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2018-09-25 Tuticorin: Yes, Vedanta/Sterlite did cause major contamination!
2018-09-21 US tribes win costs battle over Teck's pollution
2017-08-11 Vedanta accused of major fraud against Rajasthan state
2017-07-22 Renewable energy: built on a Faustian bargain?
2017-04-25 Goldman Prize winners and their battles against mining ventures
2017-01-04 Will Canada finally face up to one of its largest environmental liabilities?
2016-10-10 Protests halts Chinese gold mine in Madagascar
2016-10-05 Kosovo: What now for Trepca?
2016-09-15 Macri and Beaty against the law in Chubut, Argentina
2016-08-28 Long-running leak of contaminated water at Mexico's largest gold mine revealed
2016-08-27 USA: Teck ordered to cover aboriginal group litigation costs
2016-07-21 Peru Wins Arbitration Dispute Over Doe Run Cleanup
2016-07-20 Thailand - Plaintiffs triumph in lead pollution court case
2016-07-14 USA: Life in Missouri’s Fading Old Lead Belt
2016-05-24 IACHR urges Peru to protect the people affected by pollution in La Oroya
2016-05-22 Australian traditional owners join global protest against Glencore
2016-01-30 Canada: Teck Metals to plead guilty over pollution in Trail, B.C.
2015-07-19 Burma: What does "security clearance" mean in practice?
2015-05-27 Burma is still burning
2015-05-17 At least 28 Nigerian children killed by lead poisoning from gold mining
2014-08-04 Australia: Mine's burning waste rock pile sparks concerns among Aboriginal groups
2014-02-21 Kazakhstan: Poisoned Legacy
2013-10-28 Children in Developing Countries Exposed to Toxic Lead Paint
2013-09-16 Lawsuit filed in Sweden for arsenic poisoning in Chile
2013-09-16 China embarks on cutting industrial production, targeting polluters
2013-06-19 Xstrata mining emissions causing lead poisoning in Mount Isa children: report
2013-05-21 Toxic Waste Sites in Poor Nations Cause Child Disease, Death
2013-05-07 Peru rolling back indigenous law in win for mining sector
2013-04-22 Pope Francis's new chalice: A "redemption" for Pan American Silver?
2013-01-28 Vale and Pan American Silver halt projects in Argentina
2012-12-27 US-Canada: Colville Tribes Win against Teck Metals
2012-12-04 To mine or not to mine - the burning question for Chubut, Argentina
2012-11-01 Pollution "as big a health problem" as malaria,TB
2012-09-18 Canada: B.C. mining giant admits polluting U.S. waters
2012-08-13 French health expert refuses Legion d'Honneur
2012-08-01 Antamina pipeline rupture affects 52 people in Santa Rosa
2012-04-11 Doe Run, déjà vu?
2012-04-02 US and China take steps to reduce lead pollution
2012-03-06 In Peru, one of the world's worst polluters is set to reopen
2012-01-23 Dying on the Coke Side of Life
2011-12-27 Doe Run Perú's future looking gloomy, lawyer says
2011-11-14 Heavy Metals Pollute A Tenth Of China's Farmland-Report
2011-10-31 Kazakhstan's MPs Toughen Ecology Laws For Miners
2011-10-05 $1 million lawsuit filed against Xstrata over Mount Isa lead poisoning
2011-07-18 Taiwan battery plant probed for lead poisoning
2011-07-11 Chinese Mongolians "beaten" for protesting mine pollution
2011-06-20 Recycled U.S. battery lead is poisoning Mexico: Report
2011-06-20 Lead Poisoning in China: The Hidden Scourge
2011-06-07 Comibol, APM reach settlement over Karachipampa - Bolivia
2011-06-07 Lead strikes again in China
2011-05-17 Greedy Glencore doesn't plan to change its ways
2011-04-27 Renco files for arbitration against Peru over Andean smelter
2011-03-22 EPA Requires U.S. Power Plants Cut Toxic Emissions
2011-03-14 Deadly materials - the urgent need for control
2011-03-01 China Plans To Rein In Heavy Metal Pollution
2011-02-07 London Calling deplores the Human Rights Watch 2010 Report
2011-01-25 Doe Run's Latest Move
2011-01-17 Thai lead polluter finally ordered to pay compensation
2011-01-10 Australian lead producer ordered to stop mining - again
2010-12-27 A double exodus for Doe Run?
