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Latin American Update

Published by MAC on 2006-05-29
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Latin American Update

29th May 2006

According to La Correo newspaper, Peruvian presidential candidate, Alan García, has publicly backed UK Monterrico Metals's much-condemned Río Blanco project on a visit to the area (article in Spanish only: see below). The Peruvian government has also bowed to Doe Run's plea for further time to effect the clean-up of its poisoning smelter at La Oroya..

A Canadian company has commenced uranium exploration in a tourist region of Argentina, while Indian multinational, Jindal says it's now confirmed as new owner of Bolivia's biggest iron ore deposits.

Three articles in this posting relate to coal mining in Venezuela (again in Spanish only). In the first (24 May), president Chavez says that, unless the coal in Zulia can be mined in a way that will not damage the environment, it should stay in the ground. The second (26 May) reports yet another accident near the mine. The third covers a 21 May demonstration in Maracaibo against alleged secessionists in league with mining multinationals: the demonstrators voiced support for Chavez against the companies.

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