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2021-06-25 Zambia: Court decision on Lower Zambezi copper project raise concerns
2021-06-18 Anglo American’s coal pipe dreams
2021-06-14 Peru Elections: The people does not want 'more money'
2021-05-26 The right to breathe in South Africa's coal places
2021-05-17 Canada: British Columbia’s mining dirty secrets, report
2021-05-06 Glencore’s transition to more coal mines and expansions
2021-04-15 Argentina: Yamana Gold and Andalgala - A dubious integration
2021-03-06 Glencore’s Australia mine expansion puts sacred sites at risk
2021-02-26 British Columbia’s ongoing legacy of metal mine impacts, report
2020-12-23 The end of coal?
2020-11-30 Swiss responsible business initiative wins a majority, but will not be implemented
2020-11-24 Argentina: Aguilar base metals complex sucums to covid pandemic
2020-11-21 Glencore to expand McArthur River despite sacred sites authority veto?
2020-11-17 Bribery case judgment leaves nothing for Congolese communities
2020-11-02 Investors coalition puts Australia's miners on notice over Indigenous rights
2020-10-04 “Coal is not progress, it is death”: Indigenous Wayuu woman
2020-09-29 UN increasingly concerned about mining impacts since the pandemic
2020-07-21 The MidWeek Essay: Waging Water War in Peru
2020-06-23 Glencore probed yet again by Swiss authorities
2020-06-22 Australia's major mining lobbyist announces new "decarbonisation" policy
2020-06-11 DR Congo: Mineworkers suffer while pits remain open
2020-05-18 "Coal will never recover" - is this a valid post-Corona virus prediction?
2020-05-09 Teck again accused of Covid-19 irresponsibility
2020-04-29 World’s mine workers resist quick restart amid coronavirus
2020-02-05 Peru: Las Bambas copper mine stalled by community protests
2020-01-23 End-of-Week Essay: How Capital is galloping away from Coal
2020-01-17 India to ease mining rules to spur investment
2020-01-08 The world's top mining companies
2020-01-07 Colombia: UN calls on Ireland to consider halting coal import
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2019-08-21 The Midweek Essay: How Glencore manipulates in DRC
2019-08-20 Glencore: a behemoth under multiple attack
2019-07-23 DR Congo sends troops to intimidate and remove small miners
2019-07-02 DRC: 'Poverty-driven' artisanal mining in spotlight after tragedy hits Congo
2019-07-01 DR Congo: more than forty miners killed in mining landslide
2019-06-29 The Weekend Essay: Behind Zambia's divorce from Vedanta
2019-06-19 Vedanta's Zambian "liquidation" supported by minority shareholders
2019-05-21 Zambian president threatens Glencore, Vedanta with "divorce"
2019-05-11 Norway's hastened flight from coal
2019-05-01 New campaigns to reverse adverse climate change
2019-04-28 Dozens of miners guilty of Namibian tax evasion - report
2019-04-27 Glencore under CFTC investigation for possible corrupt practices
2019-03-15 Bloomberg blasts Rio Tinto , BHP, and others
2019-02-27 Glencore to cap coal
2019-02-25 DR Congo villagers sprayed with mine acid
2018-12-19 Canadian regulator fines Glencore’s Congolese Unit
2018-11-27 Glencore's growing legal troubles with Katanga Mining
2018-07-15 Glencore shareholders mull suing firm over corruption, bribery probes
2018-07-06 Glencore hammered by corruption and accusations of rights violations
2018-06-15 Congo's miners face harsh new reality as mining law finalized
2017-11-10 Glencore under Australian tax evasion probe
2017-09-05 Colombian Indigenous people protest against coal mine expansion
2017-08-06 New Canadian coal mine poses multiple threats to workers - report
2017-07-15 Global extractives terrorism exposed in new report
2016-11-03 South Africa: Gupta's corporate capture of Zuma clique
2016-09-18 Glencore court ruling in Zambia may trigger new pollution claims
2016-08-26 Colombia’s largest indigenous group is dying
2016-08-10 Glencore halts Zambia copper production after mine deaths
2016-08-01 Antofagasta’s massive dump in Argentina
2016-07-12 British companies leading new £800bn extractives 'scramble for Africa'
2016-07-11 Peru: Glencore-Xstrata human rights case heard in London
2016-06-15 Australian Taxpayers Could Pay Billions to Clean Up Old Mines
2016-06-02 PNG: Large-scale copper mine in sensitive Sepik region alarms environmentalists
2016-06-01 Michael T Klare exposes "desperate plight of petro-states"
2016-05-22 Australian traditional owners join global protest against Glencore
2016-04-24 HSBC AGM shines light on human rights abuses
2016-04-14 Colombia and Panama hit with arbitration claims
2016-04-07 South Africa: Glencore coal strike struck by violence
2016-03-28 Aboriginal land rights battle over a $20 billion bauxite mine in Australia
2016-03-09 Two dead, five missing after wall collapse at Glencore mine in DRC
2016-03-08 Zambia: Mining Collapse Cripples Dreams of Prosperity
2016-03-01 Peruvians claim against Glencore reaches London High Court
2016-02-27 Colombia: Brutal evictions of villagers at Cerrejon Coal
2016-02-24 Is mining up for change in Argentina?
