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2021-05-18 Mines and Communities Website celebrates 20 years
2021-04-27 Philippine church leaders, environmentalists against government removal of mining ban
2021-04-18 Philippines lifts ban on new mines
2021-02-16 Philippines: Groups oppose offshore mining in Cagayan
2020-12-28 Philippines: Four workers dead, and six missing, in mine pit landslide
2020-12-15 Philippines: Opposition to Presidential order to negotiate OceanaGold's license renewal
2020-11-30 ReSisters Dialogue Statement on the International Day for Women Human Rights Defenders
2020-11-17 Typhoon Ulysses leads to mining-related loss of life and fears for the future in The Philippines
2020-10-31 Philippines: Local court upholds ban on open-pit mining in South Cotabato
2020-10-22 Philippines: Land Defenders are Killed for Protesting Canadian Mining
2020-08-26 Philippines: Mines look to re-start amid protest and killings
2020-06-18 Mining's "Pandemic Profiteering" - a new report
2020-05-24 Philippines mining during COVID: Protest and concern under quarantine
2020-05-18 "Coal will never recover" - is this a valid post-Corona virus prediction?
2020-05-03 Philippines: Civil society and UN experts call for rights to be respected at Didipio
2020-04-07 Philippines: Violent dispersal of peoples’ barricade in Nueva Vizcaya
2020-03-07 Filipino mining activists seek protection as struggles continue
2019-12-02 Philippines: Nueva Vizcaya folk celebrate as Oceanagold suspends operations
2019-09-24 A Just Transition is a Post-Extractive One
2019-08-12 Global protests greet Oceanagold on World Indigenous Peoples' Day
2019-08-10 Philippines: OceanGold facing final ejection
2019-07-28 OceanaGold suspends Philippines mine operations
2019-07-23 DR Congo sends troops to intimidate and remove small miners
2019-07-05 Philippines: Locals Barricade Against OceanaGold Mine
2019-06-24 Philippines: Opposition to OceanaGold's lease renewal
2019-04-14 Philippines mining industry continues to 'under-perform'
2019-04-05 Philippines: The Marcopper mine spill and the unending wait for justice
2019-01-15 Indigenous groups are the world’s endangered environmental guardians
2018-11-08 Philippines: Mining activists continued being targeted for defending human rights
2018-11-03 Philippines: Time for Duterte to shut down OceanaGold
2018-11-02 Bougainville: Locals want Filipino company out of their ancestral land
2018-09-24 Philippines: Miners lose their lives in typhoon landslide
2018-07-28 Global Witness tracks deadliest year on record for land and environmental defenders
2018-07-28 In peril: Southeast Asia’s environment and its defenders
2018-04-03 Coromandel group comes out against OceanaGold
2018-03-31 Vicky Corpuz fights back in the Philippines
2018-03-16 "End the onslaught against human rights defenders!"
2018-03-10 Philippines: "Dirty Harry" Duterte dares dubbing UN Rapporteur a "terrorist"
2018-01-30 Small scale mining merits large scale examination
2017-07-15 Global extractives terrorism exposed in new report
2017-05-10 Philippines - Gina Lopez: the miners strike back
2017-02-10 Philippines: Environment Secretary orders closure of 23 mines
2017-01-24 Philippines: Environment defenders decry the killing of Surigao indigenous leader
2016-12-31 Philippines: New policies but will they be implemented?
2016-10-27 More Philippine miners threatened with suspension under crackdown
2016-10-11 Philippines: Anti-mining leader dies in hospital after gunmen attack
2016-09-03 Philippines: President notes "Mining - My way or the environmental highway"
2016-08-16 Philippines mining - the case against Didipio
2016-08-02 Philippines: President tells miners country does not need them
2016-07-11 Philippines: A new hope for mine-affected communities
2016-06-22 Violent 2015 sees three environmental activists killed each week
2016-06-20 Coal: investment - and resistance
2016-06-10 OceanaGold not welcome in El Salvador and the Philippines
2016-06-05 Philippines: Is the mining industry feeling lucky with Duterte Harry?
2016-05-04 Philippines: Mining executive hostage murdered
2016-04-04 Philippines - "We would rather die fighting"
2016-03-07 Philippines - Acting on mining at election time
2016-02-06 Philippines: Murderous mining
2016-01-04 Philippines: A year of mining dangerously
2015-12-18 COP21: Was it all mere hot air?
2015-12-09 COP 21: dead on arrival?
2015-12-03 Philippines: A climate of fear and destruction
2015-11-26 UN Forum shares experiences of extractive industries and human rights
2015-10-31 Mining-related violence ignites protests in the Philippines
2015-09-25 Human rights case filed in the Philippines against 'Climate Polluters'
2015-09-19 Philippines - Miners accused of fuelling violence in Mindanao
2015-09-12 Unity Statement of International People’s Conference on Mining
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-08-03 'Our Resistance, Our Hope' - International People's Mining Conference
2015-06-30 Philippines: Glencore quits the Tampakan Project
2015-05-26 Philippines: Indigenous activist 'disappears' in the company of mining guards
2015-05-09 Protestors call for end to Glencore’s mining abuses
2015-04-26 Philippines: Earth Day celebrations focus on mining woes
2015-04-20 Killings of environmental activists increased, with indigenous communities hardest hit
2015-03-23 Protestors mark the 20th anniversary of the Philippine Mining Act
2015-02-21 Philippines - New laws being debated against a background of lawlessness
2015-01-22 Philippines - Papal intervention sought over mining
2014-12-24 Philippines: The people of Mindanao speak out against mining
2014-11-18 Philippines - Remembering the victims of extra-judicial killings and typhoon Haiyan
2014-10-08 Philippines: A Deadly Difference of World View
2014-09-10 Philippines: New moves to ban unprocessed ore
2014-07-28 Philippines: State of the nation's mining questioned
2014-07-01 Philippines: more 'cold war' conflict over mining
2014-06-17 A taxing time for Philippines mining
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2014-05-06 Philippines: Earth Day protests focus on mining
2014-05-06 Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Workshop Declaration on Extractives
2014-04-21 Philippines: Congressional investigation of poor mining practice
2014-04-15 Surge in deaths of environmental activists over past decade, report finds
2014-04-06 More mining-related murders in the Philippines
2014-03-19 Filipinos curse their 'Mining Hell'
2014-03-02 Philippines - Mining has the potential for disaster, but uncertainly looms large
2014-01-23 Philippines: B'laan leaders lobby against FPIC process at Tampakan
2013-12-29 Philippines - The People of Marinduque resist Barrick's unfair settlement
2013-12-27 Call to Respect 'No-Go' Areas and set boundaries for the Extractive Industries
2013-12-11 Philippines - Human Rights Day remembers environmental martyrs
2013-12-08 Activists protest mining industry's harmful impact on women
2013-11-18 Philippines: Unnatural disasters
2013-10-28 Environmental, human rights and legal protests merge in Philippines mining
2013-10-03 Philippines: Realities of mining in Nueva Vizcaya laid bare
2013-09-15 Philippines: Mining conference met with protests
2013-08-30 Philippines - Mining rights violations on the increase again
2013-08-21 BHP Billiton faces US corruption probe
2013-08-14 Philippines: Glencore Xstrata further delayed over Tampakan
2013-07-09 Philippines: Once more to the barricades
2013-06-21 Philippines: Human rights project at Tampakan questions the project's future
2013-06-03 Philippines: New threats for anti-mining advocates
2013-05-21 Philippines: Same problems, new mine
2013-05-21 Toxic Waste Sites in Poor Nations Cause Child Disease, Death
2013-04-28 Philippines: The Assault on the Mining Act Continues
2013-04-22 Glencore clinches Xstrata take-over with Chinese copper deal
2013-04-15 Philippines: Another legal challenge to the Philippine Mining Act
2013-04-01 Philippines: More questions, and a few answers
2013-03-19 Philippines: Government reopens the doors to mining amid protests
2013-03-05 Philippines: Payments to the military unveiled by Tampakan enquiry
2013-02-19 Philippines: one mine disaster after another
2013-02-04 Philippines: Another killing at Xstrata's Tamapakan mine
2013-01-21 Philippines: New year starts with a victory amid the violence
2012-12-27 Where now for Indigenous Peoples and the extractive industries?
2012-12-11 Philippines: yet more assassinations of anti-mining activists
2012-12-04 Philippines: Seeking the truth about killings of indigenous activists
2012-11-25 Glenstrata - what's the nature of the "beast"?
2012-11-19 Philippines: Visiting Canadian MP told to regulate mining companies
2012-11-05 Philippines: Gold, Copper and Death
2012-10-23 Philippines: Tampakan violence claims the lives of tribal woman and her children
2012-10-08 Philippines Mining: Damning Conclusions
2012-09-24 Yet another indigenous anti-mining leader killed in Philippines
2012-09-18 New Philippine mining rules, but will anything change?
2012-09-12 Gunmen kill Jordan Manda, son of Filipino anti-mining activist
2012-08-28 Philippines: Indigenous advocate resigns over mining legislation
2012-08-21 Landslide deaths much higher than previously thought
2012-08-13 Philippines: A flood of mining problems
2012-08-01 Philippines: Mining murders continue, no justice in sight
2012-07-17 Philippines: The President finally publishes, but arguments continue...
2012-07-03 Philippines: Executive disorder - the wait continues...
2012-06-26 Human rights organisations address Earth Summit leaders
2012-06-19 Another blow for Xstrata's Tampakan project ...
2012-05-29 Philippines: Getting away with murder
2012-05-22 Indigenous Peoples speak out at UN Permanent Forum
2012-05-08 Philippines: Miners and military create refugees
2012-04-24 Filipino priest rewarded for his work on mining
2012-04-11 Philippines: Mining abuses continue with no promised changes in the law
2012-03-27 'Philippine Mining Act cannot be saved by executive order'
2012-03-14 Philippines: Anniversary knocked while President delays reforms
2012-02-28 Philippines: Indigenous peoples point the way on mining
2012-02-14 Struggles over mining law revision in the Philippines
2012-01-31 Philippines: 'Defending the Dignity of Life, Securing our Future'
2012-01-16 Philippines: No Local Government Consent, No Mining
2012-01-10 Philippines: Another natural disaster reignites the mining debate
2011-12-20 Philippines: 2011 - a hard year for mining
2011-12-05 Philippines: Intex Resources Found in Breach of International Guidelines
2011-11-30 Philippines: Potential new policies, but same old stories
2011-11-14 Philippines: Where is the safety?
