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2017-01-29 Guatemalan Environmentalists Win Legal Case In Canadian court
2016-11-05 "Militarized neoliberalism" and the Canadian state in Latin America
2016-09-29 Mexico: Protesters block access to Peñasquito gold mine
2016-08-28 Long-running leak of contaminated water at Mexico's largest gold mine revealed
2016-05-06 Metal mining questioned in Dominican Republic and Haiti
2016-05-05 'Wanted' posters at Tahoe Resources AGM
2016-04-06 The increasing threat of colossal mining wastes
2016-02-15 Argentina: Assembly demands Supreme Court decision over Agua Rica
2015-12-08 Goldcorp accused of paying funds to drug cartels in Mexico
2015-12-01 Guatemala - Tahoe Resources' Former Security Manager Turns Fugitive
2015-11-19 Canada: B.C. Supreme Court Stays Lawsuit against Tahoe Resources
2015-10-30 Guatemala: Anti-Mining Activist Survives Second Armed Attack
2015-06-11 An enlightening report: Mining conflicts in Honduras
2015-04-22 Guatemala: Member of the Committee in Defense of Life and Peace in San Rafael Las Flores Detained
2015-04-08 Wiretap transcripts raise troubling questions about Tahoe Resources' militarized security detail
2015-03-01 Canadian mining conference's morals are mocked by protestors
2014-10-15 Goldcorp's El Morro mine halted by Chile Supreme Court
2014-07-29 Guatemala: Mayan indigenous peoples win victory
2014-07-08 Guatemalan government moves to expel witnesses to police mine violence
2014-06-03 Permanent Peoples' Tribunal: Verdict on the Canadian Mining Industry in Latin America
2014-05-28 Guatemala: La Puya Peaceful Mining Resistance Dismantled by Force
2014-05-06 Mexican Landowners Announce Agreement with Goldcorp
2014-05-04 Goldcorp under pressure from Guatemalan and Mexican communities
2014-04-30 Guatemala's growing mining sector brings violence against indigenous communities
2014-04-03 Local Landowners of the Ejido Carrizalillo shut down Goldcorp's Los Filos mine
2014-01-26 Guatemala: solidarity statement with political prisoners and the people of Sipakapa
2013-12-18 Tens of Thousands Oppose Tahoe Resource's Escobal Project in Guatemala
2013-12-10 Goldcorp faces lawsuit threat from Mexico and a $3.2 million fine in Argentina
2013-11-09 More woes for Barrick Gold as Pascua Lama suspended
2013-11-02 Mexico agrees increased mining tax despite company threats
2013-10-07 Proposal for new Special Law to Ban Mining in El Salvador
2013-08-07 El Salvadorean civil society position on Goldcorp's Cerro Blanco mine
2013-07-17 Indigenous organizations denounce proposed mining moratorium
2013-06-06 Canada: Call to Investigate Tahoe Resources After Wiretap
2013-05-13 Tahoe Resources executive in Guatemala orders killing of protestors
2013-05-07 State of Siege: Mining Conflict Escalates in Guatemala
2013-03-25 Guatemala: Call for investigation and company departure in response to recurring violence
2013-03-19 Guatemala's Highest Court Denies Justice to Indigenous Peoples Affected by Mining
2013-03-11 London Calling takes on gold bulls, bears, bullion and bullies
2013-01-21 Guatemala: More Mining Violence and Impunity
2012-12-17 Guatemala: Attacks proliferate on anti-mining protestors
2012-10-16 Mining and the Chile Effect
2012-09-24 Guatemala: Community statement on recent violence at San Rafael Las Flores
2012-09-18 Canadian Parliamentarians meet with Guatemalan Legislators on Goldcorp's Ticket
2012-09-04 Goldcorp organizes junket for Canadian parliamentarians to Guatemala
2012-08-28 Guatemala: Repeated attempts to criminalise human rights defenders
2012-08-13 Philippines: A flood of mining problems
2012-08-13 London Calling 2012: Not much going for Gold
2012-08-01 Guatemala Highest Court to Hear Landmark Indigenous Challenge against Mining Law
2012-07-11 Chile: Mining-related coal-fired power plants dealt heavy blows
2012-07-03 Guatemala seeks 40% stake of all mining companies
2012-05-15 Protests threaten energy-hungry miners in Chile
2012-05-08 Chilean Supreme Court Red Lights Goldcorp Mine
2012-05-01 Statement of the M4 Movement in Mesoamerica
2012-04-24 Shareholders Say Guatemalans Should Not Have to Pay for Goldcorp's Mess
2012-04-02 Chile's mining battle fronts
2012-03-06 Honduran social organisations speak out about proposed new mining law
2012-02-20 Alumbrera in distress, Argentina
2012-01-10 A wake-up call for human rights defenders in the Americas
2011-09-26 Goldcorp Removed from Dow Jones Sustainability Index
2011-09-06 Maya Q'eqchi' seek help to gain justice in Guatemala
2011-08-01 Another report says Barrick Gold damaged glaciers in Pascua Lama-Veladero
2011-07-25 Conference statement: Natural resources and the Mission of the Church in Latin America
2011-07-18 Further Goldcorp human rights issues in Guatemala and Honduras
2011-06-20 Guatemala: why doesn't the government close Marlin down?