2016-02-23 USA: Aluminum Plant Fading Away One Piece at a Time
2016-02-16 DRC: Congo abandons mining-code changes amid industry gloom
2016-02-15 Argentina: Assembly demands Supreme Court decision over Agua Rica
2016-02-13 Australia: The race to avert disaster at the McArthur River Mine
2016-02-04 Shareholders pressing big miners on climate change disclosure
2016-01-28 Canada: Glencore given time to meet new nickel emission limits
2016-01-02 South Africa's unholy mining marriage
2015-11-03 Green Climate Fund under pressure to shun HSBC and Credit Agricole
2015-10-31 Mining-related violence ignites protests in the Philippines
2015-10-22 Transparency initiative debates way forward
2015-10-09 Over $21bn worth of mining projects delayed in Peru due to social conflict
2015-10-03 Peru Declares State of Emergency After Clashes at Las Bambas
2015-09-28 Women pay the price for Zambia mining expansion
2015-09-20 A climate of subversion: corporate attitudes in the run up to Paris COP21
2015-09-19 Philippines - Miners accused of fuelling violence in Mindanao
2015-09-03 Glencore may be forced to shut down Australian zinc mine
2015-08-29 Glencore Blames 'Aggressive' Short Sellers for Copper Plunge
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-07-13 Unions target Switzerland over Glencore
2015-07-07 Coal still attracts billion of dollars in investment worldwide
2015-06-30 Philippines: Glencore quits the Tampakan Project
2015-06-29 Is Mining Really 'On Top' in Africa?
2015-06-26 DRC should disclose sale to Glencore unit
2015-05-26 Philippines: Indigenous activist 'disappears' in the company of mining guards
2015-05-25 A very mixed climate for change
2015-05-09 Protestors call for end to Glencore’s mining abuses
2015-04-26 Philippines: Earth Day celebrations focus on mining woes
2015-03-30 African mining codes: "willfully doing the wrong thing"?
2015-03-23 Protestors mark the 20th anniversary of the Philippine Mining Act
2015-03-22 Mining boom to bust ... who really benefits?
