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Published by MAC on 2007-07-24


Community of Soná Against Mining Operations: campesinos, teachers, students, workers, civil groups, producers and community march

By Ney A. Castillo, SONA, Veraguas

24th July 2007

The people of Soná yesterday delivered a resounding NO to mining operations in their district. They took to the principal streets of the community to show their opposition to the intention of the company Oro Gold S.A., to extract minerals in the Quebrada de Oro canyon. The march united over a thousand persons who departed from the site of the old community hospital, marched through the streets and culminated in a public meeting in front of the Soná town hall.

The protest was carried out with banners and signs, through with marchers expressed their position of not permitting gold mining operations in the district, because of the risks to environment and the health of the population.

The demonstration comprised children, young people and adults, who spoke out about the risks involved in gold mining. Campesinos, teachers, students, workers, civic groups, producers and civil society left their homes yesterday to participate in the march.

Fátima Goff, student, said that as a young person she is opposed to mining in Soná because all it will bring is problems and contamination, and for that reason it is better to prevent it before it happens.

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