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2021-09-15 USA: Federal jury awards Pomona $48 million in damages from SQM
2021-09-12 USA: 9/11 First responders exposure to asbestos, lead and other toxic materials did not end
2021-08-28 Sexual harassment in mine camps, reports
2021-08-06 USA: Piedmont's transition to indefinite delays
2021-07-03 USA: Thousands displaced by lithium fire in Illinois
2021-06-11 USA: Family sues battery recycler Gopher Resource
2021-06-09 USA: The fight to clean up Exide battery plant in California
2021-05-25 An endless war on the Central Appalachian Mountains
2021-05-18 Mines and Communities Website celebrates 20 years
2021-05-13 Gold mining as perpetual symbol of broken promises
2021-05-12 USA: Protesters oppose plans to reopen the Idaho-Maryland gold mine
2021-05-05 USA: Bill protecting marine waters from seabed mining passed in Washington
2021-04-30 USA: The fight for the Menominee river
2021-04-28 USA: ElementUS Rare Earth Project announced in Louisiana
2021-04-26 USA: Anti-CEMEX bill moves forward in California Senate
2021-04-24 USA: Mining justice advocates press for legislative action in Nevada
2021-04-22 USA: Florida to cleanup and close phosphate mining wastewater reservoir after alarming leaks
2021-04-17 USA: Wyoming to sue states for their energy policies?
2021-03-30 Bill to permanently ban mining in Southwest Oregon passes US House
2021-03-09 Concerns that deep sea mining company DeepGreen will go public via merger
2021-03-05 The fight for an equitable energy economy for the Navajo Nation
2021-03-01 USA: Thacker Pass lithium mine approval challenged in courts
2021-02-28 DRC: Trump final gift to mining entrepreneur Dan Gertler?
2021-02-15 USGS report shows stunning 30 percent increase in asbestos imports from Brazil
2021-02-07 The University of Utah Needs to Break Up with Rio Tinto
2021-02-04 Uranium mining and COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation
2021-01-16 Minnesota bills seek ban on copper-nickel mining
2021-01-14 New Mexico Settles With Mining Companies Responsible for the Gold King Mine Disaster
2021-01-11 UK shareholder raises concerns over Resolution mine in Arizona
2021-01-04 Ottawa rejects bid by China’s Shandong Gold for TMAC Resources
2020-12-17 US Federal Appeals Court Turns Down Maxima Acuña’s Case Against Newmont
2020-11-26 Army Corps denies permit for giant Pebble mine in Alaska
2020-11-19 Nucor Corporation hidden connections in Honduras
2020-11-06 Coal criminal is running for US White House!
2020-11-01 Coal Magnate Bob Murray Dies at 80
2020-10-14 Native Alaskans sue Trump administration over mining road
2020-10-10 Black Lung and COVID-19: A disaster in slow motion
2020-10-05 Trump use Defense Production Act to bolster mining
2020-09-24 Leaked tapes reveal Pebble Mine dirty tricks
2020-09-23 Gold Investors New (Old) Aims
2020-08-06 Hiroshima Day - the invidious fatal connections
2020-07-17 Coal gets doomed even further by Covid-19
2020-07-11 US Navajo, struck by pandemic, robbed of vital water
2020-06-30 Tailings containment "battle-lines" re-open with unique ferocity
2020-06-26 The Weekend Essay: Rhodes may Fall - but many other mining villains remain unscathed
2020-05-18 "Coal will never recover" - is this a valid post-Corona virus prediction?
2020-05-01 In Global Electricity Slump, Coal Is the Big Loser
2020-04-29 World’s mine workers resist quick restart amid coronavirus
2020-04-15 Remote control: Rio Tinto’s AGM and ‘shareholder engagement session’
2020-04-11 Trump order encourages US to mine the moon
2020-04-10 US organisations demand temporary halt in mining activities
2020-03-22 USA mining industry uses Corona virus as self-exculpating pretext
2020-03-04 Vociferously calling out against Rio Tinto and BHP
2020-02-24 Canada's Trudeau stuck between dirty rocks and a hard place
2020-01-16 Black Rock tries to come clean
2020-01-11 The 'dirty duke' agrees to major US coal clean-up
2020-01-04 The First Essay of 2020: Facing Immeasurable "Extinction"
2019-11-30 Was Bolivia's lithium the main trigger for Morales abdication?
2019-11-29 The Weekend Essay: How children are sacrificed to mica mining
2019-11-20 The Midweek Essay: The Kimberley Process and Israel
2019-11-01 Coal is losing the energy battle - Bloomberg journo predicts
2019-10-16 The Midweek Essay: How Google backs climate denial
2019-10-07 Mexico: Deadly atrocities alleged against mining resisters
2019-09-14 The Weekend Essay: Catastrophe faces the Arctic
2019-09-11 The Midweek Essay: Look who's coming to India's coal party!
2019-09-03 USA: ArcelorMittal cyanide hits Lake Michigan
2019-08-31 The Weekend Essay: Some thoughts on Extinction Rebellion
2019-08-19 Diamonds lose their Indian polish
2019-08-15 Insurance companies shirk covering coal
2019-08-03 The Weekend Essay: Global Britain's real climate changers
2019-07-08 USA: Sunnyside Gold slams EPA
2019-06-10 BHP reveals five mine dams at "extreme" risk of causing damage and loss of life
2019-06-09 The Weekend Essays: Are we all at sea when it comes to ocean bed mining?
2019-05-28 South Africa: how a desert uranium mine got stopped
2019-04-23 The Spanking new House that Jacques couldn't build
2019-04-20 The Weekend Essay: On Zambian farmers versus Vedanta
2019-04-07 This Weekend Essay (2): Pulling materials from earth is our biggest threat
2019-03-29 The Weekend Essay: A future without fossil fuels?
2019-03-23 Rio Tinto finally accused of misleading investors, by US judge
2019-03-15 Bloomberg blasts Rio Tinto , BHP, and others
2018-12-10 USA: Native tribes allege human rights violation over Canadian mine pollution
2018-11-19 Rio Tinto playing "god"?
2018-11-16 "You have failed us": Report on the 2018 London BHP AGM
2018-11-12 Trump card against World Bank in Indian fisherfolk's favour?
2018-11-05 Indian Fisherfolk challenge World Bank immunity at US Supreme court
2018-11-03 Mine closures (Part Three): a Superfund scandal
2018-10-13 BHP tries to pacify US shareholders
2018-09-29 BlackRock under climate campaigners fire
2018-09-21 US tribes win costs battle over Teck's pollution
2018-07-06 Glencore hammered by corruption and accusations of rights violations
2018-06-13 Guatemala: Over fifty groups protest at US intervention
2018-04-27 When a mining giant ignored censure by a London agency
2018-04-26 South Africa:Victory for campaign against uranium mining in the Karoo
2018-03-05 USA: Coal Ash radioactivity concealed by Duke Energy
2018-02-14 Insurers scuttling out of Coal
2018-02-13 US coal miners heading for unprecedented black lung future
2018-02-04 New York City plans to divest $5bn from fossil fuels and sue oil companies
2018-02-02 US must reverse “outrageous” dismantling of Bears Ears National Monument, says UN rights expert
2018-01-29 Indian fisherfolk and farmers appeal to US Supreme Court
2018-01-26 China zaps Trump, while promising blue skies!
2018-01-23 Coal criminal is running for US Senate!
2018-01-17 Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback
2017-11-26 Can there be a truly "just transition" for mine workers?
2017-11-22 Barrick's "Call to Duty" - a vision of mining's future
2017-08-05 Canada: Mt Polley toxic disaster has been allowed to continue for three years
2017-07-31 Trump finds reason for US to remain in Afghanistan: Minerals
2017-07-15 Global extractives terrorism exposed in new report
2017-04-25 Goldman Prize winners and their battles against mining ventures
2017-04-20 USA: The Apple of our eyes?
2017-04-08 Coal mining company backs down in Alaska
2017-03-03 Sand mining: a global environmental crisis
2017-01-22 USA: DuPont must pay for mercury contamination in Virginia rivers
2017-01-21 Freeport reaches settlement on uranium mines cleanup
2016-12-30 Native Americans confront Peabody Energy in Arizona
2016-10-17 Greenland in double jeopardy from nuclear waste
2016-10-09 USA: Crested Butte long-running mine fight may soon succeed
2016-09-26 USA: A Wisconsin Tribe's Hallowed Sites at Risk
2016-09-20 USA: Legal Challenge for Resolution Copper Mine Waste Site
2016-09-17 USA: Massive sinkhole at Mosaic waste pile leaks radioactive water into Floridan aquifer
2016-09-07 USA: Widows and children seeks justice for Farmington mine disaster
2016-08-27 USA: Teck ordered to cover aboriginal group litigation costs
2016-08-23 California High Court upholds ban on gold dredges
2016-08-18 Navajo Nation sues EPA over metal sludge from Colorado mine spill
2016-08-03 Coal: globally, pressures mount
2016-07-14 USA: Life in Missouri’s Fading Old Lead Belt
2016-06-26 Why Mining Corporations Love Trade Deals
2016-06-24 The World’s Disappearing Sand
2016-06-20 Coal: investment - and resistance
2016-06-19 Canada: Alaska group raises international concerns over B.C. mine operations
2016-06-18 USA - Supreme Court rejects challenge to mercury air pollution rule
2016-06-14 India bent on further nuclear treaty violations
2016-06-12 Canadian Mining Giant Dries Up Water Resources in Mexico
2016-06-08 Barrick pays $140m to settle US Pascua-Lama lawsuit
2016-05-23 Silicosis - the world's most destructive mining disease?
2016-05-05 'Wanted' posters at Tahoe Resources AGM
2016-04-29 Is coal now a zombie industry?
2016-04-25 Rio Tinto 2016 AGM: "Goodnight children – sleep well"
2016-04-18 Mexico rejects coastal phosphate mining project
2016-04-07 USA: Blankenship gets only a year's gaol for coal crimes
2016-04-06 Half of world heritage sites threatened by development
2016-03-31 USA: Mine "fever" may be on the rise, but so is peoples' resistance
2016-03-27 Navajo Diné Fight Uranium Resources Inc. Mining Permits In New Mexico
2016-03-25 Four US/Canadian transboundary mines risk tailings disaster
2016-03-22 USA: The fight against Marina sand mining operation
2016-03-18 USA: Oak Flat designation a win for opponents of Resolution Copper
2016-03-16 "Coal is dead in the ground!"
2016-03-09 US investors file class action lawsuit over Samarco dam burst
2016-02-23 USA: Aluminum Plant Fading Away One Piece at a Time
2016-02-14 USA: EPA confirms pollution from mine spill it caused
2016-02-11 USA: Duke Energy fined for coal ash spill
2016-01-21 US Civil Rights Probe Examines Coal Ash Impact
2016-01-12 USA: Arch Coal files for bankruptcy
2015-12-28 Native American San Carlos Apache tribe takes on BHP, Rio Tinto
2015-12-19 No Joy for those supplying diggers of the black stuff
2015-12-18 COP21: Was it all mere hot air?
2015-12-09 COP 21: dead on arrival?
2015-12-05 A US travesty of justice: Coal Don found guilty of mere "misdemeanour"
2015-12-01 Guatemala - Tahoe Resources' Former Security Manager Turns Fugitive
2015-11-28 Are we heading for another COP-out?
2015-11-19 Canada: B.C. Supreme Court Stays Lawsuit against Tahoe Resources
2015-11-11 Peabody Energy Agrees to Fully Disclose Climate Risks from Coal
2015-10-30 Guatemala: Anti-Mining Activist Survives Second Armed Attack
2015-10-29 USA: Montana Coal Mining Found Illegal
2015-10-26 The Two Degrees: yet another BHP Billiton AGM
2015-10-25 USA: EPA mine spill could have been prevented, probe concludes
2015-09-30 Duke Energy Reaches $7 Million Deal on Coal Ash Pollution
2015-09-11 EPA's spill pales in comparison to everyday mine leaks
2015-08-30 USA: Lakota grandmother debuts film about uranium
2015-08-15 US EPA head meets with Navajo president over Colorado mine spill
2015-08-08 US river fouled by 1 million gallons of contaminated mine water
2015-07-30 Canadian tribal protest halts mine exploration, for now
2015-07-20 Is China putting one over on the rest of the world?
2015-07-18 Scientists call for Stronger Environmental Standards for Deep-sea Mining
2015-07-13 Unions target Switzerland over Glencore
2015-07-07 Coal still attracts billion of dollars in investment worldwide
2015-06-25 Indigenous leaders protest at Seabridge annual shareholder meeting
2015-06-14 A last gasp for coal?
2015-05-30 USA: Selling Off Apache Holy Land
2015-05-15 USA: Dirty Duke pays $102 million for river pollution
2015-05-15 Landmark Lawsuit Challenges U.S. Approval of Deep-sea Mineral Mining
2015-05-09 Protestors call for end to Glencore’s mining abuses
2015-05-05 Coal financing under further scrutiny as funds divest
2015-05-04 US to evaluate uranium mine cleanups on Navajo land
2015-05-02 Anglo American: death and diversions at the company AGM
2015-04-24 Rio Tinto 2015 AGM reports: Behind closed doors at Rio Tinto
2015-04-17 London Calling: Down the coal hole - any way out?
2015-04-09 Catholic Church warned on getting too close to the mining industry
2015-04-08 Barclays cuts ties with mountaintop removal coal, says MTR will be "phased out" soon
2015-03-14 USA: Duke Energy Fined $25 Million Over Coal Ash Pollution
2015-02-23 No valentine for coal!
