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2011-06-20 Guatemala: why doesn't the government close Marlin down?
2010-09-14 Ethical Tribunal on Transborder Mining in Latin America
2010-08-16 More pressure is applied to Goldcorp in Guatemala
2010-07-17 Urgent Action: Shooting of Community Leader Opposing Goldcorp Mine
2010-01-25 Guatemalan groups file OECD complaint on Goldcorp mine
2009-11-23 Guatemala: Canadian miner accused of damaging over 100 homes
2009-07-07 Protesters burn equipment at Marlin mine, Guatemala
2009-05-05 Guatemala 's new mining law widely rejected
2008-08-25 Guatemalan opponent of mining assassinated - Asesinato del compañero Maya Mam Antonio Morales
2008-08-04 Guatemala:- Montana creates conditions justifying police intervention; Flowers march against Cement - Montana crea condiciones para justificar la intervensión del ejército y la policía, Flores marchan
2008-07-14 Guatemala: Crackdown on Local Citizens Opposing Goldcorp - Corte de Constitucionalidad resuelve contra Ley de Minería
2008-06-24 Guatemala: Public statement from San Miguel Ixtahuacán says No to exploration in Tajumulco - Pobladores de Tajumulco rechazan actividades mineras
2008-04-27 Guatemala: Bishop receives death threats/Obispo denuncia amenazas de muerte
2007-12-02 Latin America update
2007-11-12 Latin America update
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-09-07 Are Canadian Investors Funding Terror Tactics in Ecuador?
2007-09-06 Canadian MP, Alexa McDonough, joins a Development and Peace fact finding mission to Honduras to inv
2007-09-02 Latin America update
2007-09-02 HONDURAS
2007-09-02 Latin America update - Oficialismo planea que Constituyente vete miner­a a cielo abierto en Ecu
2007-08-29 GUATEMALA
2007-08-29 Peruvian Leaders Support $234,000 Fine of Doe Run Peru
2007-08-28 PERU
2007-08-27 Slave labor persists in Amazon charcoal works - ICC
2007-08-24 Police denounce protestors against mining operations
2007-08-23 BRAZIL
2007-08-23 Monterrico launches 80 mln usd private fund proposal for Rio Blanco communities
2007-08-22 ECUADOR
2007-08-14 Mining companies sharpen confrontation in Honduras
2007-07-30 CHILE
2006-06-16 Latin American Update
2006-05-24 New reports: "May the force NOT be with you!"
2006-05-24 New Reports: "may The Force Not Be With You"
2006-05-18 The Scariest Predators In The Corporate Jungle
2006-05-11 Latin American Update
2006-05-05 Uncovering The Truth Behind Montana's Tax Exemptions
2006-04-13 Latin America Update: Active Civil Resistance in Cerro de San Pedro Against Minera San Xavier
2006-04-13 Latin American Update
2006-04-07 Cinta Larga Indians Acused of Killing Two Diamond Prospectors
2006-04-05 Guatemalan Constitutional Court Upholds Environmental Consults
2006-04-04 Active Civil Resistance in Cerro de San Pedro Against Minera San Xavier
2005-12-21 Mining, gold and outrage in Guatemala
2005-12-21 Mining, gold and outrage in Guatemala
2005-12-15 Third Mesoamerican Meeting of Indigenous Communities
2001-05-01 CVRD suspends iron ore supply to clients due to environmental liabilities

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