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By Dr Acharya's Letter To The President

Published by MAC on 2006-01-09

by Dr Acharya's letter to the President

"Orissa's CM has been recklessly transferring public's iron ores to private parties for a piddle royalty of $0.075 per tonne, which is valued in market $50-110, depending on various delivery terms. This is not economic justice to public as guaranteed by the constitution of India. The CM has thus subverted the constitution of India. He and perhaps all political parties in India have no consideration whatsoever that India has just 2% of iron ore reserves, but is exporting it away to other nations in raw or some finished form

Now the Orissa CM has massacred Kalinganagar people opposing a takeover of their private lands and dwellings (their only wherewithal) to transfer the same to some private individuals, so-called industrialists. This is blatant injustice. Public and private wealth is being looted under the garb of industrialization.

India has become a banana republic with such constitutional figures as the Chief Ministers massacring people to loot their private possessions and siphon off public wealth for pittance, in addition to being involved in other rackets and scandals, as per prominent newspapers."

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