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Published by MAC on 2001-11-19


More news from @bristol that they are close to getting a big sponsorship deal with RIO TINTO - surely one of the scuzziest corporations wrecking our world today. But listen up - the good guys are fighting back!

Recently a group of estate residents in Willsbridge, Gloucestershire (southwest England), won an award from the New Opportunities Fund to build a woodland walkway. After getting news of the award they were stunned to see that the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BCTV), which administers the NOF money, are sponsored by Rio Tinto!

The biggest despoiler of our planet was bunging a few peanuts to BCTV to improve their corporate image and Britain's major conservation charity is happy to take their money. But the residents thought cannily to use the awards ceremony in London to denounce Rio Tinto - AND THEY DID! A visibly-shocked top RTZ Manager, Lindsey Henniker-Heaton, was forced to sit through a ringing denunciation of his company in October, which was applauded by many other groups present. Lindsey Henniker-Heaton, it turns out is a local toff hamming it up as Lord of the Manor in Northwood House, Northwood, near Winterbourne, where he is currently attempting to get volunteers from BCTV to tidy up some of his private land!

From: The Bristolian (week of November 19 2001)

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