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Key Coal power shutdown in Germany

Published by MAC on 2019-06-24
Source: Commondreams

'We Are Unstoppable, Another World Is Possible!': Hundreds Storm Police Lines to Shut Down Massive Coal Mine in Germany

Jon Queally, staff writer


22 June 2019
"This is not only about coal power," said one Ende Gelände spokesperson.
"This is about changing a destructive system that is based on the quest
for infinite economic growth and exploitation. We are fighting for a
future in which people count more than profits."
 "This year," said Nike Malhaus, another spokesperson for Ende Gelände,
"the climate justice movement is hitting a new peak. We are more
determined, more diverse and more united than ever before. The climate
crisis is already a reality, especially for people in the global South. We
are bringing the age of fossil fuels to an end today."
In a tweet on Saturday afternoon, Kathrin Henneberger, another
spokersperson for the group, said [English translation]: "This weekend, we
have completely shut down the CO2 source in Europe, the Rhineland lignite
mining area. No coal train goes to the power plants anymore. No excavator
works anymore in the opencast mines. It is amazing !!!! Thanks to all the
thousands of brave ones."

As clashes began with security forces, the activists declared on social
media that they were not the source of the violence and called on the
police to withdraw from the area.

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