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Unified Position Paper for the Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the 1993 Maguila-guila Dam T

Published by MAC on 2003-12-06

Unified Position Paper for the Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the 1993 Maguila-guila Dam Tragedy

Marinduque Council for Environmental Concerns
(MACEC Mogpog Chapter)

Mogpog, Marinduque, Philippines

December 6, 2003

1. The Story

Exactly ten (10) years ago and almost three (3) years before the much publicized Boac River mine spill even happened, Mogpog had first experienced it all - flashflood of mine waste wrecking havoc to 26 villages/barangays, killing peoples and animals, causing destruction to properties, significantly affecting agriculture, business and hampering almost every economic activities, rendering most people homeless, sick and living in fear. The cause of it all? Marcopper's Maguila-guila Dam collapsed, releasing tons and tons of mine waste into the river and various parts of the municipality.

Marcopper/Placer Dome's response to the tragedy? " It is not our fault! It was caused by unfortuitous event!!! We are not liable but we will give you donations because we are "good company".

II. The Disappointment and Deceit

It was so unfortunate for Mogpog:

III. Our Position and Call

As we celebrate the 10th year Commemoration of the 1993 Maguila-guila Dam tragedy, with greater unity and with stronger force and renewed inspiration emanating from the Almighty God, we reiterate our calls and demands:

1. Urgent rehabilitation of Mogpog River and all areas affected by mining operation in the province.

2. Implementation of Health and Compensation Components/Program for all affected individuals without delaying tactics like "quit claims ".

3. Justice! To the victims of the 1993 Maguila-guila Dam tragedy.

4. No to large scale mining in the province
No to additional, more and new mine waste posing lifetime risk to the environment and its people.

To our Leaders:

Be sincere…make a stand
…think of what is good to your people before even pleasing the IMF-WB with your Mining Act and New National Mineral Policy
…think of what is good for the environment before pleasing the investors and funders of your political campaigns.
…think of what is pleasing to God over and above what will ensure your next re-election.

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