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2022-06-20 Death of Roger Moody, one of the founders of Mines and Communities
2021-12-27 Anger over Rio Tinto donations to the University of Oxford
2021-12-09 Rio Tinto in Serbia: Match point?
2021-10-08 Theonila Matbob wins Gwynne Skinner Human Rights Award
2021-09-17 Thousands of Serbians call for Rio Tinto to be expelled from the country
2021-08-28 Sexual harassment in mine camps, reports
2021-07-05 India: Tribunal halts tree cutting in Madhya Pradesh's Buxwaha amid protests
2021-06-17 Australia: The mine that has spewed acid for decades
2021-06-07 Former Western Australia Aboriginal Affairs minister joins Rio Tinto
2021-06-04 Canada: Rio Tinto's Casino bet
2021-06-02 India: Resistance to Buxwaha Diamond building up in Madhya Pradesh
2021-05-30 South Africa: RBM mining executive gunned down in KwaZulu-Natal
2021-05-11 Rio Tinto shareholders reject former CEO’s departure package
2021-04-22 'Deeds, not words': Miners reshape boardrooms as investors demand sustainability
2021-04-14 Calibre Mining and Rio Tinto adventurism in Nicaragua
2021-04-07 Aotearoa/New Zealand faces major clean-up of Rio Tinto smelter
2021-03-22 BHP, Rio Tinto given carte blanche to export uranium to global hotspots
2021-03-19 Are Rio Tinto shareholders going to give more than lip service towards righting their wrongs?
2021-03-11 All the world's at C - Part Two
2021-02-10 PNG President emphasises stance on Panguna mine
2021-02-07 The University of Utah Needs to Break Up with Rio Tinto
2021-01-11 UK shareholder raises concerns over Resolution mine in Arizona
2021-01-11 Australia’s Ranger uranium mine ceases production
2020-12-23 The end of coal?
2020-12-17 Australia: New report raises concerns about Ranger mine rehabilitation plan
2020-12-10 Less than 10 per cent of mining companies in Australia mention Aboriginal engagement, study
2020-12-04 Discontent over Rio Tinto’s jadarite mine grow louder in Serbia
2020-11-18 Fortescue accused of 'bullying' Aboriginal groups in Australia
2020-10-19 Mongolia plans river diversion as mining industry sucks Gobi dry
2020-09-30 Bougainville OECD complaint against Rio Tinto
2020-09-21 Early Week Essay: Aboriginal spokesperson reiterates Juukan demands
2020-09-13 Rio Tinto CEO and senior executives depart from company over Juukan Gorge
2020-09-07 The Week's Essay: Rio Tinto approaches dire Juukan moment
2020-08-22 The Weekend Essay: Banjima forced to "trade away" its Heritage
2020-08-16 BHP to be challenged over Aboriginal heritage preservation
2020-08-15 Rio Tinto has its ethics in a real twist
2020-08-07 The options Rio Tinto didn't follow
2020-07-24 London Calling adds its voice to Aboriginal Juukan demands
2020-07-19 Rio Tinto boss: Corona Virus second wave is "inevitable"
2020-07-09 Rio Tinto must be declassified, say Aboriginal groups
2020-07-03 Bloomberg on Rio Tinto's massive recent bloomer
2020-07-01 Guinea: the battle for Simandou renews
2020-06-30 Tailings containment "battle-lines" re-open with unique ferocity
2020-06-24 Does Aboriginal living-heritage "matter"?
2020-06-23 Glencore probed yet again by Swiss authorities
2020-06-22 Australia's major mining lobbyist announces new "decarbonisation" policy
2020-06-20 Rio Tinto still derided, although it announces compromise
2020-06-19 Rio Tinto says "sorry" for Aboriginal heritage destruction but "we aren't to blame"
2020-06-19 Former Rio Tinto advisor blasts his former employer
2020-06-05 The Weekend Essays: A critical moment for Rio Tinto
2020-06-01 Australia: Rio Tinto's moral incompetence under denunciation
2020-05-27 46,000 years of Aboriginal Heritage bulldozered by Rio Tinto
2020-05-19 Rio Tinto in uranium reclamation battle with Australia
2020-04-15 Remote control: Rio Tinto’s AGM and ‘shareholder engagement session’
2020-04-06 Rio Tinto goes ahead with an AGM shorn of crucial input
2020-03-22 USA mining industry uses Corona virus as self-exculpating pretext
2020-03-13 The Weekend Essay: Has Bougainville a mine-free future?
2020-03-08 UK green activists organise for Rio Tinto AGM
2020-03-04 Vociferously calling out against Rio Tinto and BHP
2020-03-03 Aussie journalist calls Rio Tinto boss "nauseating greenwasher"
2020-02-18 New Zealand: Broadcaster blasts "crazy" Rio Tinto
2020-02-14 The End-of-Week Essay: Calling Rio Tinto's New Zealand Bluff
2020-02-13 New Zealand minister condemns Rio Tinto's "outrageous" failure dealing with toxic wastes
2020-01-15 The Midweek Essay: Are big miners rushing to be seen as "green"?
2020-01-14 Madagascar campaigning finally secures Rio Tinto response
2020-01-08 The world's top mining companies
2019-11-25 Madagascar environmental regulator under scrutiny for Rio Tinto relationship
2019-11-18 Ranger uranium rehabitation costs will be met by Rio Tinto
2019-11-17 Bougainville: "Mining Madness" before the referendum
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2019-08-20 What's the future of mining in Madagascar?
2019-08-05 Australia: Aboriginal community sacrifices set to gain true state recognition?
2019-08-03 The Weekend Essay: Global Britain's real climate changers
2019-07-30 Namibia authorises Chinese acquisition of Rio Tinto's Rossing
2019-07-26 World's two mega-miners at odds over "climate extinction"
2019-06-19 Australian mining set to become autonomous
2019-05-02 Uganda: government introduces new mining laws
2019-05-01 New campaigns to reverse adverse climate change
2019-04-28 Dozens of miners guilty of Namibian tax evasion - report
2019-04-23 The Spanking new House that Jacques couldn't build
2019-04-22 Not the whole truth: the Rio Tinto AGM
2019-04-14 The Weekend Essay: Are global miners ignoring their most important risk?
2019-04-08 Nearly a hundred institutional investors demand mine dam disclosures
2019-03-25 Amnesty launches major campaign on lithium
2019-03-23 Rio Tinto finally accused of misleading investors, by US judge
2019-03-19 Rio Tinto won't come clean on Type Three emissions
2019-03-15 Bloomberg blasts Rio Tinto , BHP, and others
2019-03-11 Guinea bauxite mine: Villagers launch complaint to World Bank
2019-02-27 Glencore to cap coal
2019-02-21 Will Brazil's dam collapse lead to real, global change?
2019-02-12 Bougainville: Is it sitting on a hornets nest?
2019-02-12 Mongolia investigates Oyu Tolgoi corruption claims
2019-02-06 Australia: BHP & Rio Tinto ask for Indigenous Advisory Body
2019-01-18 With its $3.85b mine takeover, Indonesia inherits a $13b pollution problem
2019-01-07 Rio Tinto advances its "mine of the future"
2018-12-14 Australia: Ranger Uranium Mine rehabilitation costs increase
2018-11-19 Rio Tinto playing "god"?
2018-11-08 What happens when a "driverless" train loses its driver?
2018-10-30 Mine closure (Part Two) - does Australia lead the world?
2018-07-14 Freeport apparently to cede control of Grasberg, while Rio Tinto sheds its stake
2018-07-12 Death by diamonds: Suicides wipe the shine off India's gem trade
2018-04-14 When an April shower starts turning into a perfect storm
2018-04-01 Freeport protesters call for Grasberg closure, and Papua self-determination
2018-03-21 Rampal power plant - condemned by Norwegian Ethics Council
2018-03-15 Let's make waves: Indaba-dabble-DO!
2017-12-29 Bougainville government announces moratorium on Panguna
2017-11-07 Rio Tinto's take on the challenges of resource availability
2017-09-11 Mozambique: the cost of land grabbing in Tete province
2017-08-21 New mining conflict erupts on Bougainville
2017-07-30 London Calling asks: is Rio Tinto "bidding fair" by Aboriginal landowners?
2017-07-20 Australia's Fortescue Metals loses court battle with Aboriginal community
2017-07-18 Bougainville Copper: will it get to play again?
2017-03-10 Norwegian Government Pension Fund updates banned companies list
2016-11-25 London Calling on Rio Tinto and its corrupt elite
2016-09-20 USA: Legal Challenge for Resolution Copper Mine Waste Site
2016-09-15 Bougainville: Communities see tourism gold in Panguna mine
2016-09-04 South Africa: Fresh protests shut Rio’s Richards Bay mine
2016-08-22 Rio Tinto pulls out of diamond mine in India
2016-08-18 Rio Tinto finally "gifts" Panguna mine-stake to Bougainville
2016-07-30 Tigers hold up Rio Tinto’s Indian diamond mining plans
2016-07-19 Australia: Aboriginal protestors arrested over Rio Tinto mine expansion
2016-07-12 British companies leading new £800bn extractives 'scramble for Africa'
2016-07-10 Rio Tinto to quit Bougainville's Panguna mine
2016-06-23 Protest mining industry greenwash at 'Responsible Extractives Summit'
2016-06-15 Australian Taxpayers Could Pay Billions to Clean Up Old Mines
2016-06-14 India bent on further nuclear treaty violations
2016-05-27 Burmese good intentions aren't matched by deeds
2016-05-10 South Africa: Community blockade closes Rio Tinto mine
2016-05-09 London Calling on India's "hollow crowns"
2016-05-09 Burma: no sign of end to resource curses
2016-04-30 Brazil - Quilombolas demand land titling to defend against mining
2016-04-25 Rio Tinto 2016 AGM: "Goodnight children – sleep well"
2016-04-24 HSBC AGM shines light on human rights abuses
2016-04-17 Innu lawsuit may reshape Canada’s natural resource landscape
2016-03-30 Rally against foreign mining in Mongolia, while leading activist detained
2016-03-28 Aboriginal land rights battle over a $20 billion bauxite mine in Australia
2016-03-18 USA: Oak Flat designation a win for opponents of Resolution Copper
2016-03-02 Jan Roberts: commemorating a true warrior
2016-02-17 Armed police remove ship's Australian crew from ore ships
2016-02-13 Australia: Decision not to prosecute ERA 'a kick in the face'
2016-02-04 Shareholders pressing big miners on climate change disclosure
2016-02-01 A Peaceful Decade but Pacific Islanders Warn Against Complacency
2016-01-22 Has Bougainville's president done a U-turn on the Panguna mine?
2016-01-13 Australian coal mine investigated over dam wall collapse
2016-01-11 City in Quebec suffers from collapse in iron ore prices
2016-01-10 Is the PNG Government buying Rio Tinto's Bougainville shares?
2015-12-31 Burma: Even more workers killed at Hpakant
2015-12-28 Native American San Carlos Apache tribe takes on BHP, Rio Tinto
2015-12-26 India's nuclear weapons intentions exposed
2015-12-13 Australia: Why we must still "Weep for Weipa"
2015-12-09 COP 21: dead on arrival?
2015-11-22 Judge dismisses multi-billion dollar Rio lawsuit against Vale
2015-11-18 Is Innu's Supreme Court win really a disaster for Canadian industry?
2015-10-24 London Calling detects a green finch in China's bull shop
2015-10-20 Burma - Electoral candidate arrested over 2014 anti-mine protest
2015-10-19 Australia: Aboriginal community reject extension of Ranger mine
2015-10-17 Would restarting Bougainville's Panguna contribute to sustainable development?
2015-10-16 Canada: Supreme Court rejects Rio Tinto's efforts to dismiss Innu class-action lawsuit
2015-10-11 Australian 'uranium mine fire' in Kakadu National Park
2015-10-08 Namibia: Rössing Contract Workers Feel Exploited and Abused
2015-09-24 Australia - Taxpayers may foot bill for mine rehabilitation
2015-09-23 Statement from the Bougainville Hardliners
2015-09-20 A climate of subversion: corporate attitudes in the run up to Paris COP21
2015-09-11 Australian uranium deal with India - a jobs and growth boom?
2015-09-06 European Bank launches investigation into Mongolian iron ore mine
2015-09-01 New Mining Code in Madagascar must not Sacrifice the People
2015-08-13 Rio Tinto loses court appeal against Australian asbestosis ruling
2015-07-29 Global miners improve policies on community consent
2015-06-29 Is Mining Really 'On Top' in Africa?
2015-06-12 Energy Resources Australia pulls plug on expansion at Ranger
2015-06-06 Canada: Rio Tinto Alcan Accused of Polluting Kitimat Airshed to Save Money
2015-05-30 USA: Selling Off Apache Holy Land
2015-05-27 Burma is still burning
2015-05-10 Amnesty calls for Canadian company disclosure related to Burma "disinvestment"
2015-05-08 UK court orders hand over of Simandou-related documents
2015-05-05 Coal financing under further scrutiny as funds divest
2015-05-02 Anglo American: death and diversions at the company AGM
2015-04-24 Rio Tinto 2015 AGM reports: Behind closed doors at Rio Tinto
2015-04-23 London Calling asks: Is Rio Tinto getting cold feet in Bougainville?
2015-04-17 London Calling: Down the coal hole - any way out?
2015-04-14 Media banned from Rio Tinto's ERA AGM after concerns about uranium mine rehabilitation
2015-03-31 Critics slam new Bougainville mining law as 'forgetting history'
2015-03-25 Frontier politics in Australia's Wild West
2015-03-22 Mining boom to bust ... who really benefits?
2015-03-20 Freeport McMoRan halts output at Indonesia mine
2015-03-19 Chatham House accused of cowing to extractive industry companies
2015-03-10 The impact of mining on Mongolian herders
2015-03-09 London Calling wakes up to "Black Monday"
2015-02-22 USA: Apache tribe's protest against Resolution mine reaches third week
2015-02-19 Pebble Mine debate in Alaska: EPA becomes target by planning for rare ‘veto’
2015-02-17 Radiation fears after fire at Namibia's Rössing mine
2015-02-13 Report on corporate crime and abuses at Myanmar copper mine
2015-02-11 London Calling dives down under, discovering soap galore
2015-02-03 Explosive report exposes Sarawak's dam-builder
2015-01-31 USA: The Resolute Rambler takes on Rio Tinto
2015-01-30 Mongolia Finds SouthGobi Employees Guilty of Tax Evasion
2015-01-27 The good, the bad - and the downright ugly
2015-01-25 African women stand their ground
2015-01-18 Canada: Rio Tinto accused of "total disregard" for collective agreement
2015-01-17 Chile aims to save water in copper mining
2015-01-15 London Calling asks: "Will it all come out in the Walsh?"
