2008-12-22 New coal process is greater global danger than oil, scientist warn
2008-12-22 Mountain top coal removal - is Bank's new policy merely a ploy?
2008-12-22 Hopi and Navajo unite to stop Peabody's mega mining disaster
2008-12-15 New coal folly for India?
2008-12-15 Bangladesh: Overwhelming thumbs-down given to UK mining project
2008-12-09 Bush burns and wastes - right up to the wire
2008-12-02 Uruguay: Rio Tinto proposal blasted by intellectuals, artists, scientists and workers - Intelectuales, artistas, científicos y trabajadores repudian a Río Tinto en el Uruguay
2008-12-02 UN Climate Boss Warns Of "Cheap, Dirty" Energy Fix
2008-11-17 US: Does coal ruling signal a new "clean" era?
2008-11-17 Greenpeace activists target lignite mine, Czech Republic
2008-11-10 Diamonds may not be forever - what about coal, gold, copper and nickel?
2008-11-10 Hidden Cost Of China's Coal Is $250 Bln – Survey
2008-11-05 Rio Tinto: Re-examining Capital ProjectsI
2008-11-05 India: Plight of mining-hit people highlighted
2008-11-05 Medias verdades y evasivas: la reunion annual de accionistas de BHP Billiton plc, Londres
2008-10-27 China: more mine disasters, more inspections and indictments
2008-10-27 BHP Billiton accused of half-truths and evasions
2008-10-27 Bush to rewrite US coal rules, despite growing opposition
2008-10-21 Rio Tinto to develop bauxite mines before alumina refinery
2008-10-21 Indonesia: The unseen threats from mining
2008-10-07 Mine left, and water went with it
2008-09-29 Al Gore urges civil disobedience to halt (some) coal plants
2008-09-22 Mexican peasants block Minefinders
2008-09-16 Mine owners reported to police over planning breach
2008-09-16 Colombia: coal company slapped with US$ 40 million fine - Ordenan a Drummond pagar 40 milliones
2008-09-16 UK jury stacks its cards against coal
2008-09-02 Bangladesh: Revealing the Revolving Doors
2008-08-25 Indonesia and West Papua: community concerns and coal conflicts
2008-08-19 UK protestors get very attached to global mining giant
2008-08-19 Colombia's Permanent Peoples 'Tribunal condemns mining companies - Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos condenó a empresas mineras
2008-08-11 Coal burned in China means bad air in north America
2008-08-04 Asia-Pacific women bear the brunt of mining
2008-08-04 Indonesia's KPC denies operating in forest areas
2008-07-28 Vedanta, Tata and others vie for "dirty" coal in India
2008-07-14 China in domestic cleft stick, while foreign acquisitions boom
2008-07-09 G8 leaders urged to dump World Bank's Climate Investment Funds
2008-07-01 Double jeopardy revealed in carbon capture technology
2008-06-24 Venezuela: Will the Bolivarian Revolution end coal mining? Pressure on gold mine developers grows; NGOs call for expulsion of Venezuela from the Kimberley Process
2008-06-24 Colombia coal train bombed - Ataque rebelde contra carbon en Colombia
2008-04-20 China bosses jailed for mine flood that killed 172 people
2008-04-18 Phulbari Coal project: Development Bank pulls back
2008-04-13 Colombian trade union leader assassinated: Asesinan a dirigente sindical Colombiano
2008-03-13 Vedanta announces aluminum smelter in WB
2008-03-10 Opposition grows over planned Banghadesh coal mine
2008-03-08 Colombian workers offer solidarity in conflict with BHP Billiton
2008-03-01 China update
2008-02-29 Tremor spells end of 300-year old German coal pit
2008-02-28 Mercury and coal: a threat to wildlife and humans in US parks
2008-02-28 Native Alaskans sue Peabody and others over global warming impacts
2008-02-22 Nigeria: FG approves new mining policy
2008-02-20 New report warns of a "second invasion" of Tibet
2008-02-19 Mexico update
2008-02-08 US EPA brought to book over mercury emissions
2008-02-08 Argentina in dispute with Uruguay over Rio Tinto port
2008-02-07 Colombia controvery
2008-02-01 US scraps plan for biggest clean-coal power plant
2008-01-31 Friends of Coal Push New Message
2008-01-31 UK coal company cold-shouldered by leading Banladesh businessman
2008-01-21 Following coal mine disaster, Mittal comes under investors' fire
2008-01-18 Coal Industry Plugs into US Presidential Campaign
2008-01-18 China Update
2008-01-17 Toxic spills to Appalachian waters cost Massey $20 million
2008-01-16 India's debt to China is more than monetary
2008-01-09 Phulbari mine still on cards in Bangladesh despite massive continuing protests
2008-01-08 Rio Tinto caught in EC net
2007-12-31 Vedanta gets another rebuff
2007-12-22 Extraction to Destruction? Chinese policy and practise in mining & metals
2007-12-21 Citizens in Iowa debate coal
2007-12-19 Mongolia refuses bow to foreign miners, but allegedly weak on environmental enforcement of domestic
2007-12-18 Another cross border battle looms
2007-12-18 New Jersey sues over Pennsylvania power plant pollution
2007-12-17 Winter requiem for the death of France's King Coal
2007-12-16 Bangladesh: Draft coal policy finalised
2007-12-14 Tata's triumph bodes ill for mountain of wealth
2007-12-06 "Clean coal": explosing the oxymoron
2007-12-03 Sustainable funding for dubious developments
2007-11-30 China going big - while still going small
2007-11-28 Coal - "a 19th century answer to a 21st century problem"
2007-11-28 Coal's dirtiest year: 2006
2007-11-23 India Cements to own overseas coal mines
2007-11-18 Indonesia's ill-fated drive towards carbon dependency
2007-11-16 China update: coal
2007-11-14 Gold mining contributes to mercury pollution
2007-11-12 Latin America update
2007-11-11 North America's toxic mine burden galvanises groups into action
2007-11-10 Latin America update
2007-11-09 US backing for "filthy fuels" under guise of carbon reduction
2007-11-08 China plans huge new coal groups, as it leads world consumption
2007-11-07 Corporate coal con
2007-11-05 Protestors ready to battle coal mine
2007-11-01 Sustaining development of humankind - or just the minerals industry?
2007-10-25 World's biggest miner holds annual meeting - so what happened?
2007-10-25 Latin America update
2007-10-25 The myth of uranium's "magic bullet"
2007-10-23 Bali environmentalists oppose carbon trading mechanisms
2007-10-22 China Update
2007-10-11 US update
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-10-07 Bangladesh update
2007-09-21 Bangladesh update
2007-09-21 US update
2007-09-14 The world must watch out , says global environmental think tank
2007-09-14 The world must watch out , says global environmental think tank
2007-09-14 Vital Signs: Record Resource Consumption Depletes a Warming World
2007-09-10 Nevada Denies Plea to Delay New Coal Power Plants
2007-09-10 US update
2007-09-10 US update
2007-09-06 US update
2007-09-06 US update
2007-09-06 Climate Change, Nuclear Power Central to APEC Meeting
2007-08-31 Steel industry prepares strategies vs. energy bill
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-30 Us Update
2007-08-30 China Urges Electricity Suppliers to Buy ‘Green’ Power Ling Li
2007-08-30 China Says May Sack Energy-Guzzling State Firms' CEOs
2007-08-30 China update
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-30 Offsets Aren't Enough
2007-08-30 Arsenic in Water a Risk to 140 Million People
2007-08-30 China update
2007-08-30 US update
2007-08-30 World facing 'arsenic timebomb'
2007-08-27 Six New Orleans Schoolyards Contaminated With Arsenic
2007-08-26 Bangladesh-Phulbari update
2007-08-26 Bangladesh-Phulbari update
2007-08-26 Phulbari Day and the Coal Policy
2007-08-25 Latin America Update
2007-08-25 Phulbari: life and struggle continues
2007-08-25 Arsenic update
2007-08-25 Latin America update
2007-08-24 Opponents Of Mountaintop Removal Decry Bush's New Mining Rules
2007-08-18 Oil gas committee wants govt to implement Phulbari deal
2007-08-18 Unnatural deaths: a seemingly endless, bitter, round
2007-08-18 Unnatural deaths: a seemingly endless, bitter, round
2007-08-18 CHINA
2007-08-17 No exhaustive coal-mining possible: coal body
2007-08-17 UNITED STATES
2007-08-16 Bangladesh update: is opinion now swinging against Phulbari coal?
2007-08-16 PHILIPPINES
2007-08-16 Khaleda's role in Niko, Asia Energy deals under probe
2007-08-16 Bangladesh update: is opinion now swinging against Phulbari coal?
2007-08-16 Local police and security guards break up peaceful workers' protests
2007-08-15 Point Counterpoint:
2007-08-15 Trapped miners in Utah
2007-08-14 Choosing The Dirtiest Us Bank
2007-08-14 Black stuff and nonsense
2007-08-14 The Carbon Credit Con
2007-08-14 Black Stuff And Nonsense
2007-08-14 Factbox - Five Facts On Australia's Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2007-08-10 Ontario Walks Tightrope On Plan To End Coal Use
2007-08-10 What To Do: Same As Always.
2007-08-10 Latin America Update
2007-08-01 Guatemala-new Eviction Order This Month For Indigenous Q'eqchi' Communities
2007-07-30 Yes, Another World Is Possible: Rights Action, Along With Other Organizers, Are Now Working To Prepa
2007-07-30 Communique To Workers And Public Over The Recent Ruling In Alabama
2007-07-28 BRAZIL
2007-07-28 Latin America update
2007-07-27 Us Firm Cleared Of Colombia Murders
2007-07-26 Coal company's NGO injunction was on shaky ground
2007-07-26 Freedom of Speech preserved: Save Happy Valley Coalition free to publish with own logo
2007-07-26 Coal company's NGO injunction was on shaky ground
2007-07-26 Diary of a Strike: 3,000 workers at the Shuangma Cement Plant strike in protest at management's comp
2007-07-25 URGENT ACTION APPEAL - From Amnesty International USA
2007-07-25 China update
2007-07-25 China Update
2007-07-25 2006 Wind Installations Offset More Than 40 Million Tons of CO2
2007-07-25 Evidence of Land Trafficking in Intag
2007-07-24 PANAMA
2007-07-23 ECUADOR
2007-07-23 Residents of Condorwain Range Demand Withdrawal of Barrick Gold
2007-07-22 Informal Miners Using Nazca Lines As Roadways
2007-07-22 Seven killed in coal mine gas blast in NE China
2007-07-20 Indonesia update
2007-07-20 Comments from Sunda Times readers:
2007-07-20 HONDURAS
2007-07-20 Latin America Update
2007-07-20 Indonesia update
2007-07-20 Latin America Update - Exigen nueva Ley de Minería para Honduras: enfrentamiento dejó
2007-07-19 GUATEMALA
2007-07-19 Peru: Interreligious Delegation Reports Environmental Problems to the US
2007-07-19 BOLIVIA
2007-07-18 Protesters say 'Harper go home' on PM's last day in Chile
2007-07-18 Citizens protest the meeting of Canadian Prime Minister and Barrick - Canadian Prime Minister enters
2007-07-17 COLOMBIA
2007-07-17 China Update
2007-07-17 China update
2007-07-17 From bloodstained mine-shafts to brickyard slavery, blind faith in Deng Xiaoping theory is the real
2007-07-16 Ancient petroglyphs and rock art in imminent danger, department of Puno, Peru
2007-07-16 CHILE
2007-07-15 MEXICO
2007-07-15 Mining giant to raze apes' forest home
2007-07-15 Corruption allegations dog mining company
2007-07-15 China Should Prioritize Energy Efficiency to Deal with Challenge of Reducing Emissions
2007-07-14 Latin American update - Ayabaca: Acuerdan Consulta Vecinal por Proyecto Minero Río Blanco pa
2007-07-14 Latin American update
2007-07-14 Coal mining on Navajo land draws lawsuit
2007-07-13 ARGENTINA
2007-07-13 COLOMBIA
2007-07-05 ECUADOR
2007-07-04 BRAZIL
2007-07-04 Aymaras Vow Mining Co. Will Restore Wetland
2007-07-03 COLOMBIA
2007-07-01 PERU
2007-07-01 US update
2007-07-01 Carbon backlash: coal divides corporations
2007-07-01 US update
2007-06-29 Key US Senators Reach Deal on CO2 Emissions
2007-06-29 Massive Crackdown On Slave Labour Camps – A Response To Years Of Neglect And Collusion
2007-06-29 US House Passes Bill Affirming Global Warming Exists
2007-06-29 Environmental face-off: Catholic Church workers get ammunition for their fight in Latin America
2007-06-29 Colombia update
2007-06-29 Pennsylvania Superfund Cleanup to Cost $22 Million
2007-06-29 A Journey Into The Black Heart Of Shanxi
2007-06-29 US update
2007-06-29 China Update
2007-06-29 Colombia update
2007-06-29 Groups Sue BLM Over Broken Wilderness Promise
2007-06-29 US update
2007-06-29 As Unrest Rises, China Broadens Workers' Rights
2007-06-29 China update
2007-06-29 National People's Congress Approves New Labour Contract Law
2007-06-28 Mine Boss Jailed For Reporter Death
2007-06-28 U.S. House Boosts Spending for Environment, Conservation
2007-06-26 CHILE
2007-06-26 VENEZUELA
2007-06-25 Workers stage protests at Codelco mines in Chile
2007-06-25 Farmers Insist: Life Yes, Mining NO!
