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2021-08-26 Mexico: Fresnillo's drumbeats of death
2021-05-03 Ross Beaty: Thank you now f*ck off
2021-04-30 Environmental groups urge Mexican Senate to ban mining in protected areas
2021-03-15 First Majestic Corp. against the Government of Mexico
2021-03-03 Deep-sea mining dreams threaten Mexico’s marine life
2020-11-07 British Columbia Pension Fund and Equinox Gold urged to respect communities at Mexico mine
2020-10-16 Securities regulators turning a blind eye to lack of Indigenous consent around Canadian mines
2020-10-04 Mexican farmers shut down Los Filos gold mine
2020-06-18 Mining's "Pandemic Profiteering" - a new report
2020-01-04 The First Essay of 2020: Facing Immeasurable "Extinction"
2019-10-07 Mexico: Deadly atrocities alleged against mining resisters
2019-09-14 The Weekend Essay: Catastrophe faces the Arctic
2018-11-01 Mexico: Waste overflows at Canadian mine threatening dozens of communities
2018-10-31 Mexico: murder of community leader who opposed mining
2018-07-28 Global Witness tracks deadliest year on record for land and environmental defenders
2018-06-23 Mexico: An Indigenous Cooperative Is Dodging Bullets To Defend Their Land
2016-11-05 "Militarized neoliberalism" and the Canadian state in Latin America
2016-10-28 Mexico: Tecoltémic community blocks Almaden Minerals concessions
2016-09-29 Mexico: Protesters block access to Peñasquito gold mine
2016-08-28 Long-running leak of contaminated water at Mexico's largest gold mine revealed
2016-06-12 Canadian Mining Giant Dries Up Water Resources in Mexico
2016-05-23 Silicosis - the world's most destructive mining disease?
2016-05-06 Conservation threatened by mining concessions in Mexico
2016-04-27 Mexico's Worst Mining Disaster Survivors Turn to U.S. Court for Assistance
2016-04-18 Mexico rejects coastal phosphate mining project
2016-03-03 Mexico: Ten years has elapsed since the Pasta de Conchos mining homicides
2015-12-08 Goldcorp accused of paying funds to drug cartels in Mexico
2015-06-24 Mining highlighted in report on the world's worst places for workers
2015-06-15 OECD watchdog calls for reform of failing complaint system
2015-06-04 Urgent Action: Mexico: Mine-related human rights defender face dire threats
2015-03-15 Mexican Network Deplores Conclusion of Canadian Blackfire Investigation
2015-02-25 Government Documents Reveal Canadian Embassy Backed Mining Abuses in Mexico
2014-11-06 Mexican mining disaster - the human and environmental costs
2014-10-26 Urgent Action: Mexico - Concerns for human rights defenders opposing mining activities in Colima
2014-08-13 Mexican copper mine pollutes local rivers
2014-06-03 Permanent Peoples' Tribunal: Verdict on the Canadian Mining Industry in Latin America
2014-05-06 Mexican Landowners Announce Agreement with Goldcorp
2014-05-04 Goldcorp under pressure from Guatemalan and Mexican communities
2014-04-03 Local Landowners of the Ejido Carrizalillo shut down Goldcorp's Los Filos mine
2014-03-12 NAFTA encouraged 'environmentally destructive mining' boom in Mexico
2013-12-10 Goldcorp faces lawsuit threat from Mexico and a $3.2 million fine in Argentina
2013-11-02 Canada and Latin America - where is the accountability?