2010-11-22 US: toxic lead is affecting eleven states
2010-11-22 Doe Run faces its Peruvian victims in US court
2010-10-25 Doe Run - Lead Producer to Pay $7M Fine, Spend $65M on Cleanups
2010-10-10 Union supports Doe Run Peru's restructuring
2010-08-22 A Bolivian silver mine protest is called off
2010-08-16 Disputes and roadblocks halt San Cristobal operations in Bolivia's prime mining region
2010-08-08 Peru cancels US mining company's smelter license
2010-08-02 Lead poisoning strikes 84 Chinese children in Yunnan
2010-07-17 More lead poisoning and slave labour reported from China
2010-07-17 The Dark Side of Colombian Gold
2010-07-04 Tailings dam collapses in Huancavelica, Peru
2010-06-19 Peruvian workers launch blockade, reject relocation program in La Oroya
2010-06-19 Unprecedented lead poisoning strikes Nigerian villages
2010-06-11 Declaration of the Indigenous Communities of the Central Plateau of Chubut, Argentina
2010-06-11 Macedonia Town Raises Funds for Lawsuit Against State
2010-05-07 Mining protests overshadow climate summit
2010-04-24 Indonesia: Fisherfolk take to court against Australian miner
2010-04-24 Bolivia: Protest blocks key access to Sumitomo mine
2010-03-24 Mexico's mining giant indicted by workers
2010-03-18 Peru: No date set to resume La Oroya smelter as Glencore steps in
2010-01-31 US firm kicked out of Peru mining group for pollution
2010-01-31 Locals plan to sue mine over 'toxic metal'
2010-01-25 Chinese jeweller allegedly "swaps" one toxic metal for another
2010-01-11 Peruvian organisation may expel polluting US firm
2010-01-11 US: The war on lead advances to a new level
2009-12-14 Asarco Pays $1.79 Billion to Fix Sites across 19 US states
2009-11-23 Lead poisoning predicted to rise in developing countries
2009-11-17 Patagonia: where silver loses its shine
2009-11-09 Argentina: Lead poisoning and human rights abuses at Abra Pampa
2009-11-09 Lead mining: more ugly truths
2009-11-02 With Smelter Shut, Peru Mulls Zero Tariff On Lead
2009-11-02 China undertakes to increase recycling of metals
2009-10-19 Suffer the children - yet again
2009-10-19 Indian silicosis: UK company denies any liability
2009-10-13 60-year poisoning legacy finally recognised in Canadian township
2009-09-29 Peruvian congress grants Doe Run 30-month extension on cleanup deadline
2009-09-22 Media menaced by companies and governments - report
2009-09-22 China: For whom the bell tolls
2009-09-14 Killing children: is China addressing its lead poisoning scandals?
2009-08-25 Chinese parents outraged at lead poisoning of their children
2009-08-25 Toxic metals registery to be globally repeated
2009-08-10 New TVs threaten crisis for developing countries
2009-08-10 US:EPA to Test 10,000 Indiana Yards for Lead from Ancient Factories
2009-08-10 Lead cleanup could last 10 more years in Omaha
2009-08-10 Ottawa park contaminated with lead
2009-08-10 Port lead disaster gets cosmetic response
2009-08-10 Parents Clamor for Help for their Daughter with Extreme Lead Poisoning
2009-08-10 Peru: Is this Doe's final run?
2009-08-10 Dying in Kosovo - for the Roma, the war hasn't ended
2009-08-10 Painted into a deadly corner: lead's global curse
2009-08-10 Australia: Lead miner continues violating law
2009-08-10 WHO's watching the world's health watchdog?
2009-07-07 Twenty Six US communities face high hazards from coal ash ponds
2009-07-07 US Supreme Court backs potential poisoning of lake
2009-07-07 Peru industry body cuts off offending member, Doe Run
2009-06-16 Beating swords into ploughshares? Four US coal cases
2009-06-08 Doe Run Peru: The Chronicle of a Death Foretold?
2009-05-27 Peru: Doe on the run again
2009-05-18 Coal ash consequences - report suppressed
2009-04-27 Lead poisoning may affect many generations, says new study
2009-04-20 Bailout of Mining Co. Eclipses Environmental Disaster
2009-04-14 Doe Run Peru saved from collapse?
