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Reply from Emma Delaney,

Published by MAC on 2005-10-19

Reply from Emma Delaney,
Vice President, Integrated Social Program
Tangguh Project, BP Indonesia

BP Indonesia
BP Berau Ltd
Perkantoran HiJauArkadia
JI. LetJen. TB S,matupang kav 88
Jakarta 12520 - Indonesia
PO Box 1063/JKT 10010
Ref. NO.0112/BP-ISP/Tangguh/1O/2005

19 October 2005

Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman
President of the Union of Baptist Churches of Papua
JI. Jeruk Nipis Kotaraja, PO Box 1212
Jayapura, Papua
Fax: +62 967 588189

Dear Revd Yoman,

Thank your for your letter dated the 30 July, addressed to Lord Browne concerning BP's investments in Indonesia - particularly the Tangguh project in Papua. I am responding on behalf of Lord Browne, as I serve as the Vice President for the Tangguh Integrated Social Program. I appreciate the effort you have taken in communicating to BP and I know you have been in communication with some of our Papua staff.

The Tangguh project is designed to meet the growing demands for energy in the Asia Pacific region with cleaner burning gas, which we believe will provide many benefits to Indonesia and Papua. The project aims to do this in a responsible manner by incorporating environmental and social considerations in its design and implementation.

Through a comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, the project has assessed its potential social, economic and environmental impact by soliciting the views of many stakeholders, particularly the people living in the nearby villages and communities. In response to the findings, it has developed a broad integrated social programme designed to mitigate negative impacts - as well as contribute to the positive development in the region. Particular focus is given to social development and employment for communities in our area of operations and we have always welcomed constructive dialogue about those activities.

In implementing the social programmes, the Project is working with a number of stakeholders; including organisations in the environmental, social, as well as human rights fields.

As you may already know, an independent panel advises BP on the social, political and environmental aspects of the Tangguh Project and reports to BP's Chief Executive John Browne on the Project's development. Reverend Herman Saud, Chairman of Christian Evangelical Church in Papua, is a one of the four members of this independent panel.

Additional information about the Tangguh Project, including the reports by the TIAP panel, is available on our website: .d 0?cateqorvld=2012486&contentld=201851

Further, we conduct regular meetings with the organizations that have taken a keen interest in Tangguh, and will ensure you are invited to the next meeting that will be held in Papua shortly.

Thank you for your interest.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Delaney

Vice President, Integrated Social Program
Tangguh Project

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