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Statement by TAPOL, Indonesian Human Rights organisation (UK), September 26 2002

Published by MAC on 2002-09-26

Statement by TAPOL, Indonesian Human Rights organisation (UK), September 26 2002

Following the killing of three Freeport employees, two Americans and an Indonesian, there has been systematic intimidation of human rights defenders in the area who have been trying to mount a proper investigation into this very serious incident. The following is an update on the situation from ELSHAM:

Threats ELSHAM and (the police) have received threats, terror and intimidation from those that we believe have relationship with the incident of 31 August. Not only us but also witnesses and family of the witnesses.

The recent threats after the press conference of Elsham (25 Sept) is even showing that the Indonesian authorities are now pressurizing Elsham and everyone that is involved in the Timika case.

All these for Elsham are just varieties of terror and intimidation that everyone (including Amnesty International) has to pay serious attention.

They're forms of terror and intimidation to stop the investigation and walk away from the truth. Are we going to let the Indonesian military (and Freeport) win over their crime t on 31 august?

What Amnesty International and other groups can do:


Urgent Action for the protection of ELSHAM, witnesses, family of the victims and Freeport employees (to feel free to give information). Urge the Indonesian security forces to stop the pressure and intimidation, and allow very credible and independent party (US Government in cooperation with Indonesian Govt.) to investigate the case.

The pressure must also be put on Freeport to be cooperative in the investigation by allowing the employees (since they know so much about the problems that are going on at Freeport) to give information on the recent case and other smiliar cases.

[]...begin to pressure their governments and agents of Indonesia in their own country prior to this case.

TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign
111 Northwood Road,
Thornton Heath,
CR7 8HW, UK.
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