2015-01-08 Canada - New court victory for the Innu against Rio Tinto (IOC)
2015-01-04 Three Killed at Freeport's West Papuan Mine
2014-12-29 Canada: The limits of tying aid to mining companies
2014-12-28 Big miners fear effects of Chile’s new labour bill
2014-12-27 Chinalco boss, and associate of Rio Tinto, accused of corruption
2014-12-26 Burma: Mine protests lead to another killing at Letpadaung
2014-12-18 USA: Senate passes huge Arizona copper mine
2014-12-13 Namibia - a state in hock to mining
2014-11-26 The China Syndrome
2014-11-19 Canada: Rio Tinto Alcan permit process questioned
2014-11-16 Australia: Fury over one-day Aurukun bauxite mine bid
2014-11-08 Coal companies talking rubbish on energy poverty
2014-11-04 Bougainville Voices Say No to Mining
2014-11-03 Rio Tinto & US Toxic Stock Syndrome
2014-11-02 Australia: $200m sought to rehabilitate former Rum Jungle uranium mine
2014-10-31 Freeport Indonesia union to go on one-month strike
2014-10-22 Global unions converge in Mongolia in campaign for Rio Tinto workers’ rights
2014-10-16 Mozambique's Mining Boom Damns the Poorest
2014-10-10 Canada - Assembly of First Nations Supports the Innu in Asserting their First Nation Rights
2014-10-09 Indonesia: Union protests after workers killed at Freeport mine
2014-10-08 Burma: Student Activist Falsely Accused in Letpadaung Kidnapping
2014-10-07 Report: Rio Tinto - World leader in insecure work
2014-10-07 London Calling cries foul on the Big Australian
2014-10-05 USA: Judge Rejects Pebble Mine Lawsuit Against EPA
2014-09-30 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 4)
2014-09-24 Canadian court rules aboriginal lawsuit against Rio Tinto can go ahead
2014-09-21 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 3)
2014-09-16 Opposition to Bougainville's Panguna mine 'higher than media suggest'
2014-09-05 Australia will supply uranium to India
2014-08-15 Australia's biggest-ever mine is close to fruition
2014-08-14 A new mining law for Bougainville ...
2014-08-06 Burma: Letpadaung farmers clash with police over grazing rights
2014-08-06 London Calling in on Vedanta's tenth anniversary
2014-06-25 Australian miners received $18b assistance over six years
2014-06-24 Australia: What's the point in Abbot Point?
2014-06-09 The chequered history of an unlikely anti-coal "hero"
2014-06-06 Australia: Ranger still a risk despite approval for restart
2014-05-08 Uranium mine leaks dominate Australian Rio Tinto AGM
2014-05-03 Rio Tinto sues Vale over iron ore rights in Guinea
2014-04-21 Guinea strips BSGR and Vale of mining permits
2014-04-20 Rio Tinto and Glencore named as among world's biggest water users
2014-04-19 Australia: Mining lobby fights environmental boycotts
2014-04-18 Rio Tinto gets well and truly rogered by Kiwis
2014-04-17 Rio Tinto face a broad front of protestors
2014-04-17 Burma's mining is far from conflict-free - on the contrary
2014-04-09 USA: Rio Tinto next to pull out of proposed Pebble Mine
2014-04-08 Rio Tinto revealed as lobbying in human rights case
2014-03-19 BHP and Rio Tinto to be lent $100 million by government body
2014-03-18 Burmese mining - court cases, raids and curses
2014-03-14 Guinean review finds against BSGR in long-running saga
2014-03-14 London Calling takes the shine off an Indian entrepreneur
2014-03-07 London Calling on Albanese's ignominious new role in Vedanta
2014-03-03 London Calling the shots - on Aussie mines and China's streets
2014-02-15 Goldman puts 'for sale' sign on Iran's old uranium supplier
2014-02-12 Guinea: Mangos, Not Mining, are the Future of Guinea
2014-02-12 Rio Tinto face global union campaign
2014-02-11 Africa: Communities speak out at Alternative Mining Indaba
2014-02-07 Burma: Mining threats continue
2013-12-29 Guinea's Simandou battle: Beny Steinmetz cries foul
2013-12-19 Bougainville: "A people impoverished and humiliated by Rio Tinto"
2013-12-18 Australian coal investments at risk of becoming 'stranded assets'
2013-12-10 Report on multinationals making profits at the expense of human rights
2013-12-10 Australia: Rio Tinto's Ranger Mine suffers radioactive acid spill
2013-12-10 Uma questions diamond mining by Rio Tinto in Bundelkhand
2013-11-29 Canadian Mounties Investigating on Bougainville
2013-11-18 China's smog threatens health of global coal projects
2013-11-07 Norway's opposition wants $800bn wealth fund banned from coal
2013-11-02 Mozambique: Mining under threat from renewed conflict and game park
2013-11-02 USA: Rio Tinto Targets Environmental Activists
2013-10-26 Guinea: Rio rail line will displace 10,000
2013-10-20 Swedish Pension Funds Divest Freeport McMoRan Holdings
2013-10-15 Burma: Mining brewing more trouble for Arakan State?
2013-09-25 Britain's Olympic medals mining company in court in Utah
2013-09-16 Burma: no let-up of copper mining agitation
2013-09-15 Swiss police raid billionaire Beny Steinmetz's home
2013-09-10 UNEP promises to help Bougainville manage clean-up of Rio Tinto mine
2013-09-10 Peru: El Maranon - the environment, communities and rivers be dammed
2013-09-01 Burma: Activist jailed 2 years for Letpadaung protest
2013-09-01 Australia: Indigenous group 'joyous' over Native Title claim win
2013-08-30 Bougainvillians against the mine
2013-08-14 A decade after Jabiluka success Kakadu still faces radioactive risk
2013-08-14 Burma: Crackdown on Letpadaung protestors continues
2013-07-23 Burma's extractive industries still need reform - reports
2013-07-17 How an Israeli billionaire wrested control of one of Africa's biggest prizes
2013-07-17 Bougainville president fails victims of brutal resource conflict
2013-07-15 London Calling examines Vedanta's "exit mode"
2013-07-09 Mongolian herders submit complaint to European public bank
2013-07-09 Indonesia allows Freeport to restart underground mining after accident
2013-06-28 Australia: Jabiru traditional owners recognised
2013-06-24 Indonesian government clears Grasberg mine to reopen
2013-06-19 Indonesia: Freeport mine stays closed after accident
2013-06-17 Mining Firms Face New Regulator Scrutiny Amid Deal Probes
2013-06-13 Glencore Xstrata studies Rio coal-assets combination plan
2013-06-03 New accident jeopardizes Freeport-Rio Tinto's Papuan mine
2013-06-03 Malaysian forest peoples protest destructive dams at industry conference
2013-05-28 Mozambique: Mining resettlements disrupt food, water
2013-05-28 Choking on salt as livelihoods go down the pan
2013-05-28 Australia: United they stand against Rio Tinto
2013-05-21 London Calling on a Tale of Two Disasters
2013-05-21 Protests over bank investment in coal
2013-05-21 Australia: Mining Project to Unleash 'Environmental Vandalism on a Grand Scale'
2013-05-07 Burma: more strife around Letpadaung copper mine
2013-05-07 US Supreme Court "vacates" Rio Tinto Bougainville case
2013-04-28 Australian uranium industry's poor record demands inquiry
2013-04-28 AusAID Fuels Bougainville Mining Tensions
2013-04-28 Miners are blind to China's new reality
2013-04-22 Mozambique: Protesters block Vale's coal mine
2013-04-22 Rio Tinto in the dock on environment and human rights
2013-04-22 London Calling sees the Grey Man Cometh
2013-04-22 Burma Lawyers' report on Letpadaung released
2013-04-22 Rio in Bundelkhand - diamonds or dust?
2013-04-15 Rio Tinto's Utah copper mine evacuated after land slide
2013-04-15 Rio Tinto accused of attempting to dilute EU law on extractive transparency
2013-04-09 New Zealand PM: Alumininum smelter "must stand on its own two feet"
2013-04-09 Burma's copper cauldron continues to boil
2013-04-09 Rio Tinto in Madagascar: 15 activists arrested
2013-04-01 Burma: Protests against Letpadaung copper project resume
2013-03-26 Papuan police wreak havoc on Lihir community
2013-03-26 Bougainville: War of words continues over mine re-opening
2013-03-25 Burma: the "Win and the Wang" of the Letpadaung copper conflict
2013-03-25 Canadian Aboriginal communities sue Rio Tinto for C$900m
2013-03-19 Burma: Suu Kyi tells communities to halt copper mining protests
2013-03-11 Mozambican tribal queen stands up to Rio Tinto over land
2013-03-11 New Bougainville legislation "a world first for landowner rights"
2013-03-05 Australia warned to stay out of Bougainville affairs
2013-02-25 Are Toronto junior miners facing the knell of doom?
2013-02-19 World Bank-IFC urged to refuse funding for Rio Tinto's Mongolian mine
2013-02-19 Burmese government rejects independent report on copper protests
2013-02-04 Australia: ERA updates its agreement with traditional owners
2013-02-04 Continued controversy around Burmese mining
2013-01-28 Vale and Pan American Silver halt projects in Argentina
2013-01-28 More deaths around Freeport's notorious Grasberg mine
2013-01-07 Burma: More arrests as the old regime betrays its democratic mandate
2012-12-27 Guinea labour unions call for cancellation of BSGR, RUSAL contracts
2012-12-17 Burma: Further arrests, as mining protests continue
2012-12-17 World Bank's tough talk on climate is 'just a mirage' in Mongolia's Gobi desert
2012-12-11 London Calling issues a Public Health Warning
2012-12-11 Aung San Suu Kyi commission to "study" Letpadaung copper crisis
2012-12-04 Burmese forces viciously assault mining protestors
2012-11-25 Shaping modern mining: what's at stake?
2012-11-19 Will Rio Tinto be barred from returning to Bougainville?
2012-11-11 Vale partner says Guinea seeks to seize iron ore assets
2012-11-05 Burmese mining protests escalate - and so do land grabs
2012-10-23 Mongolian herders complain against Rio Tinto over Oyu Tolgoi mines
2012-10-23 Burmese villagers win hearing against copper mine
2012-10-08 World Bank funding for mining projects blasted by UK group
2012-10-02 Oxfam USA finds mining companies are improving on social commitments
2012-10-02 World Bank poised to back Rio Tinto's flawed Mongolian mining project
2012-10-02 New Zealand public fund bids "Goodbye to Freeport"
2012-09-24 Burmese Daze
2012-09-18 Burmese villagers continue protests against copper mining
2012-09-18 Rio Tinto plays 'godfather' in Aotearoa-New Zealand
2012-09-12 Burma police storm villagers protesting against mine
2012-09-04 London Calling gets the wind up, as copper receives "green" boost
2012-08-28 Burma copper mine land-grab protests increase
2012-08-13 Bougainville Landowners irate over Rio Tinto's possible return
2012-08-13 London Calling 2012: Not much going for Gold
2012-08-01 London Calling on yet another proposed "oceanic assault"
2012-08-01 Canadian venture capitalists step onto Bougainville
2012-07-24 Olympic protestors carpeted for "green wash" demo
2012-07-17 Mongolia: "Resource Nationalists" make June electoral gains
2012-07-11 Rio Tinto Alcan talks with Paraguay coup regime
2012-07-03 South Africa's ANC holds debates on mining tax reforms
2012-07-03 Canada promotes asbestos, even while acknowledging its dangers
2012-06-26 Rio Tinto's "Great Olympic Greenwash"
2012-06-19 Riots follow activist killing on Indonesia's Papua island
2012-06-19 London activists expose corporate greed
2012-06-12 London Calling on Mongolia's "Champion of the Earth"
2012-06-12 Victory! The struggle to protect Koongarra uranium is finally won
2012-06-12 US: New Concerns over Mining Boom in Great Lakes region
2012-06-05 Are Namibian miners and government on a collision course?
2012-05-29 Ride on, Australia's Rinehart Cowgirl!
2012-05-15 Mongolia backtracks on state ownership of mining companies
2012-05-08 London Calling muses on the future of Mining's Giants
2012-05-01 Bougainville Copper's bloody "hidden past" exposed
2012-05-01 Into the Vale of Death and Destruction
2012-05-01 Amnesty calls for end to Indonesian police violence
2012-04-24 Rio Tinto gets no Medals from its critics
2012-04-18 Indonesian mine workers bludgeoned by state security forces
2012-04-11 Indonesia tries keeping its minerals at home
2012-04-02 Which are the world's "most controversial" mining companies?