2015-03-21 EU bank's alleged lack of transparency 'like something out of a Le Carré novel'
2015-03-17 RAID: Time to rethink mining company grievance mechanisms
2015-01-29 Dominican Republic: saving the mountain worth more than a nickel
2015-01-28 There's gold in them thar hills - and African governments want a bigger piece
2015-01-22 Philippines - Papal intervention sought over mining
2015-01-17 Chile aims to save water in copper mining
2014-12-24 Philippines: The people of Mindanao speak out against mining
2014-12-23 Mining firms' greenhouse gas emissions rise, despite call for cuts
2014-11-25 IndustriALL targets Glencore for anti-union behaviour
2014-11-18 Philippines - Remembering the victims of extra-judicial killings and typhoon Haiyan
2014-11-16 Australia: Fury over one-day Aurukun bauxite mine bid
2014-10-18 Miners threaten Zambia over royalty hike
2014-10-08 Philippines: A Deadly Difference of World View
2014-10-07 London Calling cries foul on the Big Australian
2014-09-30 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 4)
2014-09-11 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 2)
2014-09-01 Glencore's Dominican ferronickel mine in doubt
2014-08-04 Australia: Mine's burning waste rock pile sparks concerns among Aboriginal groups
2014-07-13 Power companies urged to stop buying Colombian 'blood coal'
2014-06-26 Peru: Governor opposing Newmont Mine is jailed
2014-06-25 Colombia's Cerrejon Coal: "an abusive marriage, full of machismo"
2014-06-17 A taxing time for Philippines mining
2014-06-09 Peru mining boom leaves highlanders behind
2014-05-29 Executives facing climate denial-related claims could be personally liable
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2014-05-23 Canada's mining human rights impact on Colombia
2014-05-06 Philippines: Earth Day protests focus on mining
2014-04-20 Rio Tinto and Glencore named as among world's biggest water users
2014-04-06 More mining-related murders in the Philippines
2014-03-30 Industrial unrest at mines in the Andes
2014-03-19 Filipinos curse their 'Mining Hell'
2014-03-02 Philippines - Mining has the potential for disaster, but uncertainly looms large
2014-01-23 Philippines: B'laan leaders lobby against FPIC process at Tampakan
2013-12-28 Peru struggles to improve its reputation over extractive projects
2013-12-18 UK: Santas deliver coal to 'naughty bank' HSBC
2013-12-11 Philippines - Human Rights Day remembers environmental martyrs
2013-12-10 Report on multinationals making profits at the expense of human rights
2013-12-08 Activists protest mining industry's harmful impact on women
2013-11-18 Philippines: Unnatural disasters
2013-11-13 Zambia and Vedanta lock horns
2013-10-28 Environmental, human rights and legal protests merge in Philippines mining
2013-10-03 Philippines: Realities of mining in Nueva Vizcaya laid bare
2013-09-15 Philippines: Mining conference met with protests
2013-09-01 'Flying pickets' swoop on London mining companies' offices demanding justice for Colombian farmers
2013-08-30 Philippines - Mining rights violations on the increase again
2013-08-14 Philippines: Glencore Xstrata further delayed over Tampakan
2013-07-23 Philippines Closure notice served on OceanaGold
2013-07-09 Philippines: Once more to the barricades
2013-06-21 Philippines: Human rights project at Tampakan questions the project's future
2013-06-17 Mining Firms Face New Regulator Scrutiny Amid Deal Probes
2013-06-13 Glencore Xstrata studies Rio coal-assets combination plan
2013-06-03 Philippines: New threats for anti-mining advocates
2013-05-28 Glencore under fire over Iran and in Dominican Republic
2013-04-22 Glencore clinches Xstrata take-over with Chinese copper deal
2013-03-19 Zambia: Are Chinese miners the worst human rights abusers?
2013-02-25 Are Toronto junior miners facing the knell of doom?
2013-02-11 Zambian government seeks a better mining deal
2012-11-25 Glenstrata - what's the nature of the "beast"?
2012-11-11 DRC to discuss mining code changes with companies
2012-09-12 Nationalisation - no help in ending Bolivian mine fight
2012-09-04 London Calling gets the wind up, as copper receives "green" boost
2012-07-03 Bolivia - Morales does seem to pick 'em!
2012-06-19 Bolivia: to nationalise or not?
2012-06-19 Glencore in deep water
2012-06-19 London activists expose corporate greed
2012-05-29 London put on its metal, flagrant manipulation exposed
2012-05-15 Glencore under fire over DRC mining deals
2012-05-15 Global miners will fight advance of resource nationalism - Glencore CEO
2012-04-24 DRC: Mining giant Glencore accused in child labour and acid dumping row
2012-04-24 Exposing the world's top mineral "thieves"
2012-04-02 Which are the world's "most controversial" mining companies?
2012-03-14 Zambia shuts Mopani Copper plant on pollution violations
2012-03-06 In Peru, one of the world's worst polluters is set to reopen
2012-02-20 Alumbrera in distress, Argentina
2012-02-14 Thousands march for the right to water in Peru
2012-02-14 Connecting the world with African mining
2012-01-23 Glencore faces legal action over pollution caused by Zambian copper
2011-12-12 Richest Australians see their pickings fall
2011-10-31 Kazakhstan's MPs Toughen Ecology Laws For Miners
2011-09-12 Glencore's sorry record of fatalities and fines
2011-07-11 Zambia says First Quantum to pay $224m in back taxes
2011-07-04 Colombia: Vale threatens heart of mineworker's union
2011-06-28 'Transparency' hides Zambia's lost billions
2011-06-13 EIB halts Glencore lending on governance concerns
2011-06-07 London Calling on Richest Brits (not forgetting their Ozzie counterparts)
2011-05-30 London (& Hong Kong) Calling on a "Market Mess"
2011-05-30 Infamous Poison Ship is on its way to Bangladesh
2011-05-24 Glencore: the monster has landed!