2011-11-14 Another Remembrance Day - for Heroes of the Struggle Against Mining, Oil and Gas
2011-10-25 More militarisation and murders in the Philippines
2011-10-10 Large-scale mining operations in the Philippines attacked
2011-10-05 Philippines: Details of the Tampakan project challenged
2011-09-19 Protests at Philippine mining conference
2011-08-23 Philippines Indigenous Peoples celebrate ... but still some way to go
2011-08-01 General ignorance: more threats to Philippine indigenous peoples
2011-07-11 Law and disorder: Justice for Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines?
2011-06-28 Tampakan project driven on, while brakes applied elsewhere in Philippines
2011-06-13 The IPs strike back: the struggle of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines
2011-05-24 Canadian company TVI submits to Philippine tribal justice
2011-05-10 The aftermath of another mining disaster in the Philippines
2011-05-02 Global gold supremo faces its critics
2011-04-18 Philippine campaigners are not on Minister's page
2011-04-04 Indigenous Filipinos re-affirm call to repeal Mining Act
2011-03-28 Canadian companies are ignoring human rights issues overseas
2011-03-14 Activists promote more alternative mining legislation in the Philippines
2011-03-01 Philippine indigenous peoples consent recognised over mining claims
2011-02-14 Philippine mining falters in the face of civil society opposition
2011-01-31 Two anti-mining advocates shot in the Philippines
2011-01-25 Philippine Human Rights Commission calls for end to mining deal
2011-01-17 Philippine tribe submits complaint on IFC-funded mine
2011-01-10 Chile: Partnerships between small miners not feasible, says sector president
2010-12-27 More violence at Xstrata's Philippine project
2010-11-29 Filipinos present a house resolution for coal-power moratorium
2010-11-08 Philippine activists pressure human rights body over Oceana Gold mine
2010-11-01 Philippine tribe blocks delivery of mine equipment
2010-10-25 President Aquino called to action on mining
2010-10-25 San Miguel buys into contentious Philippine mine
2010-10-10 Asia, Europe groups condemn EU raw materials policy
2010-09-27 Justice to all human rights victims and anti-mining martyrs!
2010-09-20 Tampakan mine criticised in Philippines
2010-09-14 Philippine residents object again to sell-out at Diwalwal
2010-09-05 Filipino villagers challenge Lafarge over desecrated burial ground
2010-08-08 Philippines: Endorsement to MacroAsia Deferred
2010-07-17 Philippine Bishops want Truth Commission vs environmental crimes
2010-07-09 Indonesian authorities arrest local and overseas coal activists
2010-07-04 South Cotabato governor signs ban on open-pit mining, Philippines
2010-06-19 Philippine province bans open-pit mining
2010-06-11 Indigenous Peoples Unite Against Mining in Palawan, Philippines
2010-05-23 Filipinos still seeking justice for 1993 Marcopper tragedy
2010-05-23 Anti-mining activists murdered after elections in the Philippines
2010-05-20 Protests in Zambales, Philippines, against 'irresponsible' mining
2010-05-01 Protests mark Earth Day commemoration in Mindanao
2010-05-01 Anglo American challenged at 2010 AGM
2010-05-01 BHP Billiton hit by bribery allegations
2010-04-24 Environmentalists praise Philippine's new rules for Environmental Cases
2010-04-18 Environmental Award for Philippine President a travesty
2010-03-24 Local communities complain about fairness of mining consultation on Palawan, Philippines
2010-03-18 Legal case proceeds against OceanaGold in the Philippines
2010-03-02 Human rights violations against OceanaGold to be aired in court
2010-02-23 Anti-mining village chief shot dead in the Philippines
2010-02-23 Church attacks Tampakan mine owners for lack of transparency after school burning
2010-02-15 Mining bureaucrat is made new Philippine Environment Secretary
2010-02-15 Mining lobby group advocates engaging with artisanal miners
2010-02-07 Philippines: Royalco project proceeds in teeth of Indigenous opposition
2010-01-31 Philippine Congressional Inquiry Questions Mindoro Mining Project
2010-01-19 Philippine community once again foils large mining firm
2010-01-11 BHP Billiton isn't putting another nickel in
2009-11-30 Canadian mining firms face abuse allegations
2009-11-30 Philippines: Victory for hunger strikers against Norwegian miner
2009-11-23 Philippines: Intex Resources' environmental clearance suspended, thanks to hunger strike
2009-11-16 Philippines' Human Rights Commissioner investigates Didipio complaints
2009-11-09 Mindoro execs threaten to sue Atienza over ‘patently illegal’ mining clearance
2009-11-02 Locals fight 'monster' Tampakan project
2009-11-02 5,000 Mindoreños stage mock funeral to protest mining project
2009-11-02 World’s largest mining company challenged at AGM
2009-10-26 "It's time to put an end" to violence at Didipio, Philippines
2009-10-26 Intex Resources' Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), issued by DENR Secretary Atienza, Defective and Highly Irregular!
2009-10-19 Big messes for miners
2009-10-13 Urgent Appeal for Support for the Victims of Typhoon Pepeng
2009-09-29 Auction of Davao mine project stopped by indigenous groups
2009-09-29 Indigenous community harassed after more violence at the Didipio mine
2009-09-14 Villagers assert rejection of Royalco's mine plan in the Philippines
2009-09-14 Philippines law protects companies, not communities
2009-07-27 Aussie and Filipino Activists Say No to Open Pit Mining
2009-07-16 London Calling investigates some capital "land grab" connections
2009-07-10 Philippines: Lepanto - Shattering its Own Myth of Safe and Responsible Mining
2009-06-22 World Day against Child Labour adresses mining
2009-06-08 Philippines: Charter change might lead to more abuses of indigenous peoples’ rights – Amnesty
2009-06-02 Philippine womens' party condemns killing of activists
2009-06-02 While government stalls, private member launches bill to regulate Canadian mining overseas
2009-05-18 Philippines "alternative mining" legislation proposed
2009-05-18 Nickel project hearing halted before it begins
2009-05-11 Philippine military implicated in murder of another anti-mining activist
2009-05-05 Coal's a burning problem in the Philippines
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2009-04-20 Shooting strikes holy week observance in Didipio for two years in a row
2009-04-14 Royalty fee spurs conflict among Mamanwa tribesmen
2009-04-02 The Manila Declaration of the International Conference on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples
2009-03-22 Philippines: Aroroy residents turn out in strength against Aus-Canadian backed project
2009-03-11 ADB: Chico, Agno forest aid futile as mine applications blanket Cordillera
2009-03-11 Another mining advocate assassinated in Mindanao, Philippines
2009-03-11 Philippines: yet another mining agreement angers local people
2009-03-11 Lumads say Mining Act has only worsened their lot
2009-03-03 Philippine campaigning nun arrested, harassed, by army
2009-03-03 Philippines: Mamanwa win, but conflict over royalties remains
2009-02-23 Philippines report: rice and water sacrificed to mining; moratorium demanded
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2009-02-23 Mining blasts worry Subanen people
2009-02-10 Mamanwa tribe now on their 2nd week of "human barricade" vs mining firms in Taganito
2009-02-10 Philippine bishop clarifies stance against mining
2009-02-10 Philippines: Protecting the mines
2009-01-26 Philippines: "counter insurgency" will strike at mines and civilians
2009-01-26 Canadian mining's notorious reputation in the Philippines not recognised back home
2009-01-26 Philippines - putting a "spin" on bad mining news
2009-01-19 Another mining town in Vizcaya cries for help
2009-01-07 Philippines Mining: exposing the tentacles
2008-12-30 Uphold Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Stop Development Aggression!
2008-12-30 Philippines: Australian Mining Company Royalco Violates Indigenous Community’s Collective Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent
2008-12-30 Bishops in the Philippines call for mining moratorium
2008-12-30 Philippines - putting another nickel in?
2008-12-30 Another assassination in the Philippines
2008-12-09 Philippines: Australian company all at sea?
2008-12-09 Philippines: Mayor Yields to People Power, Rejects Mining Exploration
2008-11-24 Philippine tribe wins official status in mining struggle
2008-11-17 Philippines: 12 Years After Mining Disaster Chronic Illnesses on the Rise in Marcopper Towns
2008-11-17 Anglo wants out of RP mine venture - partner
2008-11-10 Philippines: Aussie group to help look into "abuses" by mining firm in Vizcaya
2008-11-10 Philippine governor stops mining project in Oriental Mindoro Invokes provincial ordinance banning mining for 25 years
2008-11-10 Appeal from academics over the implications of mining activities in Palawan
2008-11-10 Diamonds may not be forever - what about coal, gold, copper and nickel?
2008-11-10 "Respect Our Rights": Subanon reiterate call to Philippine government
2008-11-05 Medias verdades y evasivas: la reunion annual de accionistas de BHP Billiton plc, Londres
2008-10-27 BHP Billiton accused of half-truths and evasions
2008-10-21 Philippines update: protestors claim mining kills, can't fuel growth
2008-10-21 Philippines: Tribal Elders voice out opposition to mining
2008-10-21 Tribal Filipinos re-invoke their rights, as more communities oppose seizure of their territory for mining
2008-10-21 Philippines' mine "protection" may move up a dangerous notch
2008-10-07 Prometheus Bound: Towards a People's Mining Policy
2008-09-29 Philippine mining company blamed for worker's tragedy
2008-09-29 Philippine forum grapples with fundamental mining issues
2008-09-16 Philippine landslide kills 24 people: was it mining related?
2008-09-16 Philippines: Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company facing probe for allegedly polluting rivers
2008-09-11 Don't bank on this project! - Philippine groups
2008-09-11 Mining firms causing indigenous people's worries
2008-09-02 Philippines: Groups urge international banks: Stop Funding Destructive Mining Projects
2008-08-11 Philippines buccaneer backed by Britain
2008-08-04 Asia-Pacific women bear the brunt of mining
2008-08-04 Pitfalls open in Philippine mining
2008-07-28 Nickel unplugged? - Niquel se desploma 6 pct
2008-07-28 Gunmen attack mining project in Davao del Norte
2008-07-14 China in domestic cleft stick, while foreign acquisitions boom
2008-07-14 Philippines Environmental Group decries conflict sown by foreign mining companies in Indigenous Communities
2008-07-09 Two governors urge enforcement of 25-year mining ban
2008-07-09 Is Oceana sinking in the Philippines?
2008-07-01 Philippines: Pujada proceeding despite BHP Billiton side-lining
2008-07-01 Philippines: Australian miner suspends work after mounting opposition
2008-04-27 Dilong Valley - a mining hotspot
2008-04-27 Cordillera Day in Abra town to call for mining pull out
2008-04-20 Action Alert: help protest violation of Binongan Indigenous Peoples Rights in Philippines
2008-02-20 Philippines update
2008-02-09 Philippines update
2008-02-08 Metals traders address mining's "moral conflicts"
2008-01-31 Philippines update
2008-01-18 China Update
2008-01-17 Xstrata: a move forward but two steps back?