2012-03-27 Australia's mineral resource rent tax passes into law
2012-03-20 Wikileaks reveal true nature of Ivanhoe-Rio Tinto's Burmese deal
2012-03-14 Indonesia says foreign miners must grant 51% ownership to domestic companies
2012-03-14 India: Iron fists in dubious gloves
2012-03-06 Freeport-Rio Tinto halts operations once again at Papuan mine
2012-02-28 Canada: A daughter of Elliot Lake recalls uranium's deadly toll
2012-02-28 Sarawak: Bakun dam corruption probe raises questions about Rio Tinto's role
2012-02-14 Striking stories - from Canada & Australia
2012-02-14 Canada's government equates mining with "development"
2012-02-07 EBRD: Rushing into gold can leave people behind, says reports
2012-02-07 Australia's iron lady may become world's wealthiest woman
2012-01-31 Indonesia's Tin Men face bleak future in a free market world
2012-01-31 Canadian Rio Tinto lockout nears one month
2012-01-23 Dying on the Coke Side of Life
2012-01-23 Asia's Tainted Literary Fest
2012-01-23 Indonesia: Law enforcement is vital for 'just' mining
2012-01-16 Papua: Further killings at world's biggest gold-copper mine
2012-01-16 Rio Tinto hits a snag in US copper mine clean-up
2012-01-10 Israel exploits Palestinian resources in occupied West Bank
2012-01-10 Canada and India: Mining companies are getting closer to NGOs
2012-01-10 Australian mining company accused of assisting Papua human rights abuses
2011-12-20 Papuan Miners End Strike against Freeport-Rio Tinto
2011-12-12 Bougainville: Beyond the Valley of Tears
2011-12-12 Richest Australians see their pickings fall
2011-12-05 Rio Tinto's Indian diamond mine may not be - ever
2011-11-30 The hidden human cost of the 2012 Olympic medals
2011-11-21 Keeping Tabs on Sarawak's "corrupt" chief minister
2011-11-14 Bolivian government threatens to take over half an Indian mine
2011-11-08 Papua: Freeport-Rio Tinto labour battles have no end in sight
2011-11-08 US House of Representatives gives Native territory to Rio Tinto
2011-10-31 U.S. Court is prepared to hear Bougainville genocide case against Rio Tinto
2011-10-25 India: Saranda's savagery exposed by national HR team
2011-10-25 Alaska voters say no to gold, copper mine
2011-10-25 Papuans struggle - and die - as mining conflict intensifies
2011-10-18 Striking Freeport miners shot dead in Indonesian strike
2011-10-18 Canadian First Nations condemn Rio Tinto-Alcan
2011-10-18 A taxing debate reaches its climax down-under
2011-10-10 Spoiling over Mongolia's hoards
2011-10-10 Pillaging the Pilbara
2011-10-10 London Calling examines a "unique" global survey of the rich
2011-10-05 Freeport, Rio Tinto battle with workers
2011-09-26 Indian company seals deal with planet's "richest woman"
2011-09-19 Papua: Freeport-Rio Tinto workers are on strike - again
2011-09-19 Rio Tinto may get stung in Sulawesi
2011-09-19 Borneo tribe loses Bakun dam case
2011-09-12 Wikileaks expose US & PNG position on Bougainville case against Rio Tinto
2011-09-12 Australia's carbon tax debate ignites
2011-09-12 Glencore's sorry record of fatalities and fines
2011-09-06 UN tells UK: ensure your mining companies respect human rights
2011-09-06 Mining the Arctic - a massive con?
2011-09-06 The Murder of Shehla Masood
2011-09-03 South Africa's Limpopo Community Stops Platreef Resources
2011-08-23 Indonesia cracks down on "illegal" small-scale miners
2011-08-08 Outrage at Ivanhoe-Rio Tinto's dirty Burma deal
2011-08-08 Two-week strike ends at Escondida in Chile
2011-07-25 Aboriginal community won't "give away control of our country for a song"
2011-07-25 Africa's uranium industry "threatens people and nature"
2011-07-18 Australian carbon tax treatment is unfair, claim coal miners
2011-07-18 Mongolia mines pose threats on several fronts
2011-07-11 Zimbabwe "blood diamonds" slip through Watchdog's net
2011-07-11 Freeport Indonesia Mine Workers Start Strike
2011-07-04 Further Dirty Mining Deals alleged in Burma
2011-07-04 World Heritage sites threatened by mining, says IUCN
2011-07-04 London Calling asks: did Rio Tinto fund war on Bougainville?
2011-07-04 ICEM Condemns Tactics in Australia Coal Talks
2011-06-20 Who stitched up Australia's "ground breaking" minerals tax?
2011-06-07 Oz opposition leader goes nuts over carbon tax proposal
2011-05-30 Papua New Guinea politicians demand Ok Tedi mine close in 2013
2011-05-24 Rio Tinto: the elephant in Bougainville's room
2011-05-24 Glencore: the monster has landed!
2011-05-10 Re-opening of Panguna Mine is not negotiable
2011-05-10 Mines Bigger than Yours! Forbes' rankings surprise
2011-05-10 China's iron will alone is not enough
2011-05-10 London Calling asks Sweden: Why stop hounding Vedanta now?
2011-05-10 London Calling sees Rio Tinto take it on the Chinalco
2011-05-02 Why did Barrick jump in, and Minmetals jump out?
2011-04-27 "All they say is no to mining, enough is enough!"
2011-04-18 Is Rio Tinto Running Scared? (It ought to be)
2011-04-18 The Peoples Champion? Or a Rio Ruse?
2011-04-18 Rio Tinto sidesteps questions on Jabiluka uranium
2011-04-12 Australian floods were worse than estimated
2011-04-04 Should Rio's Bougainville mine be re-opened?
2011-03-28 Rio Tinto's record on Bougainville is nothing to be proud of
2011-03-14 Uranium Meltdown in Japan
2011-03-08 Tackling South Africa's Tchernobyl
2011-03-08 Tayloring a new Panguna mine for Bougainville
2011-03-08 Bougainville: New voices raised against mine re-opening
2011-03-01 CIDA Subsidizes Mining's Social Responsibility Projects
2011-02-21 Menacing Miners
2011-02-14 Rio Tinto rejects Aboriginal poison water concerns
2011-02-07 A minor triumph for common sense
2011-01-31 Warning: "Don't rush to re-open the Bougainville mine"
2011-01-31 Bound to Iron: China's next five years
2011-01-31 Rio Tinto wins Riversdale's coal
2011-01-25 The Market's on its metal
2011-01-10 Resolution Copper seeks support by wielding checkbook
2011-01-10 As storm clouds break, London Calling gets biblical
2011-01-10 Wikileaks stories on Freeport & Mrs Mugabe
2010-12-21 Opposition voiced to reopening Bougainville's Panguna mine
2010-12-21 London Calling asks why "Save the Children" isn't doing just that?
2010-12-13 London Calling wades through a curious wiki leak
2010-12-13 Activist-Turned-Miner Discusses Failures in United States and Michigan Environmental Law
2010-12-13 Rio Tinto battles for new copper, gold and coal
2010-12-06 Flying the flag for the Sahrawi People
2010-12-06 Bougainville: Panguna gets the nod
2010-11-16 "Objective" Rio Tinto Study Raises Eyebrows
2010-10-25 A proposed bauxite mine is scrapped in Australia
2010-10-25 BHP Billiton in the firing line: 2010 style
2010-10-25 Chile post the "miracle": sordid allegations emerge
2010-10-04 "No Coal!" - protests from the ocean to the White House
2010-09-27 How may the law be served, if justice is denied?
2010-09-27 Rio Tinto asks US appeals court to dismiss Papua New Guinea human rights lawsuit
2010-09-20 The Nyamgiri struggle may be over
2010-08-16 Australian Aboriginal communities want a stop to new uranium mining
2010-08-16 Are $14bn worth of Indonesian mining projects at risk?
2010-08-02 Canada government urged not to support Ivanhoe in Burma
2010-07-24 London Calling resumes its attack on the "capitalising" of Nature
2010-07-09 London Calling reviews Australian taxation - the tax is dead, long live the tax...
2010-07-04 The road for Rio leads through some distinctly murky waters
2010-07-04 Zimbabwe to start diamond exports despite Kimberley Process deadlock
2010-06-19 Abandoned Bougainville mine still an environmental headache
2010-06-19 Bolivia: Indians versus Indios?
2010-06-11 London Calling warns against "costing" mining's socio-environmental destruction
2010-06-04 Camp to protect Eagle Rock from Kennecott is destroyed
2010-06-04 Rio Tinto worried Australian tax may give other countries ideas
2010-05-29 Kakadu being poisoned by Rio Tinto mine, group warns
2010-05-23 Victory for locked out workers at Rio Tinto mine in Boron
2010-05-23 Residents' fears over Australian coal mines
2010-05-20 Forces gather to protect Eagle Rock from Kennecott
2010-05-07 Bougainville Women oppose re-opening of Panguna Mine
2010-05-07 San Carlos Apache call for removal of Resolution Copper
2010-05-07 Australian mining 'super tax' has miners running
2010-05-01 Mongolian NGOs appeal to UN over Oyu Tolgoi
2010-05-01 BHP Billiton hit by bribery allegations
2010-04-24 Squeaky - but far from clean
2010-04-24 Rio Tinto Opponent Arrested for "Trespassing" on Public Land
2010-04-24 Rio Tinto confronts critics from across the world
2010-04-18 Norwegian government reviews "responsible investment" guidelines
2010-04-18 Environmental Award for Philippine President a travesty
2010-03-31 Muriel up against the wall in Colombia
2010-03-31 Mongolian coalition calls for immediate suspension of massive new project
2010-03-24 Bougainville: No sign that war-torn mine will re-open
2010-03-24 Blood and Iron: Rio Tinto heads to the top
2010-03-18 Two miners among "worst" transationals operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand
2010-03-18 Papua Tribe Files $32bn Lawsuit Against Freeport
2010-03-05 Obama's uranium power plan will set US back thirty years
2010-03-02 Labour groups rally around locked out Rio Tinto borax miners
2010-02-23 Uranium leak at Ranger '5400 times normal level'
2010-02-15 Indonesia: Banning on one hand, permitting on the other
2010-02-08 ICMM firms commit to poverty reduction
2010-02-07 Rio Tinto, Kaiser Aluminum, try greening Wales
2010-02-07 Rio Tinto dispute set to go international
2010-02-07 Conflicts over mining: the illusory boundary between "legal" and "illegal"
2010-02-07 Church of England sells its shares in Vedanta Resources over human rights concerns
2010-02-01 Papua New Guinea villagers concerned about impacts of valley mine
2010-01-31 Six wounded in ambush near US mine in Indonesia
2010-01-31 BHP Billiton ups spending on iron
2010-01-31 BHP retains ownership of destructive coal project in Kalimantan
2010-01-19 Who's following the true law?
2010-01-19 US Senate panel OKs compromise on Arizona land-for-mine swap
2010-01-11 China-Australia investment ties seen improving in 2010
2010-01-11 West Papua: Police slay Tribal Activist at world's biggest copper-gold minesite
2009-12-06 US: Western Shoshone bring major Barrick Gold project to a halt
2009-11-23 Norway's Pension Fund Pulls Investment in Norilsk Nickel
2009-11-16 Indonesia: NGO denounces Kulon Progo violence and government's "green rating" of mines
2009-11-16 BHP and Rio Tinto face new hurdles over world's biggest mining merger
2009-11-02 Ironing out the price: China collaborates with Ukraine
2009-11-02 New Zealand: Rio Tinto scores a double whammy
2009-10-19 Rio Tinto increases grip on Ivanhoe, as Mongolia mega-project proceeds
2009-10-13 Bougainville: after 20 years absence Rio Tinto returns to scene of crime
2009-09-22 Indonesia's military "invades" Papua mine, atrocities continue
2009-09-22 Aboriginal community takes "last stand" against world's most powerful miner
2009-09-14 Argentina: Mendoza Government okays potash mine, ignores objections
2009-09-14 Guinea regime says it will audit global miners
2009-09-01 Bargaining in Beijing
2009-08-25 London Calling asks whether Rio Tinto will be lost (or saved?) at sea
2009-08-25 Burma: Asian "investors" baulk sanctions at will
2009-08-03 London Calling cries foul in Guinea
2009-08-03 More shooting on road to Freeport's Indonesian gold mine
2009-07-27 Dragons in the Indonesian mists
2009-07-27 Ivanhoe faces further delay in Mongolia
2009-07-20 Friedland gains, as Rio Tinto is shamed
2009-07-20 London Calling raises some awkward questions about Chinese arrests
2009-07-16 London Calling investigates some capital "land grab" connections
2009-07-07 Fires in the Iron
2009-07-07 Mine murders in West Papua: new evidence points to cover-up
2009-06-22 Is Elbegdorj taking the right steppes in Mongolia?
2009-06-08 Exposing Freeport's shame
2009-06-02 A new mining era for Mongolia?
2009-06-02 Apache tribe resolves to defeat two mining giants
2009-05-27 China forays further into Chile and Canada
2009-05-27 Appreciating mineral prices - and how they affect companies' prospects
2009-05-18 Rio Tinto's "outrageous exercise in political blackmail"
2009-05-18 Freeport rejects modest environmental motion
2009-05-11 China: wheeling and dealing in Australia
2009-05-11 Jousting for an iron hand in Africa
2009-04-27 London Calling on today's state of corporate mine play
2009-04-27 Indonesia opens more protected forest areas to mining
2009-04-20 Rio Tinto attacked from all sides
2009-04-14 British mining companies face challenge on unjust practices
2009-04-06 Xstrata soars on BHP Billiton takeover talk
2009-04-06 Rio Tinto goes naked into the shareholders’ chamber
2009-03-22 Colombia: No to mining industry in indigenous territories - Muriel Mining Coporation atropella y desconoce autoridades indígenas
2009-03-16 Advancing China Fair? New perspectives on world's biggest mining deal
2009-03-16 Rio Tinto allies with Mid-East despots
2009-03-03 The flaw in "ethical" diamonds
2009-02-10 China' s prospects
2009-02-10 Is China the only game in town?
2009-02-02 Ivanhoe's Burma subsidiary added to US sanctions list while Rio Tinto remains in the "shame" frame
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2009-02-02 Can Rio get off the rocks? London Calling says it's a moral question
2009-01-19 Vietnamese revolutionary leader speaks out on mining
2009-01-19 West Papua: Police shooting over New Year, major concern for upcoming Indonesian general election
2009-01-19 Indonesia sends mixed messages to miners
2009-01-19 Madagascar - Rio Tinto breaks new ground as Daewoo gets boot
2009-01-19 Is this the end of mining as we know it?
2009-01-19 Rio Tinto Suspends $205 Million Uruguay Port Project - Rio Tinto cancela obra en Uruguay
2009-01-13 Rio Tinto case revived, as new Bougainville government takes charge
2008-12-30 Australia: carbon bonuses to miners, as pollution increases
2008-12-30 Philippines - putting another nickel in?
2008-12-15 Will Rio Tinto ever learn?
2008-12-15 Indonesia's proposed new mining law comes under attack
2008-12-09 Exposing US govt complicity with Freeport in DR Congo: A Rather Good Report
2008-12-02 Uruguay: Rio Tinto proposal blasted by intellectuals, artists, scientists and workers - Intelectuales, artistas, científicos y trabajadores repudian a Río Tinto en el Uruguay
2008-11-24 JATAM welcomes Gag withdrawal
2008-11-24 Giant Mines Scramble to Cut Output
2008-11-10 Money miasma means mixed messages
2008-11-05 Argentina: many rise up to defend their waters against Rio Tinto
2008-11-05 Rio Tinto: Re-examining Capital ProjectsI
2008-11-05 Guinea bauxite: more protests
2008-11-05 Medias verdades y evasivas: la reunion annual de accionistas de BHP Billiton plc, Londres
2008-10-27 The Chinalco dilemma
2008-10-27 BHP Billiton accused of half-truths and evasions
2008-10-27 Peru: Rio Tinto forced to suspend construction after protests in Reque - Rio Tinto forzada a detener construcción de planta en Reque
2008-10-21 Guinea police violently back Russian aluminium giant against protesting citizens
2008-10-21 Rio Tinto to develop bauxite mines before alumina refinery
2008-10-21 Indonesia: The unseen threats from mining
2008-10-07 BHP Billiton bid for Rio - one step forward but problems remain
2008-10-07 London Calling on Rio Tinto's chastity
2008-09-29 Women - catalysts for peace in mining conflict
2008-09-29 Pascua Lama: What price sovereignty?
