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April 9, 2003

Published by MAC on 2003-04-09

April 9, 2003

To: Kennecott Utah Copper and Rio Tinto

There appears to be a misunderstanding by the Company concerning the opinion of bargaining unit members regarding the Company's implemented Collective Bargaining Agreement Offer. We are concerned that upper management of the Company is not receiving accurate feedback from our supervisors about how the vast majority of the Bargaining Unit feels about the contents of the Company's implemented Contract Offer.

We are not at all happy with your implemented offer. We do not like the Contracting Out language which gives the Company the right to contract out our jobs at any time and the only obligation of the Company would be to sit down with the union and discuss the effects of the Company's decision to contract out our jobs.

We do not like the Reduction and Restoration of Force language. We do not like the Arbitration language; we do not like the just cause language. We do not like almost every Article included in the implemented proposal.

We demand the Company rescind the implemented offer and go back to the bargaining table and in good faith negotiate a fair and equitable contract.

Apparently, the Company does not understand our union. It appears the Company would like us to just go away but we will never go away. We will fight for job security, fairness and for our dignity for as long as it takes. We are the Steelworkers Union. We are the Machinists Union. We are the Operating Engineers Union. We are Electricians Union. We are the Office Workers Union. We have been here for generations and we are not going anywhere. We will be here to fight for our rights, for justice and dignity and for our job security for as long as it takes and wherever that fight takes us.

As we see it, the best decision the Company could possibly make is to rescind the unilaterally implemented offer and go back to the bargaining table and give us a fair contract that we can live with. We want to make Kennecott even more profitable than it is today because we want to share in those profits. But, we want a fair contract, too.

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