2007-06-23 Twenty-Four Hour Strike Against MINSUR Mining Operations in the Community of Vilavilani, Tacna
2007-06-23 Latin America update
2007-06-23 Latin America update
2007-06-22 US update
2007-06-22 Senate Approves Energy Bill, Calls for Fuel Economy Increase
2007-06-22 COLOMBIA
2007-06-22 Bush Says US Could Build 30 New Nuclear Plants
2007-06-22 Nuevos testigos vinculan a la Drummond con grupos paramilitares
2007-06-22 US update
2007-06-21 Arizona tribes unite against mine
2007-06-21 ARGENTINA
2007-06-19 PERU
2007-06-19 GUATEMALA
2007-06-19 US Senate Debates US$15 Bln in Energy Incentives
2007-06-18 Nuclear Power Can't Curb Global Warming - Report
2007-06-15 US update
2007-06-15 US update
2007-06-15 PERU
2007-06-15 Energy, Smelly Farms and Spotted Owls
2007-06-15 China update
2007-06-15 Zijin On The Warpath Yet Again
2007-06-15 US Senate Set to Act on Renewable Utility Plan
2007-06-15 Much that glitters will come from the east
2007-06-14 Protesters force Caterpillar to cut annual meeting short
2007-06-14 Impoverished Chilmari found mineral rich
2007-06-14 Bangladesh update
2007-06-14 Bangladesh update
2007-06-13 China: A Thousand Children Sold To ‘dark Kilns’ In
2007-06-13 Protesters decry Caterpillar's support of CO2 limits
2007-06-12 Tatas Cool to Mittal's Bangla deal
2007-06-12 Ispat Group to invest $3bn in Bangladesh
2007-06-11 Good Samaritans Can Clean Orphan Mines Without Liability
2007-06-11 Illinois Clean Coal Power Plant Wins First Permit
2007-06-10 Declaration of Lake Buenos Aires - Lake General Carrera
2007-06-09 Chinese Delegation Walks Out Of Human Rights Dialogue Meeting With The European Union
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-07 Bangladesh military using murder as law enforcement
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-06 Forced & Child Labour In Shanxi Brickworks
2007-06-06 Indonesia update
2007-06-06 Indonesia update
2007-06-06 China update
2007-06-04 BRAZIL
2007-06-04 BULLETS AND BALLOTS: Army Takeover in Bangladesh
2007-06-03 China Punishes Over 5,000 Officials For Illegal Coal Mine Participation
2007-06-02 Govt Slammed for Choosing Coal
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-06-01 Beijing to Shut Down Heavy Polluters During Games
2007-06-01 China update
2007-06-01 China update
2007-05-31 CVRD: Chinese iron ore imports at 400Mt/y - Brazil
2007-05-31 Proposed Canadian coal-bed methane exploration worries U.S. officials
2007-05-31 Export of Toxic Ghost Ships to UK Ended
2007-05-31 US update
2007-05-31 G8: Bush Proposes Talks on Voluntary Global Goal for Greenhouse Gases
2007-05-31 US update
2007-05-31 Residents rip off kid gloves
2007-05-30 New Montana Power Plant Permit Appealed
2007-05-29 CHILE
2007-05-28 Coal company wants to hire Chinese workers for B.C. mine
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-05-25 Yet another terrible accident in Siberia
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2007-05-22 Rio, BP Plan US$1.7 Bln Australia Clean Coal Plant
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2007-05-19 Saved in the time of Nik?
2007-05-19 Source Information
2007-05-18 Dark side of mining
2007-05-15 Miners' Woes Heard - If Faintly - in US
2007-05-15 PERU
2007-05-15 Correction:
2007-05-15 EL SALVADOR
2007-05-14 US update
2007-05-14 Federal Loans for Coal Plants Clash With Carbon Cuts
2007-05-14 US update
2007-05-14 G8 Set for Transatlantic Clash on Climate
2007-05-14 Bush Orders First Federal Regulation of Greenhouse Gases
2007-05-12 Latin American update
2007-05-12 Latin America update
2007-05-12 South Asia update
2007-05-12 South Asia update
2007-05-12 Draft coal policy incorporates new formulas for export, royalty rate: Differences remain over mining
2007-05-10 Emissions and Omissions
2007-05-10 Emissions and Omissions
2007-05-10 PARAGUAY
2007-05-10 Germany, UK Home to Most of EU's Dirty Power Plants
2007-05-10 US, Russian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up, EU's Dip
2007-05-10 China, India to Lead Luring Green Projects by '12
2007-05-09 Yanacocha's ore extraction cut in half
2007-05-08 ARGENTINA
2007-05-08 US update
2007-05-08 US update
2007-05-08 Mandatory U.S. Greenhouse Gas Cap Wins New Corporate Supporters
2007-05-07 BRAZIL
2007-05-07 Anti-Mining Demonstrators Blockade Peruvian Roads
2007-05-05 Constraints of coal mining
2007-05-05 Officials seek to ID old lead mining sites for cleanup
2007-05-04 US update
2007-05-04 US Has 'Implicit' Price on Carbon Emissions - DOE
2007-05-04 US update
2007-05-04 "Who's uncivilised after all?" CSOs challenge Kuroda
2007-05-04 State Air Pollution Officials Urge National Climate Law
2007-05-04 Asia Power to Buy Renewable Power Plants in China
2007-05-04 New Bill Would Halt Waste Dumping in Lakes, Rivers, Streams
2007-05-04 China update
2007-05-04 Un Reports On China
2007-05-04 Govt: Mining law changes seek to free up land
2007-05-04 Senate Panel OKs Bill to Increase Green US Power
2007-05-03 South Asia update
2007-05-03 PARAGUAY
2007-05-03 Govt May Renegotiate Agreement With Asia Energy
2007-05-03 Uranium power gets further thumbs down
2007-05-03 Uranium power gets further thumbs down
2007-05-03 Aid, The Clean Development Mechanism And Some Open Questions Soumitra Ghosh
2007-05-03 Nuclear Power No Sure Cure for Climate Ills - Groups
2007-05-03 Poor Nations Brake Greenhouse Gas Rise - UN Draft
2007-05-02 Jindal to clear up documentation for El Mutún within 2 wks - Bolivia
2007-05-02 China Climate Offensive Has Eye on Growth
2007-05-02 Latin American update
2007-05-02 PERU
2007-05-02 COLOMBIA
2007-05-02 COLOMBIA
2007-05-02 Latin American update
2007-05-02 BOLIVIA
2007-05-01 Reign of Bush Fish and Wildlife Official Ends in Disgrace
2007-04-30 Supreme Court Lets Air Pollution Equipment Ruling Stand
2007-04-30 Colombian Prosecutor Probing U.S. Firms
2007-04-30 Six Critical Air Pollutants Down in 2006
2007-04-29 Two arrested over anti-coal mining project
2007-04-27 South Asia update
2007-04-27 Cancel corrupt agreements on mineral resources
2007-04-25 Coal power worsening Australia drought - green group
2007-04-24 A heated debate
2007-04-24 A heated debate
2007-04-24 Co-generation "better for climate than nuclear"
2007-04-24 Philippines update
2007-04-22 Anglo Under Heavy Fire
2007-04-22 Anglo under heavy fire
2007-04-21 US Update
2007-04-21 US update
2007-04-21 Legacy of Libby's asbestos contamination still being set
2007-04-21 Blood Money: U.s. Bank Funds Korean Project That Will Destroy Native Community
2007-04-21 Editorial note: Anglo American's chairman, Mark Moody-Stuart, claimed last week at the company's 2
2007-04-21 South Asia update
2007-04-21 Long Queue For Coal Blocks
2007-04-20 The real face of the Tatas: a Tata rap sheet
2007-04-19 Warnings Ignored In Dhanbad Underground Fire
2007-04-18 Climate Fears, Costs Threaten Coal-Fired Power Plans
2007-04-16 27.5 Million Funds Uranium Contamination Studies
2007-04-16 Bangladesh-tata's Investment Proposal Not 'positive', Says Tapan
2007-04-16 Memorandum To Pm On Posco
2007-04-15 London mining companies: climate change, human rights and corporate wrongs
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-14 Mines ministry plays Naxal card
2007-04-14 BANGLADESH
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-13 Oregon State Senators Okay Renewable Energy Bill
2007-04-13 New England States Take Aim at Power Plant Mercury Emissions
2007-04-13 China update
2007-04-13 World Bank Chief Says Clean Energy a Vital Issue
2007-04-13 South Asia update
2007-04-13 Mines ministry plays Naxal card
2007-04-13 Schwarzenegger in Washington: Make Environment Sexy
2007-04-13 Climate Justice League Strikes Merrill Lynch
2007-04-13 US update
2007-04-13 South Asia update
2007-04-13 China update
2007-04-13 US update
2007-04-13 Jharkhand seeks higher royalty for coal, iron ore
2007-04-12 Orissa villagers damage roads protesting steel plant
2007-04-11 Fear of fresh stir in steel hub
2007-04-10 Posco: Govt warned against use of force
2007-04-10 Orissa mulls tough action against anti-Posco activists
2007-04-08 Nothing Green about Apple
2007-04-07 Venezuela, Presidential Decree Bans The Building Of New Coal Mines
2007-04-07 Latin America update
2007-04-04 Xstrata Best Anglo American Suitor, Say London Analysts
2007-03-30 China Update
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-30 China To Unveil Climate Plan Next Month
2007-03-30 China update
2007-03-29 Mining safety agency imposes $1.5M fine on Massey Energy for W.Va. mine violations
2007-03-29 China’s Largest Coal Province Launches Sustainable Mining Fund
2007-03-29 Rare cancer found in Iron Range miners
2007-03-26 Chinese Air Pollution Crosses Pacific, Reaches Western United States
2007-03-25 South Asia update
2007-03-25 Philippines update
2007-03-25 South Asia Update
2007-03-24 Latin American Update
2007-03-24 Foreign Mining Firm Abandons Coal Project In South Cotabato
2007-03-24 Latin America update - Correa advierte de "guerra civil" entre comunidades y empresas min
2007-03-23 Africa Must Set Alternative Energy Agenda - UN
2007-03-23 Judge Blocks Mountaintop Removal Permits
2007-03-23 UN to Insure Geothermal Explorers in East Africa
2007-03-23 Nbsp;
2007-03-23 Africa Update
2007-03-23 Polluting U.S. Owned Smelter in Peru Brought Before OAS
2007-03-23 Africa update
2007-03-23 US Update
2007-03-23 Us Update
2007-03-22 Environ authority suspends Xstrata 600MW Río Cuervo project
2007-03-22 Drummond denies colluding with far-right death squads to kill Colombia unionists
2007-03-21 CHILE
2007-03-20 Putin wants answers after three Russian tragedies
2007-03-20 Kansas City Power & Light To Offset Carbon From New Coal Unit
2007-03-20 Football tycoon's investment lies behind Russia's worst mine disaster
2007-03-20 Investors Urge Us Congress For Rules Slashing Co2
2007-03-19 MEXICO
2007-03-18 Firm Eyes Coal-bed Methane Prospect
2007-03-17 COLOMBIA
2007-03-17 Phulbari, Asia Energy And Grassroots Revolt
2007-03-15 Global Coal Management Plc
2007-03-15 PERU
2007-03-15 BRAZIL
2007-03-15 Bosai Mining assumes management of South American bauxite mine
2007-03-15 China's iron ore traders reject India's new export duty
2007-03-15 ECUADOR
2007-03-15 India imposes iron ore export duty $6.78 per ton, possible impact on China's imports
2007-03-14 IFC to double number of mining investments in Africa
2007-03-09 China update
2007-03-09 Uses Sought for Tons of Radioactive Nickel Scrap
2007-03-09 EPA Issues Clean Water Mercury Listing Guidance
2007-03-09 US Update
2007-03-09 China Update
2007-03-09 US update
2007-03-08 ANALYSIS - China Building Blitz Holds Key to Energy Saving
2007-03-08 China Abandons Annual Energy Saving Targets
2007-03-07 Ohio: Coal mining below forest to go on
2007-03-05 Bush Climate Report Shows U.S. Greenhouse Gases Skyrocketing
2007-03-05 FEATURE - US Coal-Fired Power Plant Plans up in Smoke?
