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2021-08-24 Deep Sea: Readings from the Abyss
2021-06-27 India’s Deep Ocean Mission: A race to the bottom
2021-05-26 Deep Sea Mining: DeepGreen-SOAC Merger Investors Alert
2021-04-02 A Material Transition – new report on energy transition minerals
2021-02-28 DRC: Trump final gift to mining entrepreneur Dan Gertler?
2020-12-16 The curse of 'white oil': electric vehicles' dirty secret
2020-11-22 Conference report: Can We Mine Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis?
2020-11-17 Bribery case judgment leaves nothing for Congolese communities
2020-11-12 Deep Sea Rush: Speculators are circling
2020-07-26 DR Congo: When "green energy" mixes with Dirty Dealers
2020-07-23 The Week Ending Essay: Subverting Scandinavia's Sami
2020-06-25 Deep sea mining poses huge, unknown, species' risk
2020-06-11 DR Congo: Mineworkers suffer while pits remain open
2020-03-05 Canada's Trudeau promises bright future for mining
2020-02-22 Is lithium about to win over the old polluters in cars?
2020-01-08 The world's top mining companies
2019-11-07 A peculiarly British taste of justice
2019-10-14 Conflict-free minerals - are they a pantomime?
2019-09-24 A Just Transition is a Post-Extractive One
2019-09-01 Chinese nickel overflow threatens toxic disaster in Papua New Guinea
2019-08-21 The Midweek Essay: How Glencore manipulates in DRC
2019-08-20 Glencore: a behemoth under multiple attack
2019-07-23 DR Congo sends troops to intimidate and remove small miners
2019-07-05 Greenpeace calls for freeze on deep sea mining
2019-07-02 DRC: 'Poverty-driven' artisanal mining in spotlight after tragedy hits Congo
2019-06-29 The Weekend Essay: Behind Zambia's divorce from Vedanta
2019-04-29 LME to ban metal tainted by child labor or corruption
2019-04-14 The Weekend Essay: Are global miners ignoring their most important risk?
2019-03-25 Amnesty launches major campaign on lithium
2019-02-14 Madagascar mine slammed by European Ombudsman
2019-01-02 Black Waters -plumbed by a Prince of Darkness
2018-12-19 Canadian regulator fines Glencore’s Congolese Unit
2018-11-27 Glencore's growing legal troubles with Katanga Mining
2018-11-21 Seabed mining rush feared in world's "most pristine wilderness area"
2018-06-15 Congo's miners face harsh new reality as mining law finalized
2018-04-27 When a mining giant ignored censure by a London agency
2018-03-08 Out of the Forrest - and into the saddle!
2018-01-20 Are we all set for "Urban Mining"?
2017-11-02 The major challenge of resource availability in the 21st century
2016-11-12 Greenpeace tells Samsung: Recover Metals in Recalled Phones!
2016-07-29 PNG: MCC resumes logging operations at Ramu mine
2016-01-19 Children as young as seven mining cobalt used in smartphones
2015-06-05 China pushing towards seabed mining
2014-08-07 PNG: China's Ramu nickel mine attacked by armed villagers
2013-03-11 One war criminal backs a second in African resources war
2012-12-04 Talvivaara postpones mining restart at Finland plant
2012-11-12 Finland: London mining company accused of "serious environmental crime"
2012-09-12 Divergent views of new US rules on DRC and "conflict minerals"
2012-08-28 Cuba convicts 12 of corruption in nickel industry
2012-07-24 The London Stock Exchange: a "haven for laundered conflict assets"?
2012-05-22 Oxfam America files lawsuit against Securities and Exchange Commission
2012-04-24 DRC: Mining giant Glencore accused in child labour and acid dumping row
2011-12-27 PNG Supreme Court allows Ramu Nickel's toxic waste dumping at sea
2011-10-25 PNG's government promises to reverse draconian Environment Act amendment
2011-08-08 Greens want crackdown on overseas Aussie miners
2011-08-01 Ramu deep sea waste dumping can proceed, says PNG judge
2011-03-28 Glencore accused of rights abuses in DR Congo
2010-12-13 London Calling wades through a curious wiki leak
2010-08-22 Freeport's Tenke Fungurume mine hit by illegal miner riot
2010-07-24 Ramu fails to lift interim injunction on tailings disposal
2010-07-09 Marchers against mining's "environmental vandalism" face arrest in PNG
2010-06-04 Papua New Guinea removes land owner rights
2010-05-23 Secret government report says Ramu mine dumping flawed
2010-04-24 Court stops completion of PNG's Ramu mine
2010-03-02 Petition about the Ramu submarine tailings disposal
2010-01-25 Chinese mine project faces growing opposition in Papua New Guinea
2009-08-25 Freeport falls foul of DR Congo government - but scrapes by
2009-06-02 Brazil beds down with Africa in ocean minerals' quest
2009-04-27 Ups and downs of DRC mining
2009-03-16 Radioactive metals steal a march from India
2009-02-10 China' s prospects
2008-12-30 DRC completes mining review, says majors quit talks
2008-12-09 Exposing US govt complicity with Freeport in DR Congo: A Rather Good Report
2008-11-05 Russia's maiming metal mammoth
2008-11-05 Death returns to DR Congo
2008-11-05 EU involvement in DRC mining project draws protest
2008-10-21 Argentina: San Luis Province Bans Cyanide, Sulphuric Acid in Mining - Autoconvocados y Asambleas Populares celebran sanción de restricciones a la minería en San Luis
2008-10-21 Doing it right - or wrong - in Minnesota?
