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And a footnote from a Singirok enthusiast!...

Published by MAC on 2004-03-04

And a footnote from a Singirok enthusiast!...

Congratulations, General Singirok!

Congratulations to General Jerry Singirok for allowing justice to run its course in the courts. The people of Papua New Guinea and especially of Bougainville would greatly acknowledge and celebrate your acquittal and freedom.

I salute you General Singirok and your team of lawyers. You and your trusted team of soldiers, who drove the Sandline out of PNG, will go down in history as cross-road martyrs and heroes of the Bougainville conflict and the subsequent peace and reconciliation processes and agreements.

Personal and public sacrifices for the national interest at the level you showed are rare and far between.

With God’s guidance and wisdom, you are the reason why all my nephews, nieces and liklik bubus long ples Buka and Bougainville are back in school and happily playing around again.
Bravo General Singirok! Bravo PNG! Bravo Bougainville! Bravo PNG Judiciary!

J. K. Semos, PhD
Goroka, EHP.

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