2011-05-30 Consultation will be on my terms - not yours!
2011-05-24 Canadian companies hammered for abuses in Guatemala and Mexico
2011-05-17 Pressure builds on Goldcorp, just before its AGM
2011-05-10 London Calling asks Sweden: Why stop hounding Vedanta now?
2011-05-10 Mines Bigger than Yours! Forbes' rankings surprise
2011-04-27 Goldcorp ordered to pay $130 million to communal landowners in Zacatecas, Mexico
2011-04-12 Argentinian university faculties reject mining hand-outs
2011-03-28 Canadian companies are ignoring human rights issues overseas
2011-03-14 Violence Near Goldcorp Mine Underscores Need for Suspension
2010-11-01 Canadian bill to end abuses in foreign mines is defeated
2010-10-25 Urgent Action: Close Marlin Mine Now, Guatemala
2010-10-25 Barrick Gold encounters problems in Dominican Republic
2010-09-20 Miners seed more money in the fields of Academe
2010-09-14 Ethical Tribunal on Transborder Mining in Latin America
2010-09-14 Goldcorp staff face criminal charges over mine pollution in Honduras
2010-08-16 More pressure is applied to Goldcorp in Guatemala
2010-07-17 Urgent Action: Shooting of Community Leader Opposing Goldcorp Mine
2010-06-26 Guatemala: Goldcorp's Marlin mine is suspended
2010-05-29 International rights body calls for suspension of Goldcorp mine
2010-05-23 Goldcorp fights off calls for indigenous consent
2010-04-08 ILO Recommends Guatemalan State Suspend Mining Operations
2010-03-24 Mexico's mining giant indicted by workers
2010-03-24 The shine keeps coming off Canada's gold miners
2010-03-18 Barrick Gold and its disputes in Dominican Republic
2010-02-08 ICMM firms commit to poverty reduction
2010-01-25 Canada's proposed Mining Bill C-300 gains further endorsement
2010-01-25 Water contamination at Goldcorp mine in Siria Valley, Honduras
2010-01-25 Guatemalan groups file OECD complaint on Goldcorp mine
2010-01-19 Could spate of mine takeovers signal a bright new mining year?
2010-01-19 Chile: Where there's gold there's dirt!
2009-11-30 Canadian mining firms face abuse allegations
2009-11-23 Guatemala: Canadian miner accused of damaging over 100 homes
2009-10-19 Land dispute threatens Guatemala nickel project
2009-10-05 Guatemalan murders put Canadian company in frame
2009-09-22 United front damns Quebec's biggest proposed open-pit mine
2009-07-27 Argentina: Academics reject corporate miner's handouts
2009-07-07 Protesters burn equipment at Marlin mine, Guatemala
2009-06-16 No gold for Goldcorp, after California judgment
2009-05-05 Guatemala 's new mining law widely rejected
2009-04-27 London Calling on today's state of corporate mine play
2009-04-20 Public Service Alliance of Canada withdraws from Marlin mine Human Rights Impact Assessment
2009-03-03 Central America:- Mining could undermine economic well-being says Oxfam - Minería en Centroamérica contribuye poco al desarrollo y bienestar, dice Oxfam
2009-03-03 Guatemala: unanimous rejection to mining, and Who is Emeterio Perez? - Rechazo unánime de la minería, y ¿Quién es Emeterio Perez?
