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US update

Published by MAC on 2007-03-09

US update

9th March 2007

A year-old report, suppressed by the Bush regime, estimates that the country's global grenhouse gas emissions will "sky rocket" over the next thirteen years. Despite this - and increasing pressure from NGOs and some investors - it's doubtful whether the US will learn to cut back signficantly on coal in time to make a real difference. A court in Ohio has even just allowed coal mining to proceed under an historic "old growth" forest.

You've got fifteen thousand tonnes of toxic radioactive nickel wastes - so, what to do with them? Apparently , if you're the US Department of Energy, you try to sell them to private buyers.

States that already have a programme to reduce mercury contamination in their waterways are to be allowed to defer adhering to maximum limits of the deadly metal, and encouraged to follow new voluntary guidelines.

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