2008-09-29 Market "meltdown" and the gold factor
2008-09-22 Uranium ban dropped in Western Australia
2008-09-16 World's second biggest pension fund dumps Rio Tinto
2008-09-02 Alaska: a Pebble in the Streams
2008-09-02 Papuan tribal chief to sue mining giant Freeport
2008-08-19 UK protestors get very attached to global mining giant
2008-08-11 Argentina's COIRCO denies Río Colorado Potash Project about to be approved - Niegan que el proyecto Potasio Río Colorado esté por ser aprobado
2008-07-28 A mess of potash?
2008-07-28 REVIEW: Dark Underbelly of Mining
2008-07-28 Water prospecting boom in Northern Chile - Boom para encontrar agua en el norte de Chile
2008-07-14 Canada Uranium - in and out of the country
2008-07-09 Indian workers strike, as Rio Tinto envisages multi-billion profits from new mine
2008-07-01 Ghana to permit mining in forest zone
2008-07-01 Steel barons turn up heat on BHP/Rio deal - Mittal estudio participar en batalla por Rio Tinto
2008-04-20 BHP Billiton in Chile plans import of fresh water from Argentina
2008-04-20 AGM season opens with a few bangs
2008-04-13 Peru: community activists denounced as "terrorists" over Chinese project
2008-03-26 Peru gives Rio Tinto mining rights at the border
2008-03-10 Mining and Society
2008-03-03 Argentina update
2008-02-27 It just ain't football! Russian watchdog imposes massive fines on Norilsk and Evraz
2008-02-27 Bougainville landowners pledges Panguna will never re-open
2008-02-26 Rio Tinto-Alcan comes in below par on "sustainability"
2008-02-24 Power theft in New Zealand
2008-02-21 Malaysians alerted to Rio's record
2008-02-14 London Calling on a damnable deal
2008-02-08 Metals traders address mining's "moral conflicts"
2008-02-08 Argentina in dispute with Uruguay over Rio Tinto port
2008-02-06 Bougainville mine won't reopen, says local leader
2008-01-31 India update
2008-01-25 London Calling muses on the latest bout of mining's merger mania
2008-01-25 Rio Tinto's proposed new Argentinian mine comes in for criticism
2008-01-24 Environmental Costs in Bougainville
2008-01-18 London Calling claims: "It's a steal"
2008-01-15 Europe's steel lobby issues threat with global implications
2008-01-10 Latin America update
2008-01-08 Rio Tinto caught in EC net
2008-01-04 Indonesia update
2008-01-04 Latin America update
2007-12-22 Extraction to Destruction? Chinese policy and practise in mining & metals
2007-12-21 BOOK REVIEW: Marching on in defence of communities
2007-12-14 Tata's triumph bodes ill for mountain of wealth
2007-12-14 Chinese Chequers
2007-12-08 London Calling on the biggest merger of them all
2007-12-07 London Calling Names
2007-12-06 Shoshone use film, courts, to fight gold mine on sacred land
2007-12-05 Argentina update
2007-12-03 A Big Victory for a small island: London Calling commemorates
2007-12-03 Sustainable funding for dubious developments
2007-11-19 Mongolia's Minefield
2007-11-11 China buys into Rio Tinto
2007-11-10 Latin America update
2007-10-25 Rio Tinto warns Ottawa over reductions in emissions
2007-10-23 Africa update: huge new investments, no change for the better
2007-09-29 Latin America update
2007-09-13 Sweeping in a new visual era at Rio Tinto
2007-09-11 Down the tubes
2007-09-11 Down the tubes
2007-09-04 Panguna delay call
2007-09-04 Bougainville update
2007-09-04 Sir Peter praises ABG, Me'ekamui leaders' move
2007-09-04 Bougainville update
2007-08-30 Rio Tinto on verge of becoming aluminium supremo
2007-08-30 Rio secures $40 billion loan financing for Alcan purchase
2007-08-30 Rio Tinto on verge of becoming aluminium supremo
2007-08-22 Rio Tinto update
2007-08-22 Rio Tinto update
2007-08-22 Protests Greet Rio Tinto Boss
2007-08-20 Rio Tinto Wins Review of Ruling on Papua New Guinea Claims
2007-08-13 Indonesia update
2007-08-13 Indonesia wants to renegotiate copper contract
2007-08-13 Indonesia update
2007-08-04 Women lead marble mining opposition
2007-08-04 London Calling
2007-08-04 London Calling
2007-07-31 Northern Dynasty & Anglo American Establish 50:50 Partnership to Advance Pebble Project to Prod
2007-07-31 Major mining company throws in with Pebble
2007-07-18 Syphilis prompts HIV fears in Malagasy mining town
2007-07-18 Is HIV a time bomb under the mining industry?
2007-07-18 Is HIV a time bomb under the mining industry?
2007-07-18 Syphilis emergency in Madagascar
2007-07-15 Rio targets being top player in aluminium
2007-07-11 Is HIV a time bomb under the mining industry?
2007-06-23 Latin America update
2007-06-23 Twenty-Four Hour Strike Against MINSUR Mining Operations in the Community of Vilavilani, Tacna
2007-06-23 Latin America update
2007-06-22 US update
2007-06-22 COLOMBIA
2007-06-22 Senate Approves Energy Bill, Calls for Fuel Economy Increase
2007-06-22 US update
2007-06-22 Bush Says US Could Build 30 New Nuclear Plants
2007-06-21 Bougainville update
2007-06-21 Mine takeover in sight
2007-06-21 Arizona tribes unite against mine
2007-06-21 Bougainville update
2007-06-21 ARGENTINA
2007-06-19 GUATEMALA
2007-06-19 US Senate Debates US$15 Bln in Energy Incentives
2007-06-18 Nuclear Power Can't Curb Global Warming - Report
2007-06-15 PERU
2007-06-13 Bougainville update
2007-06-13 ABG may opt to use own powers
2007-06-13 Bougainville update
2007-06-10 Declaration of Lake Buenos Aires - Lake General Carrera
2007-06-08 Doing good for the people of Bougainville
2007-06-08 Press Release: 30 million Kina Robbery!
2007-06-08 Doing good for the people of Bougainville
2007-06-04 BRAZIL
2007-05-31 Mirrar infuriated at possible betrayal
2007-05-31 Mirrar infuriated at possible betrayal
2007-05-31 Owner lashes out over Jabiluka bid
2007-05-29 CHILE
2007-05-29 Bougainville update
2007-05-29 Bougainville update
2007-05-29 MRA wants to see reactivation plans for mining on Bougainville
2007-05-25 US update
2007-05-25 Us Update
2007-05-24 CHILE
2007-05-24 Govt Begins Evaluation Of Mining Companies
2007-05-24 Latin America Update
2007-05-24 Latin America update
2007-05-24 Central American Countries Protest Canadian Government's Role in Mining
2007-05-22 VENEZUELA
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2007-05-22 Rio, BP Plan US$1.7 Bln Australia Clean Coal Plant
2007-05-21 HONDURAS
2007-05-19 London Calling on a balmy (or is it barmy?) idea
2007-05-19 Saved in the time of Nik?
2007-05-19 London Calling on a balmy (or is it barmy?) idea
2007-05-19 Source Information
2007-05-19 PERU
2007-05-17 Mining For Truth
2007-05-17 ECUADOR
2007-05-17 CItizens Opposed to Mining Confront Police in the CREA
2007-05-15 PERU
2007-05-15 EL SALVADOR
2007-05-14 Fragile ocean ecosystems threatened by plan to dump iron
2007-05-12 Latin American update
2007-05-12 Latin America update
2007-05-10 PARAGUAY
2007-05-09 Yanacocha's ore extraction cut in half
2007-05-09 Bougainville Copper keen to resume
2007-05-08 ARGENTINA
2007-05-07 Anti-Mining Demonstrators Blockade Peruvian Roads
2007-05-07 BRAZIL
2007-05-04 Govt: Mining law changes seek to free up land
2007-05-02 COLOMBIA
2007-05-01 Recruiting Plankton to Fight Global Warming
2007-04-27 Latin American update
2007-04-27 Latin America Update
2007-04-26 A Victory in West Papua
2007-04-25 Vedanta update
2007-04-24 Vedanta Buys 51 Percent Of India's Sesa Goa
2007-04-23 The War For Water: The Extraction Project Of Minera Escondida And The Risks For The People Of Atac
2007-04-22 Anglo Under Heavy Fire
2007-04-22 Anglo under heavy fire
2007-04-20 Massive strike halts production at giant copper mine in Indonesia
2007-04-16 Bougainville: Court rules in favour
2007-04-15 London mining companies: climate change, human rights and corporate wrongs
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-07 Latin America update
2007-04-05 Rio Tinto To Begin Potassium Project Construction In 2009
2007-04-04 Xstrata Best Anglo American Suitor, Say London Analysts
2007-04-03 BCL shareholders give nod to company plans
2007-04-03 Rio Tinto moves a step further in returning to Bougainville
2007-04-03 Rio Tinto moves a step further in returning to Bougainville
2007-04-02 BCL plans to return
2007-04-02 The World's 3rd biggest Copper and Gold mine to reopen in three years!
2007-04-02 Friedland and Rio Tinto: washing their hands of Burma, while the dirt still clings
2007-04-02 Ivanhoe's Burma assets on sale, leaving behind environmental mess
2007-04-02 Friedland and Rio Tinto: washing their hands of Burma, while the dirt still clings
2007-03-30 China Update
2007-03-30 China update
2007-03-29 Tiny blind animal halts billion dollar Aussie mine
2007-03-23 Us Update
2007-03-23 Nbsp;
2007-03-23 US Update
2007-03-23 Africa Must Set Alternative Energy Agenda - UN
2007-03-23 UN to Insure Geothermal Explorers in East Africa
2007-03-23 Africa Update
2007-03-23 Africa update
2007-03-17 Caribbean madness
2007-03-17 Caribbean madness
2007-03-17 Nuclear power plant and aluminum smelter planned in Suriname
2007-03-15 India imposes iron ore export duty $6.78 per ton, possible impact on China's imports
2007-03-14 Bougainville update
2007-03-14 Bougainville update
2007-03-14 IFC to double number of mining investments in Africa
2007-03-14 Copper dream loses its glint; Ord River's plans to reopen the Bougainville behemoth might have come
2007-03-13 Steelworkers strike for basic rights at Iron Ore company of Canada
2007-03-13 Africa update
2007-03-03 London Calling Scents Something Rotten In The North Woods - And Even Worse In Armenia
2007-03-03 Sources: on Rio Tinto’s Flambeau mine: "Comparison of Predicted and Actual Water Quality
2007-03-03 London Calling scents something rotten in the North Woods - and even worse in Armenia
2007-03-02 Bougainville update
2007-03-02 China update
2007-03-02 China update
2007-03-02 China Orders Small Cement Plants to be Closed
2007-03-02 Bougainville update
2007-03-02 There is a light at the end of the tunnel!
2007-02-28 Bougainville: Panguna Mine & PNG
2007-02-23 Indonesia update
2007-02-23 Indonesia update
2007-02-22 Protesters Rally Against Newmont Expansion
2007-02-17 Indonesia update
2007-02-17 North Sulawesi Governor opposes Toka Tindung gold project
2007-02-16 Sand still smuggled to Singapore, police say
2007-02-15 Agarwal's Big Steal
2007-02-14 US update
2007-02-14 Us Update
2007-02-14 Metal Merger Mania
2007-02-13 Asia-Pacific update
2007-02-10 Us Update
2007-02-10 US Update
2007-02-10 Apec Tackles Cross-border Barriers To Mining Investment
2007-02-06 Bougainville update
2007-02-03 Indonesia update
2007-02-03 Indonesia Update
2007-02-02 Rio Tinto faces storm overpebble on a beach
2007-02-02 Vedanta update
2007-02-02 Vedanta update
2007-02-02 Rio Tinto faces storm overpebble on a beach
2007-02-01 Union Minister sympathises with anti-Vedanta Varsity villagers
2007-01-30 New Laws Won't Solve Indonesia Mining Investment Woes
2007-01-30 ARMENIA
2007-01-30 Land-use contracts fail to deliver for Aborigines
2007-01-30 Land-use contracts fail to deliver for Aborigines
2007-01-30 Land-use contracts fail to deliver for Aborigines
2007-01-25 Brits Poised To Blast More Colombian Communities?
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-23 Newmont Ups the Propaganda as Buyat Criminal Case Approaches a Verdict
2007-01-23 Indonesia Newmont Boss Says No Complaints On Mining
2007-01-22 Banful Paddy Farmers Switch to Sand Mining
2007-01-20 Jewelers urged to boycott new Alaska gold mine
2007-01-15 Vedanta eyeing Indian gold mines
2007-01-14 Vedanta in search of steel partner
2007-01-12 Another possible cancer link to Rio Tinto
2007-01-12 Major dam disaster strikes Brazilian communities
2007-01-12 Another possible cancer link to Rio Tinto
2007-01-12 Brazilian Rains Kill Dozens and Broken Dam Leaves
2007-01-12 Major dam disaster strikes Brazilian communities
2007-01-11 Normal drinking water supply suspended in Brazilian cities
2007-01-10 Probe cancer incidence at iron ore mine: union
2007-01-09 ANALYSIS - Nuclear Power Faces Reduced Role in Energy Mix
2007-01-04 Big Dig: Mongolia is Roiled by Miner's Huge Plans - World-Class Deposits Spur Battle for Spils: Mak
2007-01-04 Africa Update
2006-12-21 Sami struggle amidst desolation
2006-12-21 Russia's Sami fight for their lives
2006-12-21 Zimbabwe Mine Law 'almost Complete'
2006-12-21 Sami struggle amidst desolation
2006-12-20 London Calling on Santa Sleaze
2006-12-20 London Calling on Santa Sleaze
2006-12-10 India Update
2006-12-08 There are no clean diamonds: What you need to know about Canadian diamonds
2006-12-06 Papua Update
2006-12-06 Papua Update
2006-12-06 Mining To Restart On Bougainville?