2013-11-02 Mexico agrees increased mining tax despite company threats
2013-09-15 Canadian Embassy Snubs Family of Slain Mexican Activist
2013-08-14 Mexico: Denver-based mining company retreats from Oaxaca
2013-07-22 Canadian Pension Plan Divests from Excellon Resources
2013-07-09 Locals Risk Their Lives Fighting Mining in Mexico
2013-07-06 Mexico: Injunction filed to halt illegal exploration drilling in Wirikuta
2013-05-13 Report Reveals How Canadian Diplomacy Supported Deadly Blackfire Mining Project in Mexico
2013-04-28 Mine exploration by Canadian company spotlighted in double murder
2013-04-28 Mexican landowners win first step in legal battle to reclaim their lands
2013-04-09 Mexico: REMA-Chiapas demands investigation into ex-mayor
2013-02-19 Mexico: The Way the Town is Now
2013-01-28 Anti-mining activists connect-the-dots in Oaxaca, Mexico
2012-12-27 Zambia: State to probe siphoned corporate taxes
2012-12-11 Philippines: yet more assassinations of anti-mining activists
2012-12-11 Mexico: MiningWatch Canada Visits Demolished Protest Camp near Excellon Resources Mine
2012-11-27 Mexico: International mission calls for closure of conflict-ridden mine
2012-11-25 Mexico: Canadian mining company "expelled" by landholder group
2012-11-25 Shooting up with Mexican Coal
2012-11-05 More killings of anti-mining activists in Mexico
2012-11-01 Violent destruction of protest camp at Excellon Resources' La Platosa mine
2012-08-21 Excellon Once Again Break Negotiation with Communal Landowners of La Sierrita
2012-07-17 Mexican workers, landowners, get heavy stick from Canadian company
2012-06-26 Mexico: Two mining opponents shot in Oaxaca
2012-06-12 Canadian mining CEO resigns after attacks
2012-05-08 Napoleón to return home as Mexican mineworkers' leader
2012-05-01 Statement of the M4 Movement in Mesoamerica
2012-03-20 Mexico: Another opponent of Canadian mining is assassinated
2012-02-20 U.S. judge orders Vedanta to pay $82.75m in damages
2012-02-20 Mesoamerican communities declare opposition to mining model
2012-01-31 Mexico: Zapotec Protesters Shot on Behalf of Canadian Mining Company
2011-12-12 Coal mining has killed 90 Mexicans since 2006
2011-12-12 Authors, Artists, Intellectuals defend Mexico's Huichol people
2011-11-14 Another Remembrance Day - for Heroes of the Struggle Against Mining, Oil and Gas
2011-11-14 Canada - Harper's Bazaar
2011-11-08 Wixáritari Indians Fight Mining in Sacred Desert Site, Mexico
2011-10-31 Canadian miner breaks conflict resolution process with Mexican workforce
2011-10-25 Settling mining damages, the US way
2011-09-19 A Canadian mining company prepares to dig up Mexico's Eden
2011-09-06 Canadian police raid Calgary miner over bribery allegations
2011-07-25 Conference statement: Natural resources and the Mission of the Church in Latin America
2011-06-20 Recycled U.S. battery lead is poisoning Mexico: Report
2011-06-07 Union organizing undermined by Excellon Resources in Mexico
2011-05-24 Canadian companies hammered for abuses in Guatemala and Mexico
2011-05-10 Minas de carbón clandestinas, sarcófagos abiertos en México
2011-05-10 'Modern slavery' and fatal explosions in Mexican coal mines
2011-04-27 Goldcorp ordered to pay $130 million to communal landowners in Zacatecas, Mexico
2011-03-01 Wikileaks reveal Western diplomats target anti-mining activists
2011-02-14 Four Mexican Miners' Union members illegally detained
2011-01-25 US & Canadian miners face backlash in Mexico
2011-01-17 It's not just hot air, as Bjork takes on Ross Beaty
2010-12-27 Urgent Action: Threats and Harassment to Excellon Resources Workers
2010-10-18 Mexico's Wirikuta People Declare a Defense of their Territory
2010-10-04 A victim's son speaks out - Canada
2010-09-27 Mexicans call for cancellation of Canadian mining concessions
2010-09-20 No sign of an end to the Cananea conflict
2010-09-14 Ethical Tribunal on Transborder Mining in Latin America