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2008-08-25 Guatemalan opponent of mining assassinated - Asesinato del compañero Maya Mam Antonio Morales
2008-08-25 Heavy handling mars Metallica's mettle
2008-08-19 UN committee indicts Canadian mining companies on Indigenous US territory
2008-08-04 Guatemala:- Montana creates conditions justifying police intervention; Flowers march against Cement - Montana crea condiciones para justificar la intervensión del ejército y la policía, Flores marchan
2008-07-14 Guatemala: Crackdown on Local Citizens Opposing Goldcorp - Corte de Constitucionalidad resuelve contra Ley de Minería
2008-06-24 Guatemala: Public statement from San Miguel Ixtahuacán says No to exploration in Tajumulco - Pobladores de Tajumulco rechazan actividades mineras
2008-06-09 Argentina Court Convicts Xstrata Executive For Mine Pollution - Procesan al vicepresidente de Minera Alumbrera por contaminación
2008-05-11 Open Letter to Goldcorp & shareholders / Goldcorp hará estudio sobre impactos en Guatemala
2008-04-27 Guatemala: Bishop receives death threats/Obispo denuncia amenazas de muerte
2008-02-09 Central American mining projects face market meltdown
2008-01-14 BC miners donate C$ 20 million toward new UBC building
2008-01-04 Latin America update
2007-12-02 Latin America update
2007-11-12 Latin America update
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-10-03 Latin America update
2007-09-22 Latin America update
2007-09-07 Are Canadian Investors Funding Terror Tactics in Ecuador?
2007-09-06 Canadian MP, Alexa McDonough, joins a Development and Peace fact finding mission to Honduras to inv
2007-09-02 HONDURAS
2007-09-02 Latin America update - Oficialismo planea que Constituyente vete miner­a a cielo abierto en Ecu
2007-09-02 Latin America update
2007-08-29 Peruvian Leaders Support $234,000 Fine of Doe Run Peru
2007-08-29 GUATEMALA
2007-08-28 PERU
2007-08-27 Slave labor persists in Amazon charcoal works - ICC
2007-08-24 Police denounce protestors against mining operations
2007-08-23 Monterrico launches 80 mln usd private fund proposal for Rio Blanco communities
2007-08-23 BRAZIL
2007-08-22 ECUADOR
2007-08-14 Mining companies sharpen confrontation in Honduras
2007-07-30 CHILE
2007-07-28 BRAZIL
2007-07-28 Latin America update
2007-07-25 URGENT ACTION APPEAL - From Amnesty International USA
2007-07-25 Evidence of Land Trafficking in Intag
2007-07-24 PANAMA
2007-07-23 ECUADOR
2007-07-23 Residents of Condorwain Range Demand Withdrawal of Barrick Gold
2007-07-22 Informal Miners Using Nazca Lines As Roadways
2007-07-20 Latin America Update - Exigen nueva Ley de Minería para Honduras: enfrentamiento dejó
2007-07-20 Latin America Update
2007-07-20 HONDURAS
2007-07-19 GUATEMALA
2007-07-19 BOLIVIA
2007-07-19 Peru: Interreligious Delegation Reports Environmental Problems to the US
2007-07-18 Citizens protest the meeting of Canadian Prime Minister and Barrick - Canadian Prime Minister enters
2007-07-18 Protesters say 'Harper go home' on PM's last day in Chile
2007-07-17 COLOMBIA
2007-07-16 CHILE
2007-07-16 Ancient petroglyphs and rock art in imminent danger, department of Puno, Peru
2007-07-15 MEXICO
2007-07-15 Corruption allegations dog mining company
2007-07-13 COLOMBIA
2007-07-13 ARGENTINA
2007-07-01 PERU
2007-06-29 Environmental face-off: Catholic Church workers get ammunition for their fight in Latin America
2007-06-01 CHILE
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-06-01 ARGENTINA
2007-05-29 HONDURAS
2007-05-29 BOLIVIA
2007-05-28 BRAZIL
2007-05-28 COLOMBIA
2007-05-22 ECUADOR
2007-03-31 Latin America update
2007-03-22 Mining Company Headquarters
2007-03-22 National organizers:
2007-03-22 Stop Mining Tibet Day of Action - March 22 2007
2007-03-22 Stop Mining Tibet Day of Action - March 22 2007
2007-03-09 Latin American Update
2007-03-09 ARGENTINA
2007-03-09 Latin American update
2007-03-08 BRAZIL
2007-03-07 GUATEMALA
2007-02-28 Canada update
2007-02-24 Protests Mount Against Mining Giant
2007-02-24 Latin American update
2007-02-24 Honduras, Environmental Study Reveals Dangerous Blood Levels Of Lead And Arsenic In Villagers
2007-02-23 Cree Seek No-mining Area In James Bay
2007-02-21 Govt. Rejects Lobby For New Mining Concessions
2006-10-17 US Update
2006-10-17 US Update
2006-10-17 Conservationists Defend Gold Mining Rules
2002-06-15 PERU
2001-05-01 1] Ex-Minister of Energy & Mines, Alberto Acosta, stepped down on June 14th in order to declare
2001-05-01 ECUADOR
2001-05-01 CVRD suspends iron ore supply to clients due to environmental liabilities

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