2006-12-01 China Update
2006-11-29 Coal Mining Opened Up To Private Investment
2006-11-28 Bougainville Update
2006-11-23 Uranium mine blamed for high Aboriginal cancer rate
2006-11-11 London Calling
2006-11-10 China In A Bull Shop: China Update
2006-11-10 China in a Bull shop: China Update
2006-11-05 Rio Tinto in the Ascendant
2006-10-28 London Calling on Rio Tinto's latest fall from grace
2006-10-22 Latin American Update
2006-10-22 Peruvian To Join London's Band Of Mining Tycoons
2006-10-12 Papua New Guinea/Bougainville update
2006-10-05 Mining Companies Reconsider Colombia
2006-09-27 New lobby group for uranium
2006-09-18 Indonesia Update
2006-09-16 Miners in a fix over climate change
2006-09-16 Miners in a fix over climate change
2006-09-15 Papua New Guinea/Bougainville Update
2006-09-15 Local Landowners Close Mine
2006-09-14 ANALYSIS - Climate Change Poses Disaster Scenario for Miners
2006-09-13 New MIT Technique Eliminates Greenhouse Gases from Iron Production
2006-09-11 Canadian Firm Plans To Explore Philippines Nickel
2006-09-11 Philippines Update
2006-09-11 Philippines Update
2006-09-03 The mystery death, a town in uproar and a $1bn UK mines deal
2006-09-03 Bangla Nagar update
2006-09-03 Bangla Nagar update
2006-09-01 Phulbari agitation: Foreign investment becomes uncertain
2006-09-01 quot;Making natural resources work for the people of Bangladesh," is Asia Energy's corporate c
2006-08-31 Bangladesh hit by violent protests over British firm's coal mine plan
2006-08-24 Bougainville Update
2006-08-24 Bougainvillean miners slam secret talks
2006-08-24 Business slowly returning to Panguna area
2006-08-24 Bougainville Update
2006-08-20 Latin American Update
2006-08-20 Latin American Update
2006-08-18 Bougainville: Mining courtship starts
2006-08-16 Bougainville update: notorious "bad actor enters the controversy
2006-08-16 Chile's Escondida Mine Losing Up To $16 Mln Daily On Strike
2006-08-16 Bougainville update: notorious "bad actor enters the controversy
2006-08-15 People of Phulbari celebrate victory
2006-08-09 Bougainville case against Rio Tinto set for US hearing
2006-08-09 Bougainville case against Rio Tinto set for US hearing
2006-08-07 Bougainville: Islanders Win Court Appeal
2006-08-07 Ninth Defies State Department, Allows New Guinea Tort Suit to Proceed
2006-08-04 Indonesia: House Speaker urges immediate review of mining contracts
2006-07-05 Indonesia Update
2006-07-05 Indonesia Update
2006-06-30 Indonesian Update
2006-06-30 Indonesian Update
2006-06-29 What's wrong in Papua
2006-06-29 What's wrong in West Papua? Rio Tinto must be held accountable, says leading Australian journalist
2006-06-29 What's wrong in West Papua? Rio Tinto must be held accountable, says leading Australian journalist
2006-06-24 London Calling dissects a distinctly dodgy deal
2006-06-24 Sources: Indian Firm Accused Of Misusing Armenia's Gold Reserves:
2006-06-22 China Update
2006-06-22 Are miners certifiable?
2006-06-22 Indonesia Update
2006-06-18 Sepang sand mining threatens locals' livelihood in Bengkulu, Sumatra
2006-06-16 China Update
2006-06-16 Bougainville update: As ministers squabble, the people denounce re-opening Panguna
2006-06-16 Bougainville Update: As ministers squabble, the people denounce re-opening Panguna
2006-06-16 BOUGAINVILLE: PNG says President's mining trip wasn't approved
2006-06-16 China Update
2006-06-15 TSX Group delegation returning to China to seek new listings
2006-06-15 BHP Billiton Eyes Russian Uranium Market
2006-06-15 BHP Billiton follows Rio in holding hands with Norilsk - room for three under the ice sheets?
2006-06-15 BHP Billiton follows Rio in holding hands with Norilsk - room for three under the ice sheets?
2006-06-14 BHP decides to play Russian roulette
2006-06-14 Miners, Retailers To Certify Ethical Production Of Metal
2006-06-14 Rival miners share partner
2006-06-13 BHP Billiton and Russia's Norilsk Nickel sign mining agreement
2006-06-13 Mine to stay closed
2006-06-13 China to revise mineral law, expand foreign access to mining - report
2006-06-12 Miners, Polluters Face Pocket Book Pressure
2006-06-10 India Update
2006-06-08 Indonesia Update
2006-06-08 Indonesian Update
2006-06-08 Tribes reject Freeport talks in U.S.
2006-06-07 Arms and a hammer used against Canadian First Nation
2006-06-07 Norway throws out Freeport
2006-06-07 Norway Throws Out Freeport
2006-06-07 Arms and a hammer used against Canadian First Nation
2006-06-06 Diamonds To Add Shine To Chhattisgarh's Economy
2006-06-06 Two Government Officials Resign In Mine Scandal
2006-06-01 Rio Tinto - revisiting the principles
2006-05-31 BHPBilliton: earning praise - and condemnation
2006-05-31 Mining Firm Gives $8m Back To Tribe; Gift Ends Crandon Mine Saga
2006-05-31 BHPBilliton: earning praise - and condemnation
2006-05-31 For further background see:
2006-05-26 India Update
2006-05-26 India Update
2006-05-26 Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug First Nation Says Ontario Mining Act Unconstitutional via MiningWatch
2006-05-25 The imperative to ban seabed mining
2006-05-24 New reports: "May the force NOT be with you!"
2006-05-24 New Reports: "may The Force Not Be With You"
2006-05-24 London Calling on Forbes - yet again
2006-05-22 Ekati mineowners sue striking workers
2006-05-22 Behind The World's Biggest Pension Fund
2006-05-19 quot;Historic" agreement with Rio Tinto is "closer"
2006-05-19 "Historic" agreement with Rio Tinto is "closer"
2006-05-19 Statement from the Union of Northern Workers
2006-05-19 Feasibility study likely on bringing
2006-05-19 London Calling on a Canadian corporate scrap
2006-05-19 London Calling on a Canadian corporate scrap
2006-05-18 It's coal out there!
2006-05-18 Bougainville Update
2006-05-18 The Scariest Predators In The Corporate Jungle
2006-05-18 Bougainville Update
2006-05-18 European shareholders call for copper mine re-opening
2006-05-18 It's coal out there!
2006-05-16 BHP Billiton To Sell Peruvian Mine Tintaya To Xstrata In $750 Mln Stock-debt Deal
2006-05-15 Bougainville/PNG Update
2006-05-15 Bougainville/PNG Update
2006-05-15 PNG: Business leaders set to discuss life beyond mineral boom
2006-05-12 LONDON CALLING on a new hazard, an old mine, obscene pay - and a Chinese takeaway
2006-05-12 London Calling On A New Hazard, An Old Mine, Obscene Pay - And A Chinese Takeaway
2006-05-11 The new asbestos - and another betrayal?
2006-05-11 The following articles are from a Friends of Earth (Australia) Briefing Sheet:
2006-05-11 B) Evidence of probable harm to health associated with exposure to nanoparticles
2006-05-11 C) Will nanoparticle exposure in the workplace become the 'new asbestos'?
2006-05-11 The new asbestos - and another betrayal?
2006-05-11 D) The disruptive social impact of nanotechnology
2006-05-06 West Papua Update
2006-05-06 Ozzie Uprising
2006-05-06 West Papua Update
2006-05-06 Team checks Freeport pollution claims
2006-05-05 India Update
2006-05-05 India Update
2006-05-05 Aussies make push to cash in on nuclear revival
2006-05-04 Freeport and Rio Tito indicted
2006-05-04 Green group accepts uranium mines
2006-05-04 The Envronmental imacts of Freeport-Rio Tinto's copper and gold mining operation in Indonesia
2006-05-04 Freeport, Rio breaching environmental laws: Indonesian watchdog
2006-05-04 MEDIA ALERT: Mineral Policy Institute
2006-05-04 Freeport and Rio Tito indicted
2006-05-02 Eliza Kissya: Preserving the 'sasi' tradition against the odds
2006-05-01 Mine Antarctica, says Joyce
2006-04-27 Oil price rises fuel the return of coal
2006-04-22 Indonesian Update
2006-04-22 Indonesian Update
2006-04-18 Grasberg will remain open: Indonesian President
2006-04-15 Papuans confront Freeport
2006-04-13 Papua New Guinea Update
2006-04-13 Papua New Guinea Update
2006-04-13 Papua New Guinea Post-Courier
2006-04-13 Letter to the Editor: Panguna must pay out
2006-04-12 Freeport 'committed' to the environment
2006-04-08 China Update
2006-04-08 Papua New Guinea Update
2006-04-08 China Update
2006-04-08 Papua New Guinea Update
2006-04-07 Indonesian Update
2006-04-07 Four miners killed in coal mine explosion; four women were among those working underground
2006-04-07 Rio Tinto may spend US$1b on Indonesian mine, Purnomo says
2006-04-05 China: Uranium Deal With Australia Stirs Contrasting Views
2006-04-05 The Papuans Say: 'this Land And Its Ores Are Ours'
2006-04-05 The high price paid by China's miners
2006-04-05 Let them eat Yellowcake: National Protests at Uranium Sales to China
2006-04-05 The afterlife of uranium's militant opponents
2006-04-04 China okays uranium deal with Taiwan
2006-04-04 Bougainville identifies tourism as main sector
2006-04-04 Review process requires cooperation: Hancock
2006-04-03 PNG: Giant geological surveys to provide information for mining venture
2006-04-03 Australia and China Set to Sign Uranium Trade Deal
2006-04-01 Ethics test miners' mettle
2006-04-01 Submitted to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald: Re "Ethics test miner's mettle" [not publishe
2006-03-31 Bougainville government to decide on mining activities: Kabui
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-28 Papua New Guinea Update
2006-03-28 Papua New Guinea Update
2006-03-28 Indonesian police arrest 12 over attack on Newmont camp in Indonesia
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-28 Rio may look to re-enter PNG: analyst
2006-03-28 Police arrest 12 suspects over attack on Newmont mining camp
2006-03-28 A mixed bag for PNG
2006-03-24 Jim Bob rakes in millions from Papua goldmine
2006-03-23 Miner Freeport hit by double-whammy in Indonesia
2006-03-22 London Calling has a tiff with Dfid…and a bouquet for Rio Tinto
2006-03-22 Rio in reverse?
2006-03-22 Rio in reverse?
2006-03-22 London Calling Has A Tiff With Dfid...and A Bouquet For Rio Tinto
2006-03-21 INDONESIA: Mining group warns resources sector in peril
2006-03-21 Government and northern First Nation agree on forum to discuss resourceissues
2006-03-20 Indonesia Update
2006-03-20 Indonesian police detain 11 more after Papua clashes
2006-03-20 Indonesian Update
2006-03-20 Backgrounder on Elang/Dodo by JATAM and WALHI
2006-03-19 Elang Dodo Exploration: Proof of Newmont''s Destructive Power
2006-03-19 Newmont Mining's exploration camp burnt on Sumbawa Island
2006-03-19 Elang Dodo Exploration: Proof of Newmont's Destructive Power of Expansion
2006-03-18 More detentions in West Papua
2006-03-17 Indonesia: Investigate Escalating Violence in Papua
2006-03-17 Eyewitness: 'They feel oppressed'
2006-03-17 quot;Stop using the 'security approach' in the Freeport case!"
2006-03-16 Four killed in anti-Freeport protests in Indonesia
2006-03-15 Rio denies Panguna talks
2006-03-15 Big Mining Companies……and The Communities Resisting Them
2006-03-14 Papua New Guinea Update
2006-03-14 Png Intensifies Drive On Mining Investment
2006-03-14 Papua New Guinea update
2006-03-12 Indonesian forest to disappear in 15 years
2006-03-10 Following The Money - How Our Pounds Support The Mining Industry
2006-03-10 Take Your Partners - But Where Are We Going?
2006-03-10 Mines, Money, And Partnerships
2006-03-10 Mines, money, and partnerships
2006-03-08 Stung Mining Firms Want To Be Catalyst For Growth
2006-03-07 A planned betrayal?
2006-03-07 A planned betrayal?
2006-03-07 US company aren't no calendar girl!
2006-03-06 Owners speak out about Kakadu's uranium
2006-03-05 "Enough is enough!" - cries from West Papua and Nigeria
2006-03-05 quot;Enough is enough!" - cries from West Papua and Nigeria
2006-03-03 A further push to the boat for Bougainville
2006-03-03 A further push to the boat for Bougainville
2006-03-03 Panguna revisit mooted
2006-03-01 India Update
2006-03-01 Protesters Want Freeport's Indonesia Mine Closed
2006-02-27 Thirty nine years of Freeport-Rio Tinto is enough
2006-02-25 Shell told to pay Nigerians $1.5bn pollution damages
2006-02-24 US Update
2006-02-24 Chromium Industry Withheld Evidence of Workplace Cancer Risk
2006-02-24 US Update
2006-02-23 Protestors vandalize Freeport offices in Jakarta
2006-02-23 Protestors vandalize Freeport offices in Jakarta
2006-02-23 London Calling squeezes further - with "Extracting Intellects", Part Two
2006-02-22 Stakes are high as miners and natives square off
2006-02-22 Drilling Energy Programs Trump Conservation
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-17 Chile Mining Min Slams Escondida On Copper Royalty
2006-02-17 BHPBilliton: giving with one hand, taking with the other
2006-02-17 Orissa NGO takes BHP-Billiton money
2006-02-17 BHPBilliton: giving with one hand, taking with the other
2006-02-16 Sources: Alcoa’s Global Record: Mark Meredith, “alcoa And You”, Trinidad And Tobag
2006-02-15 Maryland Power Plants Linked to 700 Premature Deaths Per Year
2006-02-14 Freeport told to clean up copper mine
2006-02-13 Sold Down The River
2006-02-13 Sold down the river
2006-02-06 Is Rio Tinto About To Commit A Massive Error? Or Make A Huge Pile? And Is There Any Real Difference?