2010-08-16 Mining "accidents" may be increasing
2010-07-17 New Gold's appeal on Mexico EIS ruling blocked
2010-07-04 Global trade unions demand sustainability and justice
2010-07-04 Mayor Killed, Priest Beaten in Dispute over Mine in Mexico
2010-06-11 Grupo Mexico Enters Cananea After Police Break Rally
2010-06-11 Mexicans Protest Toxic Waste Plant
2010-05-29 3 environmental inspectors, aide killed in Mexico while investigating mining complaint
2010-05-20 Canadian mining ... more than a PR problem
2010-05-07 Two Human Rights Activists Slain in Mexico
2010-05-01 Canadian Fact-finding Delegation Discovers Mexican Community Devastated by Blackfire Exploration
2010-04-18 Mexico's Amber Miners Risk Their Lives for $12 a Day
2010-03-24 Mexico's mining giant indicted by workers
2010-03-18 Coalition ask Police to investigate Blackfire Exploration in Mexico
2010-03-08 Viudas Demandan a Grupo México por mineros muertos en Pasta de Conchos
2010-03-02 Widows of miners killed in blast sue Grupo Mexico
2010-03-02 Toxic e-wastes burden headed for dramatic rise
2010-02-15 Mexico: Dark Vista confronts citizens of Baja California Sur
2010-02-07 Conflicts over mining: the illusory boundary between "legal" and "illegal"
2010-01-31 Grupo Mexico offers new deal to end Cananea strike
2010-01-19 Canada's bad mining - papering over the cracks
2009-12-22 New Gold Rises in Toronto After Mexican Mine Ruling
2009-12-22 Mexicans take to streets in protests at Canadian miner
2009-12-14 Mexican authorities arrest Blackfire employees, following activist's slaying
2009-11-30 Mexican anti-mining leader assassinated in Chiapas
2009-11-23 Mexicans Celebrate End of Cerro de San Pedro Mine
2009-11-16 Mexico To Shut Down New Gold's Cerro de San Pedro Project
2009-11-09 Mexican Court Orders Immediate Halt to Canadian project
2009-09-14 Asarco bidding battle enters final strait
2009-08-03 Grupo Mexico: Workers' campaign crosses borders
2009-07-27 Anti-Mining Groups Stage 36 Hour Sit-in at Canadian Embassy, Mexico City
2009-07-07 Top cement maker faces $558 million lawsuit
2009-06-09 Comunidad náhuatl obligó a Ternium Hylsa a pagar deuda millonaria
2009-06-08 Mexico's Nahuatl Community Forces Ternium Hylsa to Pay
2009-06-02 Mexico's perfect storm - mining, militarization and resistance
2009-05-11 Mexican armed police arrest mine protestors in Oaxaca
2009-04-27 Lead poisoning may affect many generations, says new study
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2009-04-20 Demonstrators blockaded Canadian miner in Oaxaca
2009-04-14 Mexico’s largest mining company ordered to pay Asarco $6 billion
2009-03-11 Miners unite in protest at threat to Mexican mineworkers' leader
2009-02-10 Mexico seeks extradition of exiled miners' leader, while communities close mine in Oaxaca - Mexico solicita extradición de sindicalista Urrutia; comunidades clausuran mina en Ocotlán, Oaxaca
2009-01-13 Manganese Mines Harm Children's Mental Development - Minería del manganeso daña inteligencia de niños
2008-12-22 Mexican strike shuts world's top silver pit after "illegal" arrests - Paro en mina de plata más grande luego de detención "ilegal"
2008-12-22 China's MCC studying copper projects in Latin America
2008-09-22 Asarco-Grupo Mexico dispute nearing conclusion? - Southern envuelta en millonaria disputa
2008-09-22 Mexican peasants block Minefinders
2008-08-25 Venezuelan government takes over facilities owned by Cemex - Gobierno toma control de instalaciones de Cemex
2008-08-25 Heavy handling mars Metallica's mettle
2008-08-04 Grupo Mexico takes hard line against strikes - Southern Cooper endurece su postura ante las huelgas
2008-07-28 Mexico: acts of aggression against members of FAO in Cerro de San Pedro - Agresión a miembros de FAO en Cerro San Pedro
2008-07-20 Mexicans say mine will destroy grazing for cattle