2015-02-22 USA: Apache tribe's protest against Resolution mine reaches third week
2015-02-19 Pebble Mine debate in Alaska: EPA becomes target by planning for rare ‘veto’
2015-02-18 USA: More Iron Range miners stricken with rare lung cancer
2015-01-31 USA: The Resolute Rambler takes on Rio Tinto
2015-01-29 Indo-US pact: the dirty deal behind the beaming smiles
2014-12-30 Pressures on coal show no signs of ending
2014-12-22 USA: Coal ash not hazardous under US rules
2014-12-18 USA: Senate passes huge Arizona copper mine
2014-12-16 King coal: a dead man walking
2014-12-14 Guilty Verdict: Canadian Government Shares Responsibility for Mining Injustice
2014-12-10 Peabody hires a well-known gun, but still shoots with blanks
2014-11-26 The China Syndrome
2014-11-25 IndustriALL targets Glencore for anti-union behaviour
2014-11-12 How Violating Indigenous Peoples' Rights Increases Industry Risks
2014-11-09 Canada's Potash to spend over $53 million in US Clean Air Act case
2014-11-03 Rio Tinto & US Toxic Stock Syndrome
2014-11-01 BHP Billiton Seeks to Settle Corruption Case With US
2014-10-24 Rating Peabody: A coal giant on the ropes
2014-10-23 Public Hearing on Canadian Government's failure to grant justice for mining-affected communities abroad
2014-10-07 Report: Rio Tinto - World leader in insecure work
2014-10-06 USA: Court Blocks Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine
2014-10-05 USA: Judge Rejects Pebble Mine Lawsuit Against EPA
2014-10-03 US Court Upholds Grand Canyon Uranium Mining ban
2014-09-22 South Africa: Lonmin, the Marikana Massacre and the Bermuda Connection
2014-09-09 USA: How to Buy a Mine in Wisconsin
2014-08-31 Former uranium miner to pay $500,000 for clean-up in the U.S.
2014-08-27 US court backs groups defending historic site from coal mining
2014-07-18 World Council of Churches pulls fossil fuel investments
2014-07-03 Is the US "conflict minerals" act working?
2014-06-24 Climate change: Is Paulson on the road to Damascus?
2014-06-12 Peru's "Bagua massacre" haunts free trade agreement
2014-06-10 USA: Alpha Natural West Virginia Mines Found to Taint Streams
2014-06-09 The chequered history of an unlikely anti-coal "hero"
2014-06-08 Obama unveils historical attempt to curb coal power plants emissions
2014-05-18 Despite repeated industry efforts, Court upholds important conflict minerals law
2014-05-10 Pressure mounts on investors in coal
2014-04-24 Fall out from Duke Energy's coal-ash spill continues
2014-04-17 Report Finds Top Banks Moving Away From Coal
2014-04-17 Rio Tinto face a broad front of protestors
2014-04-09 USA: Rio Tinto next to pull out of proposed Pebble Mine
2014-04-07 US: Lawsuit Filed over Dangerous Uranium Mill Problems
2014-04-05 U.S. Indicts Six for Bribery Over Titanium Mining in India
2014-04-03 More revelations over North Carolina coal ash spills
2014-03-18 After North Carolina spill, coal ash ponds face extinction
2014-03-12 NAFTA encouraged 'environmentally destructive mining' boom in Mexico
2014-03-01 USA: Government considers blocking the Pebble mine
2014-02-26 Navajo nation contends with uranium and coal
2014-02-11 USA: Spill spews tons of coal ash into North Carolina river
2014-01-26 Greenpeace: Don't Bet On Coal And Oil Growth
2014-01-17 U.S. agency says Alaska mine threatens salmon, native cultures
2014-01-09 Yale Refuses to Revoke Stephan Schmidheiny's Honorary Degree
2013-12-12 EPA tells court U.S. mercury, toxics rule is legally justified
2013-11-18 UK-listed company fined US$2.5 million for chromium injuries
2013-11-02 US coal: Restrictions at home and abroad
2013-11-02 Canada and Latin America - where is the accountability?
2013-11-02 USA: Rio Tinto Targets Environmental Activists
2013-10-20 Longer term forecasts for coal positive ... or not
2013-10-02 Italians call on Yale to strip disgraced environmentalist of honorary degree
2013-09-25 Britain's Olympic medals mining company in court in Utah
2013-09-18 Anglo American pulls out of Pebble copper project
2013-09-14 USA & China Bans New Coal Plants
2013-09-14 Former Massey coal executive sentenced to three years in prison for endangering miners' lives
2013-08-21 BHP Billiton faces US corruption probe
2013-07-22 London Calling on a banking scandal you've probably never heard of
2013-07-09 Dump Now, Pay Later - Coal Ash Disposal Risks Facing U.S. Electric Power Producers
2013-06-19 Obama leaves climate-change fighting on shelf for now
2013-05-28 Australia: United they stand against Rio Tinto
2013-05-13 US anti-uranium protestors face 20 years in jail
2013-05-07 Is Germany going brown?
2013-05-07 US report shows water treatment costs as much as $67 billion/year
2013-04-22 Rio Tinto in the dock on environment and human rights
2013-04-22 London Calling sees the Grey Man Cometh
2013-04-15 Rio Tinto's Utah copper mine evacuated after land slide
2013-03-25 "Get on your bike!" urges London Calling
2013-03-11 Uranium mining companies again threaten Navajo Nation
2013-03-11 Coal wars heat up in Poland, EU, China and New York
2013-03-05 The Myth of China's Endless Coal Demand
2013-02-25 Arctic must be saved from "resource rush", says UNEP
2013-02-25 Coal's hidden costs make solar a bargain
2013-02-25 Chippewa tribe could have say in Wisconsin iron ore mine
2013-02-04 USA: Navajos and Appalachians protest Peabody Coal
2013-01-28 USA: Results of Federal Clean up of Navajo Uranium Contamination
2013-01-28 In Wisconsin Mining Industry Targets "Prove It First" Law
2013-01-28 Greenpeace report: Coal projects' threat to the climate
2013-01-21 London Calling on a looming, copper-bottomed, threat
2013-01-14 The future for rare earths - is the ocean the limit?
2013-01-14 Canadian Indigenous Movement Transcends national borders
2013-01-07 Are we all going to climate hell in a handcart?
2012-12-27 Where now for Indigenous Peoples and the extractive industries?
2012-12-27 Coal Consumption Booms Amid Rising Climate Concerns
2012-12-11 London Calling issues a Public Health Warning
2012-11-19 The elephant in all our rooms
2012-10-16 Cleaning coal? It ain't gonna happen!
2012-10-02 Coal fight looms, Keystone-like, over U.S. Northwest
2012-09-12 Divergent views of new US rules on DRC and "conflict minerals"
2012-08-28 US court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution
2012-08-21 US: Scouting for - and against - coal
2012-08-06 USA: CO2 emissions are falling
2012-08-06 USA: One in five streams damaged by mine pollution in SW Virginia
2012-08-01 Burmese regime allegedly persecuting Muslim minorities
2012-07-24 The strange case of a hedge fund and the mining company
2012-07-17 US pro-coal companies turn to even dirtier tactics
2012-07-17 Statements from Expert Mechanism on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2012-07-11 Mining claim markers killing millions of birds in U.S. West
2012-07-03 US: Further legislation will curb dependence on coal
2012-06-26 Rio Tinto's "Great Olympic Greenwash"
2012-06-19 US coal lobby goes naked into the conference chamber
2012-06-12 Climate change threatens coal and nuclear-fired electricity
2012-06-12 US: New Concerns over Mining Boom in Great Lakes region
2012-06-05 USA: The biggest climate victory you never heard of
2012-05-29 Don't Bank on Coal, demand European NGOs
2012-05-29 Mining companies don't seem bothered by being corrupt
2012-05-29 London put on its metal, flagrant manipulation exposed
2012-05-22 Oxfam America files lawsuit against Securities and Exchange Commission
2012-05-22 Arctic Caucus statement on human rights and extractive industries
2012-05-22 Indigenous Peoples speak out at UN Permanent Forum
2012-05-08 US banks risk public health and climate by financing coal
2012-05-01 Newmont Mining accused of multiple failures by shareholders
2012-05-01 How Oregon can generate a low-carbon future by going coal-free
2012-05-01 Statement of the M4 Movement in Mesoamerica
2012-04-24 Rio Tinto gets no Medals from its critics
2012-04-18 US Big Coal's Cult of Death - killing a Mountain
2012-04-18 Green groups sue US EPA over coal ash pollution
2012-04-11 US uranium mines still imperil Navajo land and people
2012-04-11 Black lung payouts expanded in USA
2012-04-02 USA proposes carbon pollution standard for future power plants
2012-04-02 Which are the world's "most controversial" mining companies?
2012-04-02 US and China take steps to reduce lead pollution
2012-03-27 As the mountains fall in Appalachia
2012-03-20 EPA Adds Nine Hazardous Waste Sites to Superfund List
2012-03-20 Wisconsin's pro-mining bill is dead for now
2012-02-28 USA: Navajo, Environmental Organizations Partner to Appeal Peabody's Kayenta Coal Permit
2012-02-20 U.S. judge orders Vedanta to pay $82.75m in damages
2012-02-14 USA: coal seam mining ban introduced to Tennessee Legislature
2012-01-23 Wisconsin Tribes unite against new mining bill
2012-01-16 US government imposes Grand Canyon uranium ban
2012-01-16 Rio Tinto hits a snag in US copper mine clean-up
2011-12-27 US sets out to curb toxic emissions from burning coal
2011-12-12 Massey Energy fined US$10.8 million for worst mining disaster in 40 years
2011-12-12 Coal: And now for the good news!
2011-11-30 Will flagship carbon capture project get blown out of the air?
2011-11-30 New reports question World Bank's coal investments
2011-11-30 US policy isn't changing on the climate crisis
2011-11-14 Ridding the world of nuclear threats?
2011-11-14 US miners continue being sacrificed to coal
2011-11-08 Swings and Roundabouts at US Environmental Agency
2011-11-08 US House of Representatives gives Native territory to Rio Tinto
2011-10-25 Settling mining damages, the US way
2011-10-25 Alaska voters say no to gold, copper mine
2011-10-18 Massey employee convicted in Upper Big Branch mine investigation
2011-10-18 US citizens face biggest health threat for years, after Republican backlash
2011-09-26 Dear Big Coal: You're Not Above The Law
2011-09-26 US companies "poisoned" Chinese children and water
2011-09-19 Australian PM Introduces Controversial Carbon Laws
2011-09-12 Wikileaks expose US & PNG position on Bougainville case against Rio Tinto
2011-09-12 Navajo woman helps prompt uranium mine cleanup
2011-09-12 Exposing the hidden destructiveness of 11 September 2011
2011-09-06 UN tells UK: ensure your mining companies respect human rights
2011-09-06 Mining the Arctic - a massive con?
2011-08-30 Big Coal "puts mining before water needs of Alabama"
2011-08-08 Nuclear: too hot to handle
2011-07-25 US spending cuts threaten a raft of vital environmental measure
2011-07-25 WTO Row Spotlights Nations Clamping Down On Resources
2011-07-18 Plans to strip mine the moon may soon be more than just science-fiction
2011-07-11 Arctic Resource Wars move a dangerous step closer
2011-07-04 Massey accused of criminal acts leading to US mine disaster
2011-07-04 Corruption alleged at the heart of Kansas government
2011-06-28 Moratorium Extended at Grand Canyon
2011-06-20 Recycled U.S. battery lead is poisoning Mexico: Report
2011-06-20 Settlement for $263 Million in favour of Idaho Tribes after 20 years lawsuit
2011-06-13 Hundreds march to save Blair Mountain
2011-06-07 Indigenous Peoples are crying: 'C' means Consent!
2011-05-30 US Pension funds demand justice from Massey Energy
2011-05-24 Navajo Group to Take Uranium Mine Challenge to Human Rights Commission
2011-05-17 Is US coal set to flow abroad?
2011-05-10 Is US coal coming under control?
2011-04-27 The Great 1872 US Resources Giveaway
2011-04-27 Concessions and counter attack mark Anglo American AGM
2011-04-18 Is Rio Tinto Running Scared? (It ought to be)
2011-04-04 Chinese Overseas Investments, 2006-2010
2011-03-22 Peoples of the North pledge Declaration on Responsible Resource Development
2011-03-22 EPA Requires U.S. Power Plants Cut Toxic Emissions
2011-03-14 US mountain-top removal prompts legal action
2011-03-08 Montana state Senate OKs bill modifying ban on cyanide
2011-02-22 London Calling All Billionaires!
2011-02-21 US protestors "go to the Mountain top"
2011-02-21 They're not rare and they're not earths - and the scenario is set to change
2011-02-21 A Valentine day's present from the US EPA
2011-02-21 The deadly costs of continuing to rely on coal
2011-02-14 Virginians band together to maintain uranium moratorium
2011-02-14 US Appeals court revives case against Drummond
2011-01-31 An unholy alliance?
2011-01-25 US EPA Blasted as It Revokes Mine's Permit
2011-01-25 Call Today to Tell Commerce Group to Stop Suing El Salvador!
2011-01-25 Doe Run's Latest Move
2011-01-10 When Solar pits "Greens" against green
2011-01-10 Resolution Copper seeks support by wielding checkbook
2010-12-27 A double exodus for Doe Run?