2008-09-26 The Limitations of Corporate Social Responsibility on Zambia’s Copperbelt
2008-08-19 Canadian company accused of polluting Cuban coast - La industria del niquel contamina las costas Cubana
2008-08-11 Standard Bank chasing DRC mining business
2008-07-28 Bloomberg blasts Chinese overseas mining
2008-07-09 Electronics companies address issues in the mining industry
2008-02-20 DR Congo update
2007-11-15 Congo Mining Commission fires multiple salvos - and itself comes under fire
2007-11-08 A bid for front-line command in Africa
2007-10-01 Congo update
2007-09-10 Africa update
2007-09-10 Anglo American Eyes Miner As Edmonds Abandons Bid
2007-09-10 Bhp In Running For Congo Copper Mine
2007-08-31 Africa update
2007-08-31 Africa Update
2007-08-31 Past Articles Addressing This Issue Are To Be Found On Our Site At:
2007-08-20 Zambia Defers Customs Duties For Foreign Miners
2007-07-22 Simply not cricket: UK plays in the DR Congo
2007-07-22 Congo: Edmonds Group In Spin After Miner Is Run Out
2007-06-13 DR Congo reviews sixty mining deals
2007-05-19 Saved in the time of Nik?
2007-05-19 Source Information
2007-05-11 Zambia gets US$50 million to clean up mining pollution
2007-05-11 PlanetArk ZAMBIA
2007-05-11 Zambia gets US$50 million to clean up mining pollution
2007-04-18 Africa Update
2007-04-18 Africa Update
2007-04-12 New Report Proposes Economic Rationale For Renegotiating Key Mining Contracts In the Congo
2007-03-23 Jinchuan Group signs Australian nickel mine deal with Metals X
2007-03-23 China update
2007-03-23 China Update
2007-03-23 China strengthens zinc and lead smelting regulations - NDRC
2007-03-23 China welcomes foreign investment in high-tech industries, not key industries
2007-03-23 Jiangxi Copper, Zijin Mining and MCC jointly bid for Afghanistan copper mine
2007-03-23 Hunan Nonferrous to develop tungsten-molybdenum mines in Australia
2007-03-21 Monterrico's largest shareholder to reject Zijin offer
2007-03-17 US-Canada update
2007-03-15 Shougang to develop Australian iron ore mine
2007-03-11 Vedanta update
2007-03-11 Vedanta update
2007-03-11 Vedanta asked to stop construction
2007-03-11 ZAMBIA: "Now we are dead because of KCM"
2007-03-01 Letter: From Joan Kueyk, Miningwatch Canada To Michigan Office Of Geological Survey
2007-02-16 12 environmentally-damaging projects permanently canceled
2007-02-16 China Update
2007-02-16 China update
2007-02-15 Hu Jintao's Africa tour will help secure mining projects for Chinese companies
2007-02-15 600 new mineral deposits found in Tibet Plateau
2007-02-13 China Vows Action on Pollution after Missing Target
2007-02-09 Papua New Guinea update
2007-02-09 Papua New Guinea update
2007-02-09 The possible impacts of the submarine tailings disposal of tailings from the Ramu nickel mine could
2007-02-08 China to Shut Down Smaller Power Plants; Effects Remain to Be Seen
2007-02-02 China update
2007-02-02 China Update
2007-01-31 China's Railway to Plunder Tibet
2007-01-30 China Fails to Make Progess on Environment - Report
2007-01-29 Miners ask UN to stop China excluding them from Africa
2007-01-28 Africa's minerals trap
2007-01-27 Le Carré Points To Looting Of Congo By Mining Corporations
2006-11-10 The Ramu Nickel Cobalt Project, Papua New Guinea
2006-11-10 China in a Bull shop: China Update
2006-11-10 China In A Bull Shop: China Update
2006-10-21 The world's worst places
2006-09-14 Tilting at Friedland
2006-09-14 Tilting at Friedland
2006-08-15 Robert Friedland
2006-06-26 African roundup
2006-05-19 George Forrest files lawsuit against Broederlijk Delen and 11.11.11
2006-05-19 George Forrest files lawsuit against Broederlijk Delen and 11.11.11
2006-05-14 Nationalisation - threat or promise?
