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Latin American Update

Published by MAC on 2006-05-11
Source: Mines and Communities

Latin American Update

11th May 2006

Two community miners have been shot dead at Barrick's Pierina mine in Peru after agitating for higher wages.

The UK development charity, Cafod, launches a campaign against gold mining in Honduras. Communities affected by Glamis Gold, in both Honduras and Guatemala, address its Canadian shareholders on "the grave consequences your investments are having."

A subsidiary of Glamis has also come under heavy fire in Guatamala for alleged attempts to avoid taxation and possible bribery.

Grupo Mexico has been forced to close its San Martin mine, as trade unionists continue to paralyse much of Mexico's ectractive industry.

While Brazil is emerging as one of the world's most advanced aluminium recycling nations, it's all set to revive uranium enrichment -and even sell the product to other countries.

Although the Meridian project in Argentina remains stalled with little prospect of being revived, another junior company makes moves on the province of Esquel.

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