2010-12-27 EPA clamps down on gold mines' mercury emissions
2010-12-21 Appalachian Coal: An Insult to Their Memory
2010-12-21 Hansen finds US presents greatest wall to halting global warming
2010-12-21 Tar: Another face of deadly coal
2010-12-21 London Calling asks why "Save the Children" isn't doing just that?
2010-12-13 Activist-Turned-Miner Discusses Failures in United States and Michigan Environmental Law
2010-12-13 London Calling wades through a curious wiki leak
2010-12-06 Pole-axed: Massive threats posed to the Arctic and Antarctica
2010-11-29 In the US new and existing coal plants will run for years
2010-11-22 Tantalum prices boosted by DRC conflict zone mining ban
2010-11-22 A Soros state of affairs
2010-11-22 US: toxic lead is affecting eleven states
2010-11-16 "Objective" Rio Tinto Study Raises Eyebrows
2010-11-08 Judge Voids Coal Mine Expansion Permit on Navajo Tribal Land
2010-11-01 Cemex gets blasted in Dominican Republic & US
2010-10-25 Doe Run - Lead Producer to Pay $7M Fine, Spend $65M on Cleanups
2010-10-18 Many mining deaths go unrecorded: ICEM
2010-10-18 US coal companies charged with causing massive water pollution
2010-10-04 "No Coal!" - protests from the ocean to the White House
2010-09-27 How may the law be served, if justice is denied?
2010-09-27 Navajos Ask Supreme Court to Protect Drinking Water From Uranium
2010-09-05 US: Coal mining the mountains has investors rattled
2010-08-30 Dark Materials: the consequences of clinging to coal
2010-08-30 A Mountain in the Stream
2010-08-30 US environment agency defends its stance against coal
2010-08-30 Reducing coal use - through the back door
2010-08-16 Good news! US EPA finalizes rules cutting mercury from cement
2010-08-16 Mining "accidents" may be increasing
2010-08-08 US-Canadian Mission Set To Map Arctic Seafloor
2010-07-24 Civil Society Hails New US Oil and Mining Transparency Standards
2010-07-24 Massey mine workers disabled safety monitor
2010-07-09 Shoshone Battle to Stop Gold Mine on Mount Tenabo Continues
2010-06-26 US: Massey tries escaping penalties for killing employees
2010-06-19 US claims to have identified vast mineral riches in Afghanistan
2010-06-04 Navajo protest the expansion of domestic uranium mining, USA
2010-06-04 Camp to protect Eagle Rock from Kennecott is destroyed
2010-05-29 Evidence given of duplicity at Massey mine in Congressional Hearing, US
2010-05-23 Victory for locked out workers at Rio Tinto mine in Boron
2010-05-20 Forces gather to protect Eagle Rock from Kennecott
2010-05-20 Canadian mining ... more than a PR problem
2010-05-07 Colorado Enacts Law Replacing Coal Power with Cleaner Energy
2010-05-07 San Carlos Apache call for removal of Resolution Copper
2010-05-07 Massey stocks plummet on criminal probe news
2010-05-01 Interior Moving to Curb Coal Mining Pollution, US
2010-05-01 BHP Billiton hit by bribery allegations
2010-05-01 Anglo American challenged at 2010 AGM
2010-05-01 Barrick gets court go-ahead on Cortez Hills
2010-04-24 Rio Tinto confronts critics from across the world
2010-04-24 Squeaky - but far from clean
2010-04-24 Rio Tinto Opponent Arrested for "Trespassing" on Public Land
2010-04-18 The Great US Coal Disaster
2010-04-08 Blood on the Coal: a special feature
2010-04-08 EPA unveils new pollution limits that could curtail 'mountaintop' mining
2010-03-31 Black and White Unite against Dirty SA coal
2010-03-10 The Dirty Truth Behind Clean Coal
2010-03-05 Obama's uranium power plan will set US back thirty years
2010-03-02 Labour groups rally around locked out Rio Tinto borax miners
2010-03-02 Groups ID Toxic Coal Ash Sites in 14 States, Demand Regulations
2010-03-02 Toxic e-wastes burden headed for dramatic rise
2010-03-02 EPA May Soften Greenhouse Gas Permit Requirement
2010-02-23 Norway plans major domestic "cleanups" - but still maintains investments in coal
2010-02-15 USA: The Duke strides out in Obama's support
2010-02-15 Western Shoshone return to court, citing violations by Barrick Gold
2010-02-07 Rio Tinto dispute set to go international
2010-02-07 Freeport CEO buys himself an eco-ranch
2010-02-07 Call to Obama to stop private firms exploiting poor states
2010-01-19 Scientists decry impacts of mountaintop coal mining
2010-01-19 Who's following the true law?
2010-01-19 US Senate panel OKs compromise on Arizona land-for-mine swap
2010-01-11 US: The war on lead advances to a new level
2009-12-22 Two degrees too many
2009-12-22 Clean Coal? It's an illusion!
2009-12-22 US: "Public" unable to address public hearing on new mine
2009-12-22 Congo: Conflict over "conflict minerals" approach
2009-12-14 US Will Settle Indian Lawsuit for $3.4 Billion
2009-12-06 US: Western Shoshone bring major Barrick Gold project to a halt
2009-11-23 Promised US curbs on destructive coal mining are greeted with some scepticism
2009-11-23 Lead poisoning predicted to rise in developing countries
2009-11-17 Public Weighs in With Nearly 100,000 Comments for Grand Canyon Protection
2009-11-16 US mercury study finds toxic fish in lakes and reservoirs across 47 States
2009-11-16 London Calling on a deadly transatlantic betrayal
2009-11-09 Conservationists Petition EPA to Block Washington Coal Plant Permit
2009-11-09 Obama Promises Tribal Leaders Help With Environmental Issues
2009-11-02 Colorado may ban uranium mine
2009-11-02 US: EPA Must Limit Power Plant Air Toxics By November 2011
2009-11-02 Washington gets heavy on toxic metals discharges
2009-11-02 London Calling revisits Goldilocks - without the bears
2009-10-19 From small town poisoning to mega-buck deal
2009-10-19 Big messes for miners
2009-10-19 Major US conservation group joins Alaska anti-mine campaign
2009-10-19 US: Water polluters beware!
2009-09-14 Asarco bidding battle enters final strait
2009-09-01 US Coal lobby shows another ugly face
2009-09-01 Mercury's toxic time bomb taints US fish
2009-08-25 US bidding intensifies, as two bad companies vie for a third
2009-08-10 Lead cleanup could last 10 more years in Omaha
2009-08-10 US:EPA to Test 10,000 Indiana Yards for Lead from Ancient Factories
2009-08-10 New TVs threaten crisis for developing countries
2009-08-03 Native American tribe gains time in fight against uranium
2009-07-27 Navajos: recalling disaster, forging a green future
2009-07-07 Top cement maker faces $558 million lawsuit
2009-07-07 Monsanto mine violates law
2009-07-07 US Supreme Court backs potential poisoning of lake
2009-06-16 US mercury controls - debated and challenged
2009-06-16 Beating swords into ploughshares? Four US coal cases
2009-06-16 No gold for Goldcorp, after California judgment
2009-06-08 Exposing Freeport's shame
2009-06-08 Ash problem? Dump it on mine, says company
2009-06-02 Apache tribe resolves to defeat two mining giants
2009-06-02 Gordon gee-ed himself up – and quit
2009-06-02 Why is China buying metals it doesn't need?
2009-05-27 Indigenous Lands Plundered in Oil and Gas Rush
2009-05-18 Coal ash consequences - report suppressed
2009-05-18 Former coal lobbyist gets state environmental job in Indiana
2009-05-18 Barrick at the barricades
2009-05-18 Gee up - and get out! Environmentalists demand university president resigns from Massey Coal
2009-05-11 London Calling on a copper conundrum which probably isn't
2009-05-11 Grace executives acquitted in asbestos trial
2009-05-05 Bedding-down with the black stuff
2009-05-05 Smoke and mirrors: the illusion of "clean coal"
2009-05-05 Air Pollution Endangers Lives of Six in 10 Americans
2009-05-05 A mixed bag of coal-related "policies"
2009-05-05 I went to the mountain top - and they're still mining coal
2009-05-05 EXCLUSIVE: How coal may produce energy without being mined
2009-04-27 Friedland's shame: Summitville Saga nears sorry conclusion
2009-04-27 Cement Plants Face First Limits on Mercury Emissions
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2009-04-20 Rio Tinto attacked from all sides
2009-04-20 Anglo American AGM: protests from Alaska and Colombia
2009-04-14 British mining companies face challenge on unjust practices
2009-04-14 Uranium Mining and Human Rights- Indigenous Voices Speak out
2009-04-14 Mexico’s largest mining company ordered to pay Asarco $6 billion
2009-04-06 Justice postponed - justice denied
2009-04-06 Enviros Win Injunction Against Mountaintop Removal Mining
2009-03-30 Subprime Carbon: Environmentalists Warn About the Next Big Bubble
2009-03-22 Newmont must do much better, as its CEO comes off best
2009-03-22 Proposed Coal Plants Equal 18 Millions Tons of Ash Annually
2009-03-16 Mine waste trips up Alaska gold rush
2009-03-11 Miners unite in protest at threat to Mexican mineworkers' leader
2009-03-03 Coen brothers' TV ad ridicules 'clean coal'
2009-03-03 US prosecutor threatens no grace for abestos miner
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2009-02-23 Another blow for the Western Shoshone
2009-02-23 Demonstrators in US call for end to coal "abomination"
2009-02-23 US: Indigenous peoples demand green careers and communities
2009-02-02 Tribal Attempt to Halt Nevada Gold Mine Fails in Court
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2009-02-02 Ivanhoe's Burma subsidiary added to US sanctions list while Rio Tinto remains in the "shame" frame
2009-01-26 Can gold survive?
2009-01-19 Is this the end of mining as we know it?
2009-01-19 US: Bill Proposed To Regulate Coal Ash
2009-01-13 New rule won't require Idaho mining companies to restore groundwater
2008-12-22 New coal process is greater global danger than oil, scientist warn
2008-12-22 Mountain top coal removal - is Bank's new policy merely a ploy?
2008-12-22 Hopi and Navajo unite to stop Peabody's mega mining disaster
2008-12-15 New coal folly for India?
2008-12-09 Bush burns and wastes - right up to the wire
2008-12-09 Uranium's dirty past, present - and future?
2008-12-02 London Calling scratches the copper bottom
2008-12-02 UN Climate Boss Warns Of "Cheap, Dirty" Energy Fix
2008-11-24 Giant Mines Scramble to Cut Output
2008-11-24 Barrick enjoys precious few "Obama moments"
2008-11-17 US: Does coal ruling signal a new "clean" era?
2008-11-10 Bush burns to the end
2008-11-10 Palin under pressure
2008-11-10 Obnoxious Leverage
2008-11-05 Alaska's youth protest fo governor Palin against uranium mining
2008-11-05 Bush ignores law protecting Grand Canyon as uranium mining claims soar
2008-10-27 Bush to rewrite US coal rules, despite growing opposition
2008-10-27 The Chinalco dilemma
2008-10-21 US ban on Burma gems needs tightening
2008-10-21 Doing it right - or wrong - in Minnesota?
