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US update

Published by MAC on 2007-05-04

US update

4th May 2007

Over the past few years, we've diligently reported criticisms of the Bush regime's attempts to drastically modify clean air and water legislation; and to defy a massive global consensus that the US leads the way in causing negative climate change.

Thankfully it's now clear that the voices of reason are winning, but these would be academic were they not accompanied by successful actions.

This week we welcome the re-introduction of a Bill to restore the prohibition against the dumping of mine wastes into rivers - aimed at several companies, but above all the notorious Massey Energy. It's also encouraging that the Supreme Court's has refused to hear government and power industry objections to undergoing "clean air" scrutiny of new plants. On the table, too, is a piece of legislation that would require 15% of domestic power generation to "go green" by 2020.

Meanwhile, a top employee of the Interior Department, who manipulated scientific data and supplied internal information to industry lobbyists, has finally been forced to resign.

However, some might well think that the present administration can't claim to be "clean" until its commander in chief (who's also ordered the manipulation of data not to his liking) jumps on a horse and gallops into the sunset with the rest of his band of "neo cons".

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