2008-01-15 Zambia's new mine taxes: will they be taxing?
2008-01-11 More military troops won't solve mining woes in Tampakan
2008-01-04 Xstrata under attack in the Philippines
2007-12-22 FILM REVIEW: Mountains of trouble
2007-12-20 Philippines update
2007-12-12 Philippines update
2007-12-07 Philippines Update
2007-12-07 London Calling Names
2007-11-07 Philippines: uproar over fish kills
2007-11-02 Anti-mining bloc sweeps village polls in South Palawan, Philippines
2007-10-25 World's biggest miner holds annual meeting - so what happened?
2007-10-10 Philippines update
2007-10-04 Philippines update
2007-09-27 Philippines update
2007-09-15 Philippine Government To Address Accusations Of Rights Violations
2007-09-12 Governor Opposes New Lafayette Exploration
2007-09-11 Philippines update
2007-09-11 Income From Mines Must Trickle Down To Host Communities
2007-09-11 United Nations Body Writes To Philippine Government
2007-09-10 Calgary Mining Firm Wrecks Havoc In The Philippines
2007-09-10 Roxas City, Capiz Towns Seek Ban On Mining
2007-09-10 Philippines Gets Un Deadline To Act On Mining Charges
2007-09-09 Philippine Green Groups Slam Arroyo Administration
2007-09-09 Provincial Legislators Criticise Tvi For Press Manipulation
2007-09-05 Albay Mining Company Braces For Npa Attacks
2007-09-03 New Peoples Army Threats Endanger Aussie Mining Operations
2007-09-03 Ngos Seek House Probe Of Aussie Exploration Project
2007-09-02 Foreign Mining To Transform Nueva Vizcaya's Sites Into Valleys Of Death
2007-09-01 Bishop Steps In As Vizcaya Mining Row Gets Violent
2007-08-30 Benguet Dad Hits Fpic Process
2007-08-30 Mine Applications Fast-tracked
2007-08-24 China update
2007-08-23 Denr Appeals To Npa To Drop Threats Vs Mining Firms
2007-08-22 Negotiations To Settle Mining Dispute Stalled
2007-08-21 Puerto Princesa' Hagedorn Rejects Mining Projects
2007-08-21 Philippines Update
2007-08-21 Groups Tell United Nations Committee That The Philippine Government Fails To Respect Ip's Rights
2007-08-21 Philippines update
2007-08-20 Watchdog Group Urges Rejection Of Mining Firm's Permit
2007-08-20 Villagers Told To Keep Watch Over Closed Mining Site
2007-08-20 March Of The Mines Sees Islanders Facing Loss Of Ancestral Homeland
2007-08-20 Cec Asserts Right To Freedom Of Expression And Public Participation
2007-08-20 Stop Slapping Environmental Defenders
2007-08-19 Itogon Folk Reject Anvil
2007-08-19 Open Pit Campout Dispersed
2007-08-18 Unnatural deaths: a seemingly endless, bitter, round
2007-08-18 CHINA
2007-08-18 Unnatural deaths: a seemingly endless, bitter, round
2007-08-17 UNITED STATES
2007-08-17 Bloody Mining Conflict Looms---ngo
2007-08-16 PHILIPPINES
2007-08-15 Philex 'arrogance' Blamed For Failed Dialogue
2007-08-15 Trapped miners in Utah
2007-08-12 Davao Oriental Governor Holds Granting Of Mining Permits
2007-08-12 Church And Local Government Joins Against Destructive Mining
2007-08-12 Bishop Of Dipolog Dismayed Over His Meeting With Canadian Embassy Officials In Manila
2007-08-10 Philippines Update
2007-08-10 Philippines Update
2007-08-09 Greater Threat To Nature
2007-08-08 Nueva Vizcaya Villagers Keep Up Fight Vs Mining Firms
2007-08-07 Ten Killed In Philippine Landslide
2007-08-06 Fear Of Mining Contamination Hounds Villagers
2007-08-04 Military Intensifies Security Of Mining Firms
2007-08-03 Reds Target Mining Firms
2007-08-02 Cpp Mobilizes Npa Vs Mining Firms
2007-08-01 Arroyo Family Virtually Controls Mining Industry
2007-08-01 Anti-mining Group Joins Calls Against Arroyos In "green Committees"
2007-07-31 Canatuan Community Stands By The Reported Tvi Sulphide Dam Collapse
2007-07-31 Five Mining Firms Ordered Closed In Zambales
2007-07-31 Rp, Canada Agree To Widen Ties On Migrant Workers, Environment
2007-07-30 Mikey, Iggy Set To Lead House Energy, Natural Resources Panel
2007-07-30 Atlas Considers London Listing
2007-07-30 Court Order Won’t Stop Tribes’ Fight Vs Mining Firm
2007-07-29 Consent A Hoax, Barricades Set Against Oxiana Mining
2007-07-28 Alvarez Named 'minerals Czar' Under Arroyo
2007-07-28 Alvarez Opens 65 Mining Sites
2007-07-27 Mining Out Of Denr; Now Under President's Office
2007-07-25 Denr To Be Besieged With Protests Against Atienza
2007-07-24 Mining Chamber Welcomes Appointment Of New Denr Secretary
2007-07-23 Pension fund stake in Barrick Gold spurs controversy
2007-07-23 The Tragedy Of Mining In Rapu-rapu Island Ecosystem, Albay Province
2007-07-23 Pension fund stake in Barrick Gold spurs controversy
2007-07-23 Tribal Folk Block Mining Firm's Entry
2007-07-21 Philippines Update
2007-07-21 Philippines Update
2007-07-19 Marinduque Legislators Reiterate 50-year Mining Moratorium
2007-07-19 Philippines To Probe Claim Of Dam Failure At Tvi Pacific's Mine
2007-07-19 Ngo Reports Breach In Zambo Mine Tailings Dam
2007-07-18 Manila's Atlas Mining Eyes Overseas Share Offer
2007-07-18 Mine Dam Collapse Threatens To Pollute Mindanao's Rivers
2007-07-18 Letter To Inquirer - Responding To Tvi’s ‘side’ On Canatuan Mining Row
2007-07-17 Letter From Timuay Jose Boy Anoy, Reply To July 7 Inquirer Letter Of Tvi Rocky Dimaculangan
2007-07-16 Revenue-sharing Plan Confuses Mining Firms
2007-07-13 Philippines Update
2007-07-13 Philippines Update
2007-07-12 An Anti-mining Voice In Pro-mining Chorus
2007-07-12 Lafayette Mining Harassing Environmental Ngo With P10m Libel Suit
2007-07-11 Response From Timuay Fernando Mudai To Tvi Inquirer Letter
2007-07-11 Cec Statement On Lafayette's Raps
2007-07-11 Lafayette Files Libel Raps Vs Ecology Group
2007-07-08 Piñol Warns Government On Mining - Says He Prefers Environment-friendly Agriculture Activities
2007-07-06 Human Security Act May Be Used Against Communities Opposed To Mining
2007-07-05 Tvi Explains Side On Canatuan Mining Row
2007-07-04 New Mine Sharing Rule Comes Too Late
2007-06-27 Industry's Exploration Investments Yet To Bear Fruit - Philex Cautious About Claims Of Mining Boom
2007-06-24 Philippines Update
2007-06-24 Philippines Update
2007-06-23 Pro-TVI Member of the Siocon Council of Elders Admits Misrepresentation and Pays Penalty to Legitima
2007-06-22 TVI Apologizes for Human Rights Violations
2007-06-22 Subanon refuse consent to TVI
2007-06-22 TVI and NCIP’s FPIC team accuse each other of negligence
2007-06-22 Subanon Leader accuses TVI’s CREDO of lying
2007-06-20 TVI executive ask forgiveness for human rights violations committed by the company to the Subanon tr
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-07 Rusina Mining Plans To Invest 600 Mln Usd In Philippine Projects
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-06 Growth For Revitalized Philippine Mining, But Far From Full Potential
2007-06-06 Philippines update
2007-06-06 Philippines Update
2007-06-05 Xstrata Sees Growth By Acquisition And Projects
2007-06-05 Gov't Warned About Mining Firms With Poor Track Record
2007-06-04 Bhp Billiton Looks At Us$1b Investment In Philippines: Official
2007-06-04 Foreign Mining Giants Will Bring About A State Of Calamity In Rp
2007-06-01 Philippines update
2007-06-01 Possible Water Contamination And Fish Kill In Rapu-rapu, Residents Report
2007-06-01 Philippines Update
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-05-30 Denr Transfers Disposition Of Cancelled Mining Permits To New Gov't Corporation
2007-05-29 Killings Haunt Gma In New Zealand
2007-05-29 Atlas Unit Secures Govt Guarantee For Rehab Loan
2007-05-28 Gma Wooing Grave Trouble With Australian Mining Deals, Philippine Environmental Activists Say
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-05-23 Atlas Acquires Amosite For P57m
2007-05-21 Rp's Rich Mineral Deposits Ticket To Economic Development -- Reyes
2007-05-15 Canada's Mining Companies: It's The Government's Turn
2007-05-15 Gma Back From Tokyo With $1b In Investments
2007-05-15 Mining Investments Coming Only In Trickles
2007-05-09 Pastoral letter to voters issued by 7 prelates
2007-05-09 Philippines update
2007-05-09 APC Mining files for exploration permit in Palawan
2007-05-09 Philippines update
2007-05-09 Rusina solidifies DMCI partnership for Acoje project
2007-05-08 Pastoral Statement on 2007 Election and Environment Agenda
2007-05-07 Indophil looks for more mines after Xstrata sale
2007-05-07 Boxxer Acquires Option to Purchase 65% of Philippines Gold Project
2007-05-07 Subanon Accuse TVI of "Lying Again"
2007-05-02 Jinchuan ups $1-B offer for Philnico
2007-04-30 Philippines bishops decry Canadian mining firm's tactics
2007-04-24 Ngos Urge Bank To Drop Lafayette Funding
2007-04-24 Philippines update
2007-04-24 Philippines Update
2007-04-23 Stop Funding Lafayette Mining In Rapu-rapu Island!
