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Latin America Update

Published by MAC on 2006-07-08

Latin America Update

8th July 2006

Communities in the Intag region of Ecuador have been resisting for the last ten years Ascendant Copper's plans for large-scale copper mining. The organisation, DECOIN,and Friends of the Earth Canada are asking for signatories in support of a letter to the Ecuadorian president which highlights concerns about the peoples' human rights.

A court in Chile has ruled against Barrick Gold, in favour of competing mineral claims by a local miner. What does this mean for the future of the Pascua Lama project? Will it merely substitute one form of exploitation for another?

A Latin American correspondent asks whether current public "round tables" in Canada will succeed in imposing domestic standards on its mining companies - such as Barrick - as they forage overseas.

Although Peru's Congress recently approved a law, requiring mining companies with tax stability contracts to start paying royalties, the companies claim the move to be "unconstitutional."

What a cheek!

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