2007-03-02 China update
2007-03-02 Solid evidence - in a digestible form
2007-03-02 China update
2007-03-02 Mining firm over-reacting to satire, say protesters
2007-03-02 China Orders Small Cement Plants to be Closed
2007-03-02 Solid evidence - in a digestible form
2007-03-01 South Asia Update
2007-03-01 South Asia Update
2007-02-28 COLOMBIA
2007-02-28 Asia Energy Lobbying For Phulbari Coalfield
2007-02-28 Latin American Update
2007-02-28 Coal Mines May Be Leased To Foreign Firms After Policy Formulation In March: Tapan
2007-02-28 Latin American update
2007-02-27 BRAZIL
2007-02-27 ARGENTINA
2007-02-27 Carbon Offsets Not Welcome Here
2007-02-26 VENEZUELA
2007-02-26 India's Booming Economy Brings Toxic Hi-tech Waste
2007-02-26 Wellington activists target Conservation Minister
2007-02-24 Colombia Special - Edición especial Colombia
2007-02-24 Colombia Special - Edición especial Colombia
2007-02-20 Safety problems remain in Mexican mines
2007-02-20 Thousands of Miners Strike a Year After Mexican Coal Mine Explosion That Killed 65 Workers
2007-02-19 Union-Community Solidarity in Colombia: Sintracarbón Takes a Stand
2007-02-18 South Asia update
2007-02-18 South Asia Update
2007-02-18 India's Special Economic Zones Under Fire
2007-02-18 Bangladesh
2007-02-18 Profiting from loss
2007-02-17 A Hollywood Trial
2007-02-16 3b Investment: Tata Ponders Step To Restart Negotiations
2007-02-16 China update
2007-02-16 12 environmentally-damaging projects permanently canceled
2007-02-16 Meridian completely rules out Esquel gold project
2007-02-16 China Update
2007-02-15 600 new mineral deposits found in Tibet Plateau
2007-02-15 Radioactive Copper Ore Uncovered At Shandong's Yantai Port
2007-02-13 Balco to construct road in Chhattisgarh
2007-02-13 Korba coal attracts 10,000 mw addition
2007-02-13 Vedanta Update
2007-02-13 Special Economic Zones: Lessons From China
2007-02-13 China Vows Action on Pollution after Missing Target
2007-02-13 Vedanta update
2007-02-11 Italian Smes Set For Big Deals In Bengal, Look For Sez Slot
2007-02-10 US Update
2007-02-10 Doubts on Drummond Coal Megaproject in Cesar, Colombia
2007-02-10 One Killed in Protest Against Mining Activities in Colombia
2007-02-10 Civil Society statement
2007-02-10 Us Update
2007-02-09 Bribery Charges Hit Governor In Mining County
2007-02-09 China Set To Launch Kyoto Clean Energy Fund
2007-02-09 China Cdm Growth Not Enough To Tackle Emission Rise
2007-02-09 New Jersey Sues U.s. Epa Over Pennsylvania Power Plant Pollution
2007-02-08 China to Shut Down Smaller Power Plants; Effects Remain to Be Seen
2007-02-07 China Update
2007-02-07 China May Swing To Net Coal Imports By Year End
2007-02-07 Eight Die in Central Colombia Mine Blast
2007-02-07 China update
2007-02-07 China Is Set On Curbing Fossil Fuels -- Climate Chief
2007-02-04 Coal mine explosion in northeast Colombia kills 32
2007-02-03 Us Update (03/02/2007)
2007-02-03 A Mega Environmental Eisaster In The Making?
2007-02-03 US Update
2007-02-02 CITU demands review of Balco deal
2007-02-02 Africa Update
2007-02-01 China To Require Swap Of Old Coal Plants For New
2007-02-01 Us Companies Lag On Climate Risk Disclosure
2007-01-29 Petrochina Unit Fined for 2005 Toxic River Slick
2007-01-29 China Update
2007-01-29 China Update
2007-01-27 Top Ceos Call For Federal Action On Climate Change
2007-01-26 Asia Energy Still Hatching Conspiracy
2007-01-26 South Asia update
2007-01-26 South Asia Update
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-25 Brits Poised To Blast More Colombian Communities?
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-24 Global Environment Fund Gives Money To Dirty Fuel
2007-01-23 Asia Energy Changes Name But Remains The Same
2007-01-23 Colombia-strike Imminent At El Cerrejon
2007-01-22 China Environment Official Targets "Special Interests"
2007-01-19 Slaying outrages China: Thugs allegedly killed reporter over story
2007-01-19 Undp, Dfid To Help Orissa Settle Tribals
2007-01-19 Zijin Mining to develop nickel mine in Burma
2007-01-18 Return to the Black Mesa
2007-01-18 Tensions run high at final Black Mesa DEIS hearing
2007-01-18 Return to the Black Mesa
2007-01-16 INTERVIEW - EU Says Cannot Meet Emissions Goal Without China
2007-01-15 Renegotiate Contracts With Coal Multinationals And Don't Sign New Ones, Says Senator Robeldo
2007-01-15 Shanxi coke producer shut down for breaking environmental regulations
2007-01-15 Illegal miners caught in collapse in Gansu
2007-01-13 Killing for coal in Kyrgyzstan
2007-01-13 Killing for coal in Kyrgyzstan
2007-01-11 China Update
2007-01-09 ANALYSIS - Nuclear Power Faces Reduced Role in Energy Mix
2006-12-30 Dire Warnings From China's first Climate Change Report
2006-12-30 China Update
2006-12-30 China update
2006-12-29 China Says Some Officials Fake Pollution Reports
2006-12-29 China to increase mineral prospecting - official
2006-12-27 Curb on coal and oil exports
2006-12-17 Gail, Orissa Pact In Pipeline
2006-12-15 Colombia-threats In The Coal Region
2006-12-14 Latin American Update
2006-12-12 Mine Of Corpses: Hope Amidst Grief And Pain
2006-12-10 India Update
2006-12-10 India Update
2006-12-07 China Update
2006-12-07 Australian Panel Approves Uranium Deal with China
2006-12-07 China Update
2006-12-06 Latin American Update
2006-12-05 Air Pollution Hurts India's Rice Crop - Study
2006-12-04 India Shortlists 4 Countries For Coal Mine Buys
2006-12-02 South Asia Update
2006-12-02 South Asia Update
2006-12-02 Metal major gives state a miss
2006-12-02 URGENT ALERT (December 2 2006)
2006-12-01 China Update
2006-12-01 China Update
2006-11-30 China Plans To Cut Back On Small-scale Power Plants
2006-11-30 Thousands Protest For Rights Over India's Forests
2006-11-30 Two Managers Of Chenjiashan Coal Mine Jailed For Negligence
2006-11-29 Australia update
2006-11-29 Coal Mining Opened Up To Private Investment
2006-11-29 Australia update
2006-11-29 Growth Of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accelerating
2006-11-29 Australian Judge Blocks Coal Mine on Climate Grounds
2006-11-29 Mineworkers' Union At Cerrejon Mine, Colombia, Meeting
2006-11-28 Industrialisation takes its toll
2006-11-28 Hk Businesses Told To Cough Up For Pollution
2006-11-28 China safety boss pounds desk in anger at mine deaths
2006-11-28 Violation of Human Rights, Farmers Arrestedat Public Hearing on Proposed Alumina Refinery by Jindal
2006-11-27 Hindalco joins race for Afghan copper deposit
2006-11-25 India's illegal coal mines turn into death pits
2006-11-25 Maoists protest leasing of mines in Chhattisgarh
2006-11-18 Getting rid of mercury (but not yet)
2006-11-18 Getting rid of mercury (but not yet)
2006-11-17 22 States Write Mercury Controls Stricter than Feds'
2006-11-17 Energy Department May Sell Surplus Mercury Stockpile
2006-11-15 China Update
2006-11-15 China Update
2006-11-15 EU Lawmakers Put Mercury Thermometers out in Cold
2006-11-15 Canada woos mine partners from China
2006-11-10 China in a Bull shop: China Update
2006-11-10 China In A Bull Shop: China Update
2006-11-07 Colombia Update
2006-11-07 Colombia Update
2006-10-28 Taking On a Coal Mining Practice as a Matter of Faith
2006-10-28 US Update
2006-10-28 US Update
2006-10-28 Coal magnate trying to fire up GOP support
2006-10-24 Union demands safer coal mines, protests Stickler appointment
2006-10-21 The world's worst places
2006-10-20 China City Shuts 43 Cement Factories for Pollution
2006-10-20 China reports another "World's worst" polluted place
2006-10-20 Latin American Update
2006-10-20 China Update
2006-10-20 Latin American Update
2006-10-20 China Update
2006-10-18 COLOMBIA
2006-10-13 South Asia Update
2006-10-13 Barapukuria Coal-fired Project
2006-10-13 Barapukuria Coal-fired Project
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-10-09 It's The Consumption, Stupid : Energy Outlook 2007
2006-10-07 London Calling
2006-10-07 London Calling
2006-10-01 LSE to unveil review of Aim regulations
2006-09-30 South Asia Update
2006-09-30 Energy Div Asked To Move Against Asia Energy Deal
2006-09-30 Land Acquisition Decried
2006-09-29 Coal Said to be Top Enemy in Fighting Global Warming
2006-09-20 California Sues Automakers Over Global Warming
2006-09-20 EPA Not Fulfilling Environmental Justice Requirements
2006-09-20 Keeping Cities Cool
2006-09-20 US Update
2006-09-20 US Update
2006-09-18 U.S. Missing Renewable Energy Opportunities
2006-09-17 World Bank Energy Framework Sells Climate and Poor Short
2006-09-16 Mines of death
2006-09-16 India Update
2006-09-16 India Update
2006-09-16 Villagers oppose SMC expansion
2006-09-15 Clean Energy Bill Could Create Half a Million Jobs
2006-09-15 Anti-Posco heat on forest dept
2006-09-15 How American Cities Have Bypassed Bush On Kyoto
2006-09-13 US Update
2006-09-13 US Update
2006-09-13 U.S. Urged to Set Stricter Particulate Matter Standards
2006-09-13 Memo Shows EPA Budget Faces New Cuts
2006-09-10 Tata, POSCO face protest by locals
2006-09-09 Latin American Update
2006-09-08 US Update
2006-09-08 US Update
2006-09-08 EPA Proposes Industry-backed Changes to Clean Air Program
2006-09-07 Increased Burning of Peatlands Boosts Mercury Emissions
2006-09-06 Colombia
2006-09-06 Environmental Enforcement Dropping Under Bush
2006-09-03 Bangla Nagar update
2006-09-03 Bangla Nagar update
2006-09-03 The mystery death, a town in uproar and a $1bn UK mines deal
2006-09-01 quot;Making natural resources work for the people of Bangladesh," is Asia Energy's corporate c
2006-09-01 China Update
2006-09-01 China Eyes Sulphur Dioxide Emissions Trading - Paper
2006-09-01 China Update
2006-09-01 Phulbari agitation: Foreign investment becomes uncertain
2006-08-31 Bangladesh hit by violent protests over British firm's coal mine plan
2006-08-31 China Fails to Cut Main Pollutants - Government
2006-08-28 People defy ban, agitate at Phulbari: Law enforcers conduct house-to-house search, hartal observed
2006-08-28 Phulbari Coalmine Killing: Thousands defy ban, stage protest
2006-08-28 Mahmud, Oil Gas Committee trade barbs
2006-08-28 Countrywide daylong hartal Wednesday
2006-08-28 Agreement with Asia Energy: Option open for govt to make pro-people deal
2006-08-28 Acid Rain Affects Large Swathes of China - Report
2006-08-27 A deadly deal, indeed!
