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Solid evidence - in a digestible form

Published by MAC on 2007-03-02

Solid evidence - in a digestible form

2nd March 2007

Last year we published a long account of the growing struggle against Aoteraroa/New Zeland's biggest coal mining outfit. Confronting "Solid Energy" was an equally solid coalition of local people, mineworkers and environmentalists, which had set about vigorously critiquing the company's expansion plans.

[See: "Black Day for New Zealand Biodiversity: Minister Approves State-sponsored Extinction" 12th April 2006 ]

Last week the Save Happy Valley Coalition published an alternative environmental report on Solid Energy which is arguably a minor masterpiece in its use of satire (backed by pretty solid evidence) against an apparently immoveable object.

Certainly the report woke up the state-owned company which immediately launched a High Court action seeking an injunction against circulation of the report. This has so far been denied ,but the company is now considering going for a full court hearing.

The report can be downloaded at:

(In the event of a successful injunction being obtained by Solid Energy against further distribution of the report in New Zealand, MAC will no doubt make it available on our site).

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