2007-04-23 Anti-mining Advocates Unite Against Pro-mining Candidates
2007-04-22 Anglo under heavy fire
2007-04-22 Anglo Under Heavy Fire
2007-04-22 Large-scale Mining And Rapu-rapu
2007-04-22 Fresh Allegations Tarnish Glittering Year For Anglo
2007-04-20 Mining Protest Goes To England - Ip Leaders Register Opposition To Cexi
2007-04-19 Filipino Miners 'supporting' New People's Army Militants
2007-04-18 Launching LMN
2007-04-17 Anglo Wants Controlling Stake In Lepanto Mine
2007-04-17 Mining Firms In Philippines Yield To Communists' Demands
2007-04-17 Catholic Priest Seeks Elected Office As Mandate For Change
2007-04-11 Benguet Village Folk Reject Mining Exploration Project
2007-04-07 China Update
2007-04-07 China update
2007-03-25 Mg Mining Company - Terrorism Raps Ordered Filed Against Joma Et Al
2007-03-25 Philippines update
2007-03-25 Philippines Update
2007-03-24 Foreign Mining Firm Abandons Coal Project In South Cotabato
2007-03-24 Experts Find No Scientific Basis For Rapu-rapu Mine Re-opening
2007-03-24 Communities, Lgus Benefit Least From Int'l Mining Investments - Researcher
2007-03-24 Delayed Justice For Marinduque Mining Disaster Victims
2007-03-24 Indigenous Tribesmen [and Women!] Threaten To Campaign V. Team Unity
2007-03-22 Experts Review Denr 's Permanent Lifting Order, Find No Scientific Basis For Rapu-rapu Mine Re-open
2007-03-18 Firm Eyes Coal-bed Methane Prospect
2007-03-15 Ncip Grants Balatoc Tribe Priority Right Over Ancestral Domain
2007-03-14 On The Appointment Of Ncip Commissioner For Region Ix Legal Rights And Natural Resources Center
2007-03-03 Security For Business Tack Adopted
2007-03-03 Church Leaders To Campaign Vs Pro-mining Poll Bets
2007-02-28 Philippines update
2007-02-28 Philippines Update
2007-02-28 Jp Morgan To Invest In Rp Mining
2007-02-26 Mindanao Still Gets Largest Share From Australian Aid
2007-02-24 Billiton Investing $1.5bn
2007-02-23 Philippine Govt Says Australia's Bhp To Invest 1.5 Bln Usd In Davao Nickel Plant
2007-02-17 Philippines update
2007-02-17 Philippines Update
2007-02-16 Environmentalists Sign Petition Vs Lafayette Mine
2007-02-15 Lafayette Restart Slammed
2007-02-15 Villagers Watchful Of Lafayette Mining
2007-02-14 Fight Against Lafayette Mining Far From Over
2007-02-13 Aust Has 'high' Mining Standards
2007-02-13 Asia-Pacific update
2007-02-13 Chinese Imports Of Nickel Ore To Surge
2007-02-13 Philippine Gold Enchants But Does Not Enrich
2007-02-09 Environmental Activists Storm Denr To Protest Lafayette Mine Re-opening
2007-02-09 Philippines update
2007-02-09 Philippines Update
2007-02-09 Fighting a giant enemy
2007-02-09 Environmental Group Slams Failure Of Transparency In Lafayette Mining Resumption Order
2007-02-08 Gov't Decision On Rapu-rapu Mine Reopening "economically, Environmentally, And Morally-bankrupt"
2007-02-08 Greenpeace Statement On The Reopening Of Lafayette Mine In Rapu Rapu Island, Albay , Manila
2007-02-08 Denr Allows Lafayette To Re-start Mine
2007-02-07 Boneng-lubo Indigenous Peoples Resolved To Keep Mines From Reopening
2007-02-06 The People Say No To Rapu-rapu Mine Reopening
2007-02-05 Reyes: No Plunge In Mining Investments; Mining Contribution To Economy Steady
2007-02-03 Jamby Madrigal-ncip, Denr Legitimizing Land Grabbing By Miners
2007-02-03 Indonesia update
2007-02-03 Indonesia Update
2007-02-03 Un Representative On Indigenous Peoples: The Pattern Of Hr Violations Of Ips Continues
2007-02-02 Un Representative For Indigenous Peoples To Hear Hr Cases
2007-02-01 Ucan: Philippine Catholic Bishop Condemns Reported Mining Havoc
2007-02-01 Armed Employees Of Canadian Mining Firm Tvi Pacific Beat Subanon Leader's Daughter
2007-02-01 Deportation Gag
2007-01-31 Communist Rebels Raid Gold Mine In Mindanao
2007-01-31 Mining Pros And Cons
2007-01-30 New Laws Won't Solve Indonesia Mining Investment Woes
2007-01-29 Church Still Oppose To Mining Firm Overtures
2007-01-29 Bishops Call On Arroyo To Repeal Mining Law
2007-01-29 Pse May Impose Sanctions On Apec Mining
2007-01-27 Anglo American Seeks Philippine Mining Permits
2007-01-27 Milf Hits Mining Activities In Mindanao
2007-01-26 Report Cites Dangers Of Rp Mining Policies
2007-01-25 Account Of The Launch, Jubilee Room, House Of Commons, London
2007-01-25 Fr Shay Cullen Writes On The Deportation Of Fr Frank Nally
2007-01-25 Philippines Update
2007-01-25 Philippines update
2007-01-24 Supporting Statement From Bishop Zacarias C. Jimenez, Dd
2007-01-24 Manila Mining Says In Copper Jv With Anglo American
2007-01-23 South Cot Diocese: Still No To Mining
2007-01-23 Indonesia Newmont Boss Says No Complaints On Mining
2007-01-22 Banful Paddy Farmers Switch to Sand Mining
2007-01-20 Lumads Voice Alarm On Mining Firm Entry
2007-01-18 Interview - Mining Sector Sees Stronger Year Ahead On Brisk Investments
2007-01-18 Marcopper's San Antonio Copper Project Delisted From Mining Priority List
2007-01-16 Temporary Restraining Order Issued Against Berong Nickel Corporation (bnc)
2007-01-16 Lafayette Eyes Restart After Typhoon
2007-01-15 Mining Disaster Victims First To Endure Effects Of Natural Calamities
2007-01-15 Environmental Groups Bewail Lafayette's Commercial Operations
2007-01-13 Mining: The Civil-society View (5)
2007-01-12 Toledo Mining Says Berong's Ore Shipment Delayed Due To Restraining Order
2007-01-12 London Calling follows the cash
2007-01-12 Senator's Reproach Over Columban's Rejection At Airport Pleases Confreres
2007-01-09 Missionary Priest Deported From Philippines
2007-01-06 Mining: The Civil-society View (4)
2006-12-30 Mining: Civil Society View (3)
2006-12-24 In Aftermath Of Typhoon "reming"
2006-12-24 Philippines Update
2006-12-24 Philippines Update
2006-12-23 Mining: The Civil-society Perspective (2)
2006-12-23 Mining: The Civil-society Perspective (2)
2006-12-21 Xstrata Buys Stake In Philippine Mine - Copper-gold Deposit Biggest In Philippines
2006-12-18 Prosecutor Dismissed Libel Case Of Tvi Allies Vs. Bishop Jose R. Manguiran & Eight Others
2006-12-16 Environmental Group Takes Fight To Cyberspace
2006-12-16 Philippine Mining: The Civil-society Perspective
2006-12-15 The Tribunal That Made History Convicts Barrick Gold
2006-12-14 Denr Issues New Mine Permits In Southern Leyte
2006-12-14 Urgent Action: Another Human Rights Lawyer In Bicol, Philippines Killed!
2006-12-14 Latin American Update
2006-12-12 Human Rights Lawyer, Driver Shot Dead In Sorsogon
2006-12-12 Forum Tackles Mining Issues
2006-12-05 A Policy Of Contradictions And Amusing Presumptions
2006-12-05 24 Died Near Rapu-rapu Mine In Typhoon's Wake
2006-12-04 Protection Of Small Miners Urged
2006-12-04 Another Tragedy Hits Rapu-rapu
2006-12-02 Philippines Update
2006-12-02 Philippines Update
2006-12-01 Lafayette's Rapu Rapu project damaged
2006-11-28 Bishop, priest sued for after exposing transnational mining practices
2006-11-24 Foreign mining firms to operate in Diwalwal
2006-11-23 Bishops' help to be sought versus Colet
2006-11-22 Manila says 27 mining firms eyeing Diwalwal gold
2006-11-22 Rapu-Rapu, make or break for mining
2006-11-22 Mayor refutes landslide, soil erosion reports in Sipalay
2006-11-20 Government seeks to raise share in mines
2006-11-20 Bad mining image traced to spills
2006-11-19 Philippines Update
2006-11-19 Philippines Update
2006-11-19 Reyes asks mining investors to reach out to communities
2006-11-15 Denr-bicol Set To Decide On Fate Of Mining Company
2006-11-15 Compostela Village Opposes Inclusion In Mining Zone
2006-11-15 Strive for 'infra success,' Duke of York prods RP
2006-11-14 Southcot To Doe And Mining Firms: Don't Bypass Us
2006-11-13 Quarrying Seen To Cause Dam Collapse
2006-11-13 Doe: No Coal Mining Yet At Brgy. Ned, Lake Sebu
2006-11-13 Catholic-backed Lobby Says Philippines Mine "will Turn Mountain Upside Down"
2006-11-13 Marinduque Exec Wary Of Denr Dam Report
2006-11-11 Philippines Update
2006-11-11 Paying Pro-tvi Canadian Mining Rally
2006-11-11 Colet Exploration In Sipalay To Be Assessed
2006-11-11 Church And Government Leader Calls Tvi Pacific A 'liar'
2006-11-11 Philippines Update
2006-11-10 Denr Says Inactive Mine Dam Is Safe
2006-11-10 Center For Environmental Concerns-philippines (cec-phils) Press Release
2006-11-09 Environmental Activists Assail Denr's Extention Of Lafayette Test Runs As Gov't Cover-up
2006-11-09 Mincorp Says Philippine Court Of Appeal Rules Against Unit In Permit Dispute
2006-11-08 Lafayette Gets Philippine Mine Test Extension
2006-11-07 Open Pit Method Best For Tampakan, Say Mining Officials
2006-11-06 To Lose A Forest
2006-11-02 Philippines Update
2006-11-02 Philippines Update
2006-11-02 Xstrata To Study $1.8b Copper Venture
2006-11-01 Environmentalists Ask For Fair Media Coverage Of Albay Spill, Luzon
2006-11-01 A Failed Promise - The Dumingag Case
2006-11-01 China's Baosteel, partners to invest 1 bln usd in Philippine nickel mine project
2006-10-31 Kalikasan-PNE pays tribute to slain colleagues - No justice in sight for 18 environmental activists
2006-10-30 Lake Sebu coal project royalty only P1 per ton
2006-10-28 1-b Technical Aid Signed In China
2006-10-22 Philippines Update
2006-10-22 Disasters And Faulty Governance
2006-10-22 Philippines Update
2006-10-22 "arrogant And Serious"
2006-10-21 The world's worst places
2006-10-20 Bishops, Environmentalists Want Future Mining Projects In Palawan Banned
2006-10-20 Denr Stops Operations Of Palawan Mining Firm
2006-10-19 Once-idyllic Island Center Of Debate On Mining
2006-10-18 The Rights Of The Indigenous People To Their Ancestral Lands Is Scared
2006-10-18 Joint Letter Of The Governor And The Bishop Of Oriental Mindoro
2006-10-15 Boac Declaration 2006
2006-10-12 Against The Mining Act Of 1995: Caraga Forum On Mining
2006-10-09 Lafayette Mining Rebounds In Philippines
2006-10-06 Apex Appeals Ruling On Mining Claim
2006-10-05 Gma Assures Strategic Investors Gov't Will Maintain Incentives
2006-10-05 Buluan Town Opposes Smi Mining
2006-10-04 Bishop's Mining Committee Reaffirms The Tvi Resource Development Philippines Lies
2006-10-04 Greenpeace To Sue Sorsogon Gov. Raul Lee; Demands Public Apology For Defamatory Accusations
2006-10-02 11 Regions Hit By 'milenyo' To Undergo Ecological Assessment
2006-09-29 China Update
2006-09-29 China Update
2006-09-21 Idyll - Or Uproar?