2008-10-07 Mine left, and water went with it
2008-10-07 US mercury export ban welcomed
2008-09-29 Al Gore urges civil disobedience to halt (some) coal plants
2008-09-22 US asbestos - putting the end to a deadly trade
2008-09-02 Alaska: a Pebble in the Streams
2008-09-02 Files show governor intervened with court
2008-08-25 Heavy handling mars Metallica's mettle
2008-08-19 Finally addressing one of world's worst uranium legacies
2008-08-19 UK protestors get very attached to global mining giant
2008-08-19 Cameco under fire on two fronts
2008-08-19 Product Safety Law Signed Today Bans Toxic Toys
2008-08-19 UN committee indicts Canadian mining companies on Indigenous US territory
2008-08-11 Coal burned in China means bad air in north America
2008-07-28 Right to "poison" asserted as fundamental legal principle
2008-07-28 New calls for uranium ban in New Brunswick while Newmont gets clean-up bill
2008-07-20 Bush and EPA fire final salvo on climate change
2008-07-14 Vedanta faces high-level US environmental scrutiny
2008-07-14 Bush regime's criminal acts now face exposure
2008-07-09 Lead victims painted into a corner by court decision
2008-04-13 Ecuador: Protesters target Iamgold and Ecuacorriente
2008-03-24 Tribes protest Newmont's Nevada mining
2008-03-13 The dark side of the Gold Rush legacy
2008-03-05 The dark side of the Gold Rush legacy
2008-03-01 Copper giant gives $500,000 to NAU to boost science, engineering
2008-02-28 Native Alaskans sue Peabody and others over global warming impacts
2008-02-28 Mercury and coal: a threat to wildlife and humans in US parks
2008-02-12 The Cold War Threat to the Navajo
2008-02-08 US EPA brought to book over mercury emissions
2008-02-08 ARCO-BP must shell out for old mining damages
2008-02-01 Uranium scandal hits the Clintons
2008-02-01 US scraps plan for biggest clean-coal power plant
2008-01-31 EPA commits to lead-safe standards for repair of older buildings
2008-01-31 Friends of Coal Push New Message
2008-01-26 Here an F.O.B. There an F.O.B
2008-01-26 China: the Illusion of conservation
2008-01-24 Asarco to settle claims for US$27.8million
2008-01-23 "Epic" covert subsidies alleged, as EU caves in to iron and steel
2008-01-21 Following coal mine disaster, Mittal comes under investors' fire
2008-01-18 Coal Industry Plugs into US Presidential Campaign
2008-01-17 Toxic spills to Appalachian waters cost Massey $20 million
2008-01-17 Colorado faces local mining bans, if bills succeed
2008-01-15 Australia tells India it will not sell it uranium
2008-01-04 Indonesia update
2008-01-04 Canada and U.S. uranium update
2007-12-30 US Supreme Court expected to make decision on Teck Cominco case soon
2007-12-29 Uranium mining in Meghalaya: a simmering problem
2007-12-21 Citizens in Iowa debate coal
2007-12-21 No grace for Grace
2007-12-20 US Senate passes act forbidding import of Myanmar's gems, timber
2007-12-19 BOOK REVIEW: A case that reverberated throughout north America
2007-12-18 Another cross border battle looms
2007-12-18 New Jersey sues over Pennsylvania power plant pollution
2007-12-18 REVIEW : "Money Does Not Greet You"
2007-12-12 US closes loopholes in sanctions
2007-12-06 "Clean coal": explosing the oxymoron
2007-12-06 Shoshone use film, courts, to fight gold mine on sacred land
2007-12-06 Low lead levels linked to Attention Deficit Disorder
2007-12-03 Sustainable funding for dubious developments
2007-11-29 Teck Cominco's chances of Supreme Court hearing diminished, experts say
2007-11-29 Environmental watchdogs to be sued by eleven US states
2007-11-28 Mercury pollution discovered at Florida quarry
2007-11-28 Coal - "a 19th century answer to a 21st century problem"
2007-11-28 Coal's dirtiest year: 2006
2007-11-16 Burma's junta opens bloody auction
2007-11-11 North America's toxic mine burden galvanises groups into action
2007-11-09 US uranium update
2007-11-09 US backing for "filthy fuels" under guise of carbon reduction
2007-11-08 China plans huge new coal groups, as it leads world consumption
2007-11-07 Corporate coal con
2007-11-05 Protestors ready to battle coal mine
2007-11-04 Canada Uranium update
2007-11-02 From inner-city US to Andean Peru: the continuing curse of lead
2007-10-30 US Mercury Export Ban
2007-10-25 The myth of uranium's "magic bullet"
2007-10-21 A Hedge Too Far
2007-10-11 US update
2007-10-10 The Great Steal
2007-10-06 Vedanta update
2007-09-21 US update
2007-09-14 The world must watch out , says global environmental think tank
2007-09-14 The world must watch out , says global environmental think tank
2007-09-14 Vital Signs: Record Resource Consumption Depletes a Warming World
2007-09-13 United Nations adopts Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2007-09-13 United Nations adopts Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2007-09-13 Indigenous rights outlined by UN
2007-09-13 Adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2007-09-10 Indonesia update
2007-09-10 US update
2007-09-10 US update
2007-09-10 Nevada Denies Plea to Delay New Coal Power Plants
2007-09-06 Climate Change, Nuclear Power Central to APEC Meeting
2007-09-06 US update
2007-09-06 US update
2007-09-01 Women to the fore, not only in politics but also mining
2007-08-31 Doe Run Lead Production Loss Put At 6,500 Tons
2007-08-31 Steel industry prepares strategies vs. energy bill
2007-08-30 Offsets Aren't Enough
2007-08-30 Asarco Out $27.3 Mil To Settle Colo. Suit
2007-08-30 US update
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-30 Arsenic in Water a Risk to 140 Million People
2007-08-30 Us Update
2007-08-30 World facing 'arsenic timebomb'
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-30 New Mine Safety Bills Cause Some Concern
2007-08-27 Six New Orleans Schoolyards Contaminated With Arsenic
2007-08-24 Opponents Of Mountaintop Removal Decry Bush's New Mining Rules
2007-08-22 Rio Tinto update
2007-08-22 Protests Greet Rio Tinto Boss
2007-08-22 Rio Tinto update
2007-08-20 Rio Tinto Wins Review of Ruling on Papua New Guinea Claims
2007-08-18 Unnatural deaths: a seemingly endless, bitter, round
2007-08-18 Unnatural deaths: a seemingly endless, bitter, round
2007-08-18 CHINA
2007-08-17 UNITED STATES
2007-08-16 PHILIPPINES
2007-08-15 Seabed scramble: putting it all under ice
2007-08-15 Trapped miners in Utah
2007-08-15 Seabed scramble: putting it all under ice
2007-08-15 FEATURE - Russia's Seabed Flag Heralds Global Ocean Carve-Up
2007-08-14 After Russia and Canada, US Ship Headed for Arctic
2007-08-14 Black stuff and nonsense
2007-08-14 Black Stuff And Nonsense
2007-08-14 Choosing The Dirtiest Us Bank
2007-08-04 London Calling
2007-08-04 London Calling
2007-08-03 Russia Claims North Pole
2007-08-03 Arctic scramble heats up
2007-08-03 Arctic scramble heats up
2007-08-02 White House sees black gold in melting sea ice
2007-07-31 Major mining company throws in with Pebble
2007-07-31 Northern Dynasty & Anglo American Establish 50:50 Partnership to Advance Pebble Project to Prod
2007-07-25 China Update
2007-07-25 China update
2007-07-25 2006 Wind Installations Offset More Than 40 Million Tons of CO2
2007-07-22 Seven killed in coal mine gas blast in NE China
2007-07-20 Uranium Update / Rechazo La Ferta De Una Compania Francesa Que Buscuba Extraer Uranio
2007-07-20 Uranium update
2007-07-17 Greenland's Melting Glaciers Spur Mining
2007-07-17 Greenland's Melting Glaciers Spur Mining
2007-07-17 Greenland's Melting Glaciers Spur Mining - Warmer Climate Boosts Accessibility For Firms Seeking Ore
2007-07-16 Too Hot To Handle? Rising Uranium Prices Means Jobs; But Some Say The Risk Is Too Great
2007-07-16 Officials Look At Mining's Impact
2007-07-15 China Should Prioritize Energy Efficiency to Deal with Challenge of Reducing Emissions
2007-07-14 Coal mining on Navajo land draws lawsuit
2007-07-01 Carbon backlash: coal divides corporations
2007-07-01 US update
2007-07-01 US update
2007-06-29 Pennsylvania Superfund Cleanup to Cost $22 Million
2007-06-29 Groups Sue BLM Over Broken Wilderness Promise
2007-06-29 US update
2007-06-29 US update
2007-06-29 Key US Senators Reach Deal on CO2 Emissions
2007-06-29 US House Passes Bill Affirming Global Warming Exists
2007-06-28 U.S. House Boosts Spending for Environment, Conservation
2007-06-22 China Update
2007-06-22 Bush Says US Could Build 30 New Nuclear Plants
2007-06-22 China update
2007-06-22 US update
2007-06-22 China Says Exports Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2007-06-22 US update
2007-06-22 Update on Chinese minerals companies overseas: Kenya, Australia, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, North Ko
2007-06-22 Senate Approves Energy Bill, Calls for Fuel Economy Increase
2007-06-21 Arizona tribes unite against mine
2007-06-19 US Senate Debates US$15 Bln in Energy Incentives
2007-06-19 China’s Environmental Crisis Catalyzes New Democracy Movement
2007-06-19 China Now Number One in Carbon Emissions; USA Number Two
2007-06-18 Nuclear Power Can't Curb Global Warming - Report
2007-06-15 China update
2007-06-15 Update On Chinese Minerals Companies Abroad: Peru, Kenya, Burma, Us, India
2007-06-15 Update: foreign companies in China
2007-06-15 China Update
2007-06-15 Baoji Titanium Signs $130 Mln Titanium Contract With Boeing
2007-06-15 US Senate Set to Act on Renewable Utility Plan
2007-06-15 US update
2007-06-15 US update
2007-06-15 Energy, Smelly Farms and Spotted Owls
2007-06-14 Protesters force Caterpillar to cut annual meeting short
2007-06-13 Protesters decry Caterpillar's support of CO2 limits
2007-06-13 China: A Thousand Children Sold To ‘dark Kilns’ In
2007-06-11 Good Samaritans Can Clean Orphan Mines Without Liability
2007-06-11 Illinois Clean Coal Power Plant Wins First Permit
2007-06-09 Chinese Delegation Walks Out Of Human Rights Dialogue Meeting With The European Union
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-06 Forced & Child Labour In Shanxi Brickworks
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-05-31 Proposed Canadian coal-bed methane exploration worries U.S. officials
2007-05-31 Export of Toxic Ghost Ships to UK Ended
2007-05-31 US update
2007-05-31 G8: Bush Proposes Talks on Voluntary Global Goal for Greenhouse Gases
2007-05-31 US update
2007-05-31 Residents rip off kid gloves
2007-05-30 New Montana Power Plant Permit Appealed
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-05-25 US update
2007-05-25 Us Update
2007-05-25 Bipartisan Bill Would Safeguard America's Roadless Forests
2007-05-24 Opp Mine Excavation Blocked
2007-05-24 Activists Claim Link Of Mines
2007-05-23 Us Court Blocks Alaska Mine Waste From Lake
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2007-05-22 Rio, BP Plan US$1.7 Bln Australia Clean Coal Plant
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2007-05-21 Calif. Rejects Bhp Billiton Offshore Lng Project
2007-05-17 Mining For Truth
2007-05-14 Bush Orders First Federal Regulation of Greenhouse Gases
2007-05-14 US update
2007-05-14 Federal Loans for Coal Plants Clash With Carbon Cuts
2007-05-14 US update
2007-05-14 G8 Set for Transatlantic Clash on Climate
2007-05-10 Emissions and Omissions
2007-05-10 Germany, UK Home to Most of EU's Dirty Power Plants
2007-05-10 US, Russian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up, EU's Dip
2007-05-10 China, India to Lead Luring Green Projects by '12
2007-05-10 Emissions and Omissions
2007-05-08 US update
2007-05-08 Mandatory U.S. Greenhouse Gas Cap Wins New Corporate Supporters
2007-05-08 US update
2007-05-05 Officials seek to ID old lead mining sites for cleanup
2007-05-04 US Has 'Implicit' Price on Carbon Emissions - DOE
2007-05-04 US update
2007-05-04 State Air Pollution Officials Urge National Climate Law
2007-05-04 New Bill Would Halt Waste Dumping in Lakes, Rivers, Streams
2007-05-04 US update
2007-05-04 Senate Panel OKs Bill to Increase Green US Power
2007-05-03 Nuclear Power No Sure Cure for Climate Ills - Groups
2007-05-03 Uranium power gets further thumbs down
2007-05-03 Uranium power gets further thumbs down
2007-05-01 Reign of Bush Fish and Wildlife Official Ends in Disgrace
2007-04-30 Supreme Court Lets Air Pollution Equipment Ruling Stand
2007-04-30 Six Critical Air Pollutants Down in 2006
2007-04-21 Editorial note: Anglo American's chairman, Mark Moody-Stuart, claimed last week at the company's 2
2007-04-21 US Update
2007-04-21 US update
2007-04-21 Legacy of Libby's asbestos contamination still being set
2007-04-18 Climate Fears, Costs Threaten Coal-Fired Power Plans
2007-04-16 Bougainville: Court rules in favour
2007-04-16 27.5 Million Funds Uranium Contamination Studies
2007-04-13 Schwarzenegger in Washington: Make Environment Sexy
2007-04-13 US update
2007-04-13 US update
2007-04-13 Oregon State Senators Okay Renewable Energy Bill
2007-04-13 New England States Take Aim at Power Plant Mercury Emissions
2007-04-13 Climate Justice League Strikes Merrill Lynch
2007-04-13 World Bank Chief Says Clean Energy a Vital Issue
2007-04-12 OMYA neighbors make one last stand
2007-04-07 US update
2007-04-07 US Update
2007-04-07 Firm to pump water from mine into river that's home to rare fish
2007-04-03 US Top Court Overturns Duke Clean Air Law Ruling
2007-04-02 Supreme Court Rules EPA Can Regulate Greenhouse Gases
2007-03-30 China update
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-30 OLCA:"The other inconvenient truth: Al Gore's visit to Chile financed by Barrick Gold
2007-03-30 Court Throws Out Bush Forest Management Regulations
2007-03-30 China Update
2007-03-30 Alabama Promotes Mercury Switch Recovery Program
2007-03-30 China To Unveil Climate Plan Next Month
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-30 OLCA:"The other inconvenient truth: Al Gore's visit to Chile financed by Barrick Gold
2007-03-29 Global Warming As Big A Threat As Terrorism
2007-03-29 Mining safety agency imposes $1.5M fine on Massey Energy for W.Va. mine violations
2007-03-29 Rare cancer found in Iron Range miners
2007-03-29 Interior Assistant Secretary Manipulated Endangered Species Science
2007-03-26 Chinese Air Pollution Crosses Pacific, Reaches Western United States
2007-03-23 Nbsp;
2007-03-23 Us Update
2007-03-23 US Update
2007-03-23 Judge Blocks Mountaintop Removal Permits
2007-03-22 Court: Cyanide Can Be Banned In Gold Mining
2007-03-20 Kansas City Power & Light To Offset Carbon From New Coal Unit
2007-03-20 Investors Urge Us Congress For Rules Slashing Co2
2007-03-20 Nevada Town Needs Act Of Congress To Learn Blood Arsenic Levels
2007-03-20 House Panel Investigates Bush's Climate Science Manipulations
2007-03-19 Freeport-mcmoran Completes Phelps Dodge Takeover
2007-03-18 US toxic trails
2007-03-18 Land mine? Gore gains benefits from zinc operation
2007-03-18 US toxic trails
2007-03-17 Us-canada Update
2007-03-17 US-Canada update
2007-03-16 Coeur D'alene Mines Loses Clean Water Act Court Case
2007-03-15 Michigan Mining Proposal Collapses
2007-03-15 Securing our children's world
2007-03-15 Securing our children's world
2007-03-15 Economic justice and environmental sustainability connected, says Task Force report (March 2007)
2007-03-14 From: Laura Furtado
2007-03-14 Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant to Become Wildlife Refuge
2007-03-13 Keeping Roscoe's Struggle Alive
2007-03-12 Hexavalent Chromium + Vitamin C = Cancer
2007-03-09 US update
2007-03-09 Uses Sought for Tons of Radioactive Nickel Scrap
2007-03-09 US Update
2007-03-09 EPA Issues Clean Water Mercury Listing Guidance
2007-03-07 Ohio: Coal mining below forest to go on
2007-03-05 Bush Climate Report Shows U.S. Greenhouse Gases Skyrocketing
2007-03-05 FEATURE - US Coal-Fired Power Plant Plans up in Smoke?
