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The ICFTU's involvement

Published by MAC on 2001-04-23

The ICFTU's involvement

The ICFTU fully supports the ICEM's campaign against Rio Tinto. After reading "The Way We Work" Bill Jordan commented that it was "more a public relations exercise than a credible and serious commitment". Denouncing Rio Tinto's business practices, and in particular the enterprises attempts to individualise labour relations, which undermines the very existence of the trade union movement, the ICFTU General Secretary wrote to his affiliated organisations in the countries concerned to ask them to support the campaign. "The ICFTU is supporting this campaign not only because the issues are fundamental to the future of the trade union movement, but because we believe that the ICFTU and its affiliates can make a difference in this effort to convince Rio Tinto to adopt and implement decent industrial relations policies." The ICFTU urged its affiliates to assist efforts to make sure that governments and the general public are aware of Rio Tinto's practices.


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