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Ayabaca and Pacaipampa Choose Popular Consultation Over Mining Activities in Piura

Published by MAC on 2007-04-16

Ayabaca and Pacaipampa Choose Popular Consultation Over Mining Activities in Piura

El Tiempo Newspaper

16th April 2007

The leader of Ayabaca, Deiber Flores and the mayor of Pacaipampa, Manuel Garcia Carhuapoma, have come out in favor of a popular referendum enabling residents of Ayabaca, Carmen de la Frontera and San Ignacio to express their opinions about mining activities in the region, saying that their respective municipalities have passed ordinances in favor of these public consultations.

The mayor of Pacaipampa, Manuel García Carhuapoma, issued a Municipal Ordinance this past Wednesday which serves as an instrument to initiate the consult, which will permit all citizens to have a means of expressing their opinions freely.

As president of the Defence Front for Life, Crops and Environment, of his district, he spoke in solidarity with the ronderos of Ayabaca, Jaén, Pacaipampa, San Ignacio and Cajamarca, because they are working for defense the environment of the mountains of Piura and Cajamarca.

Deiber Flores, as president of the Environment and Ecology Commission of Ayabaca municipality announced that a ordinance had been approved, which will provide public participation through a neighborhood consultation.

As part of the process, the communities have requested that the local government mediate through councils to carry out a district-wide popular consultation in Ayabaca, which will have the full backing of the provincial council.

As a part of the government of Ayabaca, Flores says he forms part of the Front for the Sustainable Development of the Northern Border and backs the coordinator Carlos Martínez Solano. The front seeks that the communities are respected in their right to select their own ways of development based in agriculture, livestock and tourism.

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