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Published by MAC on 2007-08-25


Respected citizens:

Saturday August, 25, 2007, El Peruano published the Authoritative Resolution of OSINERGMIN (Organismo Supervisor de la Inversión en Energía Minería) Number 2227-2007 –OS/GG, in which Doe Run Peru is fined US $234,000. The infractions are can be summed by four major infractions and one minor infraction:

1. Having exceeded maximum permissible atmospheric limits at 2 measuring stations, with respect to particulate parameters. (Serious Infraction)

2. For illegal dumping in the Mantaro River and without adopting provisional measures to prevent it, in three dumping sites. (Serious Infraction)

3. Having exceeded the permitted limit of liquids dumped at one authorized dump site. (Serious Infraction)

4. Emitting Sulfur Dioxide without authorization or measurement. (Serious Infraction)

5. Inadequately transporting metallic waste products. (Minor Infraction)

Also related to this theme, I am also attaching a schedule to train the members of the Vigilance Committee and Citizen Monitoring of the Environmental Commission of Yauli-La Oroya. They will be trained in basic criterion to measure and vigilance in order that DRP can fullfill specific obligations dictated by PAMA (building sulfuric acid treatment plants). This workshop will take place Wednesday, August 29, 2007. We have receive confirmation of the participation of MINEM, OSINERGMIN, the regional government of Junín and the Municipality of Yauli, La Oroya.

Kind regards,

Milagro Malpartida Reynoso
Environmental Specialist
Climate Change and Air Quality Unit
CONAM, Nacional Council of the Environment
51-1-225-5370 fax: X 274

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