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PIA (Philippines Information Agency) Press Release

Published by MAC on 2006-03-13

PIA (Philippines Information Agency) Press Release

13th March 2006

Commentary: Bishops for responsible mining

Iloilo City (13 March) -- Members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said they are not against mining per se. What they are against is irresponsible mining, according to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

This was what the Bishops told her during their recent meeting. The Bishops said they had concerns about mining as it is being practiced today. What the Bishops are against is the way mining is being done now because of the Lafayette situation but not against the concept of mining.

Hence, the President said there was a need to make mining today even more responsible.

The President pointed out that there are more good experineces than bad experiences in mining. She cited that there had been good and still continue to have good experiences in mining. According to the President mining in the Cordilleras has and by large been a good experience. Specificially she pointed out the mine in Bankayan [sic], Benguet where the mining company over the years has provided the people with a high standard of education. Likewise in Masbate, the President pointed out that after the mining company left, they provided for what they call remediation measures. What used to be a mining pit has become the resident's source of clean water. In other places in the Philippines, mining companies have given residents opportunities for good education and good infrastructure.

However, the President also pointed out the bad experiences in mining like the Rapu-Rapu case and vowed that cases like these should not be allowed to happen, particularly she said as she wants to revive the mining industry for our economy to survive.

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