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Thuggish "invasion" leaves dead and wounded in Peru

Published by MAC on 2009-09-22
Source:, EFE

An uncertain number of people have died, or been injured, following an invasion - allegedly organised by a mining company - of a meeting, called by residents to discuss resistance to a planned new copper-gold project in northern Peru.

Behind the proposed mine is Consolidada de Hualgayoc S.A., itself a joint venture between Peru's Buenaventura and Gold Fields of South Africa.


Two Dead in Conflict Over Peru Mining Project
EFE, 17 September2009

LIMA - Two people died and four others were injured in a clash among residents of a town in northern Peru over a planned mining project in the area, the press reported Wednesday. The confrontation occurred Tuesday in Hualgayoc province, where mining company Consolidada de Hualgayoc S.A. since 2006 has been trying to establish itself, according to CPN Radio.

The dead were part of a group of townspeople from the village of Vista Alegre who oppose the activities of the mine and who on Tuesday had threatened to burn the firm's machinery, the Lima radio station reported. Opponents say the mining project affects the agricultural activities carried out by small farmers in the zone.

Meanwhile, the Web page of the daily El Comercio reported that among the dead was an 18-month-old child.

A police source consulted by Efe did not confirm the number of fatalities nor the circumstances under which they died and said only that a group of officers had been sent to investigate the events in the remote Andean area.


Clashes between mining company and local residents left 3 fatalities in Cajamarca
Isabel Guerra,
17 September, 2009

According to National Coordinator of Radio (CNR), local residents of Vista Alegre (Hualgayoc district, in Cajamarca region) may evict today all working personnel and machinery of Consolidada Mines from the area. Hualgayoc authorities declared official grief after the clashes that took place yesterday, when reportedly three people died and another eight were injured.

The clashes started around 3:3pm, when a large group, allegedly hired by Consolidada Mines, broke into a meeting that Vista Alegre residents had summoned in order to discuss some possible strategies to defend their land.

Consolidada is trying to implement their "Titán Árabe" project and has already started exploration work, despite the opposition of local residents, who are concerned about the possible effects of this activity on the local water supply needed for farming activities.

Local population claim they have not been consulted not informed about the mining project.

According to local Radio Coremarca, Consolidada installed its equipment last week, and the community gave the company 24 hours to remove all of its machinery, rejecting any possible dialogue as the presence of any mining activity in the region is deeply opposed.

The latest reports say that people from the neighboring communities of Huangamarca, Yaucán and Chugur will arrive at any time in Vista Alegre to join the residents' protest.

The area has a long history of conflicts between mining companies and local residents.

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