2007-03-03 London Calling scents something rotten in the North Woods - and even worse in Armenia
2007-03-03 London Calling Scents Something Rotten In The North Woods - And Even Worse In Armenia
2007-03-03 Dirty Zod
2007-03-02 Mich. reconsiders Kennecott application
2007-02-17 Mercury Rising?
2007-02-14 Us Update
2007-02-14 Statement From Rainforest Action Network (ran),
2007-02-14 US update
2007-02-13 Navajos Ask Court To Prevent Uranium Mining
2007-02-10 Us Update
2007-02-10 Roscoe Churchill
2007-02-10 US Update
2007-02-09 New Jersey Sues U.s. Epa Over Pennsylvania Power Plant Pollution
2007-02-07 Kleberg County To Face Off With Uranium Mining Company - Again
2007-02-07 Effects Of Bush Climate Science Censorship Linger
2007-02-07 Duke Energy Sees No Carbon Limits Till 2009, 2010
2007-02-07 Embattled Mining Company Asarco Enters Into Settlement Talks
2007-02-03 A Mega Environmental Eisaster In The Making?
2007-02-03 Us Update (03/02/2007)
2007-02-03 US Update
2007-02-02 Rio Tinto faces storm overpebble on a beach
2007-02-02 Rio Tinto faces storm overpebble on a beach
2007-02-01 Us Companies Lag On Climate Risk Disclosure
2007-01-27 Top Ceos Call For Federal Action On Climate Change
2007-01-20 Jewelers urged to boycott new Alaska gold mine
2007-01-18 Return to the Black Mesa
2007-01-18 Return to the Black Mesa
2007-01-18 Tensions run high at final Black Mesa DEIS hearing
2007-01-12 London Calling follows the cash
2007-01-04 Big Dig: Mongolia is Roiled by Miner's Huge Plans - World-Class Deposits Spur Battle for Spils: Mak
2006-12-22 Asbestos Roundup
2006-12-22 Asbestos Roundup
2006-12-20 Study: Asbestos Fears Are Justified - USGS Scientists Debunk Industry Claim, Call Particles Dangerou
2006-12-18 Ban asbestos now! Asbestos major reason for rise in Canadian work-related deaths
2006-12-17 Brakes Warning Remains: OSHA Statement on Asbestos Exposure Hazard Survives Challenge
2006-12-15 Blood in the stones
2006-12-15 Blood in the stones
2006-12-15 US Update
2006-12-15 Appeal Letter from Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
2006-12-15 US Update
2006-12-15 US Airline Industry Lags Nation on Recycling
2006-12-14 American Journal of Industrial Medicine Publishes Materials from ADAO's 2006 Asbestos Disease Awaren
2006-12-13 Copperheads vs. Greens
2006-12-11 US Update
2006-12-11 US Update
2006-12-11 US Tweaks Pollution Rule Review; Green Groups Balk
2006-12-08 US Mulls Removing Lead from List of Pollutants
2006-12-08 California Curbs Emissions from Chrome Plating Process
2006-12-04 Indigenous World Uranium Summit Honors Nuclear Free Heroes
2006-12-04 Indigenous World Uranium Summit Honors Nuclear Free Heroes
2006-12-03 Somba Ke: The Money Place
2006-11-28 Statement of the Indian Law Resource Center regarding the delay in adoption of the United Nations
2006-11-28 First Nations Leadership Council Troubled
2006-11-28 Indigenous Rights charter meets hurdle
2006-11-28 Indigenous Rights charter meets hurdle
2006-11-28 UN affirms Indigenous Peoples are not equal to all other Peoples
2006-11-27 US Update
2006-11-27 US Update
2006-11-25 Vulcan battle ongoing as city considers mining ordinance
2006-11-18 Getting rid of mercury (but not yet)
2006-11-18 Getting rid of mercury (but not yet)
2006-11-17 22 States Write Mercury Controls Stricter than Feds'
2006-11-17 Energy Department May Sell Surplus Mercury Stockpile
2006-11-15 EU Lawmakers Put Mercury Thermometers out in Cold
2006-11-12 US Update
2006-10-28 Taking On a Coal Mining Practice as a Matter of Faith
2006-10-28 US Update
2006-10-28 US Update
2006-10-28 Coal magnate trying to fire up GOP support
2006-10-24 Union demands safer coal mines, protests Stickler appointment
2006-10-17 US Update
2006-10-17 US Update
2006-10-17 Conservationists Defend Gold Mining Rules
2006-10-13 Disgraceful Acts: north American asbestos update
2006-10-13 Disgraceful Acts: north American asbestos update
2006-10-11 W.R. Grace Must Pay Asbestos Cleanup Bill
2006-10-11 US Update!
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-10-09 It's The Consumption, Stupid : Energy Outlook 2007
2006-09-29 China Update
2006-09-29 Coal Said to be Top Enemy in Fighting Global Warming
2006-09-29 China Update
2006-09-21 ToxiCities
2006-09-21 ToxiCities
2006-09-21 Toxic shock: how Western rubbish is destroying Africa
2006-09-20 US Update
2006-09-20 California Sues Automakers Over Global Warming
2006-09-20 US Update
2006-09-20 EPA Not Fulfilling Environmental Justice Requirements
2006-09-20 Keeping Cities Cool
2006-09-18 U.S. Missing Renewable Energy Opportunities
2006-09-16 Miners in a fix over climate change
2006-09-16 Miners in a fix over climate change
2006-09-15 How American Cities Have Bypassed Bush On Kyoto
2006-09-15 The real blood diamonds: TB, silicosis, asbestosis and De Beers
2006-09-15 Clean Energy Bill Could Create Half a Million Jobs
2006-09-14 ANALYSIS - Climate Change Poses Disaster Scenario for Miners
2006-09-14 Tilting at Friedland
2006-09-14 Tilting at Friedland
2006-09-13 US Update
2006-09-13 New MIT Technique Eliminates Greenhouse Gases from Iron Production
2006-09-13 U.S. Urged to Set Stricter Particulate Matter Standards
2006-09-13 US Update
2006-09-13 Memo Shows EPA Budget Faces New Cuts
2006-09-08 EPA Proposes Industry-backed Changes to Clean Air Program
2006-09-08 US Update
2006-09-08 US Update
2006-09-08 Bangla Nagar: the backlash
2006-09-08 Bangla Nagar: the backlash
2006-09-08 G-7 inquires about graft, Tata deal, labour rights
2006-09-07 Increased Burning of Peatlands Boosts Mercury Emissions
2006-09-06 Environmental Enforcement Dropping Under Bush
2006-08-21 World Bank Plan Still Favours "Clean" Fossil Fuels
2006-08-21 US Court Hands EPA a Win in Utility Emission Case
2006-08-21 Norway Authority Demands CO2 Capture at Gas Plant
2006-08-21 Coal-fired climate change - not to mention acid rain
2006-08-21 Coal-fired climate change - not to mention acid rain
2006-08-15 Robert Friedland
2006-08-09 The Sierra Club and United Steelworkers - Together we stand for Green Labour!
2006-08-08 Coeur d'Alene Says Alaska Mine Suit Dismissed
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-06 Appalachian Citizens Demonstrate at Governors Conference
2006-08-04 Errors understate mercury emissions
2006-08-04 Group says proposed N.S. quarry will hurt environment, tourism and fishery
2006-08-02 Suit Filed Over Paradise Coal-fired Plant in Kentucky
2006-07-17 A Burning Issue
2006-07-17 A burning issue
2006-07-10 US Update
2006-07-10 EPA Strengthens Rule Governing Lead in Drinking Water
2006-07-10 US Update
2006-07-10 Bush plan targets Cuban nickel ALAN FREEMAN
2006-06-29 US Update
2006-06-29 Bush Admin to Offer US$170 Million for Solar Energy
2006-06-29 Nevada Senator Slashes Nuclear Waste Dump Budget for 2007
2006-06-29 US Update
2006-06-29 U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up Again in 2005
2006-06-29 US EPA Suffers From Chronic Management Problems: GAO
2006-06-28 Recycling priorities threatened with incineration CEE Bankwatch Network, European Environmental Bure
2006-06-28 Suit says Doe Run tainted area near lead mine
2006-06-27 U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Global Warming Case
2006-06-27 Landholder threatens to nix Doe Run lease; Suit accuses company of violating environmental laws.
2006-06-26 Massey Indicted
2006-06-19 US Update
2006-06-19 US Update
2006-06-19 Sixteen States Sue U.S. EPA Over Mercury Cap-and Trade Rule
2006-06-12 Navajo power plant lease approved; opponents vow to fight Indian Country Today
2006-06-08 Governments Urged To Join World ‘Asbestos Ban’ Trade Unions Call For Stop To Century-Long
2006-06-06 US Update
2006-06-06 Prime Minister Howard Hustles Australia Down Nuclear Path
2006-06-06 US Update
2006-06-06 States' Clean Air Lawsuit Against Allegheny Energy Allowed
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-06 Global Nuclear Expansion Based on Plentiful Uranium Supply
2006-06-05 UCIL exploring uranium ore in Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka
2006-06-02 US Update
2006-06-02 Canadian Mining Company to Assess Columbia River Contamination
2006-06-02 Teck Cominco to pay $20 million US for study of pollution of Columbia River
2006-06-02 US Update
2006-06-02 Physical, Mental Health of 9/11 Survivors to Be Surveyed Again
2006-06-01 Rio Tinto - revisiting the principles
2006-05-31 Mining Firm Gives $8m Back To Tribe; Gift Ends Crandon Mine Saga
2006-05-31 For further background see:
2006-05-31 BHPBilliton: earning praise - and condemnation
2006-05-31 BHPBilliton: earning praise - and condemnation
2006-05-25 US Update
2006-05-25 US Update
2006-05-25 MSHA Names Team to Investigate Darby Mine No. 1 Accident
2006-05-23 Major Victory for TRI
2006-05-22 Ekati mineowners sue striking workers
2006-05-21 Underground Blast Kills 5 Kentucky Miners
2006-05-19 Feasibility study likely on bringing
2006-05-19 Statement from the Union of Northern Workers
2006-05-18 It's coal out there!
2006-05-18 It's coal out there!
2006-05-16 US Court to Review Duke Energy Clean Air Ruling
2006-05-16 US Update
2006-05-16 US Update
2006-05-15 U.S. Supreme Court Upholds States' Right to Regulate Dams
2006-05-15 Dupont Tops List of 100 Most Toxic Air Polluters
2006-05-15 Minnesota Enacts Mercury Reductions Law
2006-05-12 China Update
2006-05-12 Inco to build nickel plant in China
2006-05-12 China Update
2006-05-12 INTERVIEW - Australia PM Says Will Not Sell Uranium to India
2006-05-11 Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Far Above Target
2006-05-11 Canada Must Quit as Chair of Kyoto Process - Greens
2006-05-11 China, India are Fast-Growing Polluters - World Bank
2006-05-11 Kyoto Gives Poor Countries US$2.7 Billion Boost
2006-05-11 Climate Change Update
2006-05-11 Carbon Market Grows 10 Fold, Needs Openness - World Bank
2006-05-11 Climate Change Update
2006-05-11 New Coal Technology Could Help Climate - US Expert
2006-05-09 US Update
2006-05-09 US Update
2006-05-09 Dirtier Side Betrays Promise of 'Clean Coal'
2006-05-08 ILO Meeting of Experts to discuss new Code of Practice on coal mine safety
2006-05-06 Ozzie Uprising
2006-05-06 Carbon Alarm
2006-05-06 Carbon Alarm
2006-05-05 Aussies make push to cash in on nuclear revival
2006-05-05 Inco to build fifth China plant
2006-05-04 Green group accepts uranium mines
2006-05-01 ANALYSIS - CO2 Price Crash Signals Tougher EU Pollution Goals
2006-05-01 Mine Antarctica, says Joyce
2006-05-01 NOAA: Global Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Rose in 2005
2006-04-27 North America Update
2006-04-27 North America Update
2006-04-27 Oil price rises fuel the return of coal
2006-04-27 U.S. Air Cleaner But Millions Still Inhale Soot, Smog
2006-04-26 Crowd Inside And Out: Newmont Meeting Draws Shareholders And Protesters
2006-04-25 Newmont Shareholders Groups Support Un Decision And Western Shoshone
2006-04-25 Protest Newmont Mining, Denver, Colorado, April 25, 2006. Please Spread The Word.
