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FILM REVIEW: Mountains of trouble

Published by MAC on 2007-12-22

FILM REVIEW: Mountains of trouble

22nd December 2007

"Moving Mountains", The Philippine Human Rights Information Center, 2007

Narrated in English and/or with English sub-titles.

This film examines the toxic legacy of large-scale mining in the Philippines, concentrating on the experience of people in the Cordillera. The opening shots of varied mining disasters are proof enough why there is such opposition to large-scale mining from communities in the Philippines.

When it deals with the Antamok project (a giant hole in the ground!) in greater detail, the testimonies emphasise the human repercussions of such 'development'.

Sadly, the U-tube clip cuts out before the part which explores how indigenous small-scale gold mining can be a viable alternative - but you can seek out the full film for yourself.

And, of course being U-tube, it'll give you links to a large number of other short films on Philippine mining, so that you can happily "waste away "those Christmas break leisure hours. (AM)

The 10 minute extract can be viewed at:


For the equally impressive, but unrelated, book of the same name, see: <>

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