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Unity Statement Against the Mining Act of 1995

Published by MAC on 2005-01-15

Unity Statement Against the Mining Act of 1995

PANALIPDAN - Defenders and Advocates for Environment, Creation and Patrimony (Southern Mindanao Alliance Against Large Scale Mining)

We, representatives of organizations and sectors, people's organizations and alliances, indigenous people communities, peasasant, workers, church groups, academe, lawyers, local government officials, and non-government organizations from different parts of the region---stand united in our
commitment to uphold our people's interests and welfare amid present conditions of adversities to oppose the entry of multinational and transnational mining in the region.

Knowing that mining operations of mutinationals (MNCs) lead destruction to forests, agricultural lands, rivers and oceans, and result to hunger, spread of diseases, amd deprivation of natural resources;

Realizing that massive mining operations result to disruption and displacement of indigenous communities and peasant communities, depriving them of their right to land;

Understanding that the Philippine Mining Act is a scheme of the national government that spells wholesome surrender of our patrimony to foreign countries;

Believing that large- scale mining desecrates the integrity of God's creation and tamplets upon the dignity of human persons;

We hereby:

Resist the entry of foreign mining operations and their counterpart companies here in Southern Mindanao;

Oppose the aggression of mining MNCs and TNCs in our country;

Condemn the practice of mining MNCs and TNCs for plundering our natural resources for profit, without holding responsibility to indemnify and rehabilitate the communities and environment;

Support the communities in their need to be vigilant in opposing the entry of foreign mining;

Support also the struggle of small-scale miners in Mt. Diwata (Diwalwal), Monkayo, Compostela Valley against "direct state intervention" by occupying 81,000 hectares which will lead to their displacement.

We commit ourselves to resist imperalist globalization through the liberalization of the mining industry in the Pilippines.

We unite to issue the following calls:

Scrap the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 (RA 7942) and all related anti-people mining laws and policies

cancel all Financial Technical Assistance Agreements, and other related contracts and permits on mining exploration and operations

Declare a moratorium on open-pit mining and processing of large mining applications.

Recognize and respect the rights of indigenous peoples to ancestral domain and to self determination.

Hold mining companies accountable for rehabilitation of areas ravaged by their operations.

Develop a framework for nationalist indusrialization where mining resources go to the development of the national economy. Promote genuine land reform.

Assert the sovereignty of the Filipino people against imperialist globalization and plunder

(This unity statement was adapted last 29th day of January, 2005, at the Holy Cross of Davao College, audio visual room, Davao city at the Southern Mindanao Forum on Mining

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