2006-04-25 Activists Set To Protest Newmont's Practices
2006-04-24 2nd Canadian Mining Company Gets Permit To Drill Near Glacier
2006-04-24 Inspector Who Tried To Shut Mine Before Fatal Fire Was Overruled
2006-04-24 Navajos Protest Water Talks With Peabody Coal
2006-04-24 Slow Death Consumes Oklahoma Mining Town
2006-04-24 Newmont Moves Annual Meet
2006-04-23 Defiance In The Land Of The Free
2006-04-22 Indonesian Update
2006-04-22 Indonesian Update
2006-04-21 Us Update
2006-04-21 US Update
2006-04-20 Environmental Group Says Gold Mine "threatens" Boise River
2006-04-18 Grasberg will remain open: Indonesian President
2006-04-18 Alcoa Strike Could Hurt Both Sides, Analysts Say
2006-04-17 The Fight Over The Water Beneath Black Mesa
2006-04-12 Freeport 'committed' to the environment
2006-04-07 Rio Tinto may spend US$1b on Indonesian mine, Purnomo says
2006-04-07 Interview: Fcx Committed To Indonesia Copper Mine-ceo
2006-04-07 Indonesian Update
2006-04-05 The Papuans Say: 'this Land And Its Ores Are Ours'
2006-04-04 US EPA Proposal Seeks to Ease Pollution Rules
2006-04-04 US EPA Proposal Seeks to Ease Pollution Rules - Draft
2006-04-04 US EPA Proposal Seeks to Ease Pollution Rules
2006-03-29 Freeport Subdued By Government Pressure
2006-03-28 Govt Rebuked For Not Suing Freeport
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-28 Indonesian police arrest 12 over attack on Newmont camp in Indonesia
2006-03-28 Police arrest 12 suspects over attack on Newmont mining camp
2006-03-24 Jim Bob rakes in millions from Papua goldmine
2006-03-24 Icel, Jatam, And Walhi: Freeport Must Cease Operations Because Of Environmental Crimes
2006-03-23 US Update
2006-03-23 Miner Freeport hit by double-whammy in Indonesia
2006-03-23 US Update
2006-03-21 INDONESIA: Mining group warns resources sector in peril
2006-03-20 Backgrounder on Elang/Dodo by JATAM and WALHI
2006-03-20 US Update
2006-03-20 Indonesian police detain 11 more after Papua clashes
2006-03-20 US Update
2006-03-19 Who will pay for Asarco's mess?
2006-03-19 Residents wait, wonder if job will end
2006-03-19 Lead contamination kills swans, keeps children inside
2006-03-19 Clearing the air: Court blocks EPA rules
2006-03-19 Elang Dodo Exploration: Proof of Newmont's Destructive Power of Expansion
2006-03-17 Mining Advocacy Network (jatam): Stop The Military Intervention At Freeport
2006-03-17 Judges Overturn Bush Bid to Ease Pollution Rules
2006-03-15 The Coal Mine Next Door
2006-03-14 US Update
2006-03-14 US Update
2006-03-13 Group pushes for more mine-cleanup funds
2006-03-13 London Calling All Billionaires!
2006-03-13 Southern California Recycling Fraud Ring Busted
2006-03-10 US found guilty of violating Shoshone human rights
2006-03-09 How do three old friends build a business empire in Kazakhstan? Just as in Russia-buy assets on the
2006-03-08 Washington State Hands E-Waste Costs to Manufacturers
2006-03-08 Mercury Levels Still High in Virginia River Fish
2006-03-07 US Update
2006-03-07 US Update
2006-03-03 Federal Standards Needed for Refilling Mines with Coal Ash
2006-03-02 U.S. Is Reducing Safety Penalties for Mine Flaws
2006-03-02 US Update
2006-03-02 US Update
2006-03-01 Citizens fight mining companies carving off mountaintops
2006-03-01 Workplace Exposure Standard for Hexavalent Chromium Cut Ten-Fold
2006-03-01 Behind the numbers: Untold Suffering in the Congo
2006-03-01 Damages Denied in Landmark US Lead Paint Case
2006-03-01 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up 1.7 Percent in 2004
2006-02-27 Safety fines at mine minimal
2006-02-27 US Asbestos Bill Sponsors Seek Signatures for Revote
2006-02-24 Chromium Industry Withheld Evidence of Workplace Cancer Risk
2006-02-24 US Update
2006-02-24 US Update
2006-02-23 A lead on lead
2006-02-23 A lead on lead
2006-02-23 Landmark US Lead Paint Suit Finds Companies Liable
2006-02-22 Drilling Energy Programs Trump Conservation
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-20 Us Update
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-20 US Update
2006-02-16 Sources: Alcoa’s Global Record: Mark Meredith, “alcoa And You”, Trinidad And Tobag
2006-02-16 Mine Safety Agency Vows To Raise Fine Amounts
2006-02-15 US Update: February 2006
2006-02-15 US Update: February 2006
2006-02-15 Hanson, Saint-gobain Hurt By U.s. Asbestos Upset, Dresdner Says
2006-02-15 Maryland Power Plants Linked to 700 Premature Deaths Per Year
2006-02-13 Navajo Take A Sovereign Stand Against Latest Uranium Scramble
2006-02-13 Bush Administration Details Billion-dollar Plan For Public Land Sales
2006-02-10 Vermont Sues Forest Firm Over Tyre Burning Plan
2006-02-10 9/11 Aftermath: Health Fears For Victims Of Ground Zero's Deadly Dust Wtc Rescue Workers
2006-02-10 Fines May Not Bring Compliance
2006-02-10 Us Senate Kills Attempt To Rewrite Asbestos Bill
2006-02-08 Vets, Victims Lobby Us Capitol Before Asbestos Vote
2006-02-07 Ex-staffers Return To Hill To Lobby On Asbestos Fund
2006-02-06 Asbestos Bill Sets Off Partisan Attacks
2006-02-02 Green Rules Could Shut up to 500 US Coal Plants - Study
2006-02-02 Libby Doctor Lobbying Senate On Asbestos Bill
2006-02-02 Mountaintop Removal Mining Permits Challenged in West Virginia
2006-02-02 Harbor Island Smelter Pays $8.5 Million in Superfund Costs
2006-02-01 Bush Would Break U.S. Oil Addiction With Renewables, Nuclear, Coal
2006-02-01 US Senate Minority Leader to Oppose Asbestos Bill
2006-01-31 EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Found to Be Inadequate
2006-01-31 USG Corporation in $4 Billion Asbestos Claim Settlement
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-25 In Defense of Mountains / On the Frontlines Against Destructive Mining
2006-01-21 Ramapough Mountain Indians Sue Ford Over Toxic Contamination
2006-01-19 Mining agency: Increase top fine
2006-01-18 Pennsylvania Governor Opposes Curb on Access to Toxic Release Data
2006-01-15 quot;Every law has been written by the blood of miners!" That's the opinion of the main US min
2006-01-15 US Updates: January 2006
2006-01-15 US Updates: January 2006
2006-01-12 Mining a Dirty Business in More Ways Than One
2006-01-11 Killing miners isn't accidental
2006-01-11 Killing miners isn't accidental
2006-01-10 Western Shoshone file lawsuit against mining companies
2006-01-09 Fines in mining deaths cut back
2006-01-08 Mining offences punished lightly
2006-01-07 US: worst mine disaster in years
2006-01-07 China and US coal disasters
2006-01-07 From Table 1
2006-01-07 China and US coal disasters
2006-01-07 From Table 2: (
2006-01-07 From Table 2:
2006-01-06 Deconstructing deadly details from China's coal mine safety statistics
2006-01-05 US mining safety under scrutiny
2006-00-24 Jakarta tells Freeport, 'Start following rules'
2006-00-15 Rotterdam Treaty Killed by Asbestos Disease!
2005-12-30 Native Americans try to Reap the Wind for Power
2005-12-29 China to Monitor Economy-Wide Energy Efficiency
2005-12-23 ANALYSIS - China Metal Firms Feeling Heat on Environment
2005-12-20 EPA Slammed for Allowing Power Plants to Emit Mercury
2005-12-15 US Updates: December 2005
2005-12-15 US Updates: December 2005
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-12 Sierra Club Lawsuit Targets EPA Rule on Toxic Chemical Emissions
2005-12-12 Pennsylvania OKs Lafarge Cement to Burn Nonrecyclable Plastics
2005-12-09 Legal Experts Ask Congress to Reject Sale of Parklands to Miners
2005-12-09 Iron Pipe Maker Mcwane, Executives Sentenced for Enviro Crimes
2005-12-07 U-M sole North American recipient of Alcoa Foundation grant
2005-12-07 A university's links with an aluminium producer
2005-12-07 A university's links with an aluminium producer
2005-11-28 London Calling Arizona - Australia
2005-11-28 London Calling Arizona - Australia
2005-11-22 Feature - US update on Western land grab
2005-11-22 Feature - US update on Western land grab
2005-11-21 Gloomy Asbestos Study Criticized at US Senate Hearing
2005-11-15 State, Local Air Officials Urge Rapid Mercury Emissions Cuts
2005-11-15 Agarwal accused of violating Armenian laws - while Vedanta continues its rampages through India
2005-11-15 nbsp;
2005-11-15 Agarwal Accused Of Violating Armenian Laws
2005-11-10 World's biggest producef of cyanide lambasted by US's biggest miners' union
2005-11-10 Western Shoshone Headed Back to Court to Challenge Yucca Mountain
2005-11-09 Roundup on Mining in USA
2005-11-09 Roundup on Mining in USA
2005-11-09 Nuclear Waste Funding Slashed in 2006 Energy Budget
2005-11-06 Latest mining suit adds 'silt snake' angle
2005-10-28 Updates on mining laws in the USA
2005-10-28 As the Bush regime groans under what may be its biggest internal "scandal" yet, two infamo
2005-10-28 Pombo's Special Places Giveaway - Mining Portion of Chairman Pombo's Recommendation for Budget Reco
2005-10-27 Change 1872 Mining Law? Move Causes a Stir
2005-10-25 The Cost of Gold -Treasure of Yanacocha Tangled Strands in Fight Over Peru Gold Mine
2005-10-25 Newmont under attack globally
2005-10-25 Newmont under attack globally
2005-10-23 PBS mines the trouble for Newmont in Peru
2005-10-20 Tragedy Strikes At Newmont
2005-10-19 Missouri's biggest polluter is also Peru's
2005-10-19 Doe Run operates in one of the most contaminated regions of Peru: La Oroya. At La Oroya there is a s
2005-10-16 Financier's saga of risk promises Gobi riches
2005-10-12 Pombo is also the sponsor of a bill, adopted by the Us House of Representatives which could lead to
2005-09-15 Government to pay asbestos victims
2005-09-15 Government to pay asbestos victims
2005-09-15 Sources: Apaches against Rio Tinto: emails to Partizans, London (June - September 2005); Rio Tinto
2005-09-13 It's been condemned as "telling a whole generation of women and children that their health is l
2005-09-09 Rio Tinto tries to get back into the North Woods
2005-09-09 Tainted Loons, US Senators Tackle EPA on Mercury
2005-09-09 US Senate Panel OKs Asbestos Subpoena Power
2005-09-09 Rio Tinto tries to get back into the North Woods
2005-09-05 Asbestos fears spread to residential roofing tiles
2005-09-03 W.R. Grace Wants Trial Moved Out of Montana
2005-08-31 Children’s Vinyl Lunch Boxes Can Contain Dangerous Levels of Lead
2005-08-29 Support for asbestos makes Canada an 'international pariah'
2005-08-29 US Asbestos Fund could Fall Short - Budget Office
2005-08-27 Navajo President Asks For Richardson's Help
2005-08-26 Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth USA are to sue the US government's ExIm Bank and OPIC - the worl
2005-08-26 Washington to be sued over global warming
2005-08-17 An article focussing on this oft-ignored consequence of the use of heavy metals in a manufacture -
2005-08-17 American Electronic Waste Contaminates China and India
2005-08-16 Pennsylvania to Write Mercury Regs Stricter Than Federal Standards
2005-08-16 The US state of Pennsylvania has attacked the new "cap and trade" scheme introduced by the
2005-08-15 Updates on uranium special
2005-08-15 The Million Year Baby: In Argentina Uranium-Polluted Water Is "Legally Safe to Drink"
2005-08-15 On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-15 The following is an excellent summary by the China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong) on the appalling attr
2005-08-15 Uranium Special - On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-15 The deadly afterthought
2005-08-15 Tennessee Coal Road Blocked to Protest Mountaintop Removal Mining