2008-06-15 Mexico: Mining Spill in Sonora, Campesinos occupy gold mine in Chihuahua - Derrame en mina de Sonora, Toman mina de oro en Chihuahua
2008-03-10 Multinational cement manufacturers in the dock
2008-02-19 Mexico update
2008-02-01 China Update
2008-01-25 Latin America UpDate
2008-01-18 Latin America update
2008-01-04 Latin America update
2007-11-12 Latin America update
2007-10-25 Latin America update
2007-09-15 COSTA RICA
2007-09-15 The popular referendum on September 16th
2007-09-14 PERU
2007-09-14 Latin America update
2007-09-14 Zijin Tongguan sells 10 pct stake in Monterrico to South Korean copper smelter
2007-09-14 CHILE
2007-09-14 Latin America update - Plebiscito Popular por la nulidad de la privatización de la Compa&nti
2007-09-12 BOLIVIA
2007-09-11 MEXICO
2007-09-01 BRAZIL
2007-08-28 VENEZUELA
2007-08-25 Latin America Update
2007-08-25 Latin America update
2007-08-10 Grupo Mexico Seeks To Fire 2,200 Striking Workers
2007-07-28 Latin America update
2007-07-28 BRAZIL
2007-07-25 URGENT ACTION APPEAL - From Amnesty International USA
2007-07-25 Evidence of Land Trafficking in Intag
2007-07-24 PANAMA
2007-07-23 Residents of Condorwain Range Demand Withdrawal of Barrick Gold
2007-07-23 ECUADOR
2007-07-22 Informal Miners Using Nazca Lines As Roadways
2007-07-17 COLOMBIA
2007-07-15 MEXICO
2007-07-15 Corruption allegations dog mining company
2007-06-29 Environmental face-off: Catholic Church workers get ammunition for their fight in Latin America
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-05-15 Miners' Woes Heard - If Faintly - in US
2007-04-20 Latin American Update
2007-04-20 Latin America Update - Avanza consulta popular en Ayabaca y Pacaipampa por mega proyecto Río
2007-04-20 ARGENTINA
2007-04-18 PERU
2007-04-16 GUATEMALA
2007-04-16 Ayabaca and Pacaipampa Choose Popular Consultation Over Mining Activities in Piura
2007-04-15 MEXICO
2007-04-12 Zijin Says Half of Monterrico Investors Accept Offer
2007-04-12 30 Peruvians Arrested in Protest Demanding Greater Regional Benefits
2007-04-11 Seven Injured in Confrontation Provoked by Thugs Contracted by Barrick Gold
2007-03-31 Latin America update
2007-03-30 Seaside Lead Poisoning Traced To Mexico
2007-03-24 Latin American Update
2007-03-24 Latin America update - Correa advierte de "guerra civil" entre comunidades y empresas min
2007-03-23 Polluting U.S. Owned Smelter in Peru Brought Before OAS
2007-03-22 Environ authority suspends Xstrata 600MW Río Cuervo project
2007-03-22 Drummond denies colluding with far-right death squads to kill Colombia unionists
2007-03-21 CHILE
2007-03-19 MEXICO
2007-03-17 COLOMBIA
2007-03-15 PERU
2007-03-15 BRAZIL
2007-03-15 ECUADOR
2007-02-20 Safety problems remain in Mexican mines
2007-02-20 Thousands of Miners Strike a Year After Mexican Coal Mine Explosion That Killed 65 Workers
2007-02-17 Latin American update
2007-01-29 Mexico
2007-01-19 Jamaica bauxite battle continrues
2007-01-19 Latin American Update
2007-01-12 London Calling follows the cash
2007-01-08 Mercury Contamination Detected In Sierra Gorda, Querétaro, Mexico
2006-11-06 Latin American Update
2006-10-30 Coordinators Of The Public Referendum Of Cerro De San Pedro/san Xavier, Mexico
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-09 Latin America: Mining An Open Pit Of Disputes
2006-09-09 Canadians Targeted for Controversial Tibet Investments
2006-09-09 Latin American Update
2006-09-08 China 2004 Pollution Clean-Up Cost Put at US$136 Billion
2006-09-07 China Lead Smelter Poisons 2,000 - Paper
2006-09-05 China puts Zambia mine investment on hold over Taiwan
2006-08-15 Metal Huasi: An Open Wound in Abra Pampa
2006-08-13 African workers now resent Chinese influx
2006-06-05 Explosion at Autlán kills 3; plant partially closed – Mexico
2006-06-05 Poder Ejecutivo suspende participación en mesa de diálogo por el proyecto
2006-06-05 Latin American Update
2006-06-05 Latin American Update
2006-05-15 Mexico
2006-05-14 Nationalisation - threat or promise?