2009-03-22 Doe Run Peru Smelter Negotiates With Banks, Suppliers
2009-03-22 Proposed Coal Plants Equal 18 Millions Tons of Ash Annually
2009-03-22 Patagonia: Students, Environmentalists reject mining company "assistance"
2009-03-03 Xstrata accused of buying credibility in lead poisoning case
2009-02-23 Peru: Eight miners killed following safety abuses in Casapalca - Las muertes en Casapalca
2009-02-23 Xstrata Dreaming: The Struggle of Aboriginal Australians against a Swiss Mining Giant
2009-02-10 China' s prospects
2009-01-26 Australian minister spills "midnight oil" on Aboriginal custodians
2009-01-26 Toxic wastes from Canadian mines evading scrutiny, claim groups
2008-12-30 Christmas coal ash disaster probably "worst ever" in US history
2008-12-22 Australian Aboriginal court victory may force mine closure
2008-12-22 Mexican strike shuts world's top silver pit after "illegal" arrests - Paro en mina de plata más grande luego de detención "ilegal"
2008-11-24 Macedonian Town Sues State for Pollution
2008-11-17 Canadian polluter at bay
2008-11-05 Bolivia: Mines halted as metal prices plummet - La crisis del zinc paraliza a miles de mineros
2008-11-05 Gold Hawk may yet nose dive
2008-09-29 Mining Business, Indigenous Sorrow in the Heart of Patagonia - Negocios Mineros, Pesares Indigenasa
2008-09-22 Blacksmith's report on La Oroya criticised - La verdad del Instituto Blacksmith
2008-09-16 Philippines: Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company facing probe for allegedly polluting rivers
2008-09-02 Files show governor intervened with court
2008-08-19 Villagers win lengthy battle against Thai lead miner
2008-08-19 Product Safety Law Signed Today Bans Toxic Toys
2008-08-11 Briton bets on Tibet
2008-07-28 Nickel unplugged? - Niquel se desploma 6 pct
2008-07-28 Peru mine pollution emergency - Relaves mineros amenazan el suministro de agua a la capital peruana
2008-07-09 Lead victims painted into a corner by court decision
2008-05-26 Argentina: Keep Celebrating, Keep Investing, Keep Mining Lead! - ¡Sigamos festejando, sigamos invirtiendo, sigamos sacando plomo!
2008-04-13 Peru: community activists denounced as "terrorists" over Chinese project
2008-02-21 Sea water to be tapped for mining in Peru and Chile
2008-02-19 Argentina province to "limit" mining areas
2008-02-16 Bolivia tailings spill - Reventó ducto de colas de Minera San Cristóbal
2008-02-08 US EPA brought to book over mercury emissions
2008-02-04 Peru update
2008-02-01 China Update
2008-01-31 EPA commits to lead-safe standards for repair of older buildings
2008-01-26 China: the Illusion of conservation
2008-01-25 Latin America UpDate
2008-01-18 China Update
2007-12-30 US Supreme Court expected to make decision on Teck Cominco case soon
2007-12-22 Extraction to Destruction? Chinese policy and practise in mining & metals
2007-12-21 London Calling on a chill wind blowing from the steppes
2007-12-06 Low lead levels linked to Attention Deficit Disorder
2007-12-02 Latin America update
2007-11-29 Teck Cominco's chances of Supreme Court hearing diminished, experts say
2007-11-28 Mercury pollution discovered at Florida quarry
2007-11-11 North America's toxic mine burden galvanises groups into action
2007-11-02 From inner-city US to Andean Peru: the continuing curse of lead
2007-10-25 Will the steel industry go public on emissions?