2011-05-17 Greedy Glencore doesn't plan to change its ways
2011-04-18 Glencore is accused of tax evasion in Zambia
2011-03-28 Glencore accused of rights abuses in DR Congo
2010-08-16 Zambia's government may re-introduce windfall tax on miners
2010-08-02 Trafigura found guilty in toxic waste dumping tragedy
2010-06-19 Bolivia: Indians versus Indios?
2010-05-07 Bolivia nationalizes Glencore antimony smelter
2010-04-08 Trafigura penetrates further into Peru
2010-03-02 Leaders of Colombian Wayuu People Go into Exile to Escape Violence and Criminalization
2010-01-19 Zambian copper output to rise in 2010
2009-11-09 Angola's Falcone lands in jail, but questions remain
2009-10-26 Zug zapped by Latin American protestors
2009-08-10 Peru: Is this Doe's final run?
2009-05-27 Glencore tries pulling itself up by metal straps
2009-04-27 Zambia - at sixes and sevens over mineral policy?
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2009-02-23 Peru: Eight miners killed following safety abuses in Casapalca - Las muertes en Casapalca
2009-02-10 Jamaica's bauxite meltdown - Cae la bauxita en Jamaica
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2009-02-02 Zambia succumbs to industry pressure
2008-11-10 Money miasma means mixed messages
2008-08-19 Colombia's Permanent Peoples 'Tribunal condemns mining companies - Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos condenó a empresas mineras
2008-04-13 Colombian trade union leader assassinated: Asesinan a dirigente sindical Colombiano
2008-03-02 World's biggest investment bank in dire need of reform
2008-02-13 Foreign mining companies threaten Zambia
2008-01-25 London Calling muses on the latest bout of mining's merger mania
2007-11-05 Undermining Zambia's development
2007-09-22 Latin America update
2007-09-21 China update
2007-09-15 COSTA RICA
2007-09-15 The popular referendum on September 16th
2007-09-14 CHILE
2007-09-14 Latin America update
2007-09-14 Latin America update - Plebiscito Popular por la nulidad de la privatización de la Compa&nti
2007-09-14 PERU
2007-09-14 Zijin Tongguan sells 10 pct stake in Monterrico to South Korean copper smelter
2007-09-12 BOLIVIA
2007-09-11 MEXICO
2007-09-10 US update
2007-09-10 Nevada Denies Plea to Delay New Coal Power Plants
2007-09-10 US update
2007-09-01 BRAZIL
2007-08-28 VENEZUELA
2007-08-04 Vedanta update
2007-08-04 Vedanta In Chhattisgarh (india)
2007-06-15 ECUADOR
2007-06-10 Latin America update
2007-06-10 CHILE
2007-06-10 Latin America update
2007-06-09 BOLIVIA
2007-06-08 General Strike, Road Blockages and Demonstrations in Alvear Against Contaminative Mining and In Favo
2007-06-08 Strike and Road Blockages: Alvear Mobilizes Against Open-Pit Mining
2007-06-08 Mendoza suspends exploration permits issue for 90 days
2007-06-07 PERU
2007-06-07 ARGENTINA
2007-05-19 Saved in the time of Nik?