2006-05-11 Latin American Update
2006-05-11 Latin American Update
2006-05-06 How Morales Took On The Oil Giants - And Won His People Back
2006-05-06 The Chávez Effect And The Reshaping Of A Continent
2006-05-04 Please write letters to Canadian Foreign Minister, the Honorable Peter MacKay, copied to the Canadia
2006-05-04 Latin American Update
2006-05-04 Latin American Update
2006-05-02 "Disinvest from Monterrico Metals"
2006-04-28 Grave concern about the activities of Canadian mining company Metallica Resources Inc. in Mexico
2006-04-28 Urgent Action: Support the Mexican community of Cerro de San Pedro in their struggle against a Cana
2006-04-22 Latin American Update
2006-04-22 Latin America Update: Labour Conflicts Special Edition
2006-04-20 Gold rush in Pará postponed by the government
2006-04-20 Mining Exploration Causing Alarm in Protected Areas of Brazil
2006-04-20 Mexico Police Storm Steel Plant, 2 Shot Dead
2006-04-17 Workers Strike At Latin America's Biggest Gold Mine
2006-04-13 Latin America Update: Active Civil Resistance in Cerro de San Pedro Against Minera San Xavier
2006-04-13 Latin American Update
2006-04-08 Mexico Mining Crisis Seems To Be Escalating
2006-04-08 Latin American Update
2006-04-07 Cinta Larga Indians Acused of Killing Two Diamond Prospectors
2006-04-05 Guatemalan Constitutional Court Upholds Environmental Consults
2006-04-04 Striking Mexican Miners Call On Fox To Intervene
2006-04-04 Active Civil Resistance in Cerro de San Pedro Against Minera San Xavier
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-28 Indonesian police arrest 12 over attack on Newmont camp in Indonesia
2006-03-28 Police arrest 12 suspects over attack on Newmont mining camp
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-26 Latin America Update
2006-03-26 Latin America Update
2006-03-26 Nicanor Alvarado Carrasco, A Community Leader And Environmental Campaigner,representing Vima Of Peru
2006-03-24 Jim Bob rakes in millions from Papua goldmine
2006-03-23 Argentine Exploration Budget Triples To Us$159mn
2006-03-23 Miner Freeport hit by double-whammy in Indonesia
2006-03-21 INDONESIA: Mining group warns resources sector in peril
2006-03-20 Indonesian police detain 11 more after Papua clashes
2006-03-20 Backgrounder on Elang/Dodo by JATAM and WALHI
2006-03-19 Elang Dodo Exploration: Proof of Newmont's Destructive Power of Expansion
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-17 Miners File Murder Charges Against Grupo Mexico
2006-03-06 PERU: "A toxic bargain"
2006-03-06 Comment from Paula Palmer of Global Response:
2006-03-06 Latin American Update
2006-03-06 Latin American Update
2006-03-03 Political Fallout from the Mexico Mine Disaster
2006-03-03 First Legal Action in Chile to Prevent Pascua Lama Mining Project
2006-03-03 Support Indigenous Peoples vs. Coal Mines / Venezuela
2006-03-02 Mexican mining, refining crippled by national strike
2006-03-01 Latin American Update
2006-03-01 Union Strikes At Sonoran Mines, Mexico
2006-03-01 Mexican Mining Strike Spreads To 70 Companies, Union Says
2006-03-01 Latin American Update
2006-03-01 Mexico's Fox Under Fire For Handling Of Mine Blast
2006-03-01 Xstrata heaps up profits and digs into Colombia
2006-03-01 New Donkin Mine Owner Linked to Human Rights Abuses in Colombia
2006-02-28 Families Of Miners Keep Vigil To Recover Loved Ones' Remains