2006-09-20 Raging Against Norwegian Mining Company: They Conned Us With A Cup Of Rice
2006-09-20 "don't Meet Them"
2006-09-14 Government Gives Lafayette Test 60-day Extension
2006-09-14 Chinese Nickel Group May Join Canadians In Nonoc Mine
2006-09-13 Proliferation Of Pseudo 'small-scale' Mining Projects Alarms The People Of Marinduque
2006-09-13 Government To Answer Mining Concerns "point By Point"
2006-09-12 Miners Say Gma Fails To Live Up To Vows And Cancel International Meeting
2006-09-12 Lafayette Forced To Shut Rapu-rapu Anew
2006-09-11 Canadian Firm Plans To Explore Philippines Nickel
2006-09-11 Philippines Update
2006-09-11 Philippines Update
2006-09-11 Philippines Goes Quiet On Promotion Of Mining
2006-09-09 ABN Amro: Bad Credit! Get Out of Lafayette Mine
2006-09-09 Philippines Update
2006-09-09 Philippines Update
2006-09-08 Environmental Groups blast Lafayette and DENR for Test-Run Extension Plans
2006-09-07 Foreign firms keen on Lafayette mine
2006-09-06 London-based environmentalists clarify role for responsible mining activities
2006-09-06 Government asked: Stay as regulator, stop being promoter of mining
2006-09-06 Indigenous people's rights activist slain
2006-09-03 Philippines Update
2006-09-03 Philippines Update
2006-08-30 DENR gives go-signal to Lafayette mining
2006-08-27 Greenpeace to Lafayette: So sue us
2006-08-26 Save Our Seas (SOS) Alliance bares plan to file raps at the United Nations Human Rights Council
2006-08-24 Greenpeace reports of contamination in Rapu-Rapu
2006-08-23 Caraga natives decry mining, logging
2006-08-21 2 docu films tell of Mindoro fight for environment
2006-08-21 Crew - UK firm buys option of S. Cotabato coal project
2006-08-20 Mining companies will ruin’ the Philippines, warns MP
2006-08-18 Philippines Update
2006-08-18 Miners behaving badly abroad
2006-08-18 Amnesty International's Report On The Political Killings
2006-08-18 Central Luzon Region Is Attracting Mining Investors,but Driving Indigenous People Off Ancestral Land
2006-08-15 Esperanza On Its Maiden Voyage
2006-08-14 Church Officials Recommend Closure of Mining Operations
2006-08-13 Arroyo vows to end political deaths in the Philippines
2006-08-11 Labour Mp Clare Short Has Warned Of The Destruction Of The Natural Environment Of The Philippines
2006-08-11 Greenpeace "virtual March" On Lafayette
2006-08-10 Statement from communities over Mining
2006-08-10 Diggers & Dealers Annual Conference
2006-08-04 Philippine National Oil Company Withdraws Proposed Coal Mining Project
2006-07-29 Philippines Update
2006-07-29 Philippines Update
2006-07-28 Canada-based Mining Firm Pursues Expansion
2006-07-27 Mindanao's Mining Attracts Investors
2006-07-27 Supreme Court Reaffirms Constitutionality Of Mining Act
2006-07-26 Australian Mine In Philippines Accused Over Third Spill
2006-07-26 Big Chinese Mining Firms Set Eyes On Mindanao
2006-07-26 Greenpeace Worker Arrested In Rapu-rapu
2006-07-24 Mining Law Stays, Weakens Community Land Rights
2006-07-21 Philippines Update
2006-07-21 Philippines Update
2006-07-21 Groups seek injunction vs Lafayette
2006-07-20 Lafayette seeks DENR okay to resume regular mining operations at Rapu-Rapu
2006-07-19 Bicolanos, Environmental activists file case against Lafayette, DENR
2006-07-18 Fort del Pilar threatened with mining operation
2006-07-15 All Biak-na-Bato quarrying stopped
2006-07-15 Philippines Update
2006-07-15 Fears raised over mining dam in danger of collapse
2006-07-15 Philippines Update
2006-07-12 Urgent Action - Community members injured as Canadian Mining Company demolishes their home
2006-07-12 Sample letter:-
2006-07-12 Gov't orders evaluation of mining sites after waste spill
2006-07-12 Philippines Update
2006-07-11 Mining firm starts 30-day test run
2006-07-10 Bishop, Bicolanos and environmental activists condemn resumption of Lafayette mining operation
2006-07-10 Greenpeace statement on the resumption of Lafayette's operations
2006-07-07 Changing gov't policies to deter mine investors
2006-07-06 Human Rights Council Adopts Text for Indigenous Rights
2006-07-06 Human Rights Council Adopts Text for Indigenous Rights
2006-06-30 Canada votes against native rights at UN
2006-06-29 Biak-na-Bato destruction scored
2006-06-26 Philippines Update
2006-06-26 TVI takes Hostage Four Injured Residents
2006-06-26 Affected Communities Launch Anti-TVI Resource Development Philippines Campaign
2006-06-26 Philippines Update
2006-06-25 Philippines Update
2006-06-25 Philippines Update
2006-06-23 UNITED NATIONS A General Assembly Distr.
2006-06-23 Biak-na-Bato mining put to a halt
2006-06-22 Philippines mulls tough mining regulations
2006-06-17 Church, NGOs call for Reyes' resignation over Lafayette
2006-06-17 Philippines Update
2006-06-17 Philippines Update
2006-06-16 Time for the mining industry to clean up its act
2006-06-15 Environmentalists Assail Rapu-rapu Mine Re-opening
2006-06-15 DENR nod on resumption of LPI's operations hit
2006-06-15 Dear Friends and Colleagues,
2006-06-14 Filipino Bishop disappointed over Lafayette mine decision
2006-06-14 Rebels threaten to disrupt Philippines mining operation
2006-06-14 Mining firm gets nod from DENR
2006-06-14 Marinduquenos Support The People Of Albay In Their Struggle Against Lafayette Reopening
2006-06-13 Mindoro mining enemies claim success in tour
2006-06-13 Philippines allows Australian miner to restart operation
2006-06-11 Senate Scrutinizes Mining Act Next Week
2006-06-09 Philippines Update
2006-06-09 Philippines Update
2006-06-06 Statement of condemnation of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines
2006-05-29 Bayan leader killed for fighting mining'
2006-05-28 Another activist murdered
2006-05-26 Philippines Update
2006-05-26 Foreign Miners Want Gov't By Their Side
2006-05-26 Philippines Update
2006-05-26 Philippines' Mining Down In The Dumps
2006-05-25 Rp Ranks 125th In International Environmental Protection Index
2006-05-24 Church Group Demands The Provincial Government Stop Tvi Mining Operation
2006-05-24 500 Barangay And Chapel Leaders Declare Against Tvi's Entry
2006-05-24 Filipino Community Leaders Call For Halt To Uk Mining Project
2006-05-23 Environmental Group Cec Slams Government And Lafayette - Philippines' Proposal For Test Run Of Opera
2006-05-23 President Arroyo’s Decision Not To Ban Mining: A Poor Bet To Rp’s Economic Growth
2006-05-21 Pamalakaya Hits Neda Chief For 'condoning' Lafayette Spill
2006-05-18 CPA condemns killing of Pangasinan peasant leader
2006-05-16 Philippine Community leaders call for halt to UK mining project
2006-05-16 Summary of meeting of Mindoro community representatives at UK parliament
2006-05-16 Philippine Community leaders call for halt to UK mining project
2006-05-12 LONDON CALLING on a new hazard, an old mine, obscene pay - and a Chinese takeaway
2006-05-12 London Calling On A New Hazard, An Old Mine, Obscene Pay - And A Chinese Takeaway
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-04-28 Philippines Update
2006-04-28 Philippines Update
2006-04-27 TVI mining firm denies Subanens' accusations
2006-04-26 Mindanaoans band to oppose large-scale mining
2006-04-24 Mining Act's Constitutionality to Deprive RP of Economic Gains - SC Urged to Reverse Ruling on R.A.
2006-04-24 Tribesmen ask MGB to cancel mining permit
2006-04-22 Church worried over increasing militarization of SK town
2006-04-21 Philippines Update
2006-04-21 Bicolanos Protest Renewed Mining Operations In Albay
2006-04-21 Philippines Update
2006-04-20 Cbcp Sticks To Anti-mining Act Stance
2006-04-19 Philippines Orders Cleanup Of Mines Before Rains
2006-04-15 A report on the Anglo American plc AGM, held on 25 April 2006 at Institute of Electrical Engineers,
2006-04-15 Mindanao Convergence Of Advocates for an Alternative Mining Policy
2006-04-15 Mining Disaster Looms In Sipalay City
2006-04-12 Mgb-6 Asks Anti-mining Groups As Partners In Protection Vs Mining
2006-04-12 Zambo Norte Subanens Sue Canadian Mining Firm
2006-04-09 Reyes Seeks Superbody To Fight Eco-terrorism
2006-04-06 Philippines Update
2006-04-06 Philippines Update
2006-04-06 Missing, Despising Marcopper
2006-04-04 Mining Firm Office Set On Fire After Sc Ruling
2006-04-04 Repeat Of Boac River Disaster Of 1996 Alarmed Marinduque Officials
2006-04-03 Where Is Justice In The 1995 Mining Act?