2007-10-23 Canada update
2007-10-11 US update
2007-09-22 Latin America update
2007-09-15 China update
2007-09-14 Mining and metals' sites loom high among "world''s worst places"
2007-08-31 Africa update
2007-08-30 US update
2007-08-10 Toxic legacy still ruins Canadian lives
2007-08-04 Vedanta update
2007-07-23 Pension fund stake in Barrick Gold spurs controversy
2007-07-20 Latin America Update
2007-07-12 Canada Update
2007-07-03 Canada update
2007-06-22 Mining leaves toxic legacy in Zambian town
2007-06-22 Mobile phones: recycling toxic metals slows in EU
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-05-25 US update
2007-05-12 Latin America update
2007-05-11 Zambia gets US$50 million to clean up mining pollution
2007-05-08 US update
2007-04-20 Latin American Update
2007-04-20 China Update
2007-04-07 Latin America update
2007-03-31 Latin America update
2007-03-25 Philippines update
2007-03-24 Latin American Update
2007-03-23 China Update
2007-03-17 US-Canada update
2007-03-01 South Asia Update
2007-02-24 Latin American update
2007-02-16 China Update
2007-02-13 Asia-Pacific update
2007-02-02 China Update
2007-01-30 Microsoft's Vista could harm health in developing countries
2007-01-19 Jamaica bauxite battle continrues
2006-12-11 US Update
2006-10-22 Latin American Update
2006-10-21 The world's worst places
2006-10-20 Latin American Update
2006-09-21 ToxiCities
2006-09-10 Latin American Update
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-06 Steel in the soul: call for solidarity with workers fighting POSCO
2006-08-26 Latin American Update
2006-08-17 Karen win first stage in lengthy battle
2006-07-11 Latin American Update
2006-07-10 US Update
2006-07-10 Canada Update
2006-06-29 US Update
2006-06-28 Latin American Update
2006-06-22 Xstrata in bad straits
2006-06-16 Belledune Update
2006-06-05 Saying no to dumping toxic wastes
2006-06-02 US Update
2006-05-29 Latin American Update
2006-05-29 Areva derci?
2006-05-27 Latin American Update
2006-04-27 North America Update
2006-03-29 Latin American Update
2006-03-26 Latin America Update
2006-03-20 US Update
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-08 China Update
2006-03-06 Latin American Update
2006-03-02 US Update
2006-02-26 Latin American Update: Peru and Mexico
2006-02-25 India Update
2006-02-23 A lead on lead
2006-02-23 China Update
2006-02-20 US Update
2006-02-19 Latin American update
2006-02-15 US Update: February 2006
2006-02-02 Doe on the run?
2006-01-30 LATIN AMERICA UPDATE: January 30 2006
2006-01-25 Another SE Asian poisoned village
2006-01-20 The Poisoned Village
2005-12-27 NO to the Navidad Silver-Lead Gold Mine!
2005-11-28 Urgent Action on La Oroya
2005-11-15 Dalhousie, Canada - Noranda's heavy metal contamination
2005-11-14 Iraq's Deadly Legacy
2005-10-24 High-Tech Toxic Trash Exported to Africa
2005-10-20 Mining Companies Charged by Judge with Poisoning the River Pilcomayo, Bolivia
2005-10-19 Missouri's biggest polluter is also Peru's
2005-10-10 A Heavy Legacy: lead contamination in San Antonio Oeste, Argentina
2005-08-31 Children’s Vinyl Lunch Boxes Can Contain Dangerous Levels of Lead
2005-08-17 American Electronic Waste Contaminates China and India
2005-06-27 Proposal to reopen old B.C. mine causes Canada-U.S. friction
2005-06-15 Kosovo: Lead pollution requires immediate evacuation of Roma camps
2005-05-25 Lead coffins - Mining companies accused of lead poisoning in North America and Peru
2005-05-17 BNSF sues Doe Run over lead
2005-04-21 LME Fears EU Chemical Rules Could Clog Metal Trade
2005-04-15 Judge Orders Measures to Protect Public Health in La Oroya
2005-03-08 Lead poisoning concern in mining town in Zambia
2005-02-07 EU lead ban hits hi-tech firms
2004-11-10 Teck Cominco Will Appeal Columbia River Pollution Ruling
2004-10-23 Chinese companies advance across the globe
2004-10-14 Dust-Up Swirls Around Key Jamaica Industry
2004-04-15 Mineral Concessions in Guatemala Violate International Agreements and Peace Accords
2004-04-12 Major contamination problems at mine site in Oklahoma, USA
2004-01-22 Top Court Rules for EPA on Teck Alaskan Mine Permit
2004-01-10 Vedanta - the panto! A London Calling special - January 10 2004
2003-12-19 Teck fight with EPA sparks worry on US projects
2003-07-28 House Chooses Nuclear Space Flight Over Superfund
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-04-11 Environment and Human Rights Linked Before UN Commission
2003-03-11 Prior Informed Consent: Asbestos, Pesticides, Lead
2003-02-17 European Electroscrap Laws Enter into Force
2002-12-18 Deadly Cyanide Dump Unearthed Near Coast
2002-12-16 Canadian mine gets OK, despite Alaska worries

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