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Declaration Of Belen

Published by MAC on 2006-05-19
Source: The People of the province of Catamarca


"In the presence of the Autoconvocados (Self-Organized Groups) of Andalgala, Santa Maria and Belén, the following Belén Declaration was drafted, through debate and discussion carried out in the Hotel Belén, in Belén, Catamarca provinc, Argentina, on May 19, 2006, with the objective of mapping out actions to follow in response to the environmental problems generated by the mining industry."

City of Belén, Catamarca

19th May 2006

"The Great Alliance of the People" in defense of life, water, the environment and natural resources:

We ratify the "Declaration of Andalgala" of August 14, 2005, which was issued by the 3rd Meeting fo the CAMA (Network of Communities Affected by Mining in Argentina).
- -

We ratify the "San José Declaration" of Santa María drafted on August 21, 2005, in the meeting of the indigenous communities "The Union of the People of the Diaguita Nation and the Autoconvocados of the Calchaqui Valley" which was sent to the President of Argentina and the Governor of the Province of Catamarca.

We ratify the "Declaration of the Community of Santa María" of August 2005, sent to the Governor of the Province and backed by over 7,000 signatures.
- -

We urge the respect of Ordinance #15/05 of the City Council of San José, which declares the area of Campo El Arenal and Campo de los Pozuelos in the Department of Santa María a "Aquifer Reserve," to be preserved in their natural state.

We urge the respect of the mountain Nevado de Aconquija, declared a Natural Sanctuary by Article #6 of the Municipal Council of Andalgalá.

We urge the Provincial legislature to nullify and withdraw from the National Law of Mining Inversion #24186.

We assume today a commitment which cannot be declined, the defense of the natural right of life, preservation of our natural resources and environment.

We declare this in a permanent assembly.

Autoconvocados of Andalgalá, Belén and Santa María, Province of Catamarca, Argentina

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