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Ross Beaty: Thank you now f*ck off

Published by MAC on 2021-05-03
Source: Kitco News

Founder will relinquish the board chair of Pan American Silver, company announced.

Geologist, mogul, resource entrepreneur, carpetbagger, polluter, environmental philanthropist, gambler, lobbyist, founder and CEO from its inception until 2004, Ross Beaty will relinquish the board chair of Pan American Silver he held for 27 years.

Along these three decades, murder, conflict and harm adorned his worldwide recognized professional record. From Mexico to Argentina, communities in the company’s path have suffered forced displacement, environmental contamination and disregard for local self-determination.

The Quiruvilca mine, the first acquired by the company in Latin America and operated from 1995 to 2012 in northern Peru, left behind a legacy of devastating environmental contamination.

Pan American Silver profited from selling concentrates to La Oroya smelter, where people are born with lead in their blood.

Pan American Silver dispossessed the La Colorada community of their lands in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico.

Beaty listened to Icelandic artist Bjork song opposing foreign ownership of her country's resources.

For over ten years, the company lobbied but failed to eliminate environmental legislation in the Southern province of Chubut, Argentina.

Pan American Silver then acquired another stalled and unwanted project: the Escobal mine in southeastern Guatemala.

Beaty prides himself for having donated the silver for Pope Francis chalice from Pan American Silver's Manantial Espejo mine in Santa Cruz, Argentina. But Francis rejected the chalice and in his first speech returning to Latin America as Pope in 2013 stated: "I have neither silver nor gold, but I bring with me the most precious thing..."

The PR move was aimed at countering the Church long standing support for environmental struggles in Patagonia. Failing to have the Pope on board, Beaty tempted luck of becoming a missionary himself.

Pan American Silver entered Bolivia at the hands of dictator Hugo Banzer in 1999. Beaty did it just before as CEO of Da Capo Resources (later Vista Gold) which aquired the Amayapampa and Capasirca mines in the north of Potosí, where the government of Sánchez de Lozada perpetrated the so called Navidad Massacre in December 1996.

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Luis Manuel Claps

Ross Beaty passes on chair of Pan American Silver

Michael McCrae

February 4, 2021

Founder Ross Beaty will relinquish the board chair of Pan American Silver, the company announced today.

Gillian Winckler will step in as chair, and Beaty will become chair emeritus, both effective May 12, 2021.

Beaty founded Pan American Silver in 1994 and has served as chair since then; he also was the company has grown from a start-up to the world's second largest primary silver producer with the world's largest silver reserves and resources, while also becoming a significant gold producer.

In announcing his impending retirement, Mr. Beaty stated: "I am so proud and grateful to have worked with our wonderful and dedicated team in building this great company. I would also like to thank our shareholders, who have supported my vision of creating a world-class silver mining company. Pan American Silver has never been in a better financial and operating condition, with many prospects for growth. I have full confidence in the Company's leadership team and its employees to continue creating value for all stakeholders well into the future."

Pan American Silver owns and operates silver and gold mines located in Mexico, Peru, Canada, Argentina and Bolivia. We also own the Escobal mine in Guatemala that is currently not operating. 


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