2006-08-27 Phulbari killings condemned
2006-08-27 Five killed, 50 hurt as police fire on protesters: Cops go berserk as 20,000 demonstrators protest a
2006-08-26 Bangladesh coal mine protest spreads after deaths
2006-08-26 Latin American Update
2006-08-26 Asia Energy Coal Mine Protest
2006-08-26 BANGLA NAGAR: August 26 2006
2006-08-26 BANGLA NAGAR: August 26 2006
2006-08-23 India Update
2006-08-23 Minister claims the government is not legally bound to give miners' families compensation after a &
2006-08-23 India Update
2006-08-22 China's Income Gap Widening; ADB Says Addressing Rural Poverty is the Solution
2006-08-21 World Bank Plan Still Favours "Clean" Fossil Fuels
2006-08-21 Coal-fired climate change - not to mention acid rain
2006-08-21 US Court Hands EPA a Win in Utility Emission Case
2006-08-21 Norway Authority Demands CO2 Capture at Gas Plant
2006-08-21 Coal-fired climate change - not to mention acid rain
2006-08-17 China Draws Line in Sand to End Pollution for Good
2006-08-17 China Update
2006-08-17 China Update
2006-08-16 JSW acquires coal mines in Mozambique
2006-08-15 People of Phulbari celebrate victory
2006-08-14 India's clean-coal tech gets stronger
2006-08-11 China Update
2006-08-11 China's Draft Labour Contract Law: Without Freedom of Association, will Chinese Workers Be any Bette
2006-08-11 China Update
2006-08-09 Colombia: Update On El Cerrejon
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-08 Coeur d'Alene Says Alaska Mine Suit Dismissed
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-06 Appalachian Citizens Demonstrate at Governors Conference
2006-08-05 Gas leak kills 18 coal miners in China
2006-08-05 China Update
2006-08-05 China Update
2006-08-04 Errors understate mercury emissions
2006-08-04 Group says proposed N.S. quarry will hurt environment, tourism and fishery
2006-08-02 China to Divert Tibet's Waters to Parched West
2006-08-02 China Tightens Central Control Over Environment
2006-08-02 Suit Filed Over Paradise Coal-fired Plant in Kentucky
2006-08-02 HK Urges Power Companies to Meet Emission Targets
2006-07-29 China's coal catastrophe
2006-07-29 China Update
2006-07-29 China Update
2006-07-26 Demand from China lifts BHP figures
2006-07-20 China Update
2006-07-20 China Update
2006-07-19 China to Invest US$175 Billion in Environment Clean-Up
2006-07-19 China to Ban Small Scale Coal-to-Liquid Plants
2006-07-18 China Update
2006-07-18 Thousand Armed Police Quell Protest against Manganese Processing Plant
2006-07-18 China Update
2006-07-18 INTERVIEW - China, India Not Ready to Cut Emissions - UN Official
2006-07-15 Occupational illnesses and injuries cost China 100 billion yuan per year, official warns
2006-07-15 63 killed and 26 trapped in three separate coal mine accidents
2006-07-10 Canada Update
2006-07-07 China Update
2006-07-07 Mine managers in Henan will be suspended if nine people die in one accident
2006-07-07 China Update
2006-07-06 Open-pit mining will be disastrous for Bangladesh
2006-07-06 Open-pit mining will be disastrous for Bangladesh
2006-07-06 Tata, govt to sit again
2006-07-05 Tata wants speedy decision as govt dithers
2006-07-05 China Ranks Provinces by Coal, Power Efficiency
2006-06-30 China Update
2006-06-30 China Update
2006-06-29 US Update
2006-06-29 Nevada Senator Slashes Nuclear Waste Dump Budget for 2007
2006-06-29 U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up Again in 2005
2006-06-29 US Update
2006-06-29 Death toll rises to 27 after coal mine explosion in Liaoning
2006-06-28 Suit says Doe Run tainted area near lead mine
2006-06-27 U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Global Warming Case
2006-06-27 Landholder threatens to nix Doe Run lease; Suit accuses company of violating environmental laws.
2006-06-26 Massey Indicted
2006-06-26 Speakers tell JU roundtable: Open-pit mining for lifting coal in massive scale will be disastrous f
2006-06-25 China suspicious of nonprofit organizations It fears that money from West may be backing democracy
2006-06-25 Latin American Update
2006-06-22 China Update
2006-06-20 U.s Company Accused Of Having Union Leaders Killed In Colombia
2006-06-19 US Update
2006-06-19 US Update
2006-06-19 Sixteen States Sue U.S. EPA Over Mercury Cap-and Trade Rule
2006-06-16 China Update
2006-06-16 China Update
2006-06-15 TSX Group delegation returning to China to seek new listings
2006-06-15 Zimbabwe Signs Mining And Power Deals With China
2006-06-13 Coal Workers' Strike Faces Death Squads
2006-06-13 China to revise mineral law, expand foreign access to mining - report
2006-06-12 Navajo power plant lease approved; opponents vow to fight Indian Country Today
2006-06-10 India Update
2006-06-10 India Update
2006-06-09 London Calling On A Recent City Shuffle
2006-06-09 London Calling on a recent City shuffle
2006-06-08 Indonesia Update
2006-06-08 Indonesian Update
2006-06-08 Tribes reject Freeport talks in U.S.
2006-06-06 US Update
2006-06-06 Two Government Officials Resign In Mine Scandal
2006-06-06 US Update
2006-06-06 States' Clean Air Lawsuit Against Allegheny Energy Allowed
2006-06-05 Poder Ejecutivo suspende participación en mesa de diálogo por el proyecto
2006-06-05 Latin American Update
2006-06-02 Coal Policy To Be Sent To Cabinet Next Week - Geologists And Economists Oppose The Policy
2006-05-29 Latin American Update
2006-05-29 Latin American Update
2006-05-29 Peruvian Government Approves Doe Run Clean-up Delays: La Oroya Community
2006-05-27 Latin American Update
2006-05-27 Latin American Update
2006-05-26 Cleaning up with coal
2006-05-26 India Update
2006-05-25 China Update
2006-05-25 US Update
2006-05-25 US Update
2006-05-25 Shanxi mine managers detained after 57 feared trapped in flooded mine
2006-05-25 China Update
2006-05-25 MSHA Names Team to Investigate Darby Mine No. 1 Accident
2006-05-24 Mcl Land Oustees Resort To Economic Blockade
2006-05-24 Colombia Strike At Us Drummond Coal Mine In Third Day
2006-05-24 Strike At Us Coal Multinational Drummond In Colmbia
2006-05-23 Outrage Against Displacement Spreads
2006-05-23 Major Victory for TRI
2006-05-21 Underground Blast Kills 5 Kentucky Miners
2006-05-19 London Calling on a Canadian corporate scrap
2006-05-19 London Calling on a Canadian corporate scrap
2006-05-19 Declaration Of Belen
2006-05-19 Feasibility study likely on bringing
2006-05-18 It's coal out there!
2006-05-18 It's coal out there!
2006-05-17 Latin American Update
2006-05-17 Xstrata makes 52.50 cad all cash offer for Falconbridge
2006-05-16 US Court to Review Duke Energy Clean Air Ruling
2006-05-16 US Update
2006-05-16 US Update
2006-05-16 BHP Billiton To Sell Peruvian Mine Tintaya To Xstrata In $750 Mln Stock-debt Deal
2006-05-15 Over 300,000 labour lawsuits filed in 2005, ACFTU survey says
2006-05-15 Dupont Tops List of 100 Most Toxic Air Polluters
2006-05-15 Minnesota Enacts Mercury Reductions Law
2006-05-15 A total of 53 miners were killed in three separate coal mine accidents last week.
2006-05-15 U.S. Supreme Court Upholds States' Right to Regulate Dams
2006-05-15 Coal mines in Hunan illegally employ women workers
2006-05-14 In Intag Even The Dead Support Mining!
2006-05-13 China Update
2006-05-13 China Update
2006-05-13 The following three reports were compiled by China Labour Bulletin, Hong Kong
2006-05-12 China Update
2006-05-12 Inco to build nickel plant in China
2006-05-12 China Update
2006-05-12 INTERVIEW - Australia PM Says Will Not Sell Uranium to India
2006-05-11 New Coal Technology Could Help Climate - US Expert
2006-05-11 Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Far Above Target
2006-05-11 Canada Must Quit as Chair of Kyoto Process - Greens
2006-05-11 China, India are Fast-Growing Polluters - World Bank
2006-05-11 Climate Change Update
2006-05-11 Kyoto Gives Poor Countries US$2.7 Billion Boost
2006-05-11 Carbon Market Grows 10 Fold, Needs Openness - World Bank
2006-05-11 Climate Change Update
2006-05-10 China: A green energy bonanza?
