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Letters to Decisionmakers:

Published by MAC on 2002-07-30

Letters to Decisionmakers:

You can also use these five draft paragraphs to write your own letters. Please don't use them exactly as written, but to generate your own thoughts. Be sure to include your name and address and ask for a response. Personal letters are much more effective than e-mails. Add personal touches such as where you are from, why this is important to you personally, or even how long you have been opposing the mine proposal and why.

Governor Scott McCallum,
115 East State Capitol,
Madison, WI 53702

Natural Resources Board,
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707

(Ask that copies be distributed to NRB members)

Your State Senator.
PO Box 7882,
WI 53707
E-mail: Sen.(last name)

Your Assembly Representative
PO Box 8952 (last names A-L) or PO Box 8953 (last names M-Z),
Madison, WI 53708
E-mail: Rep.(last name)

If you don't know your legislators, call 1-800-362-9472.

Please send copies of letters to: Wolf Watershed Educational Project,
PO Box 124,
White Lake, WI 54491

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