2007-05-19 Source Information
2007-05-15 PERU
2007-05-15 EL SALVADOR
2007-05-15 Miners' Woes Heard - If Faintly - in US
2007-05-12 Latin American update
2007-05-12 Latin America update
2007-05-10 PARAGUAY
2007-05-09 Yanacocha's ore extraction cut in half
2007-05-08 ARGENTINA
2007-05-07 Anti-Mining Demonstrators Blockade Peruvian Roads
2007-05-07 BRAZIL
2007-05-04 Govt: Mining law changes seek to free up land
2007-05-02 COLOMBIA
2007-03-30 Expanding Xstrata
2007-03-30 Expanding Xstrata
2007-03-29 Glencore signs deal to market Xstrata's nickel Trader has bigger customer base
2007-03-29 Xstrata plans 2007 Pachón prefeasibility, advances other projects - Argentina, Peru
2007-03-24 Latin American Update
2007-03-24 Latin America update - Correa advierte de "guerra civil" entre comunidades y empresas min
2007-03-23 Polluting U.S. Owned Smelter in Peru Brought Before OAS
2007-03-22 Environ authority suspends Xstrata 600MW Río Cuervo project
2007-03-22 Drummond denies colluding with far-right death squads to kill Colombia unionists
2007-03-21 CHILE
2007-03-19 MEXICO
2007-03-17 COLOMBIA
2007-03-15 PERU
2007-03-15 BRAZIL
2007-03-15 ECUADOR
2007-02-24 Colombia Special - Edición especial Colombia
2007-02-24 Colombia Special - Edición especial Colombia
2007-02-20 Thousands of Miners Strike a Year After Mexican Coal Mine Explosion That Killed 65 Workers
2007-02-20 Safety problems remain in Mexican mines
2007-02-19 Union-Community Solidarity in Colombia: Sintracarbón Takes a Stand
2007-02-18 Profiting from loss
2007-02-17 Latin America Update
2007-02-17 Latin American update
2007-02-14 Us Update
2007-02-14 US update
2007-02-14 Metal Merger Mania
2007-02-10 Civil Society statement
2007-02-10 Doubts on Drummond Coal Megaproject in Cesar, Colombia
2007-02-10 Us Update
2007-02-10 One Killed in Protest Against Mining Activities in Colombia
2007-02-10 US Update
2007-02-09 Bolivia's Morales Signs Decree Nationalizing Swiss Tin Smelter
2007-02-07 Eight Die in Central Colombia Mine Blast
2007-02-07 Embattled Mining Company Asarco Enters Into Settlement Talks
2007-02-04 Coal mine explosion in northeast Colombia kills 32
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-15 Renegotiate Contracts With Coal Multinationals And Don't Sign New Ones, Says Senator Robeldo
2006-10-23 Bolivia To Take Over Glencore Mining Operations
2006-10-22 Latin American Update
2006-10-22 Latin American Update
2006-08-26 Power for the rich or for the poor?
2006-08-26 Power for the rich or for the poor?
2006-08-26 Latin American Update
2006-08-17 China Update
2006-08-17 China Update
2006-08-17 China Draws Line in Sand to End Pollution for Good
2006-08-05 Gas leak kills 18 coal miners in China
2006-06-28 An Article On The Ruling In Lima's Principal Newspaper, El Comercio, Is Included Below. For More Inf
2006-06-28 Latin American Update
2006-05-19 London Calling on a Canadian corporate scrap
2006-05-19 London Calling on a Canadian corporate scrap
2006-05-16 BHP Billiton To Sell Peruvian Mine Tintaya To Xstrata In $750 Mln Stock-debt Deal
2006-04-29 Latin American Update
2006-04-22 Latin American Update
2006-04-17 Workers Strike At Latin America's Biggest Gold Mine
2006-04-12 Colombian Coal Fight Comes To Salem
2006-02-23 London Calling squeezes further - with "Extracting Intellects", Part Two
2006-02-06 Is Rio Tinto about to commit a massive error? Or make a huge pile? And is there any real difference
2006-02-06 The Following Background Report On Norilsk By Nostromo Research Was Published In The Winter 2003-20
2005-11-06 Urgent action in support of communities displaced by coal mining in La Guajira, Colombia
2005-10-12 Zambia's miners paying the price
2005-09-23 The Colombian Government is weakening unions of the state mining company Minercol with the firing of
2005-09-23 Gobierno Colombiano y Multinacionales Aceleran la Desaparición de los Sindicatos de Trabajado
2005-09-23 The Colombian Government is weakening unions of the state mining company Minercol
2005-08-23 Mining marriage a messy affair for Xstrata and Falconbridge