2006-05-09 Sources: Sack For Eager: Asia Energy Announcement, May 9 2006; Eager At Monterrico:
2006-05-09 US Update
2006-05-09 US Update
2006-05-09 Dirtier Side Betrays Promise of 'Clean Coal'
2006-05-08 ILO Meeting of Experts to discuss new Code of Practice on coal mine safety
2006-05-07 ADB comes under coal fire
2006-05-07 ADB comes under coal fire
2006-05-07 ADB chief gets 'dirty coal' gift from Thai villagers
2006-05-06 Carbon Alarm
2006-05-06 Carbon Alarm
2006-05-05 Inco to build fifth China plant
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-01 NOAA: Global Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Rose in 2005
2006-05-01 China Update
2006-05-01 ANALYSIS - CO2 Price Crash Signals Tougher EU Pollution Goals
2006-04-29 Latin American Update
2006-04-28 China Update
2006-04-28 China Update
2006-04-27 North America Update
2006-04-27 U.S. Air Cleaner But Millions Still Inhale Soot, Smog
2006-04-27 Oil price rises fuel the return of coal
2006-04-27 North America Update
2006-04-27 China to criminalize accident cover-ups
2006-04-26 Colombia-resolution On The Cerrejón Mine In Colombia
2006-04-24 Inspector Who Tried To Shut Mine Before Fatal Fire Was Overruled
2006-04-24 Navajos Protest Water Talks With Peabody Coal
2006-04-24 2nd Canadian Mining Company Gets Permit To Drill Near Glacier
2006-04-24 FEATURE - China's Nuclear Dreams Clouded by Cost, Waste
2006-04-24 ANALYSIS - World May Turn Back Clock for Liquid Coal Future
2006-04-22 Latin America Update: Labour Conflicts Special Edition
2006-04-22 Latin American Update
2006-04-21 China Update
2006-04-21 Pollution Fuelling Social Unrest - Chinese Official
2006-04-21 China Update
2006-04-20 Chinese Premier Warns of Environmental Toll
2006-04-18 Indian Update
2006-04-18 Posco to cut down ore swapping: New technology expected to bring down cost
2006-04-18 Asia Energy Defends Bangladesh Project Amid Protest
2006-04-18 India Update
2006-04-17 Workers Strike At Latin America's Biggest Gold Mine
2006-04-15 China Update
2006-04-15 A report on the Anglo American plc AGM, held on 25 April 2006 at Institute of Electrical Engineers,
2006-04-15 China Update
2006-04-14 Power Plant Calls For 'just Resolution' In Colombia Dispute
2006-04-13 Zhisheng and victims of Chenjiashan Coal Mine disaster
2006-04-13 Crackdown on officials' mining interest intensifies
2006-04-12 Kalinga Nagar tribals agree to meet CM
2006-04-12 Colombian Coal Fight Comes To Salem
2006-04-12 Tisco to expand Orissa ferro alloys unit, add power unit Project cost could go up to Rs 100 crore
2006-04-12 Govt threatens to cancel MoUs of five companies Pioneer News Service
2006-04-12 FDI top on Maoists' radar in Orissa
2006-04-12 Colombian Coal Fight Comes To Salem
2006-04-12 Global majors keen on India's new exploration blocks
2006-04-12 Environment Ministry clears uranium project at Nalgonda
2006-04-11 India needs 1 lakh tonnes uranium, says Kakodkar
2006-04-10 Quantity versus quality: China's coal industry tries to reform itself
2006-04-10 DAE plans to involve private sector in uranium exploration
2006-04-10 Nalco meet discusses fund use
2006-04-10 India Inc lines up for a new slice of Orissa
2006-04-08 China Update
2006-04-08 China Update
2006-04-07 FEATURE-Coal-rich China province seeks to curb mining craze
2006-04-07 Jharasagdu district is where the UK devil, Vedanta, plans to set up a huge alumininum smelter...
2006-04-07 Environmental Activist Sun Xiaodi Detained Again
2006-04-07 Four miners killed in coal mine explosion; four women were among those working underground
2006-04-05 China: Uranium Deal With Australia Stirs Contrasting Views
2006-04-05 The high price paid by China's miners
2006-04-05 Let them eat Yellowcake: National Protests at Uranium Sales to China
2006-04-05 The afterlife of uranium's militant opponents
2006-04-04 China okays uranium deal with Taiwan
2006-04-03 Australia and China Set to Sign Uranium Trade Deal
2006-03-30 Job demand halts UCIL mining
2006-03-26 Indian miners, traders ship out iron ore fines to enjoy soaring global price
2006-03-26 Latin America Update
2006-03-26 Nicanor Alvarado Carrasco, A Community Leader And Environmental Campaigner,representing Vima Of Peru
2006-03-25 Fulminating over Phulbari
2006-03-25 Fulminating over Phulbari
2006-03-24 Mine Boggling: City, Company Called To Condemn Human Rights Violations
2006-03-24 State of affairs about Phulbari coal mining
2006-03-23 US Update
2006-03-23 US Update
2006-03-22 China Update
2006-03-22 London Calling Has A Tiff With Dfid...and A Bouquet For Rio Tinto
2006-03-22 London Calling has a tiff with Dfid…and a bouquet for Rio Tinto
2006-03-22 China Update
2006-03-22 South Korea, China to jointly develop mines in Asia
2006-03-22 Road march to protest at Fulbari coal extraction by British company
2006-03-17 Miners File Murder Charges Against Grupo Mexico
2006-03-16 New CLB Research Report on Coal Mine Safety Management in China
2006-03-15 Big Mining Companies……and The Communities Resisting Them
2006-03-15 The Coal Mine Next Door
2006-03-15 Urgent Action Concerning The Strike By Workers At Drummond Coal In Colombia
2006-03-14 China Update
2006-03-14 China Update
2006-03-14 Papua New Guinea update
2006-03-14 38 killed in three coal mine explosions
2006-03-11 Bangladesh: draft coal policy violates constitution, is anti-people, say economists, experts
2006-03-10 Mines, money, and partnerships
2006-03-10 China Legislator Praises Safety in Year of Disasters
2006-03-10 Mines, Money, And Partnerships
2006-03-08 China Update
2006-03-08 Washington State Hands E-Waste Costs to Manufacturers
2006-03-08 Caterpillar lines up Chinese firms
2006-03-08 Mercury Levels Still High in Virginia River Fish
2006-03-08 China Update
2006-03-07 US Update
2006-03-07 US Update
2006-03-07 China Province May Close Down Industrial Polluters
2006-03-06 PERU: "A toxic bargain"
2006-03-06 Latin American Update
2006-03-06 Comment from Paula Palmer of Global Response:
2006-03-06 Latin American Update
2006-03-04 Newmont profits from Uzbekistan while state murder, torture and impoverishment prevail
2006-03-04 Newmont profits from Uzbekistan while state murder, torture and impoverishment prevail
2006-03-03 Political Fallout from the Mexico Mine Disaster
2006-03-03 First Legal Action in Chile to Prevent Pascua Lama Mining Project
2006-03-03 Support Indigenous Peoples vs. Coal Mines / Venezuela
2006-03-03 Shanxi puts brakes on expansion of coal mining
2006-03-02 Mexican mining, refining crippled by national strike
2006-03-02 U.S. Is Reducing Safety Penalties for Mine Flaws
2006-03-02 US Update
2006-03-02 US Update
2006-03-01 Latin American Update
2006-03-01 Workplace Exposure Standard for Hexavalent Chromium Cut Ten-Fold
2006-03-01 Damages Denied in Landmark US Lead Paint Case
2006-03-01 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up 1.7 Percent in 2004
2006-03-01 Citizens fight mining companies carving off mountaintops
2006-03-01 Xstrata heaps up profits and digs into Colombia
2006-03-01 New Donkin Mine Owner Linked to Human Rights Abuses in Colombia
2006-02-27 US Asbestos Bill Sponsors Seek Signatures for Revote
2006-02-27 Safety fines at mine minimal
2006-02-26 Toxic Gas Levels Likely Fatal To Mexican Miners, Firm Says
2006-02-26 Latin American Update: Peru and Mexico
2006-02-26 San Juancito: From Mining Emporium to Ghost Town
2006-02-26 Latin American Update: Peru and Mexico
2006-02-24 Chromium Industry Withheld Evidence of Workplace Cancer Risk
2006-02-24 US Update
2006-02-24 Philippines Update
2006-02-24 SEPA Releases New Measure on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment Process
2006-02-24 Philippines Update
2006-02-24 US Update
2006-02-23 China Update
2006-02-23 London Calling squeezes further - with "Extracting Intellects", Part Two
2006-02-23 China's Rivers: Frontlines for Chemical Wastes
2006-02-23 China Update
2006-02-22 China Warns Officials against Covering up Pollution
2006-02-22 China Seeks New Nuclear Designs Using Less Uranium
2006-02-22 Drilling Energy Programs Trump Conservation
2006-02-22 EU "Green" Directives Cast Challenge to China's Electronics Industry
2006-02-22 China Faces Uphill Battle to Turn its Growth Green
2006-02-21 Local Group Nurtures Indigenous Voices in Development of China's West
2006-02-20 US Update
2006-02-20 Negros Folk Gear for War with Mining Companies
2006-02-20 Us Update
2006-02-16 Heightened Surveillance and Harassment of Cordillera Political Activists
2006-02-15 China Update: February 2006
2006-02-15 US Update: February 2006
2006-02-15 Maryland Power Plants Linked to 700 Premature Deaths Per Year
2006-02-15 China Update: February 2006
2006-02-15 US Update: February 2006
2006-02-14 Acid rain, air pollution increasing despite counter measures
2006-02-13 Sold down the river
2006-02-13 Navajo Take A Sovereign Stand Against Latest Uranium Scramble
2006-02-10 Perú Government Urged to Not Extend Environmental Cleanup Plan of US Mining Company
2006-02-10 Fines May Not Bring Compliance
2006-02-10 Bill To Slow Mountaintop Mining In Kentucky Appears Dead
2006-02-09 Bangladesh: New coal policy eyes higher royalty, environmental safety; installation of power plans a
2006-02-02 INDIA UPDATE
2006-02-02 The Kalinganagar Massacre, tribal land, industrialization and justice in Orissa
2006-02-02 Mountaintop Removal Mining Permits Challenged in West Virginia
2006-02-02 Harbor Island Smelter Pays $8.5 Million in Superfund Costs
2006-02-02 Patnaik: "We will strike a balance between environment and industrialisation"
2006-02-02 INDIA UPDATE
2006-02-02 Green Rules Could Shut up to 500 US Coal Plants - Study
2006-02-02 23 miners died and 53 sickened in Shanxi state-owned coal mine
2006-02-01 Bush Would Break U.S. Oil Addiction With Renewables, Nuclear, Coal
2006-02-01 4,876 illegal mines in Shanxi closed
2006-02-01 US Senate Minority Leader to Oppose Asbestos Bill
2006-01-31 EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Found to Be Inadequate
2006-01-31 India eyes US$10b in foreign investments
2006-01-31 USG Corporation in $4 Billion Asbestos Claim Settlement
2006-01-30 INDIA UPDATE: January 30 2006
2006-01-30 INDIA UPDATE: January 30 2006
2006-01-30 Tribals to continue road blockade
2006-01-29 BJD justifies Kalinga Nagar firing
2006-01-27 Orissa ranks lowest among aggregated human development indices, accordingto India's first Social Dev
2006-01-27 World Social Forum: Indigenous Demonstrators Protest Coal Mining
2006-01-25 Give up plans on bauxite mining: CITU
2006-01-25 Rabi Ray asks villagers to unite against Posco project
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-25 In Defense of Mountains / On the Frontlines Against Destructive Mining
2006-01-24 Sambad: The forest feeds us, we won't allow its destruction
2006-01-24 State keeps uranium projects in abeyance, says eco group
2006-01-23 700 million people might suffer from occupational illnesses, government says
2006-01-21 Ramapough Mountain Indians Sue Ford Over Toxic Contamination
2006-01-21 Endemic to Development: Police Killings in Kalinga Nagar
2006-01-19 China Update
2006-01-19 Mining agency: Increase top fine
2006-01-19 China update
2006-01-18 Pennsylvania Governor Opposes Curb on Access to Toxic Release Data
2006-01-18 Africa's No-Win on Uranium
2006-01-18 Africa's No-Win on Uranium
2006-01-15 US Updates: January 2006
2006-01-15 quot;Every law has been written by the blood of miners!" That's the opinion of the main US min
2006-01-15 The mm&P mining Charter
2006-01-15 Is there any reprieve for the Tribals? Kalinga Killings call for an immediate moratorium on Green Fi
2006-01-15 US Updates: January 2006
2006-01-12 Mining a Dirty Business in More Ways Than One
2006-01-12 Sources: The Stranded “london” Whale: All Uk News Media, 21-22/1/2006; London Evening St
2006-01-11 Killing miners isn't accidental
2006-01-11 Killing miners isn't accidental
2006-01-09 Kalinganagar Update
2006-01-09 Fines in mining deaths cut back
2006-01-09 The Stand Of Bisthpan Birodhi Jan Manch, As Reflected In Their Letter To The Orissa State Pollution
2006-01-09 By Dr Acharya's Letter To The President
2006-01-08 Mining offences punished lightly
2006-01-07 From Table 1
2006-01-07 From Table 2: (
2006-01-07 China and US coal disasters
2006-01-07 From Table 2:
2006-01-07 US: worst mine disaster in years
2006-01-07 China and US coal disasters
2006-01-06 Deconstructing deadly details from China's coal mine safety statistics
2006-01-05 US mining safety under scrutiny
2006-01-04 Colombians pay the price of gold
2006-01-04 Colombians pay the price of gold
2006-01-02 Massacre Of Adivasis / at Kalinga Nagar
2006-00-24 Two-day stir to paralyse work at 10 Talcher mines
2005-12-30 India Update
2005-12-30 Native Americans try to Reap the Wind for Power
2005-12-29 China to Monitor Economy-Wide Energy Efficiency
2005-12-26 Phulbari coalmine project: Experts apprehend adverse effect on environment
2005-12-24 Triple Joint Venture
2005-12-23 Panel pitches for coal mine privatisation / OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT
2005-12-23 ANALYSIS - China Metal Firms Feeling Heat on Environment
2005-12-20 EPA Slammed for Allowing Power Plants to Emit Mercury
2005-12-15 US Updates: December 2005
2005-12-15 Forest Rights Dharna Successful in First Days
2005-12-15 US Updates: December 2005
2005-12-15 Mining away Orissa's wealth!