2006-02-26 Toxic Gas Levels Likely Fatal To Mexican Miners, Firm Says
2006-02-26 Latin American Update: Peru and Mexico
2006-02-26 Latin American Update: Peru and Mexico
2006-02-26 San Juancito: From Mining Emporium to Ghost Town
2006-02-23 Levy is Part of the Crooks That Sold Mines - Sata
2006-02-10 Perú Government Urged to Not Extend Environmental Cleanup Plan of US Mining Company
2006-01-14 Mining Concessions threaten Mexican Biosphere Reserve
2006-01-14 Mining Concessions threaten Mexican Biosphere Reserve
2006-00-24 Jakarta tells Freeport, 'Start following rules'
2005-11-24 Mining arrives in Cuautitlan, Mexico, but is halted by Indigenous People
2005-11-24 Mining Arrives In Cuautitlan, Mexico, But Is Halted By Indigenous People
2005-10-28 Kairos urges government action in mining abroad
2005-10-28 Government action urged over Canadian Mining
2005-10-28 A committee of the Canadian House of Commons has just started "Hearings Across the Country"
2005-10-28 Kairos urges government action in mining abroad
2005-10-22 CANADA: MPs Call for Tougher Rules on Overseas Mines
2005-10-21 Urgently needed: mining ethics
2005-10-20 Plugging a gaping mining hole
2005-10-19 Liberals reject all-party call to regulate mining overseas
2005-08-15 Uranium Special - On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-05 Discovery of Radioactive Scrap near Border Begs Proper Burial
2005-08-05 Descubren Chatarra Radiactiva Cerca De La Frontera, Que Demanda Una Adecuada Disposición
2005-06-25 Indigenous people of Mexico and Guatemala organize against mining companies
2005-06-25 Indigenous people of Mexico and Guatemala organize against mining companies and agree to initiate le
2005-06-22 Veinte Países Actúan Para Protegerse Del Radón, Letal Gas Radioactivo
2005-04-27 Canadian Mining Company at Odds with Mexican Locals
2005-03-12 Mexico: mineras devastan nueve zonas arqueológicas en Chihuahua
2005-03-12 Mining companies devastate nine archaeological sites in Chihuahua
2005-03-12 Mining companies devastate nine archaeological sites in Chihuahua
2005-02-15 Yolanda's Courage
2004-11-02 Mexico: Court Decision Stops San Luis de Potosí Gold Project
2004-11-02 Mexico: Court Decision Stops San Luis de Potosí Gold Project
2004-01-10 Vedanta - the panto! A London Calling special - January 10 2004
2004-01-10 A London Calling Special - January 10 2004
2003-12-01 Sources: Launch of Vedanta IPO: Financial Times (FT) 5/12/2003; Hedge funds buying Vedanta: FT 6-7
2003-10-15 Beware the Wolf at the Door: Conservation International
2003-03-29 Four treated after being shot over Newmont attack
2002-10-25 Firings Do Not Stop Election
2002-10-25 Long Term Strategy
2002-10-25 Take Action Now! Support Alcoa Workers Fight for an Independent Union
2002-10-25 Victory at Alcoa - but action still needed
2002-10-25 Victory at Alcoa - but action still needed
2002-10-25 Victory at Alcoa Plant in Mexico, Demands for Justice Still Pending
2002-06-15 PERU
2002-01-15 Violent Attacks Followed Election of New Leadership
2001-05-01 Coal Mine Accidents Underreported to Protect Livelihoods
2001-05-01 Cerro De San Pedro And Minera San Xavier
2001-05-01 Bolivia- Part Iii: Bolivia's Mining Rollercoaster: Negotiating Nationalisation
2001-05-01 Workers shot during Zambia copper mine riots
2001-04-23 Terreno Peligroso al Infinito - Edición Especial sobre Uranio

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