2005-08-09 Proponen Estándares De Seguridad Para Un Millón De Años En Yucca Mountain
2005-08-09 Million Year Yucca Mountain Safety Standards Proposed
2005-08-09 Ranking of Top Corporate Air Polluters Now Called Toxic 100
2005-08-02 Montana Dam to Be Removed in $100 Million Mine Waste Cleanup
2005-07-31 Texas Family Fights Uranium Mining
2005-07-31 Kleberg Residents Oppose New Uranium Mines
2005-07-25 The harder you come, the lighter you'll fall. At least that's the opinion of an unlikely coalition o
2005-07-10 Environmentalists, Coal Industry Battle Over Mountaintop Mining
2005-07-08 Polluters Will Pay $50 Million to Clean Maryland Superfund Site
2005-07-06 Acid on the rocks: Sulfide mining poised to tunnel into Michigan
2005-06-27 Proposal to reopen old B.C. mine causes Canada-U.S. friction
2005-06-27 Proposal to reopen old B.C. mine causes Canada-U.S. friction
2005-06-22 Veinte Países Actúan Para Protegerse Del Radón, Letal Gas Radioactivo
2005-06-20 Tulsequah can't meet federal discharge orders
2005-06-19 Outer space and outta control
2005-06-19 Outer space and outta control - the mining of space
2005-06-18 Corporate Mining's influence on academia - comment
2005-06-18 Corporate Mining's influence on academia - comment
2005-06-09 quot;NASA wants our mining expertise Mining called key to colonization of space" - my respons
2005-06-08 Race to Mars will benefit Sudbury - Some technology needed to reach red planet will be developed he
2005-05-27 FACTBOX - Key Provisions of US Senate Asbestos Bill
2005-05-27 US Senate Panel Approves $140 Billion Asbestos Fund
2005-05-27 The long-debated compromise bill, aimed at settling asbestos-related claims, is now going to the US
2005-05-25 Doe Run Smelter Poisons Peru Town-residents
2005-05-25 Lead coffins - Mining companies accused of lead poisoning in North America and Peru
2005-05-25 Canada's Commission For Environmental Cooperation Has Named The Key Toxic Polluters
2005-05-22 Mountaintop Removal Protests Planned In Four States
2005-05-19 USW Condemns Asarco's "Right to Pollute" Suit and Pushes for Responsible Operation
2005-05-17 Northern Dynasty, the Canadian corporation attempting to develop the Pebble Mine in Alaska also eng
2005-05-17 BNSF sues Doe Run over lead
2005-04-28 Turkish Gold Mine to Resume Production - Owner
2005-04-27 Media Advisory: Buyat Bay not an isolated case
2005-04-27 American Indian activist Mary Dann dies in ranch accident
2005-04-27 Communities Urge Gold Miner Newmont to Reform
2005-04-27 Newmont CEO meets critics from across globe
2005-04-25 Western Shoshone to Question Placer Dome Mining at Annual Shareholder Meeting
2005-04-25 State joins mining association in lawsuit over cyanide process
2005-04-25 Western Shoshone to Question Placer Dome Mining at Annual Shareholder Meeting
2005-04-24 Communities Urge Gold Miner Newmont to Reform
2005-04-22 Navajo Nation bans uranium mining on its land
2005-04-22 Navajo Nation bans uranium mining on its land
2005-04-21 Authors: Ban Mountaintop Removal Mining
2005-04-15 Nuclear Power is the Problem, Not a Solution
2005-03-28 Firms seek asbestos claim safety net
2005-03-25 Dilema of Uranium disposal
2005-03-09 Study Says Canadian Smelter Polluting US Lake
2005-03-02 US Asbestos Bill at Critical Stage - Senator Specter
2005-02-24 Hidden legacy: Navajo Nation grapples with uranium mining issue
2005-02-24 Hidden legacy: Navajo Nation grapples with uranium mining issue
2005-02-24 An interview with local ex-mining employee Larry King
2005-02-09 US Asbestos Bill Hits Further Snags, Lawmakers Say
2005-02-09 The Public Has a Right to Know the Toxins Produced by Mining
2005-02-09 The Public Has a Right to Know the Toxins Produced by Mining
2005-02-09 La population est en droit de savoir quelles sont les toxines découlant de l'activité
2005-02-08 W.R. Grace Faces Criminal Charges for Asbestos at Libby Mine
2005-02-08 The US govenment is taking notorious mining company, WR Grace, to court on criminal charges of know
2005-02-07 W.R. Grace Accused of Hiding Cancer Risk
2005-01-10 G W Bush is backing former asbestos producers, like Halliburton, in pushing for a curb on asbestos c
2005-01-05 In northern climes
2005-01-05 In northern climes
2005-01-05 Platinum galore: remote island of Unst gets ready for a boom in precious metals
2005-01-02 China update: is "growth" with safety a chimera?
2005-01-02 China update: is "growth" with safety a chimera?
2004-12-23 Mining companies fined for air pollution
2004-12-23 Mining company fined for air pollution
2004-12-23 Copper mining company fined over emission reporting errors
2004-12-18 Activists Say New Trees No Justification for Missing Mountains
2004-12-18 Activists Say New Trees No Justification for Missing Mountains
2004-12-18 U.s. Sued To Stop Mountaintop Mining
2004-12-07 Army Corps Faces Motion of Contempt Over Valley Fills
2004-12-02 London Calling - December 2 2004
2004-12-02 London Calling! December 2 2004
2004-12-01 The US Environmental Protection Agency is still pushing methods, that are less effective than enforc
2004-11-30 Western Shoshone Challenge Government Decision to Open Spiritual and Cultural Area to Further Destru
2004-11-30 Western Shoshone and Allies Challenge Department of Interior Decision to Open Spiritual and Cultura
2004-11-30 For further information, contact Nicole Rinke of Western Mining Action Project (775) 337-2977 (WMAP
2004-11-21 Canada's export of asbestos harmful to poor countries
2004-11-16 A super fund - but not a super agency
2004-11-16 EPA 2004 Year End Shows 40 Superfund Sites Cleaned
2004-11-15 Lawsuit Takes EPA to Task Over Toxic Boiler Emissions
2004-11-15 Two Industry Connected Appointees Off Coal Waste Committee
2004-11-13 Coal mining: Most deadly job in China
2004-11-13 Coal mining: Most deadly job in China
2004-11-12 The US Bureau of Land Management has sacked an environmental investigator who revealed dangerous lev
2004-11-10 Teck Cominco Will Appeal Columbia River Pollution Ruling
2004-11-10 A US court has ruled in favour of the native American Colville Nation and against Teck-Cominco, in
2004-11-05 London Calling! November 5 2004
2004-11-05 London Calling - November 5 2004
2004-11-05 Bush: The second round
2004-11-05 Bush win seen lifting drug, defense, oil, coal stocks
2004-11-05 Further articles on 'Bush the Destroyer'
2004-11-02 Surge In British Asbestos Claims Will Cost Billions
2004-10-29 W R Grace - Already The Subject Of Nearly 70,000 Lawsuits Related To Asbestos-related Diseases Is Be
2004-10-16 Bid to halt mining protests fails - National Coal Corp. Says Activists Present a Threat
2004-10-15 Mine protesters defeat temporary injunction
2004-10-10 London Calling - October 10 2004
2004-10-10 London Calling! October 10 2004
2004-10-01 Miners on the law path
2004-10-01 Miners on the law path
2004-09-22 Further Asbestos Updates
2004-09-22 Further asbestos updates
2004-09-16 'we Can't Leave Them To Suffer Alone'
2004-09-15 Wtc Lawsuit Calms Amec Frenzy
2004-09-15 Urgent Action on Peabody Coal Black Mesa
2004-09-15 Urgent Action on Peabody Coal Black Mesa
2004-09-01 'Bush the Destroyer' and various related articles on mining
2004-08-20 Unspoilt By 'progress'
2004-08-19 Is "sustainable cement" all it's cracked up to be?
2004-08-17 Feinstein Offers Asbestos Fund Compromise
2004-08-17 Asbestos mines: the trail of death
2004-08-17 Asbestos Mines: The Trail Of Death
2004-08-05 Placer Dome and Corporate Social Responsibility: A response on Placer Dome
2004-08-05 Placer Dome and Corporate Social Responsibility: A response to
2004-08-05 Dirty Gold..?
2004-08-04 Boycott call on Hardie gathers pace
2004-08-04 Australian government seeks Dutch treaty to protect asbestos victims
2004-07-21 The following are linked stories on asbestos.
2004-07-21 Lloyd's Equitas in asbestos claims deal with EnPro
2004-07-21 The troubles of companies dealing in asbestos continue
2004-07-21 States to Sue Utilities Over CO2 Sources
2004-07-15 Victims push for James Hardie asbestos charges
2004-07-15 Securities and Exchange Commission New Rules for Dirty Businesses?
2004-07-14 US Senate's Frist plans asbestos offer this week
2004-06-15 The Cost of Doing Business
2004-06-09 Sandline mercenaries: from Sierra Leone to Iraq
2004-06-04 London Calling! June 4 2004
2004-06-04 London Calling - June 4 2004
2004-06-03 Power Plants Top Canada - US Air Polluters, Watchdog Says
2004-06-03 Recent expansions in global aluminium
2004-06-02 London Calling! June 2 2004
2004-06-02 London Calling - June 2 2004
2004-05-27 Federal Documents Show Asbestos Removal Method Unsafe
2004-05-21 States Pursue Allegheny Coal Plant Case Abandoned by EPA
2004-05-17 Study Finds Top Air Polluters Closely Tied to Bush Administration
2004-05-17 One of the themes this website has regularly pursued has been the Bush regime's mounting assault on
2004-05-17 Study Finds Top Air Polluters Closely Tied to Bush Administration
2004-04-29 Teck fears year delay at Alaska gold project
2004-04-28 Communities Hurt by Newmont Mines Seek Fair Compensation at company AGM
2004-04-28 Communities Hurt by Newmont Mines Seek Fair Compensation
2004-04-28 Newmont shareholders face good news and bad
2004-04-27 Helping Bush 'Bushwhack' Justice - holding corporations to account
2004-04-25 US tribes go on 'legal warpath'
2004-04-16 Newmont blasted over Martha vibrations
2004-04-15 Rio Tinto Global Network to Kick Off Global Solidarity Days
2004-04-13 American Company Paid Terrorist Group to Protect Overseas Interests
2004-04-13 Blood Money - Former Exec: American Company Paid Terrorist Group to Protect Overseas Interests
2004-04-12 Major contamination problems at mine site in Oklahoma, USA
2004-04-08 Gold is not enough - the story of gold rushes
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-03-19 United States wants international ruling kept secret
2004-03-17 Doctors, Nurses, Labor, Faith Groups Slam EPA Mercury Plan
2004-03-17 Thousands of children each year suffer "learning disabilities" as a result of mercury exp
2004-03-17 Gold's 20,000-year scar
2004-03-17 Doctors, Nurses, Labor, Faith Groups Slam EPA Mercury Plan
2004-03-15 Biggest US banks targeted by environmental group
2004-03-15 Two "innovative" projects in Europe and the US promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
2004-03-15 European steel firms to study cleaner production
2004-03-15 Two Technical Fixes Against Global Warming
2004-03-15 Reliant nears completion of clean coal power plant
2004-03-05 The rising death rate from asbestos
2004-03-05 The rising death rate from asbestos
2004-03-05 Study Warns US Faces Asbestos Disease Crisis
2004-02-25 US Auto Industry Makes More Use of Aluminum
2004-02-25 US Auto Industry Makes More Use of Aluminium
2004-02-25 China has become the world’s second biggest oil consumer (after the US), thanks not only to inc
2004-02-20 Action - Barclays pull out of Baku funding: urge others to follow
2004-02-20 Can BP Keep NGOs Talking?
2004-02-20 Can BP Keep NGOs Talking?
2004-02-16 Arvida workers agree to shutdown
2004-02-12 Workers operate Alcan smelter despite closure plan
2004-02-05 Workers in Québec seize Alcan smelter
2004-02-05 Workers in Québec seize Alcan smelter
2004-01-26 Rule Change May Alter Strip-Mine Fight
2004-01-22 Top Court Rules for EPA on Teck Alaskan Mine Permit
2004-01-17 An industry dedicated to deception - presentation to World Social Forum
2004-00-15 We URGENTLY need YOUR VOICE!!
