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Sources: The Age On Nanotechnology, September 26 2005; South Deep In 2002:

Published by MAC on 2005-09-26

Sources: The Age on nanotechnology, September 26 2005; South Deep in 2002:; 2006 "Trouble at South Deep gold mine", Gareth Tredway, Mineweb, May 8 2006; "JCI details More Kebble fraud": Mining Journal April 13 2006; Marinduque disaster: see: "Undermining the forest" FPP, Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links, World Rainforest Movement, pps 56-67, 2000; "Higher gold prices leading to deeper gold mines", Gareth Tredway, Mineweb, 8 May 2006; "South Deep gold production could be halved for a year" and fiddlingthe books: Gareth Tredway, Mineweb, May 10 2006; Executive pay: Moffett, Bloomberg May 10 2006; Belda and Alcoa: "Unprecious Metal", Michael Maiello, Forbes magazine, May 8 2006.

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