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US Update: February 2006

Published by MAC on 2006-02-15

US Update: February 2006

6th February 2006

Bush has promised to reduce US dependence on oil imports and boost the pretended benefits of "clean coal" and nuclear power. But his administration faces a massive wall of scepticism that it can - or indeed should - deliver on such promises.

His "state of the nation" address last week also failed to address the health and environmental impacts of vastly increased output of uranium, as well as coal - including destructive mountaintop "removal".

Meanhile, the country's clean air and water legislation continues to be eroded. A new report reveals alarming deficiencies in monitoring and preventing lead and copper contamination.

Draft legislation to curb Asbestos-related compensation continues to be beset by controversy. One culprit corporation has agreed to pay out US$4 billion to victims: over four times what they would be entitled to under the proposed bill.

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