2006-03-31 Philex Mining Is Unacceptable In Zamboanga Del Norte
2006-03-30 Philippines Update
2006-03-30 Philippines Update
2006-03-29 Climax Aims High
2006-03-29 Communities True Test Of Mining, Says Exec
2006-03-28 In Siocon, Subanens Continue Struggle Vs Canadian Mining Firm
2006-03-27 Small Miners Take Up Arms To Resist Crackdown
2006-03-25 Marinduque still a mining site despite 1996 disaster
2006-03-24 10 Years after Marcopper: Marinduqueños Continue to Cry for Justice
2006-03-24 Lafayette Has No Permit To Reopen
2006-03-24 Closed Mining Firm Owes P260m In Taxes, Back Wages
2006-03-23 Australia's Lafayette Unveils A$42m Funding, New Md
2006-03-23 Xstrata Takes Another Step Towards Tampakan
2006-03-23 Rapu Rapu Restarts, Mcllwain Exits
2006-03-20 Philippines Update
2006-03-20 Philippines Update
2006-03-15 Marinduque Declared as Mining Free
2006-03-15 Big Mining Companies……and The Communities Resisting Them
2006-03-15 Government Moves To Boost Mining Industry
2006-03-13 Environmental groups caution Catholic Bishops against the Arroyo administration's mining promises
2006-03-13 Philippines warned not to amend mining law
2006-03-13 Manila spooks foreign investors with mining review
2006-03-13 PIA (Philippines Information Agency) Press Release
2006-03-11 Arroyo to review, may amend Philippines mining law
2006-03-10 Mines, Money, And Partnerships
2006-03-10 Manila to review investor friendly mining law
2006-03-10 Take Your Partners - But Where Are We Going?
2006-03-10 Mines, money, and partnerships
2006-03-07 Martial law returning to Philippines? Call to support harassed parliamentarians
2006-03-07 Martial law returning to Philippines? Call to support harassed parliamentarians
2006-03-03 Where is Joey Estriber and what has happened to him?
2006-02-24 Philippines Update
2006-02-24 Philippines Update
2006-02-20 Negros Folk Gear for War with Mining Companies
2006-02-19 Anvil To Proceed With Detailed Evaluation Of Itogon Mineral Properties In The Philippines
2006-02-16 Heightened Surveillance and Harassment of Cordillera Political Activists
2006-02-15 Philippines Supreme Court rules against Marcopper
2006-02-13 Human Rights Groups And Mining Watchdogs Call For Immediate Ban On Waste Dumping
2006-02-10 BHPBilliton disregarded warnings over Iraq deal
2006-02-01 Philippine Protests Proliferate
2006-02-01 Mindoro Nickel Project Issued With Cease And Desist Order Mahal Inc.
2006-02-01 Philippine protests proliferate
2006-02-01 Not Just Cyanide: Study Shows Toxic Heavy Metals Also Caused Contamination From Lafayette Mine Spil
2006-01-31 'delist' San Antonio Copper Project From The Mining Priority Areas!
2006-01-30 Bishops Bag Filipino Mining
2006-01-29 A Statement On Mining Issues And Concerns By The Catholic Bishops Conference, Philippines
2006-01-29 Cbcp For Poll Reforms, Vs No-el - Expresses Its Belief That Mining Destroys Life
2006-01-29 Philippines Bishops Oppose Mining Deals
2006-01-26 Pregnant Dugong Found Dead In Toxic Waters Of Rapu-rapu Island For Immediate Release
2006-01-25 Environmental Groups Commend The Fact-finding Report Of Former Uk Minister Clare
2006-01-25 Lafayette To Appeal Fine For Mine Spill In The Philippines
2006-01-20 Defend our Land and Patrimony! Defend our Future! - An Interfaith Statement of the Peoples of Mindan
2006-01-20 Defend our Land and Patrimony! Defend our Future! - An Interfaith Statement of the Peoples of Mindan
2006-01-20 Philippine Update
2006-01-20 Philippine Update
2006-01-19 Mindanao Lumads Defend Ancestral Land vs Large-scale Mining
2006-01-15 Notes to Editor
2006-01-15 Catholic bishops, churches back Lumads and Moro groups in anti-mining summit in Dipolog
2006-01-11 Mining operations set back, says DENR
2006-01-11 Albay fishermen demand shutdown of mining firm
2006-01-11 DENR's 10.7 million peso fine is not enough!
2006-01-10 Aussie firm slapped P10.7M in fines for mine spills
2006-01-10 Lafayette update
2006-01-10 Medusa Mining Says Landslide At Philippines Ops A Minor Setback, Starts Drilling
2006-01-10 Lafayette update
2006-01-02 Mayors told: Don't blame Lafayette
2005-12-31 Protestors want Lafayette out of Albay
2005-12-31 Protestors want Lafayette out of Albay
2005-12-29 Most harmful ConCom proposal
2005-12-24 Lafayette backs fish scare probe in Sorsogon (Lafayette)
2005-12-21 Mining, gold and outrage in Guatemala
2005-12-21 Mining, gold and outrage in Guatemala
2005-12-15 Third Mesoamerican Meeting of Indigenous Communities
2005-12-14 Lafayette offer in demand (Lafayette)
2005-12-10 India Update
2005-12-10 India Update
2005-12-09 Human Rights and extractive industry
2005-12-09 Human Rights And Extractive Industry
2005-12-09 Joint Ngo Report On Human Rights And The Extractive Industry & Consultations
2005-12-09 For More Information On The Escr-net Corporate Accountability Working Group, We Encourage You To Vis
2005-12-01 Lafayette looking for funds following delay
2005-11-30 BHP Billiton faces shareholder concern
2005-11-30 Lafayette loses $5.5m after Rapu-Rapu spill accident
2005-11-30 BHP Billiton faces shareholder concern
2005-11-30 Rapu Rapu cyanide spill threatens to derail government promotion of mining
2005-11-30 Rapu Rapu cyanide spill threatens to derail government promotion of mining
2005-11-30 From gold to dust
2005-11-29 Lafarge Project Hits Limestone Hurdle
2005-11-27 Lafayette water tests tagged misleading
2005-11-25 BHP challenged at AGM over nuclear expansion
2005-11-25 Anti-nuke protest targets BHP Billiton
2005-11-23 Mayor vows to stop Lafayette mining
2005-11-15 Mine spill no accident, workers tell probe team
2005-11-15 Letter to the editor of the Philippine Daily Enquirer
2005-11-15 Mine spill no accident, workers tell probe team (15 Nov 05) Philippines High Court rules vs. full fo
2005-11-12 Canadian Gov't Fails to Address Mining Abuses in Philippines
2005-11-11 Lafayette cyanide spill probed
2005-11-11 Australia Miner in Philippine Cyanide Leak Probe
2005-11-10 Lafayette gets please explain
2005-11-09 Bicolanos and environmental groups demand permanent closure of La Fayette mining in Rapu-rapu
2005-11-09 Bicolanos and environmental groups demand permanent closure of La Fayette mining in Rapu-rapu
2005-11-08 Canadian Government and TVI Pacific
2005-11-07 Cyanide blamed for Albay fish kills
2005-10-29 Mining, And The Threat To Indigenous Peoples And Environment
2005-10-29 Rescue Operation In Collapsed Tunnel Continues
2005-10-29 Updates on mining in the Philippines
2005-10-28 Kairos urges government action in mining abroad
2005-10-28 Government action urged over Canadian Mining
2005-10-28 Sorsogon Seek Help On Cyanide Leak
2005-10-28 A committee of the Canadian House of Commons has just started "Hearings Across the Country"
2005-10-28 Kairos urges government action in mining abroad
2005-10-22 CANADA: MPs Call for Tougher Rules on Overseas Mines
2005-10-21 Urgently needed: mining ethics
2005-10-20 Plugging a gaping mining hole
2005-10-20 Report on the London BHPBilliton AGM
2005-10-19 Liberals reject all-party call to regulate mining overseas
2005-10-15 Deepening crisis in Philippines over mining as it hosts the ASEAN Mining conference
2005-10-15 Deepening Crisis In Philippines Over Mining As It Hosts The Asean Mining Conference
2005-10-12 Asean Sets 5-year Action Plan To Boost Mineral Output
2005-10-12 As Gma Ups Mining Agenda: Igorots Picket Asia Pacific Mining Conference
2005-10-11 An Illegitimate Government Has No Right To Deal On Matters Involving National Patrimony
2005-10-11 Do Not Deal With The Illegitimate Arroyo Government; Our National Patrimony Is Not For Sale!
2005-10-11 Asean Mining Bloc Eyed
2005-10-11 Protesters Brought Own Shields To Defend Their Rights And National Patrimony
2005-10-11 National Coalition for the Protection of Workers’ Rights Press Statement
2005-10-11 857 Abandoned Mines Pose Health Menace, Say Ngos
2005-10-10 Following the threats to, and murder of, prominent anti-mining campaigners, and the recent assassina
2005-10-10 Atlas Mining Corporation Union President Tony Cuizon, ambushed; trade union leaders targets for assa
2005-10-09 Ncip Beefs Up Legal Capacity In Support Of Mining Industry
2005-10-08 Suit vs Canadian mining firm a test case for RP
2005-10-06 Marinduque sues big Canadian mining company in Las Vegas
2005-10-06 Grim Reality Behind Mining Investments
2005-10-05 Terrorist Tagging To Aid Arroyo's Mining Agenda
2005-10-04 Marinduque demanda a una compañía minera canadiense en Las Vegas
2005-10-04 Philippines province sues Placer Dome, alleging environmental damage
2005-10-04 Philippines province sues Placer Dome, alleging environmental damage
2005-10-04 Please note that this journalist got two things wrong, the amount of the
2005-10-04 Philippine Province Sues Canadian Mining Giant Placer Dome
2005-10-04 Placer Dome faces $115M lawsuit - Philippines sues mining giant for cleanup of 1996 spill
2005-10-04 Amnesty International’s submission regarding Canadian Mining Companies and Human Rights
2005-10-04 This is actually a very nice story as it accurately covers the press confernce we did Tuesday, excep
2005-09-29 Legitimacy of TVI Pacific’s right to mine questioned at Philippine Congressional Hearing
2005-09-26 Sources: The Age On Nanotechnology, September 26 2005; South Deep In 2002:
2005-09-22 Filipino Youth Oppose Large Scale Commercial Mining!