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-12 Sierra Club Lawsuit Targets EPA Rule on Toxic Chemical Emissions
2005-12-12 Pennsylvania OKs Lafarge Cement to Burn Nonrecyclable Plastics
2005-12-09 China further opens up its minerals sector as protests escalate
2005-12-09 Victims of Chenjiashan Coal Mine disaster forgotten
2005-12-09 Legal Experts Ask Congress to Reject Sale of Parklands to Miners
2005-12-09 Iron Pipe Maker Mcwane, Executives Sentenced for Enviro Crimes
2005-11-30 BHP Billiton faces shareholder concern
2005-11-30 BHP Billiton faces shareholder concern
2005-11-29 CHINA: more disasters, more crackdowns
2005-11-29 CHINA: More disasters, more meetings and more crackdowns
2005-11-29 CHINA: more disasters, more crackdowns
2005-11-25 BHP challenged at AGM over nuclear expansion
2005-11-25 Anti-nuke protest targets BHP Billiton
2005-11-22 Feature - US update on Western land grab
2005-11-22 Diamond Mining Plans of De Beers, Rio Tinto Hit
2005-11-22 China Closes Nearly 2,000 Mines
2005-11-22 India Update
2005-11-22 INDIA UPDATE
2005-11-22 Feature - US update on Western land grab
2005-11-21 Gloomy Asbestos Study Criticized at US Senate Hearing
2005-11-19 Jindal Steel signs pact with S. African, German cos
2005-11-19 73 FDI Proposals Approved in Mining Sector
2005-11-15 nbsp;
2005-11-15 State, Local Air Officials Urge Rapid Mercury Emissions Cuts
2005-11-15 Chalco seeks NDRC approval to develop Guinean bauxite mine
2005-11-15 7th November 2005:
2005-11-15 Hidden Dangers of Coal
2005-11-15 Hidden Dangers of Coal
2005-11-15 Revealed: the abuse of seafarers who help turn our lights on
2005-11-15 Mines of Conflict
2005-11-14 Posco May Miss Deal Deadline
2005-11-11 Jharkhand to check operation areas of coal companies
2005-11-10 Greens see red over proposed mining near Karlapat sanctuary
2005-11-10 Western Shoshone Headed Back to Court to Challenge Yucca Mountain
2005-11-09 Roundup on Mining in USA
2005-11-09 Nuclear Waste Funding Slashed in 2006 Energy Budget
2005-11-09 Roundup on Mining in USA
2005-11-08 Gathering protests over tribals' eviction in Jharkhand
2005-11-07 Last week, China's president was warmly greeted by the Queen of England and prime minister Blair, at
2005-11-07 Update on Mining in China
2005-11-06 Urgent action in support of communities displaced by coal mining in La Guajira, Colombia
2005-11-06 Latest mining suit adds 'silt snake' angle
2005-11-03 Appendix:
2005-11-01 Native groups rally against mining in north
2005-10-29 Updates on mining in the Philippines
2005-10-29 Rescue Operation In Collapsed Tunnel Continues
2005-10-28 As the Bush regime groans under what may be its biggest internal "scandal" yet, two infamo
2005-10-28 Mining Legacies, New Legislation and La Oroya Diario La Republica Peru,
2005-10-28 Updates on mining laws in the USA
2005-10-28 Pombo's Special Places Giveaway - Mining Portion of Chairman Pombo's Recommendation for Budget Reco
2005-10-27 Change 1872 Mining Law? Move Causes a Stir
2005-10-20 Report on the London BHPBilliton AGM
2005-10-14 Debatable Law of the Environment in Peru
2005-10-14 Finally Peru has a new environmental law. But how far will it address the huge legacy of toxic minew
2005-10-13 Peru says Cleaning Up Old Mines could Cost $1 Billion
2005-10-12 Pombo is also the sponsor of a bill, adopted by the Us House of Representatives which could lead to
2005-10-12 Zambia's miners paying the price
2005-09-29 Indian mine collapse kills three
2005-09-29 Dying from abandonment - 8 feared dead in mine mishap
2005-09-29 Dying from abandonment - 8 feared dead in mine mishap
2005-09-27 Newspaper Suspended After Exposing Mining Accident Cover-up
2005-09-23 Gobierno Colombiano y Multinacionales Aceleran la Desaparición de los Sindicatos de Trabajado
2005-09-23 The Colombian Government is weakening unions of the state mining company Minercol
2005-09-23 The Colombian Government is weakening unions of the state mining company Minercol with the firing of
2005-09-12 EPA Fine Particle Air Rule Called Gift to Power Industry
2005-09-07 Mine road blockade rooted in Tahltan dispute
2005-09-07 Mine road blockade rooted in Tahltan dispute
2005-09-06 Tata Steel to invest up to Rs 55,000 cr in Jharkhand
2005-09-06 Orissa govt to open chrome ore mines to private bidders
2005-09-06 India mining updates
2005-09-06 Dang Panel Recommends Considering Greenfield Steel Plants in Fifth Schedule Areas
2005-09-06 Bauxite mining: AP Girijana Sangham wants MoU scrapped
2005-09-06 Over the past months an unprecedented number of iron ore/steel, bauxite (and now chromite) proposals
2005-09-05 The galloping increase in dangerous and polluting sponge iron plants in India has stimulated resist
2005-09-05 Tahltan remain committed despite injunction
2005-09-05 RCMP Poised to Arrest Tahltan Elders and Youth at the Klappan Blockade
2005-09-05 China's Mining Tragedies
2005-09-05 State comes under fire for `unilateral' bauxite pact
2005-09-05 China set to dynamite 7,000 unsafe coalmines
2005-08-31 Despite environmentalist opposition, Sri Lanka's goverment has commissioned a Chinese-built coal fir
2005-08-26 Washington to be sued over global warming
2005-08-26 Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth USA are to sue the US government's ExIm Bank and OPIC - the worl
2005-08-23 Mining marriage a messy affair for Xstrata and Falconbridge
2005-08-23 Mining marriage a messy affair for Xstrata and Falconbridge
2005-08-16 Falconbridge becomes quarry for takeover after Xstrata deal Swiss miner scoops up Brascan holding, r
2005-08-16 Testing the sterling in Glencore's record
2005-08-16 King of Zug' reigns over trading network - Controversial Marc Rich has long been a part of the buyi
2005-08-15 Uranium Special - On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-15 Tennessee Coal Road Blocked to Protest Mountaintop Removal Mining
2005-08-15 On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-14 What are Particulates?
2005-08-12 The Search For Investors For The Mwetaung Nickel Deposits
2005-08-12 Burma Roads - updates on mining in Burma
2005-08-12 Burma Roads
2005-08-10 What are Particulates?
2005-08-10 China's Mining Tragedies
2005-08-05 Another Direct Intervention From Mining Companies In Public Education Systems And Curriculums
2005-07-19 Telegraph Elders, Tl'ab_not'_n Clan and Iskut First Nations Block the passage of heavy Industrial Eq
2005-07-13 The price miners continue to pay - in Zambia, China and Burma
2005-07-13 The price miners continue to pay - in Zambia, China and Burma
2005-07-13 China mine death toll rises to 83
2005-07-13 Ascienden a 83 las víctimas mortales en accidente minero en China
2005-07-12 Eight Die as Gem Mine Collapses
2005-07-10 Environmentalists, Coal Industry Battle Over Mountaintop Mining
2005-07-05 While this is not a first for Bangladesh it's a huge project which has been anticipated for some yea
2005-07-05 Phulbari Coal Mine AEC plan requires shifting of 50,000
2005-06-26 What's so Revolutionary about Venezuelan Coal?
2005-06-22 Veinte Países Actúan Para Protegerse Del Radón, Letal Gas Radioactivo
2005-05-24 Declaration Of La Guajira
2005-05-22 Mountaintop Removal Protests Planned In Four States
2005-05-14 Colombian makes BHP plea for justice
2005-04-30 Dirty coal stories on the homefront
2005-04-21 Authors: Ban Mountaintop Removal Mining
2005-04-20 Report on the Anglo American plc AGM, England
2005-04-15 Nuclear Power is the Problem, Not a Solution
2005-04-06 China Tries to Stem Flow of Coal Mine Disasters
2005-04-05 Native title not to be overlooked in WMC takeover
2005-04-05 Aboriginal resistance to the Roxby Downs mine started some years before it opened, during the 1970s
2005-04-04 Globalization gone horribly wrong
2005-04-01 Venezuela's Indigenous Protest Against Coal Mining in their Lands
2005-03-31 China Says Environment Spending Falls Short
2005-03-27 Indigenous communities fight Irish coal mining co. over ancestral lands
2005-03-27 Indigenous communities fight Irish coal mining co. over ancestral lands
2005-03-26 The Dirty Story of Where we Get our Coal
2005-03-26 The Dirty Story of Where we Get our Coal
2005-03-24 Asia Energy asked not to interfere in govt policy / Lye’s letter stuns energy adviser
2005-03-16 China Mine Blast Kills 16 In Continuing Grim Saga
2005-03-15 Placer must clean up Philippine mine site - Oxfam
2005-03-07 China spends on coalmine safety
2005-02-24 An interview with local ex-mining employee Larry King
2005-02-24 Hidden legacy: Navajo Nation grapples with uranium mining issue
2005-02-24 Hidden legacy: Navajo Nation grapples with uranium mining issue
2005-02-15 China Mine Accident Kills More Than 200
2005-02-15 China Mine Accident Kills More Than 200
2005-02-15 Chinese media blocked from reporting mining disaster
2005-02-15 World Day against Child Labour 2005 to focus on child labour in mines and quarries
2005-02-15 Yolanda's Courage
2005-02-15 World Day against Child Labour 2005 to focus on child labour in mines and quarries
2005-02-10 Orchid to buy copper giant
2005-02-07 Chinese Coal Mining Update
2005-01-31 Investors drawn to China despite risks
2005-01-31 China Coal Crunch Expected to Worsen
2005-01-29 Xstrata appeal angers victims' families
2005-01-27 Canada Worried by China Buying its Resources
2005-01-27 China Hikes Penalties on Illegal Coal Mining
2005-01-27 China Using Environment Rules To Help Cool Economy
2005-01-26 Ramu Project Nudged
2005-01-24 Fortis Bank Wants to be Number One in EU CO2 Trading
2005-01-24 Spain Rejigs CO2 Emission Plan in Favour of Coal
2005-01-24 Carbon Trading: Constructive - or a Massive Con?