2006-02-06 Latin American Update
2006-02-06 The Following Background Report On Norilsk By Nostromo Research Was Published In The Winter 2003-20
2006-02-06 Norilsk's Nickel Nightmare
2006-02-06 Is Rio Tinto about to commit a massive error? Or make a huge pile? And is there any real difference
2006-02-03 Brazil Frontier Mining Bill Nearly Drafted
2006-01-26 Freeport's damage in West Papua is "serious"
2006-01-26 Freeport's damage in West Papua is "serious"
2006-01-26 Damage Caused by Freeport to Environment is Serious: Minister Says
2006-01-25 In Defense of Mountains / On the Frontlines Against Destructive Mining
2006-01-25 Amien Critizes Freeport for Environmental Destruction
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-21 Ramapough Mountain Indians Sue Ford Over Toxic Contamination
2006-01-18 Africa's No-Win on Uranium
2006-01-18 Africa's No-Win on Uranium
2006-01-12 Sources: The Stranded “london” Whale: All Uk News Media, 21-22/1/2006; London Evening St
2006-01-11 Brazil Bauxite Mine Closed after Dam Burst
2006-01-06 Freeport not licensed to dispose of tailings
2006-01-06 Neighbours Sign Andes Agreement
2006-01-06 Freeport not licensed to dispose of tailings
2006-01-05 Blood on Many Hands: URGENT ALERT re Kalinganagar massacre
2006-01-03 Freeport denies pollution reports, vows to comply with government rules
2006-00-24 Jakarta tells Freeport, 'Start following rules'
2005-12-30 India Update
2005-12-29 Mountain of gold leaves a river of waste
2005-12-29 Indonesian military admits accepting cash from Freeport-McMoRan
2005-12-28 Freeport-Rio Tinto: Gold's other price
2005-12-28 Freeport-Rio Tinto: Gold's other price
2005-12-25 Cheap ore for Orissa sponge iron makers
2005-12-24 Diamond Industry To Sparkle
2005-12-21 Very little said about tailings dumping
2005-12-15 Mining away Orissa's wealth!
2005-12-09 Joint Ngo Report On Human Rights And The Extractive Industry & Consultations
2005-12-09 For More Information On The Escr-net Corporate Accountability Working Group, We Encourage You To Vis
2005-12-09 Human Rights and extractive industry
2005-12-09 Human Rights And Extractive Industry
2005-11-29 Masters Mind
2005-11-29 Masters Mind
2005-11-29 Masters Mind
2005-11-28 London Calling Arizona - Australia
2005-11-28 London Calling Arizona - Australia
2005-11-22 INDIA UPDATE
2005-11-22 India Update
2005-11-22 Diamond Mining Plans of De Beers, Rio Tinto Hit
2005-11-20 Namibia: Eco groups say uranium mine brings new hazards
2005-11-19 Jindal Steel signs pact with S. African, German cos
2005-11-19 73 FDI Proposals Approved in Mining Sector
2005-11-18 Canadian Firm Admits to Killings at PNG Gold Mine
2005-11-15 7th November 2005:
2005-11-15 Mines of Conflict
2005-11-14 Posco May Miss Deal Deadline
2005-11-11 Jharkhand to check operation areas of coal companies
2005-11-10 Greens see red over proposed mining near Karlapat sanctuary
2005-11-08 Gathering protests over tribals' eviction in Jharkhand
2005-10-31 UN Ignores Own Standards in Investing $29 Billion Pension Fund
2005-10-31 Three mining multinationals companies are among a dozen companies which allegedly violate the United
2005-10-24 Miners wary of department edict
2005-10-22 Buried Treasure
2005-10-22 The Lorentz National Park in West Papua under new threat
2005-10-22 The Lorentz National Park In West Papua Under New Threat
2005-10-21 B'ville sets up team to revive mine
2005-10-21 Bougainville mine to re-open?
2005-10-21 Bougainville mine to re-open?
2005-10-20 After many years of contamination by mining companies of one of Bolivia's most important rivers, the
2005-10-20 Mining Companies Charged by Judge with Poisoning the River Pilcomayo, Bolivia
2005-10-19 Reply from Emma Delaney,
2005-10-18 London Calling - October 18 2005
2005-10-18 London Calling! October 18 2005
2005-10-15 Government of PNG's Bougainville votes to reopen copper mine
2005-10-14 Major disaster kills workers at Lihir mine
2005-10-14 After the Lihir landslide
2005-10-14 Major disaster kills workers at Lihir mine
2005-10-14 Ona's family meets in Buka
2005-10-11 Landslide In Lihir: Setback Or Symptomatic?
2005-09-26 Sources: The Age On Nanotechnology, September 26 2005; South Deep In 2002:
2005-09-26 Brumby calls for joint nano development
2005-09-23 Written in Stone - Freeport-McMoRan in Indonesia
2005-09-15 Sources: Apaches against Rio Tinto: emails to Partizans, London (June - September 2005); Rio Tinto
2005-09-09 Rio Tinto tries to get back into the North Woods
2005-09-09 Rio Tinto tries to get back into the North Woods
2005-09-08 Australia Uranium Sales Up As World Demand Rises
2005-08-19 Landowners push for BCL share split
2005-08-15 Uranium Special - On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-15 On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-15 Updates on uranium special
2005-08-10 Australia, China To Begin Formal Uranium Talks
2005-08-04 Rio Tinto Mine Lifts Hopes of Madagascar Progress
2005-07-30 After a silence of two and a half months, BP has replied (or rather not replied) to a passionate let
2005-07-30 Letter to BP on the Tangguh project in West Papua
2005-07-30 JATAM Urges the Indonesian Government to Immediately Withdraw Military Forces from Mining Locations
2005-07-30 Letter from Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman to Lord Browne, Group Chief Executive BP p.l.c. (Bahasa versi
2005-07-30 Reply from Emma Delaney,
2005-07-30 JATAM Urges the Indonesian Government to Immediately Withdraw Military Forces and Police from Mining
2005-07-26 Ona to be accorded a State funeral in Buka
2005-07-26 145;Biggest rebel with a cause’
2005-07-25 Bougainville Seccessionist leader Francis Ona dies
2005-07-25 His later years were marked by signs of paranoia and megalomania. However, Francis Ona initiated the
2005-07-15 Bcl Sent Out K89m Overseas To Avoid Paying Taxes: Irc Lawyer
2005-07-11 Akoitai Disappointed Over Rio Tinto Suit
2005-07-11 Kabui Urges Ona To Share Gold Wealth
2005-07-11 Ranger Danger - Troubled Kakadu Uranium Mine in Court Again
2005-07-06 Acid on the rocks: Sulfide mining poised to tunnel into Michigan
2005-07-03 G8 Summit: 'Greenwashing' Does Not Make the World Cleaner
2005-07-01 Ona: No, No - 'close B'ville Govt And Let Me Run It'
2005-07-01 B'ville Class Action Gains Momentum
2005-06-24 Panguna Copper Mine To Remain Closed: Akoitai
2005-06-24 Kabaui Names 10 Ministers
2005-06-22 Veinte Países Actúan Para Protegerse Del Radón, Letal Gas Radioactivo
2005-06-21 Bougainville Leader Calls For Talks On Mining
2005-06-18 'Development' not for tribes in India
2005-06-16 A new era for Bougainville...
2005-06-16 A new era - Bougainville's new autonomous govt sworn in
2005-06-16 A new era for Bougainville
2005-06-16 Kabui sets mission of making autonomy work
2005-06-16 B'ville is still part of PNG, says PM
2005-06-16 Bougainville's pot of copper
2005-06-15 Edinburgh G8 summit and mining companies
2005-06-15 The Commission for Africa and Corporate Involvement
2005-06-01 Rio Tinto's commitment to Indigenous issues questioned
2005-05-31 Pilbara Aboriginal Meeting Condemns Rio Tinto
2005-05-31 Pilbara Aboriginal Meeting Condemns Rio Tinto
2005-05-27 London Calling - May 29 2005
2005-05-27 London Calling! May 27 2005
2005-05-15 Appendix: Rio 2005 - An Account Of Rio Tinto's May 2005 London Annual General Meeting
2005-04-27 Greens unite against mining
2005-04-27 Activist slams miner
2005-04-26 Rio Considers Borneo Aluminium Smelter
2005-04-26 Scrap uranium plans: Environmentalists
2005-04-20 Mining in Indonesian forests opposed in court
2005-04-10 ACF urges ASIC action on Kakadu uranium cover-up
2005-04-10 ACF urges ASIC action on Kakadu uranium cover-up
2005-04-08 Urgent Complaint – Time sensitive disclosures
2005-04-06 China Tries to Stem Flow of Coal Mine Disasters
2005-04-03 South Africans, Canadians Leading PNG Mining Expansion
2005-03-31 China Says Environment Spending Falls Short
2005-03-29 Bougainville Copper Ltd in legal conflict over taxes
2005-03-21 Australia's Northern Territory Environment Centre - one of the key collaborators in the former Movem
2005-03-14 Press Release - mm&P: mines, minerals & PEOPLE
2005-03-02 Starm Raises The Alarm On Entry Of Foreign Partner Into Lepanto Mines
2005-03-02 STARM Raises The Alarm on Entry of Foreign Partner Into Lepanto Mines
2005-02-25 Aborigines win veto on Kakadu uranium mining
2005-02-25 Traditional owners given veto over Jabiluka mine
2005-02-25 Greenpeace pide a Francia no explote uranio en Parque Nacional
2005-02-25 ERA signs Jabiluka uranium mine agreement
2005-02-25 Aborigines win veto on Kakadu uranium mining
2005-02-25 Aborigines win veto on Kakadu uranium mining
2005-02-25 Ambientalistas piden que planes sobre uranio sean descartados
2005-02-23 The world's top three mining companies have just registered record gains
2005-02-23 Top Three Mining Companies Register Record Gains
2005-02-23 Mines Dig Deep To Leave A Decent Legacy
2005-02-17 New Facts Link Indonesian Military to "Terror Attack" on U.S. Citizens
2005-02-13 Chhattisgarh to be world's diamond bowl
2005-02-10 Orchid to buy copper giant
2005-02-07 Chinese Coal Mining Update
2005-02-07 ERA in hot water over contamination
2005-01-31 China Coal Crunch Expected to Worsen
2005-01-31 Investors drawn to China despite risks
2005-01-27 Canada Worried by China Buying its Resources
2005-01-27 China Hikes Penalties on Illegal Coal Mining
2005-01-27 China Using Environment Rules To Help Cool Economy
2005-01-26 Ramu Project Nudged
2005-01-20 China's Go West Campaign and Globalisation: Tibet's mines up for sale in the international market
2005-01-15 1] Lepanto A Shares Are Limited To Local Investors While Lepanto B Shares May Be Bought By Foreign
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-13 Mining a magnet for China's overseas investment
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-10 Rights Groups Slam BP's Tangguh Project
2005-01-10 Rights Groups Slam BP's Tangguh Project
2005-01-07 Half of China's overseas investment falls in Latin America
2005-01-05 In northern climes
2005-01-05 Platinum galore: remote island of Unst gets ready for a boom in precious metals
2005-01-05 In northern climes
2004-12-08 BP's Human Rights Commitment and Practices in West Papua Slammed in World-wide Protest
2004-12-08 The Supreme Court Reversal On La Bugal - A Bigger Storm Brewing Network
2004-12-08 The following letter was sent to Lord Browne of BP, and copied to Senator George Mitchell of TIAP,
2004-12-03 Plea from PNG to Gathering of Mining Investors in Sydney
2004-12-03 The Battle Is Far From Over
2004-12-02 Promotion Of Church People's Response (pcpr) Press Statement
2004-11-30 For further information, contact Nicole Rinke of Western Mining Action Project (775) 337-2977 (WMAP
2004-11-30 Western Shoshone and Allies Challenge Department of Interior Decision to Open Spiritual and Cultura
2004-11-30 Western Shoshone Challenge Government Decision to Open Spiritual and Cultural Area to Further Destru
2004-11-26 Minmetals meets Noranda
2004-10-27 Miner, clan feuding over ‘sacred rock’
2004-10-12 South Africa to Take Pulse of Its Environment
2004-10-10 London Calling - October 10 2004
2004-10-10 London Calling! October 10 2004
2004-10-01 Mining giants told to pay back Zimbabwean miners
2004-09-30 Rio Tinto to be prosecuted for uranium disaster
2004-09-30 Rio Tinto to be prosecuted for uranium disaster
2004-09-30 Greens call for ERA to lose Ranger licence
2004-09-15 London Calling - September 15 2004
2004-09-15 London Calling! September 15 2004
2004-09-10 Rio Tinto under multiple fire in Australia
2004-09-10 Rio Tinto under multiple fire - from Australian workers, Aboriginal communities, politicians and gov
2004-09-10 Comments on the Cooke Review
2004-09-06 New spill on eve of Ranger reopening
2004-09-04 What happened to the Bakers at the Ranger mine
2004-09-02 A new dawn for mining after a lost decade in PNG?
2004-08-31 ERA, government to blame for uranium mine: ALP
2004-08-31 Re. Suspension of operations at Ranger Uranium Mine at Kakadu
2004-08-31 New research throws STD into further doubt
2004-08-31 Uranium Mine in Australian National Park Closed for Contamination
2004-08-28 Why the World Bank snubbed the EIR - Special Report
2004-08-27 London Calling - August 27 2004
2004-08-27 London Calling Publisher
2004-08-23 London Calling - August 23 2004
2004-08-23 London Calling! August 23 2004
2004-08-19 Prospectors Find Rich Finance Seam In London's Motherlode
2004-08-15 Letter No. 4.
2004-08-15 Letter No 5.
2004-08-15 Green Corporate Partnerships?
2004-08-15 Letter No. 6.
2004-08-15 Letter no.1
2004-08-15 Letter No. 7.
2004-08-15 Letter no. 2
2004-08-15 Letter No 8.
2004-08-15 Green Corporate Partnerships? An exchange from the Ecologist
2004-08-15 Letter No. 3.