2005-09-12 Denouncing the actions of the Nueva Vizcaya province in endorsing the CAMC Mining Project in Didipio
2005-08-25 Scientific studies on effect of Abra river pollution shown
2005-08-21 Lepanto workers sue mining firm, police
2005-08-19 Report from Anoj Munsayac, Women Workers Committee-Cordillera Labor Center
2005-07-24 Strikers storm compound of mining company
2005-07-24 Support the striking workers of Lepanto mines
2005-07-24 Support the Striking Workers of Lepanto Mines
2005-07-20 Statement to the Twenty Third session of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations
2005-07-20 Statements to the United Nations on TVI Pacific
2005-07-13 Action Alert: Parliamentry Committee Wants the Government of Canada to Stop Supporting Destructive M
2005-07-13 Appel à la Mobilisation Immédiate: Comité Parlementaire Demande que le Gouverne
2005-07-13 Action Alert: Parliament Wants the Government of Canada to Stop Supporting Destructive Mining Projec
2005-07-04 Local Governments and Mining
2005-07-04 Local Governments and Mining
2005-07-03 G8 Summit: 'Greenwashing' Does Not Make the World Cleaner
2005-06-22 Statement of Concern On the Revitalization of Mining in the Philippines
2005-06-15 Edinburgh G8 summit and mining companies
2005-06-15 The Commission for Africa and Corporate Involvement
2005-06-15 Rebels: Attack was a warning to rights abusers, mining firms
2005-06-10 Nature is Groaning - Diocesan Social Action Centers in the Face of the Mining Mania
2005-06-09 Guns, Goons, Gold: Mining Revitalisation Turns into a Bloody War
2005-06-09 World Day Against Child Labour 2005: Digging for survival - The harsh reality of child mining worldw
2005-06-09 Declaración de preocupación frente a la revitalización de la minería en
2005-06-09 Guns, Goons, Gold: Mining Revitalisation Turns into a Bloody War
2005-06-09 World Day Against Child Labour 2005
2005-06-09 Mining companies are among biggest tax evaders
2005-06-07 Shattered youth
2005-05-27 La Fayette Mining in Rapu-rapu will impoverish the Bicolanos and devastate the environment
2005-05-03 Letter in response of article to Philippine Daily Inquirer from Bisho Manguiran, DCMI
2005-04-28 Mining giant Placer Dome continues to deny responsibility for Philippine mining disaster
2005-04-27 Defensor to international mining foes: Back off, or else...
2005-04-27 NGOs threatened by Philippine government over stance on TVI
2005-04-23 Two unity statements opposing foreign-controlled large scale mining in the Philippines
2005-04-23 The Soccsksargends AGENDA (Alliance for Genuine Development) emerged as a convergence of church inst
2005-04-23 Two unity statements opposing foreign-controlled large scale mining in the Philippines
2005-04-20 Report on the Anglo American plc AGM, England
2005-04-15 Clear and Present Danger among Environmental Activists in Philippines
2005-04-14 Oxfam International report highlights continuing problems at Marinduque
2005-04-06 China Tries to Stem Flow of Coal Mine Disasters
2005-04-04 Lafayette Mining Inc. Not A Responsible Miner, Denr Official Admits
2005-03-31 China Says Environment Spending Falls Short
2005-03-15 Marinduque sues big Canadian mining company in Las Vegas
2005-03-05 Aside from those mining companies which are named below, it is noteworthy that an oil company whose
2005-03-05 Canadian Ex-Prime Minister influence peddling for Canadian firms
2005-03-04 We stand ready to defend our land and our patrimony against imperialist mining
2005-02-22 Mining Company tells Subanen Community to Cooperate or Face Immediate Eviction
2005-02-22 Letter to President of the Philippines on the eviction by TVI of families from Canatuan
2005-02-18 Background article
2005-02-14 Mining Company tells Subanen Community to Cooperate or Face Immediate Eviction
2005-02-10 Orchid to buy copper giant
2005-02-07 Chinese Coal Mining Update
2005-02-02 Philippine Mining: Open for Business, Sold to the Highest Bidder
2005-02-02 Cpa Press Statement On The International Mining Investment Conference - February 2-4, 2005, Makati M
2005-01-31 Investors drawn to China despite risks
2005-01-31 Canadian Mining Expert Finds Conditions Unacceptable at Canatuan Mining Site
2005-01-31 China Coal Crunch Expected to Worsen
2005-01-28 Has Anyone Been Surprised By The Arroyo Government's Rise To The Most Corrupt List Of The World?
2005-01-27 China Hikes Penalties on Illegal Coal Mining
2005-01-27 The following is an interview with Joy Gonzaga of Sitio Canatuan January 27, 2005
2005-01-27 China Using Environment Rules To Help Cool Economy
2005-01-27 Canada Worried by China Buying its Resources
2005-01-26 Ramu Project Nudged
2005-01-25 Influx of mining projects to do more harm than good?
2005-01-20 China's Go West Campaign and Globalisation: Tibet's mines up for sale in the international market
2005-01-20 The Battle is Far From Over
2005-01-15 Unity Statement Against the Mining Act of 1995
2005-01-13 Siocon Residents Contract Skin Disease from Polluted River
2005-01-13 Mining a magnet for China's overseas investment
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-13 Siocon Residents Contract Skin Disease from Polluted River
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-10 Unjust, unsustainable mining industry
2005-01-07 Half of China's overseas investment falls in Latin America
2005-01-05 Friedland invests in Philippines
2005-01-03 Marinduque villagers fear collapse of 5 dams
2005-00-26 Marinduque Supreme Court Reverse Decision On The Unconstitutionality Of The Mining Act
2004-12-30 IP, Environment, Church Groups Picket International Mining Confab
2004-12-30 The Philippine Senate Bill Seeks Repeal Of Mining Act
2004-12-30 Philippine Senate bill seeks repeal of Mining Act
2004-12-27 As Robert Friedland, commonly known in world mining communities as "Toxic Bob" throug
2004-12-27 Friedland joins the chorus of mining hype in the Philippines
2004-12-27 Friedland joins the chorus of mining hype in the Philippines
2004-12-13 Press Release - Dcmi's Response To The Supreme Court Ruling Of December 1, 2004
2004-12-08 The Supreme Court Reversal On La Bugal - A Bigger Storm Brewing Network
2004-12-06 Letter To The Editor, Philippine Daily Inquirer
2004-12-06 Joint Statement On The Sc Reversal On The Mining Act Of 1995
2004-12-04 Analayis - High Court Is Courting Disaster
2004-12-03 The Battle Is Far From Over
2004-12-03 Plea from PNG to Gathering of Mining Investors in Sydney
2004-12-02 Philippine Court Allows Foreign Control Of Mines - Supreme Court Decision Opens Door To $5.8 Billion
2004-12-02 Promotion Of Church People's Response (pcpr) Press Statement
2004-12-02 High Court Upholds Mining Law
2004-12-01 Occupational hazards in mining - Beyond the Glitter
2004-11-26 Minmetals meets Noranda
2004-11-25 Hazards of Corporate Mining
2004-11-25 Hazards of Corporate Mining in the Philippines
2004-11-22 The Hacienda Luisita Massacre, Landlordism and State Terrorism
2004-11-20 The following articles link the November 16th massacre at Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac, Luzon, Philipp
2004-11-20 Fears of a further massacre in the Philippines
2004-11-17 Local People Present a United Stand at Environmental Forum in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte
2004-11-16 Open Letter to Secretary Mike Defensor of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
2004-11-11 Statements from Philippine civil society organisations on mining
2004-11-11 The following are three statements from different civil society organisations in the Philippines, a
2004-11-10 Massive Forest Conversion Seen; Calls Made to Revoke Midnight Gozun Orders
2004-11-02 Representatives from Siocon Oppose TVI Pacific
2004-10-26 The following are a number of statements and press releases or articles that resulted from a press
2004-10-26 Urgent Appeal to Save Mount Canatuan and the Subanon People
2004-10-24 Tribe seeks end to mining on holy mount
2004-10-23 Resist GMA'S Policy of Plunder in Favor of Mining TNCs!
2004-10-23 A Call for the Cancellation of TVI's MPSA
2004-10-23 quot;Declare them guilty, O God. Let them fall, because of their schemes"- Psalm 5:11
2004-10-20 Faith drives me to oppose mining: bishop
2004-10-18 Protesters to SMI: "go away;" Supporters say "thanks"
2004-10-18 Boost for nickel in PNG
2004-10-15 Urgent Appeal - Increased Human Rights Abuses around TVI Mine
2004-10-15 Urgent Appeal - Mining operations threaten the right to food of indigenous peoples
2004-10-15 Urgent Appeal - Increased Human Rights Abuses around TVI Mine
2004-10-15 Urgent Appeal - Increased Human Rights Abuses around TVI Mine
2004-10-15 7th October 2004 (Ref 0424HPHL)
2004-10-15 7th October 2004 (Ref 0424HPHL)
2004-10-10 Koronadal church firm versus Tampakan mining
2004-10-08 Critically endangered dolphin gains trade protection under CITES
2004-10-08 Social Action-Justice and Peace Desk Diocese of Marbel Stands Firm in Opposing Mining Activities in
2004-10-08 Opposition to mining still strong in Tampakan
2004-08-17 Like an abusive visitor who sues the host
2004-08-12 Bishop of Dipolog Condemns the Armed and Legal Harassment of Subanon People by TVI
2004-08-12 Bishop of Dipolog Condemns the Legal Harassment of Subanon People by TVI
2004-08-05 Placer Dome and Corporate Social Responsibility: A response on Placer Dome
2004-08-05 Placer Dome and Corporate Social Responsibility: A response to
2004-08-05 Dirty Gold..?