2005-08-23 Mining marriage a messy affair for Xstrata and Falconbridge
2005-08-16 King of Zug' reigns over trading network - Controversial Marc Rich has long been a part of the buyi
2005-08-16 Falconbridge becomes quarry for takeover after Xstrata deal Swiss miner scoops up Brascan holding, r
2005-08-16 Testing the sterling in Glencore's record
2005-05-24 Declaration Of La Guajira
2005-05-14 Colombian makes BHP plea for justice
2005-04-30 Dirty coal stories on the homefront
2005-04-04 Globalization gone horribly wrong
2005-03-26 The Dirty Story of Where we Get our Coal
2005-03-26 The Dirty Story of Where we Get our Coal
2004-12-11 The following report is by Dr Felipe Ustate, a member of the community of Manantial in La Guajira,
2004-12-11 Update on coal mining at El Cerrejon, Colombia
2004-12-11 Update on coal mining at El Cerrejon, Colombia
2004-04-15 Urgent Action - Emergency at Indigenous Community of Tamaquitos, Colombia
2004-04-15 Urgent Action - Emergency at Indigenous Community of Tamaquitos, Colombia
2004-02-02 Government of Alvaro Uribe Velez Liquidates Colombian State Mining Company on the Orders of Mining M
2004-02-02 Gobierno de Alvaro Uribe Velez Liquida Empresa Estatal Minera de Colombia por Orden de Multinacional
2004-02-02 Government Liquidates Colombian State Mining Company on the Orders of Mining Multinationals and the
2004-01-10 A London Calling Special - January 10 2004
2004-01-10 Vedanta - the panto! A London Calling special - January 10 2004
2003-12-15 Delving Into Vedanta's Murky Recent History
2003-12-07 London Calling! December 7 2003
2003-12-07 London Calling - December 7 2003
2003-12-01 Sources: Launch of Vedanta IPO: Financial Times (FT) 5/12/2003; Hedge funds buying Vedanta: FT 6-7
2003-10-29 To The Spoilers The Victory: Colombia Privatises The Mineral Industry With World Bank Support
2003-10-29 Please Write To The Following People, Making The Points Listed Above:-
2003-10-29 To the Spoilers the Victory: Colombia Privatises the Mineral Industry with World Bank Support
2003-08-15 BHP Billiton in the province of La Guajira, Colombia
2003-06-08 Asunto: Impunidad
2003-06-08 If you have time, please also write to Anglo American and BHPBilliton. The following is a suggested
2003-06-08 Request for Urgent Action on the El Cerrejon Coal Mine
2003-06-08 Send this letter to:
2003-06-08 Request for Urgent Action on the El Cerrejon Coal Mine
2002-06-18 Campaign Leaders from La Guajira Tour the United States
2002-06-18 Victory at Tabaco - 18th June 2002
2002-06-18 Victory at Tabaco, Colombia
2002-05-15 Violations of the Human Rights by Exxon
2002-05-15 Attachment
2002-05-15 Translated by: Sara Koopman, member of the Translators and Interpreters Guild/CWA
2002-05-15 Violations of the Human Rights by Exxon subsidiary
2002-03-04 Colombia: Change of Ownership at Intercor
2001-10-15 Colombia: Exxon subsidiary Intercor attacks community at Tabaco again
2001-10-15 Colombia: Exxon subsidiary Intercor attacks community at Tabaco again
2001-10-15 Background:
2001-08-15 Take Action
2001-08-12 SOY TESTIGO
2001-08-12 Apoderado de la mayoría de las personas del corregimiento de Tabaco en el conflicto ambient
2001-08-12 Further Urgent Action on Crisis Involving Exxon in Colombia
2001-08-03 Urgent Action on Crisis Involving Exxon in Colombia
2001-07-03 Indigenous and Farming Workers Targeted by Security Personnel at Colombian Mine (3 Jul 01
2001-06-14 Please add our organization to the Statement of Support (listed below) for the Gwich'in People: No O
2001-06-14 )
2001-06-14 Call to Action Stop President Bush's Plan to Drill for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
2001-05-01 Coal Mine Accidents Underreported to Protect Livelihoods
2001-05-01 Taking It to Drummond: Paramilitaries and Mining Companies in Colombia
2001-01-15 Indigenous and Farming Workers Targeted by Security Personnel at Colombian Coal Mine owned by Exxon,
2001-01-15 Message received from La Guajira on 1st July:
2001-01-15 BACKGROUND: Stripping Guajira Bare

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