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600 new mineral deposits found in Tibet Plateau

Published by MAC on 2007-02-15

600 new mineral deposits found in Tibet Plateau

China Geological Survey announced yesterday the discovery of 600 new mineral deposits on the Tibet Plateau, a survey official said on Feb. 13.

The newly discovered mineral deposits, mainly located in Tibet, Xinjiang and Qinghai Autonomous Region, include iron, lead, zinc and copper reserves, an official with the geological survey surnamed Li told Interfax.

China Geological Survey has started assessing and investigating some of the large-scale polymetallic zones, including Nyixung for rich iron ore deposits, copper-polymetallic deposits in Cuoqin, Tibet, and copper deposits in the Kulukuli basin in Xinjiang.

Until now, China Geological Survey has found 5,000 mineral deposits on the Tibet Plateau through its seven-year regional survey, and has initially estimated 30 million tons can be yielded from copper reserves, 40 million tons from lead and zinc reserves, and 1 billion tons from iron ore reserves.

The Tibet Plateau has other mineral resources, such as chromium, cesium, gold, silver and cobalt.

[Interfax China Metals, 15 February 2007]


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