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... website, published by a unique network of indigenous and solidarity NGOs, representing many thousands of people directly affected by the mining industry.

Occupy protest against London mining companies
Protests over mining are growing, as at this demonstration
outside the London Stock Exchange in 2012

MAC was launched in 2001, and its priorities are governed by an editorial board, under our foundation statement, the London Declaration.

We provide communities, NGOs, activists, the media - and the general public - with information about many aspects of global mining and its impacts.

New articles are added regularly - please refer to latest headlines on the right of this page. Click on the thematic buttons (above & on the left) to browse through over 13 years-worth of news articles, analyses and opinion pieces. Or use the search engine.

If you feel able to support us, or for any other comments, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

More information on the people and organisations behind the site can be found here.

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The London Declaration - 2008

The London Declaration is the founding document of Mines and Communities and encapsulates key demands being made by many communities affected by mining around the world.

Latest Headlines

Critics slam new Bougainville mining law as 'forgetting history' (31/03/2015)

African mining codes: "willfully doing the wrong thing"? (30/03/2015)

Chile environmental court rules Barrick project did not harm glaciers (29/03/2015)

Australia's Adani Mine Blocked by Aboriginal Groups and Envinronmentalists (27/03/2015)

Protestors mark the 20th anniversary of the Philippine Mining Act (23/03/2015)

Mining boom to bust ... who really benefits? (22/03/2015)

EU bank's alleged lack of transparency 'like something out of a Le Carré novel' (21/03/2015)

Freeport McMoRan halts output at Indonesia mine (20/03/2015)

State and mining company collusion challenged in Peru (20/03/2015)

Chatham House accused of cowing to extractive industry companies (19/03/2015)

Norwegian Government Pension Fund Still Major Coal Investor (18/03/2015)

RAID: Time to rethink mining company grievance mechanisms (17/03/2015)

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