2004-08-09 Australian Government Chief Scientist Also Top Mining Executive
2004-07-26 Malaysia says giant Bakun dam under review
2004-07-24 NGO coalitions will take legal action on Indonesian Parliament's endorsement of Government Decree
2004-07-19 Quest for Justice on Bougainville continues
2004-07-19 Quest for American justice on a South Pacific island
2004-07-16 Disputed mining bill endorsed in Indonesia
2004-07-08 Indonesian Minister Nabiel under fire for alleged incompetence
2004-07-08 nbsp;
2004-07-07 Jakarta, 07 July 2004
2004-06-21 Political solution, not barrel of gun' - General Singirok lashes out at Sir Julius over Sandline co
2004-06-09 Sandline mercenaries: from Sierra Leone to Iraq
2004-06-02 London Calling - June 2 2004
2004-06-02 London Calling! June 2 2004
2004-05-29 Scars of Kakadu begin to heal as the disturbed earth finds rest
2004-05-25 London Calling - May 25 2004
2004-05-19 Ranger uranium mine: after the contamination
2004-05-19 Ranger uranium mine: after the contamination
2004-05-17 Mining Giant Rio Tinto Defends Madagascar Project
2004-05-05 Future uncertain for Bougainville mine
2004-04-30 The Australian government's EFIC is arguing export finance will save PNG
2004-04-30 EFIC defends the indefensible
2004-04-29 Prime Minister's new ally - Top Aussie group warns of economic decline under new leadership
2004-04-29 Australian firms plunder Papua New Guinea
2004-04-29 Rio Tinto protest: 'Human rights, not mining sites'
2004-04-29 Finished business - Jabiluka goes to ground
2004-04-29 Finished business - Jabiluka goes to ground
2004-04-28 INCO to file lawsuit at International Arbitrage
2004-04-22 Aborigines get Jabiluka veto
2004-04-15 Rio Tinto Global Network to Kick Off Global Solidarity Days
2004-04-13 Locals drank from tap that stayed on after nearby uranium contamination
2004-04-12 'Keystone Cops' uranium regulation shows need for immediate reform
2004-04-12 Keystone Cops' uranium regulation shows need for immediate reform
2004-04-05 Uranium drinkers say mine cut them loose
2004-04-05 Summary:
2004-04-05 Uranium drinkers at Ranger say mine cut them loose as contamination spreads
2004-03-30 Human error likely cause of Ranger contamination
2004-03-26 Uranium contamination spreads
2004-03-26 Contaminated water shuts Rio uranium mine
2004-03-26 Contaminated water shuts Rio uranium mine
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-03-22 Rio Tinto and the new IR laws
2004-03-19 United States wants international ruling kept secret
2004-03-15 Indonesian Government Decree Doesn't Alter Ban on Open-Cut Mining in Protected Forests
2004-03-12 Government allows mining firms back into protected areas as investment lure
2004-03-09 Decision saved innocent
2004-03-04 Despite evidence that the Indonesian army killed three teachers working for Freeport-Rio Tinto at th
2004-03-04 And a footnote from a Singirok enthusiast!...
2004-03-04 Troops to Stay at Freeport's Papua Mine
2004-03-04 Troops to Stay at Freeport's Papua Mine
2004-03-04 For those who aren't aware of the events surrounding the recent trial of Brigadier Singirok in Papu
2004-03-04 Singirok: ‘Special weapon of God’
2004-03-04 Former PNG defence force commander cleared of sedition
2004-03-03 Behind the Freeport-Rio Tinto murders in 2000
2004-03-03 Behind the Freeport-Rio Tinto murders in 2000
2004-03-03 Indonesian army ordered deadly ambush
2004-03-01 This linked article reports on Indonesian Government plans to maintain the militarization of foreign
2004-02-27 Rio Tinto finally allows return of some of the victimised Blair Athol coal miners
2004-02-27 2,049 days after they were unfairly dismissed, Rio Tinto finally opens the gates for the return of
2004-02-26 London Calling - February 26 2004
2004-02-26 London Calling! February 26 2004
2004-02-19 Comalco defends power subsidy, while citizens protest
2004-02-19 Smelter closure 'won't end power shortages'
2004-02-19 The following judgment was delivered on Comalco by the "Roger Award" panel selecting "
2004-02-19 Comalco defends power subsidy, while citizens protest
2004-02-07 London Calling! February 7 2004
2004-02-07 Australian Government Looks away from Payments to Indonesian Forces
2004-02-07 London Calling - February 7 2004
2004-01-26 December Landslide Forces Freeport-McMoRan Unit To Scale Back Production
2004-01-17 An industry dedicated to deception - presentation to World Social Forum
2004-01-10 Vedanta - the panto! A London Calling special - January 10 2004
2004-01-10 A London Calling Special - January 10 2004
2003-12-23 Increased pollution from British mine in Indonesia
2003-12-23 West Kutai calls for clarification from PT Kelian
2003-12-23 Increased pollution from British mine in Indonesia
2003-12-17 London Calling - December 17 2003
2003-12-17 London Calling! December 17 2003
2003-12-15 EIB postpones loan decision on Laos copper mine
2003-12-09 A boot in both camps: Australian government chief scientist also works for Rio Tinto
2003-12-09 Government Mulls Freeport Resumption / FBI Freeport probe
2003-12-09 Questions of conflict of interest over Australia's Chief Scientist
2003-12-09 Government Mulls Freeport Resumption
2003-12-09 A boot in both camps: Australian government chief scientist also works for Rio Tinto
2003-12-07 London Calling! December 7 2003
2003-12-07 FBI Resumes Freeport Probe
2003-12-07 London Calling - December 7 2003
2003-12-04 Yosepha Alomang: "PT Freeport must be shutdown immediately"
2003-12-01 Sources: Launch of Vedanta IPO: Financial Times (FT) 5/12/2003; Hedge funds buying Vedanta: FT 6-7
2003-11-30 London Calling - November 30 2003
2003-11-30 London Calling! November 30 2003
2003-11-26 Freeport-McMoRan resumes Grasberg operations after deaths
2003-11-26 The World Bank Eir Criticises Mine Waste Tailings
2003-11-25 Extractive Industries Review critical of oil and coal and submarine tailings disposal
2003-11-25 World Bank Pull Out Of Oil And Coal' Now Official Advice
2003-11-17 Searchers find one more body at Grasberg
2003-11-13 Kennecott cited for willful safety violation and slammed for pollution proposal
2003-11-13 Kennecott cited for willful safety violation - Rio Tinto and Kennecott slammed for pollution proposa
2003-11-11 DiamondWorks remembers its dead, in silence
2003-11-11 Freeport revises third quarter figure
2003-11-10 While Freeport-Rio Tinto continues to claim the October 9th disaster at Grasberg was a "natural
2003-11-06 13 mining sites get forest status changed
2003-11-06 The man who pioneered the huge - and disastrous - expansion at the Freeport-Rio Tinto Grasberg mine
2003-11-04 Further information on the landslide at Freeport's Grasberg Mine
2003-11-03 KPC Using Forces to Intimidate United Farmers
2003-11-03 KPC Using Forces to Intimidate United Farmers
2003-11-03 Bahasa Version]
2003-11-01 Corporate Killings at Freeport's Indonesian Mine?
2003-11-01 Corporate Killings at Indonesian Mine? Freeport-Rio Tinto knew that October 9th Pit Wall Collapse wa
2003-11-01 Fatal error left miners at mercy of landslide
2003-10-31 Freeport-Rio Tinto Exposed!
2003-10-29 Rio Tinto's wholly-owned Kennecott subsidiary is by far the biggest airbourne polluter in the United
2003-10-29 Groups Reject Kennecott's "Pump and Dump" Plan citing threats to Property Rights, Community, Wild
2003-10-29 Groups Reject Kennecott's "Pump and Dump" Plan citing threats to Property Rights, Communi
2003-10-27 Australian firms plunder Papua New Guinea
2003-10-18 Freeport mine's business as usual after landslip deaths
2003-10-15 Government seeks to extend Freeport mine closure
2003-10-15 Beware the Wolf at the Door: Conservation International
2003-10-11 Major Disaster Strikes Freeport-Rio Tinto Indonesian Mine
2003-10-11 WALHI Demands a Halt to Freeport Mine Operations
2003-10-11 Major Disaster Strikes Freeport-Rio Tinto Indonesian Mine
2003-10-10 Indonesia's Freeport mine will shut for 2 weeks
2003-10-10 Background:
2003-10-10 Freeport-part of Indonesia landslide mine is open
2003-10-09 Freeport-McMoRan Indonesia landslide kills two
2003-10-05 Security firm spied on road protesters
2003-10-05 Rio Tinto is among a number of British companies named by the London Sunday Times as employing a &qu
2003-10-05 Security firm spied on road protesters
2003-09-26 Global Union Group Commits to Bring Rogue Company Rio Tinto to Justice, Reaffirms Solidarity
2003-09-26 Trade unionists impacted by the policies and practices of Rio Tinto have confirmed the need for the
2003-09-24 CAA-Oxfam Ombudsman Mining Report
2003-09-24 Png: Drd Management Maintain Its Not Responsible For Miners Deaths
2003-09-24 Wilson defends Rio Tinto's global operations
2003-09-10 Union Members Speak-Up at Contamination Hearing
2003-09-03 Laid-Off Kennecott Workers File EEOC Charges and Rally to 'Reverse the Outrage'
2003-09-03 Laid-Off Kennecott Workers File EEOC Charges and Rally to 'Reverse the Outrage'
2003-08-22 Freeport Ambush Libel Case Opens in Jayapura
2003-08-22 Parliament plans to revise autonomy law
2003-08-22 Freeport Ambush Libel Case Opens in Jayapura
2003-08-21 Mining companies vow not to mine in world heritage areas
2003-08-21 Mining companies vow not to mine in world heritage areas
2003-08-07 London Calling - August 7 2003
2003-08-07 London Calling! August 7 2003
2003-08-06 Land Grabbing Bill Returns to Senate to Threaten Sovereignty of Western Shoshone Nation
2003-08-05 Madagascar: proyecto minero de Rio Tinto avanza... para peor
2003-08-04 Mining should be banned in protected forests
2003-08-03 The Rothschild Files
2003-08-03 The Thor Case
2003-08-03 Access to courts for corporate accountability: recent developments
2003-08-01 Filling a Hole - Building a Future: Kakadu Mine Rehabilitation Welcomed
2003-08-01 Northern Territory okays Jabiluka clean-up
2003-08-01 Northern Territory okays Jabiluka clean-up
2003-07-31 Government excludes mining firms from environmental audit
2003-07-31 Government excludes mining firms from environmental audit
2003-07-26 Cref Claims Ignorance of Gold Mining Controversies
2003-07-26 Cref Claims Ignorance of Gold Mining Controversies
2003-07-23 London Calling - July 23 2003
2003-07-23 London Calling! July 23 2003
2003-07-17 London Calling - July 17 2003
2003-07-17 London Calling! July 17 2003
2003-07-17 World Bank warns Indonesia incurs huge environmental cost from mining activities
2003-07-15 Amended 2003 Resolution To Cref
2003-07-15 The Motupore Declaration on Mining
2003-07-15 Kennecott workers file suit against Rio Tinto
2003-07-15 Up against the Red Shield
2003-07-15 Kennecott Brags About Highest Toxic Releases in US
2003-07-15 Indonesia: crece la oposicióa la minería en áreas protegidas
2003-07-13 Indonesia regional govts, civil society: More speak out for forest protection from mining
2003-07-13 More speak out for forest protection from mining in Indonesia
2003-07-13 Notes For Editors:
2003-07-09 It seems that Rio Tinto has finally agreed to some longstanding demands by the Mirrar people, tradit
2003-07-09 Black veto on buried Jabiluka
2003-07-09 Black veto on buried Jabiluka
2003-07-08 London Calling! July 8 2003
2003-07-08 London Calling - July 8 2003
2003-07-04 For further information contact:
2003-07-04 Mineral Commodities Ltd (MRC, ASX) is a Perth, Australia, registered company with a copper mine in Q
2003-07-04 Pondoland poised for 'green battle'
2003-07-04 Pondoland poised for 'green battle'
2003-07-03 Australian hypocrisy over mining in Indonesian forests
2003-07-03 Australian hypocrisy over mining in Indonesian forests
2003-07-03 Government under fire for mining contracts
2003-07-03 Country wide condemnation greets Indonesian government decision to allow mining in forests
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-06-30 EPA Says Toxic Releases, Wastes Declined in 2001
2003-06-30 UN Committee Recommends Stricter Mercury Limits
2003-06-28 Book Review - The Politics of Power: Freeport in Soeharto's Indonesia
2003-06-27 Outraged Kennecott workers condemn Rio Tinto's alleged treachery
2003-06-25 Blair Athol miners back on the job with Rio Tinto after 5 years of victimisation
2003-06-23 Public outcry over mining threat to Indonesian protected forests
2003-06-21 Government to send team to check cyanide study on Newmont
2003-06-20 Newmont, Walhi agree to verify cyanide study
2003-06-19 Mining in protected forests under fire
2003-06-19 Newmont endangers people, ecosystem
2003-06-19 Newmont endangers people, ecosystem
2003-06-17 Bougainville won't allow larger-scale loggers to harvest its forests
2003-06-17 Bougainville won't allow larger-scale loggers to harvest its forests - Large-scale loggers out
2003-06-17 Panguna wants peace
2003-06-15 Save Indonesia's Protected Forest Areas from Mining
2003-06-11 Minister: Freeport to improve tailings management or face legal action
2003-06-11 Freeport-Rio Tinto: between the devil and the deep blue sea
2003-06-11 Freeport-Rio Tinto: between the devil and the deep blue sea
2003-06-10 Kennecott CBC Supporters Rally at Tiffanys
2003-06-04 London Calling - June 4 2003
2003-06-04 London Calling! June 4 2003
2003-06-03 An Ngo Takes Issue With Atol
2003-05-23 Pull The Plug On Comalco & Close The Bluff Smelter
2003-05-21 Come clean, oil and mining firms told
2003-05-14 Freeport-McMoRan receives subpoena in price-fixing probe
2003-05-14 Freeport-McMoRan receives subpoena in price-fixing probe
2003-05-14 Last week several major copper concentrate producers based in London and the US were raided by Europ
2003-05-12 Indonesia's Mining Quagmire: A Furious Exchange!
2003-05-12 Indonesia's mining quagmire: a furious exchange!
