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Greenpeace statement on the resumption of Lafayette's operations

Published by MAC on 2006-07-10

Greenpeace statement on the resumption of Lafayette's operations

10th July 2006

Greenpeace Southeast Asia Toxics Campaigner Beau Baconguis said: "The countdown to another oceans disaster has begun. The start of the controlled 30-day test run granted to Lafayette by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) signals the resumption of Lafayette's operations in Rapu Rapu, and the continuation of the destruction that the mine will wreak on the fragile marine ecosystem around the island, and consequently on the coastal communities that depend upon these waters."

"Pollution from Lafayette's mining operations will seriously damage Rapu Rapu and its surrounding fragile marine ecosystem. Its toxic tailings and the inevitable acid mine drainage associated with this operation will continue to pollute the seas. More siltation from the mine's extractive activities will continue to choke corals and other marine life in the island's immediate vicinity."

"Another spill is not necessary to demonstrate that Lafayette's mining operations will be severely detrimental to Rapu Rapu and its surrounding waters. This operation is a self-perpetuating ecological disaster that will leave serious, long-term negative effects on the oceans at the expense of the area's outlying coastal communities for generations to come.

"By allowing Lafayette's reopening, the government has once again betrayed its duplicitous nature- shamelessly mouthing platitudes and clichés for a 'Green Philippines' while willingly condoning long-term damage to the environment in its myopic pursuit of spurious economic gains."

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