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Against The Mining Act Of 1995: Caraga Forum On Mining

Published by MAC on 2006-10-12
Source: CABUSTAM Philippine-Misereor Partnership

Against the Mining Act of 1995: Caraga Forum on Mining

PRESS RELEASE CABUSTAM Philippine-Misereor Partnership

12th October 2006

Butuan City, Philippines - We, the CABUSTAM (Cagayan, Butuan, Surigao, Tandag, Malaybalay) cluster of the Philippine-Misereor Partnership, a coalition of church, non-government organizations people’s organizations from different parts of the region, and the 700 participants of the forum united in our commitment to uphold our people’s interest and welfare amid present conditions of adversities to oppose the entry of multinational and transnational mining in the region.

The entry of transnational corporation in the region led to the destruction of forest, agricultural lands, rivers, and deprivation of natural resources.

Realizing the massive mining operation resulted to the disruption and displacement of indigenous peoples communities and peasants, depriving them of their right to life and land.

Understand that the Philippine Mining Act as a scheme of the national government spells wholesale surrender of our natural resources to foreign companies;

Believing that large-scale mining desecrates the integrity of God’s creation and tramples upon the dignity of human persons;

We hereby:

Uphold the community resistance against mining;
Condemn the practice of mining for plundering our natural resources for profit, without holding responsibility to indemnify and rehabilitate the communities and environment;
Support the communities in their need to be vigilant in opposing the entry of foreign mining;
Support the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippine’s Statement of Concern on large-scale mining.
We support the call of Tubay Community in Agusan del Norte
- The area is landslide prone and therefore an environment critical area as declared by DENR, watershed area by the Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA), Bird Sanctuary by the LGU of Tubay, ADB reforestation area, Community Based Resource Management Project (CBRMP) and Community Based Forest Management Project (CBMP) of Peoples Organizations;

- Violations of R.A. 7076 (Small-scale Mining Act. The three (3) mining companies are not qualified for they are not natural person or cooperative as required by the said law;

- That the mining activity in Tubay be stopped for the mining companies applied for small-scale mining activities but are presently and continuing to engage in large-scale mining activities;

- That the area is not declared by the DENR Secretary as suitable for small-scale mining area;

- The Sangguaning Bayan (SB) of Tubay fastracked the endorsement of the three (3) companies. The committee chair failed to recommend for a meeting/hearing for purposes of consultation.

We therefore unite on the following calls:

Cancel all Financial and Technical Assistance Agreements, and other related contracts and permits on mining explorations and operations;
Hold mining companies accountable for rehabilitation of areas ravaged by their operations;
Recognize and respect the rights of indigenous peoples to ancestral domain and to self-determination;
Assert the sovereignty of the Filipino people against imperialist globalization and plunder;
Uphold the future of our generation and generations to come.
Signed this 12th day of October during the CABUSTAM cluster meeting, at Urios University, Butuan City.

Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos, D.D.
Bishop Zacarias Jimenez, D.D.
Bishop Nerio P. Odchimar , DD, JCD
Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J.

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