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China to Monitor Economy-Wide Energy Efficiency

Published by MAC on 2005-12-29

China to Monitor Economy-Wide Energy Efficiency

by Planet Ark, CHINA,

29th December 2005

BEIJING - China said on Wednesday it would begin monitoring economy-wide energy efficiency, pursuing a goal of using less oil, coal and gas for each unit of production as its national income surges.

With scientists globally worried about how much environmental damage can come from China's 1.3 billion people seeking western living standards, the statistics bureau said it would compile an index showing each region's energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product.

The statistics, to be published every six months, would also monitor energy consumption by large industrial enterprises, Li Deshui, head of the National Bureau of Statistics, was quoted as saying in official media.

Data gathering teams would be set up next year, when the figures would be first published, the Economic Daily newspaper quoted Li as saying.

China's policy makers have placed increasing importance on improving energy efficiency, as the economy grows rapidly but environmental problems continue to mount.

Energy efficiency features as a key goal in the five year plan for 2006 to 2010.

The country is already the world's second-largest consumer of oil, even though the average Chinese has about one-thirtieth the income of the average American.

China consumes over four times more energy to generate a unit of GDP than the average Group of Seven developed country, according to the Asian Development Bank.

And its economy is growing at about 9 percent annually.
(US $1 = 8.072 yuan)


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