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Important Note on Action Alert:

Published by MAC on 2002-06-04

Important Note on Action Alert:

When contacting the Governor, legislators and media, make sure that you support a "PUBLIC ACQUISITION" of the Crandon mine site, not simply a "STATE BUYOUT." We only need to look to the thousands of mineral exploration leases on State-owned lands throughout the U.S. (including Wisconsin) to understand that exclusive State control is NOT enough to protect the site for future generations. A mix of public and private funding for the site purchase, combined with integrated control over management of the site, will ensure that no mining company could ever return. Joint management by state, tribal, local and private agencies will guarantee not only that natural resources are protected, but also cultural resources (such as tribal burial sites, religious access, and harvesting access). Wisconsin has twice gone through decade-long battles over this mine (in 1976-1986 and 1992-2002). We don't want mining companies to return again for any more decade-long battles! We need a PERMANENT and INCLUSIVE solution to the Crandon mine conflict.

For background:

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