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quot;NASA wants our mining expertise Mining called key to colonization of space" - my respons

Published by MAC on 2005-06-09

"NASA wants our mining expertise Mining called key to colonization of space" - my response to Rob O'Flanagan article

June 9, 2005

Dear Editor of the Sudbury Star:

I find this whole article repugnant; not because I don't believe Sudbury is a world leader in mining expertise or could become the Silicon Valley in space-related mining technology.

It is because I believe NASA is interested in Sudbury's projects of rocket propellants and life-support systems in space, as part of the US program for the control of space, militarily, and for whatever resources might be available.

The question is not "Can we do it?" but, "Why do we want to do it?" and "What will our pursuit of the technology do to our local and world community?" and "Is money -and glory- for a few, our bottom line?"

While some may believe that science and technology will save us all; many believe that the balance sheet of their benefits is heavily weighted towards great and increasing damage to people, earth's creatures and our air, water and soil.

Why do we want to spend many billions towards travel to the moon and beyond, when we refuse to spend the few billions that would clean up, and maintain our environment to give us all clean air, water and soil; restore the fish in our lakes, rivers and oceans; animals in forests which are maintained as Earth's lungs, and minerals researched and used for sustainable travel and manufacturing on our planet. Even the birds do not despoil their nests as we humans do to our home.

The crucial question: "Who will benefit from the financial and ecological costs of space technology, and who will suffer from the subsequent loss of a decent habitat on Earth?"

When we look into the face of a new child or grandchild, we know the responsible question to ask is: "How can we use our technology to give adequate 'life-support systems' to the planet on which we and future generations will live?"

Eileen Wttewaall
Salt Spring Island, B.C.

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