2005-01-24 Carbon Trading: Constructive - or a Massive Con?
2005-01-20 China's Go West Campaign and Globalisation: Tibet's mines up for sale in the international market
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-13 Mining a magnet for China's overseas investment
2005-01-10 G W Bush is backing former asbestos producers, like Halliburton, in pushing for a curb on asbestos c
2005-01-07 Half of China's overseas investment falls in Latin America
2005-01-02 China update: is "growth" with safety a chimera?
2005-01-02 China update: is "growth" with safety a chimera?
2004-12-21 A reminder of the Chenjiashan disaster
2004-12-18 Activists Say New Trees No Justification for Missing Mountains
2004-12-18 U.s. Sued To Stop Mountaintop Mining
2004-12-18 Activists Say New Trees No Justification for Missing Mountains
2004-12-13 The Environmental Cost of Coal Mining in Venezuela
2004-12-13 The Environmental Cost Of Coal Mining In Venezuela
2004-12-11 Update on coal mining at El Cerrejon, Colombia
2004-12-11 Update on coal mining at El Cerrejon, Colombia
2004-12-11 The following report is by Dr Felipe Ustate, a member of the community of Manantial in La Guajira,
2004-12-10 The toll from China's demand for Coal
2004-12-10 China is seeking major coal supplies from Indonesia, Vietnam, and elsewhere, while allowing some of
2004-12-07 Army Corps Faces Motion of Contempt Over Valley Fills
2004-12-05 23 miners die in Kazakhstan
2004-12-03 China plans to set up green GDP system in 3-5 years
2004-12-01 The US Environmental Protection Agency is still pushing methods, that are less effective than enforc
2004-11-29 Miners accuse bosses of neglect after blast
2004-11-26 Minmetals meets Noranda
2004-11-16 EPA 2004 Year End Shows 40 Superfund Sites Cleaned
2004-11-16 A super fund - but not a super agency
2004-11-15 Climate Change: Mining Communities Demand a Shift from Coal Dependency
2004-11-15 Lawsuit Takes EPA to Task Over Toxic Boiler Emissions
2004-11-15 Two Industry Connected Appointees Off Coal Waste Committee
2004-11-15 A media release and a letter from communities around the state of NSW in Australia who are seeking
2004-11-15 Gao Zhisheng on first anniversary of Chenjiashan disaster
2004-11-15 Letter provided to the International Climate Change Task Force in Sydney on November 15th 2004
2004-11-13 Coal mining: Most deadly job in China
2004-11-13 Coal mining: Most deadly job in China
2004-11-12 The US Bureau of Land Management has sacked an environmental investigator who revealed dangerous lev
2004-11-05 Bush win seen lifting drug, defense, oil, coal stocks
2004-11-05 Further articles on 'Bush the Destroyer'
2004-11-05 London Calling - November 5 2004
2004-11-05 Blacks call BHP cash bid an insult
2004-11-05 London Calling! November 5 2004
2004-11-05 Bush: The second round
2004-10-22 Community stands up to BHP’s destruction of rivers
2004-10-22 Community critics blast BHPBilliton
2004-10-22 Community critics blast world's biggest miner
2004-10-16 Bid to halt mining protests fails - National Coal Corp. Says Activists Present a Threat
2004-10-15 New EU agreement on mining waste not up to standard
2004-10-15 Declaración del Socuy-Maché en Defense del Agua del Zulia
2004-10-15 English translation of introduction and summary of declaration at the
2004-10-15 English translation of introduction:
2004-10-15 Mine protesters defeat temporary injunction
2004-10-15 Petróleo y Soberanía
2004-10-10 London Calling - October 10 2004
2004-10-10 London Calling! October 10 2004
2004-10-09 Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest and most conflict-torn nations, isn't immediately identifiab
2004-10-09 Coal Mining and arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh
2004-10-03 Xstrata's "best practice" in Argentina
2004-10-03 Xstrata's "best practice" in Argentina
2004-10-01 Miners on the law path
2004-10-01 Miners on the law path
2004-09-15 Venezuela: Encuentro por la defensa de las Aguas del Guasare, Socuy, Maché y Cachirí
2004-09-15 Urgent Action on Peabody Coal Black Mesa
2004-09-15 Urgent Action on Peabody Coal Black Mesa
2004-09-07 Ship Loaded With Toxic Ash Sinks off Turkish Coast
2004-09-01 'Bush the Destroyer' and various related articles on mining
2004-08-25 Will a ban on official investment in coal mining boost safety in China's mines?
2004-08-23 Fuel prices raise hopes for future of coal mining operations in UK
2004-08-18 Posco & BHP Billiton have big plans in Orissa
2004-07-21 States to Sue Utilities Over CO2 Sources
2004-07-18 World Bank must reform on extractive industries
2004-07-18 The following is a comment piece in the Financial Times by the EIR's 'Eminant Person'. In it he draw
2004-07-16 China's dirtiest cities
2004-07-15 Hundreds Head to Beijing to Protest Mass Suicide Bid Detentions
2004-07-15 Mineral Policy Institute commentary of issues raised during the BHPB Annual General Meeting, Sydney
2004-07-15 Hundreds Head to Beijing to Protest Mass Suicide Bid Detentions
2004-06-22 Extracting value
2004-06-18 World Bank to be more selective in oil, gas loans
2004-06-15 World Bank Creates Poverty in India
2004-06-15 World Bank Creates Poverty in India
2004-06-03 Power Plants Top Canada - US Air Polluters, Watchdog Says
2004-05-28 Greenpeace Germany Protests Brown Coal Power Stations
2004-05-25 World Bank's IFC to Back China's Clean Coal Plants
2004-05-21 States Pursue Allegheny Coal Plant Case Abandoned by EPA
2004-05-19 Indonesian decree backs 13 mining firms
2004-05-18 Indonesian NGOs to Bring Government Decree on mining to Constitutional Review Court
2004-05-17 Study Finds Top Air Polluters Closely Tied to Bush Administration
2004-05-17 One of the themes this website has regularly pursued has been the Bush regime's mounting assault on
2004-05-17 Study Finds Top Air Polluters Closely Tied to Bush Administration
2004-05-07 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Climate change is already exacting a daunting toll
2004-05-07 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: World Bank falling short in its mining sector role
2004-05-07 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Prior consent of indigenous communities vital if developing nation projects a
2004-05-04 Comment and replies on the Extractive Industries Review in the Financial Times
2004-05-04 Following was written in response to Mark Moody-Stuart's comment, but not published by FT)
2004-05-04 COMMENT: A warning for the World Bank
2004-05-01 Urgent Action - Act Now for Mine Workers in Colombia
2004-05-01 Mr. Garry Drummond, CEO
2004-05-01 Urgent Action - Act Now for Mine Workers in Colombia
2004-04-29 World Bank to decide on oil investing by July
2004-04-28 East Kalimantan's Parliaments disapprove mining in protected forest
2004-04-28 Coal toll - Black lung payouts
2004-04-28 East Kalimantan's Parliaments disapprove mining in protected forest
2004-04-27 Earth's riches should help the poor - Comment on Extractive Industries Review
2004-04-27 Earth's riches should help the poor
2004-04-21 Report on Colombia from Anglo American AGM, in English & Spanish
2004-04-21 Report from Anglo American AGM, Church House, Westminster, London, England
2004-04-21 Preguntas y respuestas en la reunion de accionistas de Anglo American
2004-04-21 Indian NGOs urge the World Bank to back the EIR
2004-04-19 Indonesia has yet to have criteria on mining environmental damages
2004-04-15 Urgent Action - Emergency at Indigenous Community of Tamaquitos, Colombia
2004-04-15 Urgent Action - Emergency at Indigenous Community of Tamaquitos, Colombia
2004-04-05 Banks contest ban proposed for coal and oil extraction
2004-04-05 Leaked Letter: Equator Banks Oppose Strengthening World Bank Environmental, Social Protections
2004-04-05 Banks contest ban proposed for coal and oil extraction
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2004-03-22 Earth's Resources Overused by 15%: Deepens Plight of Poorest Nations
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-03-18 Fording Coal to push ahead with Cheviot mine plan
2004-03-18 Fording Coal to push ahead with Cheviot mine plan
2004-03-17 Thousands of children each year suffer "learning disabilities" as a result of mercury exp
2004-03-17 Doctors, Nurses, Labor, Faith Groups Slam EPA Mercury Plan
2004-03-17 Doctors, Nurses, Labor, Faith Groups Slam EPA Mercury Plan
2004-03-16 Coal Mine Approved for New Zealand National Park
2004-03-15 Two Technical Fixes Against Global Warming
2004-03-15 Indonesian Government Decree Doesn't Alter Ban on Open-Cut Mining in Protected Forests
2004-03-15 Biggest US banks targeted by environmental group
2004-03-15 Two "innovative" projects in Europe and the US promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
2004-03-15 Updates on Chinese ventures abroad: India, Australia, Indonesia, Eritrea
2004-03-15 European steel firms to study cleaner production
2004-03-15 Reliant nears completion of clean coal power plant
2004-03-12 Government allows mining firms back into protected areas as investment lure
2004-03-11 Jindal's Plan To Acquire Equity Coal In Australia
2004-03-11 Indonesia To Issue Decree To Boost Mining Sector
2004-03-11 Articles on Indian companies' overseas ambitions
2004-03-08 Government warned of catastrophe from mining in protected forests
2004-02-27 2,049 days after they were unfairly dismissed, Rio Tinto finally opens the gates for the return of
2004-02-27 Rio Tinto finally allows return of some of the victimised Blair Athol coal miners
2004-02-24 Declaración Política Frente a la Inversion de las Multinacionales en Colombia y Contra el Cierre de
2004-02-24 Political Declaration on the Invesment of Multinational Corporations in Colombia and Against the Eli
2004-02-24 Declaración Política Frente a la Inversion de las Multinacionales en Colombia y Contr
2004-02-13 Pressure Rises on World Bank on Funding for Mining
2004-02-12 Nobel Laureates, More than 300 NGOs, Urge Wolfensohn To Reform World Bank Policies on Oil, Coal and
2004-02-04 World Bank rejects call to leave oil, coal projects
2004-02-03 World Bank chiefs reject proposal to quit oil and coal finance
2004-02-03 Letter of protest on World Bank chiefs reject proposal to quit oil and coal finance
2004-02-03 As the
2004-02-03 Please find a letter to World Bank President James Wolfensohn re: the Extractive Industries Review
2004-02-03 February xx, 2004
2004-02-02 Government of Alvaro Uribe Velez Liquidates Colombian State Mining Company on the Orders of Mining M
2004-02-02 Government Liquidates Colombian State Mining Company on the Orders of Mining Multinationals and the
2004-02-02 Gobierno de Alvaro Uribe Velez Liquida Empresa Estatal Minera de Colombia por Orden de Multinacional
2004-01-26 Rule Change May Alter Strip-Mine Fight
2004-01-13 Pueblo Barí Afectado por la Minería de Carbón, Venezuela
2004-00-15 We URGENTLY need YOUR VOICE!!