2006-03-15 Congo squanders its crown jewels
2006-03-10 Mines, money, and partnerships
2006-03-10 Mines, Money, And Partnerships
2006-03-01 Behind the numbers: Untold Suffering in the Congo
2006-02-27 Letter to Paul Wolfowitz
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-15 Group Calls on World Bank to Investigate Mining Contracts; Bank's Failed Reform Project in DR Congo
2006-02-06 The Following Background Report On Norilsk By Nostromo Research Was Published In The Winter 2003-20
2006-02-06 Is Rio Tinto about to commit a massive error? Or make a huge pile? And is there any real difference
2005-10-12 Zambia's miners paying the price
2005-08-15 On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-08-15 Uranium Special - On Infinitely Dangerous Grounds
2005-06-22 Veinte Países Actúan Para Protegerse Del Radón, Letal Gas Radioactivo
2005-03-05 Canadian Ex-Prime Minister influence peddling for Canadian firms
2005-03-05 Aside from those mining companies which are named below, it is noteworthy that an oil company whose
2004-03-30 Jean's jaunts
2003-12-11 World Bank mulls advice to end oil and coal project funding
2003-08-07 London Calling - August 7 2003
2003-06-04 Various articles on Inco strike in Canada
2003-06-04 Port Colborne residents protest Inco over alleged contamination of their air
2003-06-04 Inco Test Results Confirm High Cancer Risks Inside Port Colborne Homes
2003-06-04 Inco: we can't meet nickel contracts
2003-06-03 6500 strikers close Inco facilities to other workers
2003-06-03 Dump Inco, buy Falconbridge, Toronto analyst tells his clients
2003-05-15 Nickel mining threatens Lake Matano, Central Sulawesi
2003-05-15 Nickel mining threatens Lake Matano, Central Sulawesi
2003-05-15 Nickel mining threatens Lake Matano, South Sulawesi
2003-04-17 Inco faces 'dirt bag' protest at meeting
2003-04-17 This article can be viewed at
2003-04-17 Inco faces 'dirt bag' protest at meeting
2002-11-08 Illegal Congolese Resource Exploitation to be Punished
2002-09-16 Inco in New Caledonia: Protests Erupt Over Shut Down of Prony and Goro
2002-09-13 Inco in New Caledonia/Kanaky: Protests over World Heritage Site Cancellation
2002-09-13 French Government cancellation announcement for World Heritage Site application for fragile New Cale
2002-09-13 Press Release
2002-09-13 Jamie Kneen Communications Coordinator
2002-08-12 Friedland's private mining firm attracts interest
2002-07-20 London Calling July 20 2002
2002-07-20 London Calling - July 20 2002
2002-03-15 KEREBOK, Volume 3 Number 20 March 2002
2002-03-15 KEREBOK is the indigenous Dayak's term for gold pawning. KEREBOK is a monthly on-line bulletin publi
2002-03-15 BHP Pursues Nickel Mining in Gag Island Protected Forest Area
2001-12-15 Gag Island Nickel Project
2001-11-15 The Limitations of Corporate Social Responsibility on Zambia’s Copperbelt
2001-10-15 Congo: The Western Heart of Darkness
2001-10-15 Canadian Companies
2001-10-15 Heart Of Darkness
2001-10-15 Congo: The Western Heart Of Darkness
2001-10-15 King Leopold And The Cia
2001-05-01 Environment Treasures to be Lost at Gag Island, Papua
2001-05-01 A Balkanized Congo
2001-05-01 Into the Unknown Regions: The Hazards of STD
2001-05-01 The Decade of Destruction
2001-05-01 PART THREE: Conclusions
2001-05-01 Footnotes
2001-05-01 From Mindex to Crew: The Struggle Continues
2001-05-01 Footnotes
2001-05-01 Into the unknown regions: the hazards of STD
2001-04-23 Terreno Peligroso al Infinito - Edición Especial sobre Uranio
2001-04-23 Bush, Clinton in the Web: Behind the Assassination of Kabila
2001-04-15 Armies Of Business

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