2003-12-19 Teck fight with EPA sparks worry on US projects
2003-12-06 Ecuador bears crude legacy of Texaco's thirst for oil
2003-11-30 London Calling - November 30 2003
2003-11-30 London Calling! November 30 2003
2003-11-14 Some fly ash will remain in Wenham Lake
2003-11-14 Some fly ash will remain in Wenham Lake
2003-11-14 There are huge problems associated with fly ash - the residues left from coal-burning power plants w
2003-11-13 Kennecott cited for willful safety violation - Rio Tinto and Kennecott slammed for pollution proposa
2003-11-13 Kennecott cited for willful safety violation and slammed for pollution proposal
2003-11-12 US asbestos bill draws big lobby spending
2003-11-10 Democrats Want Probe on Bush Admin Clean Air Policy
2003-10-29 Groups Reject Kennecott's "Pump and Dump" Plan citing threats to Property Rights, Community, Wild
2003-10-29 Groups Reject Kennecott's "Pump and Dump" Plan citing threats to Property Rights, Communi
2003-10-29 Rio Tinto's wholly-owned Kennecott subsidiary is by far the biggest airbourne polluter in the United
2003-10-28 Mole Lake and Potawatomi Tribes Purchase Crandon Mine
2003-10-25 Indians Buy Crandon Rights - Reported Mine Deal to End Long Fight
2003-10-25 Indians Buy Crandon Rights - Reported Mine Deal to End Long Fight
2003-10-25 Editorial: Crandon mine victory won by a historic alliance
2003-10-25 Last year a proposal was made by a coalition of Native American and conservationists, to buy the Cra
2003-10-23 Unions Sue Labor Department for Clean Air Regulations
2003-10-23 Showdown in the Ecuadoran Jungle - Rare Class-Action Pollution Trial Pits Indians Against U.S. Oil
2003-10-23 Class-Action Pollution Trial Pits Ecuadorian Indians Against U.S. Oil Company
2003-10-23 A potentially historic case has just opened in Ecuador, filed by Indigenous communities which are c
2003-10-16 Billions of dollars worth of claims from residents and workers affected by asbestos poisoning have t
2003-10-16 Asbestos Firms, Insurers Agree to Fund
2003-10-16 Asbestos Firms, Insurers Agree to Fund
2003-10-08 Indonesia - Jakarta
2003-10-08 Indonesia
2003-10-08 World Day on Inco: Reports from Across the World
2003-10-08 World Day on Inco: Reports from Across the World
2003-10-08 Kanakay-Nouvelle Caledonie Goro Nickel
2003-10-08 Inco subject of worldwide protest
2003-10-07 Indonesia South Sulawesi
2003-10-07 Indonesia Central Sulawesi
2003-10-07 Kanaky-New Caledonia Goro Nickel
2003-09-26 Trade unionists impacted by the policies and practices of Rio Tinto have confirmed the need for the
2003-09-26 Global Union Group Commits to Bring Rogue Company Rio Tinto to Justice, Reaffirms Solidarity
2003-09-24 Wilson defends Rio Tinto's global operations
2003-09-10 Union Members Speak-Up at Contamination Hearing
2003-09-03 Laid-Off Kennecott Workers File EEOC Charges and Rally to 'Reverse the Outrage'
2003-09-03 Laid-Off Kennecott Workers File EEOC Charges and Rally to 'Reverse the Outrage'
2003-08-29 WR Grace ordered to pay $54.5 mln in asbestos case
2003-08-11 We Had a Democracy Once, But You Crushed It
2003-08-09 Cheney firm's rival is forced to drop oil bid
2003-08-09 Not just oil: Bush grabs other minerals in Iraq
2003-08-09 Not just oil: Bush grabs other minerals in Iraq
2003-08-07 Zuni Salt Lake and Sanctuary Zone Protected
2003-08-06 Land Grabbing Bill Returns to Senate to Threaten Sovereignty of Western Shoshone Nation
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2003-08-04 WWF Press Release - Tesco membership of responsible timber group terminated
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2003-08-03 The Rothschild Files
2003-08-03 Access to courts for corporate accountability: recent developments
2003-07-28 Groups Demand Repeal of Bush Immunity for US Oil Companies in Iraq
2003-07-28 House Chooses Nuclear Space Flight Over Superfund
2003-07-26 Cref Claims Ignorance of Gold Mining Controversies
2003-07-26 Cref Claims Ignorance of Gold Mining Controversies
2003-07-17 US Attorney Generals ask for corporate contributions
2003-07-17 London Calling! July 17 2003
2003-07-17 London Calling - July 17 2003
2003-07-15 Kennecott Brags About Highest Toxic Releases in US
2003-07-15 Up against the Red Shield
2003-07-15 Kennecott workers file suit against Rio Tinto
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-06-30 EPA Says Toxic Releases, Wastes Declined in 2001
2003-06-30 Washington sues over Everett
2003-06-30 UN Committee Recommends Stricter Mercury Limits
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-06-27 Nike loses case over freedom of speech
2003-06-27 Outraged Kennecott workers condemn Rio Tinto's alleged treachery
2003-06-26 Rights Groups Overseas Fight US Concerns in US Courts
2003-06-17 Navajo Nation: Peabody wants damage claim dropped
2003-06-15 9th Circuit spurns U.S. over alien tort claims A big Unocal case is still to be argued.
2003-06-12 U.S. Conservatives Take Aim at NGOs
2003-06-12 US Conservatives Take Aim at NGOs
2003-06-12 U.S. Conservatives Take Aim at NGOs
2003-06-10 Kennecott CBC Supporters Rally at Tiffanys
2003-06-06 Unions Back Research Plan for Energy
2003-06-04 Federal report calls for new regulation of mountaintop mining
2003-06-04 Communities impacted by both mountaintop and underground coal mininng will find little comfort in r
2003-06-04 Appeals Court Backs Interior's View of Mining Act
2003-05-29 High Mercury Levels Found in Rain
2003-05-15 Cref Resolution On Divestment From Gold Mining
2003-05-07 Newmont CEO Parries Environmental Attacks At Shareholder Meeting
2003-05-01 Unions demand decent corporate standards at Rio Tinto's AGM
2003-04-30 Three Communities Protest at Placer Dome AGM
2003-04-24 Bush Public Lands Policy Under Fire
2003-04-22 Critics Bash Bush on Earth Day
2003-04-22 Critics Bash Bush on Earth Day
2003-04-11 Environment and Human Rights Linked Before UN Commission
2003-04-09 President, Rio Tinto Global Network
2003-04-09 KCBC Calls Kennecott Utah Copper Bluff: 'We Are Not at All Happy with Your Implemented Offer'
2003-04-09 KCBC Calls Kennecott Utah Copper Bluff
2003-04-09 April 9, 2003
2003-04-02 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program
2003-03-29 Four treated after being shot over Newmont attack
2003-03-25 Walhi splits with USAID
2003-03-25 Walhi splits with USAID
2003-03-24 Text of the Walhi Statement
2003-03-20 London Calling - March 30 2003
2003-03-20 London Calling! March 20th 2003
2003-03-20 John Frankenheimer releases new film, 'Path to Wat', which mirrors Iraq
2003-03-11 Mercury Legislation Rising in 24 US States
2003-03-02 London Calling! March 2 2003
2003-03-02 London Calling - March 2 2003
2003-02-28 The Bush War at Home
2003-02-28 Coal power plants and mercury: major threat to women and children EPA estimates that the Clean Air A
2003-02-28 The Bush War at Home - pollution in the USA
2003-02-20 Phelps Dodge Fined $105,000 for Water Pollution
2003-02-17 Murder at the Freeport Mine
2003-02-15 Tanks & Toxics, Planes and Pollution - The Ecology of a Military Build-Up
2003-02-14 Freeport McMoran pushed to improve human-rights policy
2003-02-03 ASARCO Agreement Funds Cleanup Trust
2003-01-28 U.S. Could Block International Action on Mercury
2003-01-17 Bush Administration Declares War on Environment and the Poor
2003-01-17 Bush Administration Declares War on Environment and the Poor
2003-01-17 Bush Record on Environment Called Dismal
2003-01-15 Corporate accountability: why?
2003-01-13 Water Pollution Trading Plan Wins Support
2002-12-16 Canadian mine gets OK, despite Alaska worries
2002-12-15 Caterpillar is the world's biggest supplier of heavy earth-moving equipment to the mining industry.
2002-12-15 Caterpillar: Total Devastation
2002-12-15 Caterpillar
2002-12-13 Canadian Company tries to beat Native American and state opposition to mine
2002-12-13 California versus Glamis Gold
2002-12-13 Eleventh 11th-hour rules require mines be backfilled
2002-12-10 Air pollution damages across generations
2002-12-10 Air pollution damages across generations
2002-12-10 Bad air a 'genetic risk' - Mac shows mutated genes hereditary
2002-12-10 The following are further summaries and sources for further data on this issue, followed by a rebut
2002-12-10 US Agency Faults Mine Company in 13 Deaths
2002-12-09 Study Looks at Pollution, Gene Mutations
2002-12-09 quot;Air pollution induces heritable DNA mutations" by Christopher M. Somers, Carole L. Yauk,
2002-11-04 Knowles Takes Red Dog Mine to U.S. Supreme Court
2002-11-04 Trying to put Red Dog on the leash
2002-11-04 Knowles Takes Red Dog Mine to U.S. Supreme Court
2002-09-18 Firm may abandon battle to mine ore -
2002-09-18 Activists push state to revisit buying mine site - Firm gave up plans for site near Crandon
2002-09-18 Crandon: Firm may abandon battle to mine ore
2002-09-18 Industry official: Selling Crandon mine won't be easy
2002-09-02 Mole Lake Delegation to the World Summit on Sustainable Development
2002-08-29 Mole Lake Update: from Johannesburg to Wisconsin
2002-08-29 Mole Lake Update: from Johannesburg to Wisconsin
2002-08-29 DNR wary of pollution at Crandon mine
2002-08-18 Oily Diplomacy: How State Department is protecting Exxon, Unocal and Rio Tinto from peoples' claims
2002-08-18 How State Department is protecting Exxon, Unocal and Rio
2002-08-15 The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) says proposed Crandon mine would pollute drinking water so
2002-08-09 Further comment from the Financial Times...
2002-08-07 London Calling - August 7 2002
2002-08-07 London Calling - August 7 2002
2002-07-30 Letters to Decisionmakers:
2002-07-30 Sample letters:
2002-07-30 Letters to US Media & Legislators on Crandon Mine Site Purchase
2002-06-28 Impacted Communities from North America Build United Strategies against Mining
2002-06-21 Mining firm would consider land sale; Foes urge public purchase of Crandon site
2002-06-21 State might buy Crandon mine site
2002-06-21 Groups ask state to buy mine property - Land purchase would stop Crandon mine
2002-06-20 Wolf River Headwaters Protection Purchase Proposed as Final End to Crandon Mine Controversy in Wisco
2002-06-20 Candidate Young Applauds Wolf River Headwaters Protection Purchase
2002-06-16 Asarco Can't Back Cleanup Cost
2002-06-16 Montana properties Asarco has an interest in include:
2002-06-16 Reporter Eve Byron can be reached at 447-4076 or by e-mail at
2002-06-16 Asarco Can't Back Cleanup Cost
2002-06-15 Coal Mines and Communities in Colombia: The Salem Connection
2002-06-15 Coal Mines And Communities In Colombia: The Salem Connection
2002-06-04 Final End to Crandon Mine Controversy in Wisconsin?
2002-06-04 Important Note on Action Alert:
2002-06-04 Open Letter to Wisconsin State Government Leaders
2002-06-04 Tribal authority challenged denied
2002-06-04 The Growing Weakness of the Crandon Mine Project
2002-06-04 Principles Guiding the Potential Wolf River Headwaters Protection Purchase
2002-05-17 New Cyanide Spill, Hijacking of Cyanide Truck are Grim
2002-04-08 Bougainville's Suit can't stop peace: Hill
2002-04-02 Bougainville Legal Action May Still Go Ahead
2002-04-02 Bougainville Legal Action May Still Go Ahead
2002-03-31 The United Steel Workers of America file a lawsuit against US-based Drummond Co.
2002-03-15 Mine Workers Chief Nabbed at Site of US Coal Slurry Spill
2002-03-12 Support The Mohawks of Kanesatake - Stop Niocan
2002-02-16 Changes in World Economy on Raw Materials May Doom Many Towns
2002-01-24 Potawatomi Media Campaign to Push Mining Bills
2002-01-03 Mining Company Gets Protection in Legislation Pushed by Daschle
2001-12-31 EPA ombudsmen accuse Whitman (Citigroup Ties Behind Whitman's moves at EPA)
2001-12-31 Political Toxicity Rises at EPA
2001-12-31 US EPA ombudsmen accuse Whitman
2001-11-06 Wisconsin Senate Votes to Ban Cyanide in all Mining
2001-06-21 Anti-Environmental Campaign against RAN Threatens Right to Peaceful Protest
2001-06-14 )
2001-06-14 Call to Action Stop President Bush's Plan to Drill for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
2001-06-14 Please add our organization to the Statement of Support (listed below) for the Gwich'in People: No O
2001-05-23 Letters to US Media & Legislators on Crandon Mine Site Purchase
2001-05-23 The following is an important account of how citizens have taken on corporate, linked with politica
2001-05-11 Stop the Mining Rollback
2001-05-11 Stop the Mining Rollback!
2001-05-11 Mineral Policy Center Protecting Communities and the Environment
2001-05-01 Carol Snyder Halberstadt, coordinator & cofounder
2001-05-01 Further articles on 'Bush the Destroyer'
2001-05-01 Bush to NGOs: Watch your mouths
2001-05-01 Clb Director Han Dongfang's Commentary On The 18th Anniversary Of June 4.
2001-05-01 Coalition Rejects Kennecott's "Pump and Dump" Plan News Conference Draws Attention from Sa
2001-05-01 Judge's Ruling Gives W.R. Grace a Break: Attic Insulation Found Not a Risk to Homeowners
2001-05-01 West Virginia Town Fights Blanket of Coal Dust
2001-05-01 Summary of part of "Rewriting the Rules", a Report of the Majority staff ofthe Committee o
2001-04-23 Terreno Peligroso al Infinito - Edición Especial sobre Uranio
2001-04-23 During last spring and summer, FROST members (called "plaintiffs" in this case), along wi
2001-04-23 ENDNOTE
2001-04-23 Los Dilemas De La Disposición
2001-04-23 Community Challenges Corporate Claims to Constitutional "Rights"
2001-04-23 Reminiscencias De Muerte
2001-04-23 Agents of the St. Thomas Development Corporation handed the township a proposal to build a quarry,
2001-04-23 Community Challenges Corporate Claims to Constitutional "Rights"
2001-04-23 So the St. Thomas Development Corporation's first assaults upon this community did not take the for
2001-04-15 Locations and status of Asarco operations:
2001-04-15 References

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