2003-12-23 Locals blockade PT Bahari Cakrawala Sebuku in Indonesia
2003-12-12 Carta al Directorio de Corpozulia, estado de Zulia, Venezuela
2003-12-12 Maracaibo, 12 de diciembre 2003
2003-12-11 World Bank mulls advice to end oil and coal project funding
2003-12-09 A boot in both camps: Australian government chief scientist also works for Rio Tinto
2003-12-09 A boot in both camps: Australian government chief scientist also works for Rio Tinto
2003-12-09 Questions of conflict of interest over Australia's Chief Scientist
2003-11-25 Extractive Industries Review critical of oil and coal and submarine tailings disposal
2003-11-25 World Bank Pull Out Of Oil And Coal' Now Official Advice
2003-11-21 BANI Condemns Indian Government's Double Speak on Asbestos
2003-11-21 Ban Asbestos Network of India Condemns Indian Government's Double Speak on Asbestos
2003-11-21 Ban Asbestos Network of India Condemns Indian Government's Double Speak on Asbestos
2003-11-20 World Bank Advised to Pull Out of Oil and Coal Financing
2003-11-18 This article, although short indicates a particularly perverse action - even for the SLORC: diverti
2003-11-18 Paddy fields inundated without notice
2003-11-18 Paddy fields inundated without notice in Burma
2003-11-14 Some fly ash will remain in Wenham Lake
2003-11-14 There are huge problems associated with fly ash - the residues left from coal-burning power plants w
2003-11-14 Some fly ash will remain in Wenham Lake
2003-11-10 Democrats Want Probe on Bush Admin Clean Air Policy
2003-11-03 KPC Using Forces to Intimidate United Farmers
2003-11-03 KPC Using Forces to Intimidate United Farmers
2003-11-03 Bahasa Version]
2003-11-03 Director gerente de Carbozulia quiere construir puerto en el Golfo de Venezuela para expandir el neg
2003-11-03 mmP Statement on World Mining Congress
2003-11-03 Statement on World Mining Congress - Press Release
2003-10-29 To the Spoilers the Victory: Colombia Privatises the Mineral Industry with World Bank Support
2003-10-29 To The Spoilers The Victory: Colombia Privatises The Mineral Industry With World Bank Support
2003-10-29 Please Write To The Following People, Making The Points Listed Above:-
2003-10-10 Urgent Alert - Missing Colombian Workers
2003-10-10 Sample Letter
2003-10-10 Urgent Alert - Missing Colombian Workers
2003-10-08 USWA Strongly Urges Colombian President to Intervene to Save Lives of Missing Trade Unionists
2003-10-08 Background: Union asks Colombian president to find two missing labor workers
2003-10-02 Tribals up in arms in Jharkhand, India
2003-09-26 Global Union Group Commits to Bring Rogue Company Rio Tinto to Justice, Reaffirms Solidarity
2003-09-26 Trade unionists impacted by the policies and practices of Rio Tinto have confirmed the need for the
2003-09-24 Wilson defends Rio Tinto's global operations
2003-09-23 Indian tribal land rights in jeopardy from new coal mine
2003-09-15 The Bulls in China
2003-09-15 ACTION: Counter industry influence on World Bank
2003-09-15 The Bulls in China
2003-09-10 Union Members Speak-Up at Contamination Hearing
2003-09-03 Laid-Off Kennecott Workers File EEOC Charges and Rally to 'Reverse the Outrage'
2003-09-03 Laid-Off Kennecott Workers File EEOC Charges and Rally to 'Reverse the Outrage'
2003-08-15 BHP Billiton in the province of La Guajira, Colombia
2003-08-15 The following resolution was passed by the Salem City Council, Massachusetts, USA, on June 27th 2002
2003-08-15 Salem City Council Resolution on the Cerrejon Mine in Colombia
2003-08-07 Remember the raging fires, children remind president
2003-08-07 Zuni Salt Lake and Sanctuary Zone Protected
2003-07-07 World's deadliest coal mines power China's progress
2003-06-30 UN Committee Recommends Stricter Mercury Limits
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-06-30 EPA Says Toxic Releases, Wastes Declined in 2001
2003-06-27 Outraged Kennecott workers condemn Rio Tinto's alleged treachery
2003-06-27 Nike loses case over freedom of speech
2003-06-26 Rights Groups Overseas Fight US Concerns in US Courts
2003-06-25 Blair Athol miners back on the job with Rio Tinto after 5 years of victimisation
2003-06-19 No Money for Uribe's War Against the Colombian People
2003-06-17 Navajo Nation: Peabody wants damage claim dropped
2003-06-15 Don't Forget Vorkuta: A Soviet Holocaust
2003-06-08 Request for Urgent Action on the El Cerrejon Coal Mine
2003-06-08 Request for Urgent Action on the El Cerrejon Coal Mine
2003-06-08 Asunto: Impunidad
2003-06-08 If you have time, please also write to Anglo American and BHPBilliton. The following is a suggested
2003-06-08 Send this letter to:
2003-06-04 Federal report calls for new regulation of mountaintop mining
2003-06-04 Communities impacted by both mountaintop and underground coal mininng will find little comfort in r
2003-06-04 Appeals Court Backs Interior's View of Mining Act
2003-05-15 El Carbón No es Negocio para Venezuela
2003-04-25 Statement By Anglo American Shareholders Concerned About Colombia, 25 April 2003
2003-04-25 Report from Anglo American AGM
2003-04-25 Report From Anglo American Agm, Church House, Westminster, London, England
2003-04-15 Land, Forests, Displacement and Livelihoods: Protecting Women’s Rights in Mining
2003-04-15 Impacts of Mining on Women’s Health in India
2003-04-15 Women in Mining Struggles in India
2003-04-15 Labour and Women in Mining
2003-04-02 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program
2003-03-15 PDVSA es Muerte Por el Carbón de Guasar
2003-03-02 London Calling - March 2 2003
2003-03-02 London Calling! March 2 2003
2003-02-28 The Bush War at Home
2003-02-28 Coal power plants and mercury: major threat to women and children EPA estimates that the Clean Air A
2003-02-28 The Bush War at Home - pollution in the USA
2003-02-21 London Calling! February 21 2003
2003-02-21 London Calling - February 21 2003
2003-01-28 U.S. Could Block International Action on Mercury
2003-01-15 El Impacto del Negocio del Carbón en la Cuenca del Lago de Maracaibo
2003-01-15 Con Puerto América Perderemos el Golfo de Venezuela
2002-12-13 Rio Tinto's sacked workers not reinstated
2002-12-10 US Agency Faults Mine Company in 13 Deaths
2002-11-18 London Calling! November 18 2002
2002-11-18 London Calling - November 18 2002
2002-10-15 Puerto Princípe, un Modele de Etnocido Y Ecocido Contemporaneo
2002-10-15 Puerto Princípe, un Modelo de Etnocido Y Ecocido Contemporaneo
2002-10-15 Bibliografía Citada
2002-06-18 Victory at Tabaco - 18th June 2002
2002-06-18 Campaign Leaders from La Guajira Tour the United States
2002-06-18 Victory at Tabaco, Colombia
2002-06-15 Coal Mines and Communities in Colombia: The Salem Connection
2002-06-15 PERU
2002-06-15 Coal Mines And Communities In Colombia: The Salem Connection
2002-05-20 Business Week article on KPC (Kaltim Prima Coal) in Indonesia
2002-05-20 Article on KPC (Kaltim Prima Coal) in Indonesia
2002-05-20 An Archipelago of Investor Headaches
2002-03-31 The United Steel Workers of America file a lawsuit against US-based Drummond Co.
2002-03-15 Mine Workers Chief Nabbed at Site of US Coal Slurry Spill
2002-03-04 Colombia: Change of Ownership at Intercor
2002-02-02 BP's Coal Interest: Kaltim Prima
2001-10-15 Colombia: Exxon subsidiary Intercor attacks community at Tabaco again
2001-10-15 Colombia: Exxon subsidiary Intercor attacks community at Tabaco again
2001-10-15 Background:
2001-10-11 Mining in Protected Areas Threatens Ecological Balance
2001-08-15 Take Action
2001-08-15 Salem City Council Resolution on the Cerrejon Mine in Colombia
2001-08-12 SOY TESTIGO
2001-08-12 Further Urgent Action on Crisis Involving Exxon in Colombia
2001-08-12 Apoderado de la mayoría de las personas del corregimiento de Tabaco en el conflicto ambient
2001-08-03 Urgent Action on Crisis Involving Exxon in Colombia
2001-07-03 Indigenous and Farming Workers Targeted by Security Personnel at Colombian Mine (3 Jul 01
2001-06-14 )
2001-06-14 Please add our organization to the Statement of Support (listed below) for the Gwich'in People: No O
2001-06-14 Call to Action Stop President Bush's Plan to Drill for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
2001-05-23 Puerto Princípe, un Modelo de Etnocido Y Ecocido Contemporaneo
2001-05-23 Indian tribal land rights in jeopardy from new coal mine
2001-05-23 Carta al Directorio de Corpozulia escrita por organizaciones ecologicas y comunidades Indigenas del
2001-05-15 Impact of Posco port is under study
2001-05-01 Minewatch Asia Pacific Report, July 1999
2001-05-01 Rehabilitation or procrastination?
2001-05-01 States demand profit share
2001-05-01 Theft by any other name: the community impacts of KPC
2001-05-01 ECUADOR
2001-05-01 Ranking Indonesia
2001-05-01 Coal Mine Accidents Underreported to Protect Livelihoods
2001-05-01 A park for the Kutai - or for KPC?
2001-05-01 Bolivia- Part Iii: Bolivia's Mining Rollercoaster: Negotiating Nationalisation
2001-05-01 Arsenic; Natural but Nasty
2001-05-01 Labour costs and sacrifices
2001-05-01 Silent victims of silicosis
2001-05-01 1] Ex-Minister of Energy & Mines, Alberto Acosta, stepped down on June 14th in order to declare
2001-05-01 Coal Mining Threat to Wildlife Corridors in Eastern India
2001-05-01 Further articles on 'Bush the Destroyer'
2001-05-01 Kalimantan and Sumatra
2001-05-01 The relevance of KPC to Rio Tinto
2001-05-01 Strike!
2001-05-01 i] At the early planning stage, the CSESMP was initially conceived as a component of the CSRP, but
2001-05-01 Brits in first
2001-05-01 Blair Athol Unfair Dismissal Cases Summary
2001-05-01 Footnote:
2001-05-01 ICEM saw, but didn't quite conquer...
2001-05-01 Taking It to Drummond: Paramilitaries and Mining Companies in Colombia
2001-05-01 Adivasi Land in Scheduled Area Transferred to a Joint Venture Company for Captive Coal Mining
2001-05-01 Export - and profit
2001-05-01 Kaltim Prima Report
2001-05-01 Further copies of this paper are available from:
2001-05-01 Clb Director Han Dongfang's Commentary On The 18th Anniversary Of June 4.
2001-05-01 Carol Snyder Halberstadt, coordinator & cofounder
2001-05-01 Acid attack
2001-05-01 Divestment - but not yet
2001-05-01 West Virginia Town Fights Blanket of Coal Dust
2001-04-23 Terreno Peligroso al Infinito - Edición Especial sobre Uranio
2001-04-15 References
2001-01-15 Message received from La Guajira on 1st July:
2001-01-15 BACKGROUND: Stripping Guajira Bare
2001-01-15 Indigenous and Farming Workers Targeted by Security Personnel at Colombian Coal Mine owned by Exxon,
Asia: Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on indigenous, pastoralist and rural women in mining areas

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