2003-05-03 London Calling - May 3 2003
2003-05-03 London Calling! May 3 2003
2003-05-01 Unions demand decent corporate standards at Rio Tinto's AGM
2003-05-01 Response to Questions by Mineral Policy Institute (Australia) at Rio Tinto Ltd, AGM Perth, Australi
2003-04-30 Three Communities Protest at Placer Dome AGM
2003-04-28 ERA won't sign Jabiluka contract
2003-04-28 Extractive Industries Is Not The Answer For Decent And Sustainable Livelihood
2003-04-28 ERA won't sign Jabiluka contract
2003-04-28 ERA won't sign Jabiluka contract
2003-04-26 Hamersley unions dig in
2003-04-19 Rio vows to seek approval
2003-04-19 Rio vows to seek approval
2003-04-18 Investors barrack Rio Tinto bosses - Remarks about small shareholders return to haunt Sir Richard Sy
2003-04-18 Rio Tinto confirms promise on Jabiluka
2003-04-18 Investors barrack Rio Tinto bosses at their annual AGM
2003-04-18 Rio Tinto bosses duck shareholders
2003-04-18 Rio Tinto confirms promise on Jabiluka
2003-04-18 Investors barrack Rio Tinto bosses at their annual AGM
2003-04-17 "Reject Rio Tinto" - Indonesian community's pro-forests message
2003-04-17 quot;Reject Rio Tinto" - Indonesian community's pro-forests message for Earth Day and Rio Tint
2003-04-17 Governor backs ban on Rio Tinto's gold mine
2003-04-15 Land, Forests, Displacement and Livelihoods: Protecting Women’s Rights in Mining
2003-04-15 Report of the Rio Tinto Annual General Meeting 2003
2003-04-15 Report of the Rio Tinto AGM
2003-04-15 Labour and Women in Mining
2003-04-09 President, Rio Tinto Global Network
2003-04-09 KCBC Calls Kennecott Utah Copper Bluff
2003-04-09 KCBC Calls Kennecott Utah Copper Bluff: 'We Are Not at All Happy with Your Implemented Offer'
2003-04-09 April 9, 2003
2003-04-02 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program
2003-03-29 Four treated after being shot over Newmont attack
2003-03-25 Walhi splits with USAID
2003-03-25 Walhi splits with USAID
2003-03-24 Text of the Walhi Statement
2003-03-20 London Calling! March 20th 2003
2003-03-20 London Calling - March 30 2003
2003-03-20 John Frankenheimer releases new film, 'Path to Wat', which mirrors Iraq
2003-03-19 Freeport-Rio Tinto Joint Statement on payments to the Indonesian military
2003-03-17 Unchecked thuggery could lead to organized crime'
2003-03-17 Unchecked thuggery could lead to organized crime'
2003-03-17 Indonesian military nothing more than mercenaries
2003-03-16 Freeport confirms allowances for military, police in Papua
2003-03-15 West Papua mine paid $18.5m to military
2003-03-14 nbsp;
2003-03-13 Freeport paid Indonesian military US$5.6m in 'protection money'
2003-03-13 Freeport paid Indonesian military US$5.6m in 'protection money'
2003-02-27 The exile who fights for the rights of all Papuans
2003-02-26 Major Drilling Unit/Pact at Grasberg Mine
2003-02-17 London Calling - February 17 2003
2003-02-17 London Calling! February 17 2003
2003-02-17 Murder at the Freeport Mine
2003-02-14 Freeport McMoran pushed to improve human-rights policy
2003-02-04 London Calling! February 4 2003
2003-02-04 London Calling - February 4 2003
2003-01-30 Fears raised over spoilt cyanide containers
2003-01-16 Cyanide threat for Panguna ... Francis Ona concerned
2003-01-16 Cyanide threat for Panguna on Bougainville
2003-01-15 Corporate accountability: why?
2002-12-19 Environmental Destroyers Spoil Yap Thiam Hien Award 2002
2002-12-13 Rio Tinto's sacked workers not reinstated
2002-12-11 US lawsuit on Bougainville still on
2002-11-18 London Calling - November 18 2002
2002-11-18 London Calling! November 18 2002
2002-11-11 Australian diggers bagging Indian mining contracts
2002-10-23 Hatch Advisor To World Bank
2002-10-22 The denial of traditional land rights in West Papua
2002-10-22 Chris Ballard is a researcher at The Australian National University's Research School of Pacific and
2002-10-22 References & further reading
2002-10-22 The denial of traditional land rights in West Papua
2002-10-21 What's Wrong with Freeport's Security Policy?
2002-10-21 ELSHAM
2002-10-21 What's Wrong with Freeport's Security Policy
2002-10-09 Diverse causes responsible for Bougainville conflict
2002-09-27 London Calling! September 27 2002
2002-09-27 London Calling - September 27 2002
2002-09-26 West Papua: after the mine site killings, the accusations fly and the intimidation mounts
2002-09-26 Statement by TAPOL, Indonesian Human Rights organisation (UK), September 26 2002
2002-09-26 Revengeful Indonesia military accuse ELSHAM of being 'extension' of PDP
2002-09-26 West Papua: mine site killings, the accusations and the intimidation
2002-09-26 quot;Indonesian army is promoting violence"
2002-09-19 Elections for Bougainville autonomy in Nov 2003
2002-09-19 Arms disposal by December
2002-09-19 Bougainville to see benefits in five years: Kabui
2002-09-19 Momis back BCC
2002-09-19 Bougainville to see benefits in five years
2002-09-09 Rio Tinto in Court battle over Bougainville
2002-09-04 Troubled Rio Tinto must rehabiliate Jabiuka
2002-09-02 London Calling - September 2 2002
2002-09-02 London Calling! September 2 2002
2002-08-25 London Calling - August 25 2002
2002-08-25 London Calling - August 25 2002
2002-08-18 Oily Diplomacy: How State Department is protecting Exxon, Unocal and Rio Tinto from peoples' claims
2002-08-18 How State Department is protecting Exxon, Unocal and Rio
2002-08-14 The Gold Coast
2002-08-12 London Calling - August 12 2002
2002-08-12 London Calling - August 12 2002
2002-08-09 Further comment from the Financial Times...
2002-08-06 London Calling - August 6 2002
2002-08-06 London Calling - August 6 2002
2002-08-02 London Calling - August 2 2002
2002-08-02 London Calling - August 2 2002
2002-08-01 London Calling - August 1 2002
2002-08-01 London Calling - August 1 2002
2002-07-13 London Calling - July 13 2002
2002-07-13 London Calling - July 13 2002
2002-06-28 Poboya Community Statement - Rejection of Gold Mining in Poboya
2002-06-28 Stop Mining, Save the Forest and the People!
2002-06-28 Poboya Community Statement - Rejection of Gold Mining in Poboya
2002-06-28 JATAM (Jaringan Advokasi Tambang)
2002-06-25 Mirrar welcome Senate inquiry
2002-06-22 Thieves strip station before its handover
2002-06-17 Stop Mining in Poboya Forest Park Area Now!!!
2002-06-16 South Africans To Sue European Banks
2002-06-16 Apartheid victims sue Western banks and firms for billions
2002-06-15 Nabiel Makarim Agrees with Mining in Protected Forests
2002-06-15 III. Freeport's Questionable Security Policy
2002-06-15 Poboya Community Reject Mining Plans in Protected Forest Area
2002-06-15 Poboya Community Reject Mining Plans in Protected Forest Area
2002-06-15 Coal Mines and Communities in Colombia: The Salem Connection
2002-05-20 Business Week article on KPC (Kaltim Prima Coal) in Indonesia
2002-05-20 An Archipelago of Investor Headaches
2002-05-20 Article on KPC (Kaltim Prima Coal) in Indonesia
2002-05-10 Ban Mining in Poboya-Paneki Forest Park Now
2002-04-18 Rio Tinto under Heavy Fire on Ranger and Jabiluka Uranium Operations
2002-04-18 April 18 2002
2002-04-18 Rio under presure on Kakadu
2002-04-17 Sustainable Development Unsustained: A critique of the MMSD project
2002-04-17 SD Unsustained: A critique of the MMSD project
2002-04-17 MMSD views of the GMI and the WSSD
2002-04-17 The view on NGOs
2002-04-17 Indigenous Peoples
2002-04-15 Claims of environmental breaches threaten Ranger mine
2002-04-11 nbsp;
2002-04-08 Bougainville's Suit can't stop peace: Hill
2002-04-06 Poboya, Rio Tinto and PT CPM
2002-04-02 Bougainville Legal Action May Still Go Ahead
2002-04-02 Bougainville Legal Action May Still Go Ahead
2002-03-06 Uranium leak near Kakadu
2002-03-04 Ommissions
2001-11-30 PRESS RELEASE
2001-11-30 Bougainville Vs Rio Tinto in Court: A Dramatic Development in the "Reparations" Trial. Has
2001-11-30 US government opposes Bougainville lawsuit
2001-11-30 US government opposes Bougainville lawsuit
2001-11-30 Don't object to lawsuit - Ona
2001-11-29 MPs slam Rio Tinto over asbestos payout moves
2001-11-29 MPs slam firm over asbestos payout moves
2001-11-23 The National - 23 November 01
2001-11-23 Prime Minister explains stand on US lawsuit
2001-11-23 CRA blamed for Bougainville conflict
2001-11-22 The National - 22 November 01
2001-11-21 Rio Tinto Lecture Sinks
2001-11-21 Rio Tinto Lecture Sinks!
2001-11-19 2) CORPORATE WATCH
2001-11-12 The case against QMM/Rio Tinto in Madagascar
2001-10-11 Mining in Protected Areas Threatens Ecological Balance
2001-09-15 Should US Resume Military Ties with Indonesia?
2001-09-15 Should US Resume Military Ties with Indonesia? Reflections from a Papuan Perspective
2001-09-15 What has Bougainville to teach us?
2001-09-15 ELSHAM NEWS SERVICE provides regular reports and information on social and political development an
2001-07-16 Associating with the Wrong Company: Rio Tinto's Record and the Global Compact
2001-07-16 Associating with the Wrong Company: Rio Tinto's Record and the Global Compact
2001-07-16 This article was produced by Human Rights Features -- Voice of the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Network
2001-07-13 PT Kelian: A Case Study of Global Operations
2001-05-23 The following is a text of an Early Day Motion (EDM) proposed for signing by Members of Parliament i
2001-05-23 Madagascar: proyecto minero de Rio Tinto avanza... para peor
2001-05-23 Thirty years ago the promise made to newly-emerging independent Papua New Guinea was that Rio Tinto'
2001-05-23 The following is a text of an Early Day Motion (EDM) proposed for signing by Members of Parliament i
2001-05-23 Most shameful practices' - Rio Tinto in the eye the storm
2001-05-03 West Papua Freedom leaders reject Freeport's blandishments - May 3 2001
2001-05-03 The Wall Street Journal - May 3, 2001
2001-05-03 West Papua Freedom leaders reject Freeport's blandishments
2001-05-01 In 1995, John Stauber and Shelton Rampton, two investigators at the Center for Media & Democracy in
2001-05-01 3. Attempts to influence local decision making. 
2001-05-01 nbsp;
2001-05-01 Coalition Rejects Kennecott's "Pump and Dump" Plan News Conference Draws Attention from Sa
2001-05-01 Nick Cohen drew extensively for this article on the report "Rio Tinto: Tainted Titan", published by
2001-05-01 Footnotes
2001-05-01 Summary 
2001-05-01 "Spare our homeland" rainforest tribes plead with B.C. mining giant
2001-05-01 II. The Shootings at Mile 62-63
2001-05-01 A cold reception
2001-05-01 Extractive Industries is not the Answer for Decent and Sustainable Livelihood
2001-05-01 The following is an interview between Australian Broadcasting (ABC Darwin) and the Northern Territo
2001-05-01 Appendices  
2001-05-01 Rio Tinto under Heavy Fire on Ranger and Jabiluka Uranium Operations
2001-05-01 Taking It to Drummond: Paramilitaries and Mining Companies in Colombia
2001-05-01 Dialogued to Death
2001-05-01 Czech Republic & Rio Tinto
2001-05-01 Extra material from
2001-05-01 From Sludge to Fudge
2001-05-01 END
2001-05-01 Czech Republic & Rio Tinto
2001-05-01 ome funny things happened on the way to the forum
2001-05-01 IV. Vested Interests
2001-05-01 1. Failure to gather, recognise or respect local opinion
2001-05-01 Mining giant threatens to scar island paradise
2001-05-01 Mining firms agree to observe world heritage sites
2001-05-01 Rio Throws Diamond Project
2001-05-01 Remarks by John Rumbiak on security & West Papua
2001-05-01 The following is an interesting, and rare, exchange between what is probably the world's major Marxi
2001-05-01 Indonesia's Minerals Generate Wealth, Discord
2001-05-01 Emerging from Sandline shadow
2001-05-01 Background
2001-05-01 Dialogued to Death - Rio Tinto in the Philippines
2001-05-01 Blair Athol Unfair Dismissal Cases Summary
2001-05-01 From Sludge to Fudge
2001-05-01 A Message from Partizans (People against Rio Tinto and its Subsidiaries)
2001-05-01 V. CONCLUSION
2001-05-01 2 Attempts to misrepresent local opinion or 100 ways not to hear No!
2001-05-01 1 Dawn Ostrem, "Court fines Diavik $3,000: Company pleads guilty to land use violation",
2001-05-01 Freeport: On mining companies and colonialism
2001-05-01 On mining companies and colonialism
2001-05-01 Rio Tinto Takes its Divide-and-rule Strategy to the Heart of London NGO's
2001-04-23 Early Day Motion on Rio Tinto & Capper Pass
2001-04-23 The ICFTU's involvement
2001-04-23 Early Day Motion on Rio Tinto & Capper Pass 2
2001-04-23 Somare gives blessing to Bougainville court case
2001-04-23 EDM 596
2001-04-23 'Most shameful practices' - Rio Tinto in the eye the storm
2001-04-23 Rio Tinto's Poor Public Perception
2001-04-23 Terreno Peligroso al Infinito - Edición Especial sobre Uranio
2001-04-23 Mining a Sacred Land - Freeport in West Papua
2001-04-23 Deliberately eliminating the unions
2001-04-23 Dirty Digger Awards 2003
2001-04-23 Half truths and distortions
2001-04-15 Rio Tinto in Orissa: the background
2001-04-13 News on Rio Tinto: Traditional owners reject Jabiluka moratorium
1998-05-15 Rio Tinto's 'most shameful practices'

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