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2011-03-01 Calls for Panama to Ensure the Safety of Mining Protesters
2009-06-02 Panama: Peasants arrested over gold mine
2008-09-02 US NGO refuses to sustain Panamanian mine
2008-05-11 Panama: despite Anam's concerns, Petaquilla sets start date/ Petaquilla arancarŠ sin permisos
2008-02-09 Central American mining projects face market meltdown
2008-02-01 China Update
2007-12-15 Latin America Update
2007-12-07 Chinese, B.C. miner reach a deal
2007-12-02 Latin America update
2007-06-15 ECUADOR
2007-06-10 Latin America update
2007-06-10 Latin America update
2007-06-10 CHILE
2007-06-09 BOLIVIA
2007-06-08 Mendoza suspends exploration permits issue for 90 days
2007-06-08 Strike and Road Blockages: Alvear Mobilizes Against Open-Pit Mining
2007-06-08 General Strike, Road Blockages and Demonstrations in Alvear Against Contaminative Mining and In Favo
2007-06-07 PERU
2007-06-07 ARGENTINA
2006-02-19 PANAMA
2006-02-19 Latin American update
2006-02-19 Latin American update
2006-02-15 Statement of the Latin American Observatory of Environmental Conflicts (OLCA) in face of the Approva
2006-02-15 Chile authorizes Barrick gold mining project; bans relocation of glaciers
2006-02-15 Chile approves Barrick mine, despite environmental concerns
2006-02-13 BOLIVIA
2006-02-05 ARGENTINA
2006-01-14 Mining Concessions threaten Mexican Biosphere Reserve
2006-01-14 Mining Concessions threaten Mexican Biosphere Reserve

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