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The Governor of Mindoro Oriental has sent out around 80,000 leaflets addressed to all Mindororenos i

Published by MAC on 2004-03-15

The Governor of Mindoro Oriental has sent out around 80,000 leaflets addressed to all Mindororenos informing them of what he called "Impending Disaster coming to Mindoro" The following is an English translation that I propose we post next to the original MPSA (with the Position Paper he mentions when we get an English copy to circulate).

There Is an impending disaster coming to Mindoro Oriental

To the people of Mindoro Oriental,

There is an eminent disaster coming to Mindoro Oriental. Our strong opposition to the Mindoro Nickel Project led to President Arroyo cancelling the project in July 2001. Our position was strengthened with the declaration by the Province of a 25 year mining Moratorium.

However, in March 2004, Malacanang [the central government of the Republic of the Philippines] has again approved the proposed mining project of Mindex/Crew. And we strongly condemn this.Our victory then against large-scale mining was the fruit of our unified strength and our belief in the sacredness of our environment. We are not going to allow those gains to disappear in vain!

I have - together with the other local officials, churches, NGOs, Alliance against Mining, and other organizations - already issued a Position Paper calling on Malacanang to revoke its reinstatement of mining.

We shall not allow them to endanger the lives and health of our families due to the hazards mining will bring about.

We shall not allow the destruction of our rich mountains, farms, lake, rivers, and our seas which are the source of the wealth of our people.

We shall not allow the driving away of our indigenous brothers, farmers, fisherfolks in exchange for destructive mining

We shall not allow the loss of our watersheds and our rich bio-diversity.

We shall not allow this paradise to be ransformed into desert during the summer, and a raging flood during the rainy season, because of the destruction of the balance of nature.

We are not allowing all these to happen because WE ARE CONTINUING THE FIGHT!

And because I am the father of the Province, I am leading the fight to once and for all cancel the Mindoro Nickel Project of Mindex/Crew and all applications of major mining corporations in the province. We are together.We are with the various sectors. We are with all those who want Oriental Mindoro to remain a paradise, remain a womb that will bear bounty for our citizenry.

We shall not allow the eminent disaster to come to Oriental Mindoro !

Loving you and the Environment,

Governor Bartolome L. Marasigan

"Oppose the Mindoro Nickel Project! Oppose Mindex/Crew!"

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