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Response From Timuay Fernando Mudai To Tvi Inquirer Letter

Published by MAC on 2007-07-11
Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Response from Timuay Fernando Mudai to TVI Inquirer letter

11th July 2007

I would like to react and say something about the explanation of Mr. Rocky Dimaculangan Director, Public Affairs, TVI Resources Development Philippines Inc. dated July 05, 2005 . Mr. Dimaculangan stated the following;

1.) Timuay Jose Anoy is not a Victim of Human Rights Violation nor affected of the said allegations, and the People of Canatuan is not evicted on their Ancestral Domain Area.

*I want to tell you a short story, before the occupancy of TVI in the area the house of Timuay Boy Anoy was erected or located within Canatuan, but upon the arrival and entry of TVI he was cast out from his area in the sense that every time he will enter to his home place the SCAA of TVI would request him to ask permit or gate pass for him to enter his own area and until this point of time this practice has continuously done by TVI, As a result of these, there were many affidavits executed in the Human rights Violations committed by TVI.

2.) According to him Timuay Jose Anoy’s leadership is rejected because of their reported alignment.

*Base on the Subanon Traditional Practices record shows that Timuay Boy Anoy has never been accused for both mismanagement, corruption, criminal case and other related cases before the Subanon Tribal Court and even in the Regular Court .

3.) Another Allegation of Mr. Dimaculangan, Mount Canatuan is not sacred as What the group of Timuay Boy Anoy claimed?

* I want to personally ask Mr. Dimaculangan, who is he to tell that to the Subanon People of Canatuan? Much more to declare it to the whole world that Mount Canatuan is not our sacred ground. When we ask the opinion of the Apo Manglang’s descendant Mount Canatuan is very much sacred because this is the only place where the MORTAL and IMMORTAL made a PEACE PACT, therefore Mr. Dimaculangan has no right to say that mount Canatuan is not a sacred mountain, IT IS WE the descendant of Apo Manglang who is in the position to declare it, not him.

4.) He identified, that he got a strong support from Subanon People approving the operation of TVI.

* In the first place, their identified Subanon People who supported the operation of TVI is the very person that TVI HIRED and PAID from the neighboring place of Canatuan.

5.) He added that TVI operation has IPs consent.

* He is referring to the Memorandum of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding made between them and the SSAI. I would like to comment on this matter, SSAI is not the right organization to represent in behalf of this Ancestral Domain, because I personally know that the group of Timuay Boy Anoy rejected and questioned the authenticity of SSAI, resulting to the creation of Tribal group which is APO MANGLANG G’LUP PUSAKA which is fitted to the Traditional Practices of Subanon People dealing and governing the Ancestral Domain. The group of Timuay Boy Anoy is the Recognized Tribal Leader of the area, where in fact there was already a letter submitted to MGB and NCIP Regional Office to stop acknowledging and recognizing the said group (ISAI) from the leadership of Ting Tumangkis down to Barangay Chairman Boy Pato of Tabayo.

Part of his statement, Timuoy Boy Anoy is not a Timuay or a Tribal Chieftain, who is he to announced it? Is he a Subanon who knows the Subanon Culture well? Or his origin came from Canatuan? Who is well verse on the history of Subanon Tribe on the area? He did not know what he’s talking about, he did not know the lineage, bloodline and genealogy of Timuay Boy Anoy. I can testify that Timuay Boy Anoy is the legitimate and pureblooded Traditional Leader because he is a descendant of Timuay Apo Manglang. Timuay could not be change by election nor by way of recalling his appointment because Timuay is not govern by election nor appointment but Timuay govern by Anointment, so Mr. Dimaculangan was not in the position to speak out who is Timuay Boy Anoy and the Subanon Leaders of Siocon, he was just PAID and HIRED by TVI to destruct our sacred mountain.(Mount Canatuan).

The statement of Mr. Dimaculangan that he got a strong support from Subanon people was purely a figment of their imagination because the original Subanon people of Canatuan never signed any papers in favor of TVI operation, the strong Subanon supporter that he is referring to, is the hired Subanon outside Canatuan headed by Atty. Bernardo.

The undersigned being a Project Management Coordinator of Pigsalabukan Bansa Subanon is also a descendant of Apo Manglang so I can attest you that Timuay Boy Anoy is the legitimate Timuay of Canatuan, and I also knew the real Timuay of Siocon and this observation was been clarified thru the validation of Traditional Leaders of Canatuan conducted last December 2, 2006 by the Provincial Officer of NCIP Dipolog City.

Timuay Fernando Mudai
PBS Program Management Coordinator

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