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Radioactive Copper Ore Uncovered At Shandong's Yantai Port

Published by MAC on 2007-02-15
Source: Interfax

Radioactive Copper Ore Uncovered at Shandong's Yantai Port

Shandong's Yantai Port recently reported a highly radioactive 300-ton batch of copper ore imported from Africa, an official from the Shandong provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said Monday.

The imported batch of African copper ore was intercepted at Yantai Port where 113 tons out of the total 282.6 tons were found to be highly radioactive.

"The radioactive copper ore has been safely sealed and will be returned to the vendor," the official surnamed Sun said.

In August, another 1,590 tons of highly radioactive copper ore, also from Africa, was intercepted at Yantai Port and was returned. This occurred because the vendors were able to provide non-radioactive inspection certificates, although they were not properly authorized.

The bureau has requested that companies avoid imports from high-risk areas and from vendors who lack credibility. In the meantime, the bureau will enhance inspections and risk rating efforts.

[Interfax China, 9 February 1007]

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