2004-08-02 LRC-KsK is the legal counsel for the La-Bugal Tribal Association and other petitioners in the Mining
2004-08-02 Miners' Doomsday Scenario in Philippine Legal Case has no Basis
2004-08-02 Miners’ Doomsday Scenario has no Basis
2004-08-02 Filipino farmers fear mine wastes will kill rice fields (2 Aug 04
2004-07-27 Protests Against Canadian Mining Company Voiced at United Nations
2004-07-27 Protests Against Canadian Mining Company Voiced at United Nations (27 Jul 04)>
2004-07-23 Mainland miner gets Myanmar approval
2004-07-15 Statement to the Twenty Second Session of the United Nations Working Group – 19-23 July 2004
2004-07-02 Mindoreños unite anew against mining
2004-06-21 People's Unity Statement on the Philippine Mineral Action Plan
2004-06-21 The Unity Statement was drafted by the Kalikasan-People's Network for the Environment (Kalikasan-PN
2004-06-15 400 Children of Miners Barred from School
2004-06-15 The Cost of Doing Business
2004-05-25 Mineral Action Plan: Arroyo's Payback for the Mining industry and TNCs
2004-05-19 Not In Our Name: Why We Refuse to Participate in a Consultation on the draft National Mineral Plan t
2004-04-13 American Company Paid Terrorist Group to Protect Overseas Interests
2004-04-13 Blood Money - Former Exec: American Company Paid Terrorist Group to Protect Overseas Interests
2004-03-30 Jean's jaunts
2004-03-24 Mindoro Nickel Project MPSA Reinstated
2004-03-24 Mindoro Nickel Project MPSA Reinstated
2004-03-24 The people of Mindoro have fought a long and hard battle to protect critical river systems and the i
2004-03-23 Urgent Action - TVI press ahead with their Philippine plans by force
2004-03-23 Act now
2004-03-23 Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,
2004-03-23 Urgent Action - TVI press ahead with their Philippine plans by force
2004-03-23 According to initial reports the four were shot when heavily armed members of a company financed par
2004-03-18 Philippines anti-mining protestors shot
2004-03-18 Philippines anti-mining protestors shot
2004-03-17 Paramilitaries Guarding Canadian Mine Shoot Protestors in Philippines
2004-03-17 Her Excellency
2004-03-15 Position Paper on the Crew Mining MPSA in Mindoro, Philippines
2004-03-15 An Open Letter on Minerals and Investment Policy in the Philippines
2004-03-15 The Governor of Mindoro Oriental has sent out around 80,000 leaflets addressed to all Mindororenos i
2004-03-15 The following is a position paper of groups on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines against the
2004-03-04 Siocon Local Government Unit opposes Canadian mining company’s operations
2004-03-04 Siocon Local Government Unit opposes Canadian mining company’s operations
2004-02-15 Canatuan residents want to to live peacefully; TVI says it's bringing benefits to residents
2004-02-15 Background - from
2004-02-13 See also articles at -
2004-02-13 During the Philippine National Mining conference in May 2002, Dr. Jun Saturay, who was then the Chai
2004-02-13 Urgent Action: Two more human rights activists murdered anew in Mindoro Oriental, Philippines
2004-02-13 Urgent Action: Two more human rights activists murdered anew in Mindoro Oriental, Philippines
2004-02-11 Is it the mandate of the DENR to act as the agent of the mining companies?
2004-02-02 DENR Act Now! Implement the Supreme Court Decision!
2004-02-02 Supreme Court decision on RA 7942 spoils Arroyo's environmental record
2004-02-01 The following are a mixture of press releases and articles on the recent developments in the Philipp
2004-02-01 Drilling through the Mantle of Large-Scale Mining - The Supreme Court Ruling in La Bugal Case
2004-02-01 Philippines High Court rules vs. full foreign ownership of mining operations
2004-02-01 Vizcaya council shuts door to mining
2004-01-30 Business as usual says Indophil
2004-01-30 Lafayette says unaffected by Philippines ruling
2004-01-30 High Court rules vs. full foreign ownership of mining operations
2004-01-17 An industry dedicated to deception - presentation to World Social Forum
2003-12-15 In protest of the government's move to downplay the recognition of rights of IPs, upland rural poor
2003-12-09 Marinduque Local government officials against mining
2003-12-08 The People of Marinduque, Philippines, unite against mining
2003-12-08 Marinduqueños unite against mining
2003-12-06 Unified Position Paper for the Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the 1993 Maguila-guila Dam T
2003-12-03 Urgent Action - 'fax barrage' on Philippines' National Minerals Policy process
2003-12-03 Urgent Action - 'fax barrage' on Philippines' National Minerals Policy process
2003-12-01 People's Alert on the Victoria Gold Project II in the Philippines
2003-11-18 TVI Accused of Failing to provide protection and safety devices for workers
2003-11-13 Unity statement against the National Minerals Policy in the Philippines
2003-11-11 The following are three statements from different bodies, which although they approach the issue fro
2003-11-11 The Peoples' Mineral Wealth is not for Sale! Philippines National Mineral Policy
2003-11-11 Media Release
2003-11-09 Scrap Republic Act 7942 or the New Mining Act of 1995
2003-11-01 TVI Mining doesn't enjoy overwhelming support from host and neighbouring barangays
2003-11-01 Canadian national feels shame over TVI unwelcome entry at the Subanon Ancestral Domain
2003-11-01 TVI Mining doesn't enjoy overwhelming support from local community in the Philippines
2003-10-15 Beware the Wolf at the Door: Conservation International
2003-09-24 CAA-Oxfam Ombudsman Mining Report
2003-09-24 Caa-oxfam Australia Recently Released Its Annual Ombudman's Report On Mining. This Covers Community
2003-09-15 False murder charges. TVI and the latest form of harassment
2003-07-30 A Tragedy That Refuses to Die
2003-07-23 Reyes Eyeing Diwalwal’s Gold for 2004 Elections?
2003-07-23 147;They want to control Diwalwal so they could make money for the 2004 elections. That is the on
2003-07-23 Reyes Eyeing Diwalwal’s Gold for 2004 Elections?
2003-07-03 Australian hypocrisy over mining in Indonesian forests
2003-07-03 Australian hypocrisy over mining in Indonesian forests
2003-07-03 Government under fire for mining contracts
2003-07-01 Beyond Marinduque: Debunking Myths on Mining
2003-07-01 Beyond Marinduque: Debunking Myths on Mining
2003-07-01 To The Philippine Daily Inquirer
2003-05-08 MBG says tailings dams a hazard during downpour
2003-04-30 Three Communities Protest at Placer Dome AGM
2003-04-15 Trading Credibility - Accreditation scheme for good mines meets with community distrust
2003-03-15 The national minerals policy consultations held from February of this year have been purely promotin
2003-02-15 In the Philippines at present there is a strong push by the government to bring in another new frame
2003-02-15 Tebtebba Foundation position on National Minerals Policy
2003-02-14 Siocon Subanon Association Inc. Scores Two Cases Against TVI
2003-02-10 London Calling - February 10 2003
2003-02-10 London Calling! February 10 2003
2003-02-08 Comments and Recommendations on the National Minerals Policy Framework
2003-01-16 Action Brief
2003-01-16 Background on TVI and the Subanon
2003-01-16 Canadian Mining Company operates without consent
2003-01-16 Urgent Appeal - Canadian Mining Company operates without consent
2003-01-14 TVI to continue Philippines operation despite ambush
2002-12-15 Sample letter sent by Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links)
2002-11-05 Petition to stop Climax Arimco - CAMC
2002-11-05 For more details:-
2002-10-21 World Bank tells the Philippines not to rely too much on IT
2002-10-11 Dapitan Declaration
2002-10-11 Press Release
2002-10-11 Dapitan Declaration on Mining
2002-09-10 Mogpog vs Marcopper Hearing
2002-05-17 Indigenous People Scores Vs. TVI Before Top Government and Mining Company Officials
2002-05-17 DCMI Bishop in Charge Speaks in Support of Local Government Effors Vs. TVI
2002-05-17 Indigenous People Scores Vs. TVI Before Top Government and Mining Company Officials
2002-04-15 Case study on Marcopper Mining and the Marinduque disaster
2002-04-15 CASE STUDY: Prepared for the Global Mining Campaign
2002-01-29 Philippines accuses mining giant of turning its back on cleanup job
2002-01-29 Placer Dome blamed in 'world-calibre disaster': Canadian mining giant says Philippine government blo
2002-01-29 Philippines accuses mining giant of turning its back on cleanup job
2002-01-24 Statement of the People of Marinduque on Placer Dome
2002-01-24 His statement was drafted by Boac Councilor Mike Magalang and signed by the attendees of the Marindu
2002-01-12 Subanon Farmers Sustain Four Months Barricade to Stop Illegal Mining Activities
2001-11-01 Philippines Stops Crew's Mindoro Project
2001-10-23 Placer Dome in trouble in Philippines
2001-10-20 DENR Chief Told to Cancel ECC of Miner - October 20 2001
2001-10-17 Philippines DENR Suspends Mine Exploration Operations - October 17 2001
2001-10-17 Philippines DENR Suspends Mine Exploration Operations
2001-08-22 TVI Awarded Four-Year Tax-Free Holiday for Canatuan Project
2001-08-22 TVI Guard Shoots Ancestral Land Holder (Philippines) - 22nd August 2001
2001-08-22 ACTION
2001-07-16 Position Paper on the Revocation of the Notice of Cancellation of Aglubang MPSA by the Office of the
2001-07-15 BACKGROUND
2001-07-10 Urgent Action on TVI in the Philippines
2001-06-29 Petition on TVI in the Philippines
2001-06-12 For information on the march and the Marinduque case in the Philippines:
2001-06-12 JATAM (Jaringan Advokasi Tambang)
2001-06-12 quot;Stop Mining in Indonesia!"
2001-06-12 quot;Ocean is NOT for Tailings!"
2001-06-12 The Philippines Mourn their Dead Rivers
2001-06-12 The Philippines Mourn their Dead Rivers
2001-05-23 The following are two written statements - there were shortened statements read out - tabled at the
2001-05-23 I
2001-05-23 Press Release
2001-05-01 END
2001-05-01 Timeline Of Significant Events
2001-05-01 Lafayette’s 30-day test run - A Simple Gimmick?
2001-05-01 1. Failure to gather, recognise or respect local opinion
2001-05-01 1) Zandee, Dick. 1985. Tailing disposal at Marcopper Mining Corporation. In Asia Mining '85, The In
2001-05-01 2 Attempts to misrepresent local opinion or 100 ways not to hear No!
2001-05-01 The Impact of Philex Mining Operation in Sibutad
2001-05-01 From Mindex to Crew: The Struggle Continues
2001-05-01 II
2001-05-01 Dialogued to Death - Rio Tinto in the Philippines
2001-05-01 3. Attempts to influence local decision making. 
2001-05-01 TVI Guard Shoots Ancestral Land Holder in the Philippines
2001-05-01 Local Court Us To Hear Million Peso Damages Case Filed By Subanan Vs Tvi
2001-05-01 III
2001-05-01 Mine probers find heavy metals in villagers' bodies
2001-05-01 A Statement of Concern on the Mining Act of 1995 Statement on behalf of the Siocon Subanen Associati
2001-05-01 Summary 
2001-05-01 IV
2001-05-01 Destroying Rapu-rapu Through Mining
2001-05-01 Appendices  
2001-05-01 Dialogued to Death
2001-05-01 Saving an Island
2001-05-01 nbsp;
2001-05-01 Going Down the Drain'
2001-04-20 The Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Heherson Alvarez has a
2001-04-20 ALAMIN Position on the Mindoro Nickel Project
2001-04-11 Brief Background
2001-04-11 Please write letters to Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President Republic of the Philippine
2001-04-11 Protest at the Mindoro Nickel project
2001-04-11 Protest at the Mindoro Nickel project
Asia: Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on indigenous, pastoralist and rural women in mining areas

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