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China update

Published by MAC on 2007-06-01

China update

1th June 2007

China will become the world's largest gold producer by 2010, according to an industry “insider” at the Western China Mining Summit 2007, held last month.

A Chinese-backed company in Canada is planning to recruit a Chinese workforce - a move which won't go down well in northern America.

Some 400 million tonnes of iron ore is expected to be imported into China during the current year, according to a spokesperson for global iron ore leade, CVRD.

Part of Shougang Steel's plant in Beijing - the city's worst single polluter - has been closed down awaiting the plant's transfer away from the gaze and lungs of those participating in the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Our weekly round-up of Chinese ventures abroad includes news from India, Australia and Indonesia, while Eritrea joins the growing list of countries opening their doors to China's mining and minerals adventurers.

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