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2016-10-13 MAC letter condemns biased report on land conflict in Peruvian Andes
2016-09-19 Peru: Máxima Acuña Attacked Again by Minera Yanacocha Guards
2016-07-28 Peru: A "very difficult social environment" for mining
2016-06-21 Peru: Calls to strengthen transparency mechanism
2016-04-06 The increasing threat of colossal mining wastes
2016-02-29 Controversy at EITI's Lima meeting
2016-02-02 Defender of the Marañón river killed in Peru
2015-04-25 Peru: Deadly demonstrations and shareholder activism
2014-10-11 Peruvian Voters Favor Anti-Mining Candidates in at Least Three Regional Elections
2014-07-22 New Peru law weakens environmental safeguards
2014-06-26 Peru: Governor opposing Newmont Mine is jailed
2014-05-18 Study emphasises mining companies need to engage with communities
2014-03-02 Peru: Mining Protests Grow as Conga is once again a flash point
2014-01-24 Peru: Protests mobilise again at Newmont's Conga mine
2013-12-28 Peru struggles to improve its reputation over extractive projects
2013-09-10 Peru: El Marañón - the environment, communities and rivers be dammed
2013-06-19 Peru protesters push to stop $5bn Newmont mine
2013-06-13 Peru: mining threats to the peoples' water
2013-06-03 Foes of Newmont's $5 billion Peru mine in standoff with police
2013-03-25 Peruvian government's response to protests "disportionate" - IACHR
2013-01-07 Peru: Exploration investment to keep falling due to social conflicts, expert says
2012-08-28 Newmont's Conga "on the back burner"
2012-08-06 Peru Working to Reform Environmental Impact Assessment System
2012-07-11 Peru: More killings follow protests against Newmont mine
2012-04-24 Peru's Highest Court Sides With Central Government In Conga Case
2012-04-02 Which are the world's "most controversial" mining companies?
2012-02-14 Thousands march for the right to water in Peru
2012-01-10 Protests over Newmont gold mine resume in Cajamarca, Peru
2011-12-12 Humala does the Conga in Peru
2011-12-05 Dancing the Conga in Peru
2011-11-14 Anti mining protests in Ancash, Apurímac and Cajamarca, Perú
2011-11-08 Peru's biggest mining project suspended - for time being
2011-10-25 Protests and blockades at Yanacocha gold mine, Peru
2011-09-19 Papua: Freeport-Rio Tinto workers are on strike - again
2011-06-13 Peru Mining Stocks Plunge as Humala Claims Election Victory
2011-03-01 Wikileaks reveal Western diplomats target anti-mining activists
2011-02-07 Peru: Wikileaks, Mining Companies and Embassies
2010-10-18 Peru: new regional governors confront mining's problems
2009-09-22 Thuggish "invasion" leaves dead and wounded in Peru
2008-11-10 Credit crisis in Peru provides opportunities for necessary change - La crisis financiera y el sector minero en el Perú
2008-10-07 Peruvian mines hit by strike action and protests - Nuevas protestas sobre recursos sector minero, Peru
2008-07-01 Peruvian miners ready for nationwide strike
2008-06-15 Peru: new worker and community struggles, Xstrata fined, Gold Hawk halts operations at Coricancha - Las luchas del cobre, Multan a Xstrata, Gold Hawk detiene operaciones en Coricancha
2008-06-09 Peru: Arasi says will reactivate Tambogrande gold project - Minera peruana Arasi busca desarrollar proyecto Tambogrande
2008-04-13 Peru: community activists denounced as "terrorists" over Chinese project
2007-11-01 Sierre Leone to review mining contracts
2007-05-24 CHILE
2007-05-24 Govt Begins Evaluation Of Mining Companies
2007-05-24 Central American Countries Protest Canadian Government's Role in Mining
2007-05-24 Latin America update
2007-05-22 VENEZUELA
2007-05-21 HONDURAS
2007-05-19 PERU
2007-05-17 CItizens Opposed to Mining Confront Police in the CREA
2007-05-17 ECUADOR
2006-07-08 Latin America Update
2006-07-08 Latin American Update
2006-07-06 Miners Must Start Paying Royalties
2006-06-16 Latin America Update
2006-06-16 Latin American Update
2006-06-15 Bus Accident Kills Buenaventura Workers
2004-11-17 Peru farmer killed in protest against U.S. backed mine
2004-11-17 Peru farmer killed in protest against U.S. backed mine
2003-07-17 World Bank warns Indonesia incurs huge environmental cost from mining activities

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